Popeyes vs. Chick-fil-A Which Chicken Sandwich is better?

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TheReportOfTheWeek - Month ago
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Matthew Littlejohn
Matthew Littlejohn - 3 days ago
Do an honest Synagogue review of local Temples! That would be hilarious.
Censari Longmeat
Censari Longmeat - 6 days ago
ruvideos.org/v2sIPV9oMeg-video.html Popeyes related skit I made
Frank Castle
Frank Castle - 7 days ago
@Davey Houston how much do you really care? Do you send them money and follow them on every kind of social media.
Davey Houston
Davey Houston - 7 days ago
@Frank Castle we care go back to your cabin mr. Kazinski
Davey Houston
Davey Houston - 7 days ago
@Koehli _ all these trolls are insulting this nice young man for erroneous things like his appearance that is irrelevant btw he seeks to look professional so the suit makes him stand out you trolls if you don't like his appearance do not come back idiots you are just bullies and cowards I do not eat chik fil a on moral grounds but the sandwich was not my type to soft I prefer crunchy never tasted the lemonade heard it is good
Sean M
Sean M - 8 minutes ago
@7:44 what a star
FreshPrince Aura
FreshPrince Aura - 23 minutes ago
7:32 wats that black stuff
Elfego Chavez
Elfego Chavez - 41 minute ago
Thank you for reviewing!
Micah Jones23
Micah Jones23 - Hour ago
I hope I get to try the Popeyes sandwich
King king
King king - 2 hours ago
We need this man to be our president
CringyKidSings - 4 hours ago
Damn that was a big-ass bite
Gamer Boi
Gamer Boi - 5 hours ago
Unpopular OPINION: chick Fil-a is better than popeyes
Melissa Benoist
Melissa Benoist - 8 hours ago
Chick-fil-A is better because Popeyes has made a lot of new things but none of them are good Chick-fil-A has made a lot of new things in there all good
Katwoodz - 9 hours ago
Review Brah has a way of making me lose all sense of time, he makes 13 minutes feel like 5.
goog le
goog le - 9 hours ago
sandwiches are starting to look like tacos with everything jammed to one side to make them look more substantial. That's not good marketing.
MeDaMac - 11 hours ago
Chick fill Ahhh
Hunter Bukowy
Hunter Bukowy - 14 hours ago
Good quality video right here
Wing X Custom
Wing X Custom - 17 hours ago
He cares about our Dental Health. What a Gentle Lad.
Anonymous Guy
Anonymous Guy - 18 hours ago
How do you eat so much and not gain any pounds? D:
Tash - 49 minutes ago
rmclarkjr - 20 hours ago
the chicken sandwich on the lunch menu @ Capital Grille is the best....You all need to compare that one next time...
Jason Naghdi
Jason Naghdi - 20 hours ago
dude if you put on 50pounds you would look like SteveMRE who also does food related reviews lol
Trent Lewis
Trent Lewis - Day ago
Black people blaming white people who weren't born bak then and have no relations to racism, the black male want to hurt anyone so shut up I'm not racist shut up I'm not racist white people this white people this I'm not racist... days later black male shoots 11 year old white kid I'm not racist just spitting the real facts
Tash - 48 minutes ago
What the fuck did I just read? Are you ok? You're having mental health problems.
Anthony Eaton
Anthony Eaton - Day ago
You need a dress watch
Noobtube - Day ago
I hate when he doesn’t finish the sandwich
Tash - 47 minutes ago
No bias atleast. Fat people will eat anything.
Edward Zamora
Edward Zamora - Day ago
This video is wack. Reviewer is wack. Get to the fucking point kid. Also, grab that hat turn that sum bitch side ways shine it up real nice and stick it up your candy ass.
Tash - 46 minutes ago
And you're the most wack. How does it feel that nobody cares about your invalid useless opinion
idroids - Day ago
U may like Popeyes but I think it's a 5/10 And chick fil a is a 9/10
Nick Vessecchia
Nick Vessecchia - Day ago
My disappointment with Popeyes is immeasurable
Harry Smith
Harry Smith - Day ago
Popeyes is shit
Clickerz - Day ago
no fing straws lol
David Peña
David Peña - Day ago
did this man really just eat a chick-fil-a chicken sandwich without the chick-fil-a sauce? im irate rn
mooki - Day ago
so professional, brah
Microtron's Grid
Microtron's Grid - Day ago
Pretty clever way to review fast food. Wears a dapper appearance and adopts a personality aching to a 1950s newscaster, to really set the dial to "unique" and "fresh" in modern time. The human psyche is enslaved. Success is imminent. Godspeed.
Sumedh Anuganti
Sumedh Anuganti - Day ago
I like how from 5:16 to 5:38 he examines it
z lariviere20
z lariviere20 - Day ago
this is really weird
Tash - 45 minutes ago
Miguel Ramirez
Miguel Ramirez - Day ago
We agree to disagree, but sir you are still a Gentleman and a Scholar.
MCV Viankana
MCV Viankana - Day ago
Loving the vid, but why do Americans take soooo bloody long to get to the point?
Tash - 43 minutes ago
Because we're mentally retarded. America's culture is trash now, millennials destroyed it. Common sense and ethics are useless over ego and pleasure. Hopefully we'll rebound, but I think it's over. Whatever.
2 baby bites decides the ratings?
Thats Tuff Yt
Thats Tuff Yt - Day ago
Cool video you will be my best YouTuber
Link Helix
Link Helix - 2 days ago
He reminds me of sheldon from the big bang theory
Dave LaBadie
Dave LaBadie - 2 days ago
I am so enlightened about this chicken war, because you took time to do your work for us!! I never got to try the Popeyes one. I am a loyal Chic Fil A customer like yourself. I just had me one today. I had to go to an appt and thought I need to have a simple chicken sandwich, I know I love and be running to get my stuff done. I appreciate how you go out and do your investigating so well about this. I would of appreciated you even if I was an angry Popeyes supporter. Lol. They shouldn't support them for asking them to BYOB, that's just ridiculous!!
chief daddy hopper
chief daddy hopper - 2 days ago
why do we need to know which chicken sandwich is better...?
Tash - 41 minute ago
So we can pick a place to go to get a chicken sandwich. You see, people like quality food, and we need to know where to get it.
TheRamos - 2 days ago
Noel Navarro
Noel Navarro - 2 days ago
So he lives in his car or what
Tash - 40 minutes ago
@Noel Navarro He sees new comments before anybody, by choice.
Noel Navarro
Noel Navarro - 2 days ago
@TheReportOfTheWeek oh u really responded😂
JasonIsBored - 2 days ago
@TheReportOfTheWeek Dude it's really cool to see that you still read the comments around a month after the video
TheReportOfTheWeek - 2 days ago
RecklessVector - 2 days ago
Popeyes Vs Chick-fil-A with a KFC Ad. PERFECT!!!
I Will Eat Your Children
McDonalds chicken sandwich
aestheticsounds. - 2 days ago
Those tiny bites 😅.. sorry god for i have sinned
Gil Friends
Gil Friends - 7 hours ago
aestheticsounds. Repent of your wicked sins or you will perish.
Kelly Fitzgerald
Kelly Fitzgerald - 2 days ago
say your name then say the title of your youtube. you are the star :]
SmOl - 3 days ago
4:48 I N N O C E N C E
TheHound - 3 days ago
Everyone that disliked this vid is black jussayin
savannah berrios
savannah berrios - 3 days ago
marry me
K.O.D. -
K.O.D. - - 3 days ago
This guy lookin like serial killer
fat matt
fat matt - 3 days ago
It's a chick....pretending to be a dude who wants to be a lesbian????
camila - 3 days ago
its not that deep matt its just a dude
Datataker 10
Datataker 10 - 3 days ago
It's a fillet not a pattie
Evan Merwin
Evan Merwin - 3 days ago
The self awareness is pleasing
Scav Boi
Scav Boi - 3 days ago
Thank you for making videos I can watch at 1:30 am when I can’t sleep.
MP-Fin - 3 days ago
Scav Boi you can’t sleep because you are watching videos...
Dass e
Dass e - 4 days ago
That first food item looks like it could feed a family of 8
Jonathan M.
Jonathan M. - 4 days ago
The shot heard around the world.
FAZE_ Tfart
FAZE_ Tfart - 4 days ago
How can you taste it if you’re taking bites the size of a dick
TacoMane - 4 days ago
Never ate Popeyes, I live in Florida so it’s likely not the best, but it looks better than chick fil as, but chick fil a has the greatest fries, 1000% better than five guys and McDonald’s
Verified Chat
Verified Chat - 4 days ago
Hey man I’m sorry you didn’t get to work on your day today I got your message and I’m going to call mom and tell her hey I’m sorry but you don’t have a good man to give me
exodus2682 - 4 days ago
11:01 XD
Contingency - 4 days ago
I feel like he takes small bites and chews forever
JasonIsBored - 2 days ago
He's just making sure he tastes the food to it's fullest extent my guy
Anton Nym
Anton Nym - 4 days ago
The portion size difference is roughly negated by the price difference. That doesn't concern me as much as the flavor. I DO like the idea of having the mayo on there. I wonder if Chik fil A would do that for me. Nice review! Thanks.
Andy the Malevolent
Andy the Malevolent - 4 days ago
Chik fil a will do anything for you.
Kamora Kelly
Kamora Kelly - 4 days ago
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