3 Chilling TEXAS Horror Stories [NoSleep Stories] (Feat.Viidith22)

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UNIT #522
UNIT #522 - Year ago
BIG thx to my bud Viidith22! One of the finest Canadians I know, check him out here:
C Will
C Will - 5 months ago
Velocity Ace jjj
the plagued
the plagued - Year ago
does he burn down the house and kills everyone inside
Dre Giacanna
Dre Giacanna - Year ago
UNIT #522 your channel is amazing you have some really great stories to start filming and sell..
Sally Armour
Sally Armour - Year ago
UNIT #522 wat happened to your voice unit ,it’s different I liked the old one better.. do u remember me¿
Christian Lies
Christian Lies - 6 hours ago
Last story was pretty good
KS 451
KS 451 - Day ago
The biggest horror story, this state going blue
Marena Rodriguez
Marena Rodriguez - 7 days ago
Witches are no joke !! They can transform into many animals like owls as most heard! Brujas are not something u want to encounter .and protect your kids from them
Punchi Hunt
Punchi Hunt - 13 days ago
I think he hit joe on accident
matthole007 - 21 day ago
You may all go to hell I’ll go to Texas
Fydo Escobedo
Fydo Escobedo - 26 days ago
Fydo Escobedo
Fydo Escobedo - 26 days ago
Linda Lowe
Linda Lowe - Month ago
"It use to be a funhouse and now it's full of evil clowns, it's time to start the countdown, I'm going to burn it down down down, I'm going to burn it down!"
Linda Lowe
Linda Lowe - Month ago
Revenge of the Trees!! Cool. I just heard another story about a Tree/Forest monster. Thanks, enjoyed them. 😎👍
John Navarro
John Navarro - Month ago
Shout out from Amarillo
Xx Guard
Xx Guard - Month ago
Lol 30 feet from the west of us
Amber Johnson
Amber Johnson - Month ago
Real witches aren’t all scary, I promise. At least I’m not :/
Fred Jensen
Fred Jensen - Month ago
Who’s joe?
Sphinx Money
Sphinx Money - Month ago
are these true tho?
Sarah Hackemack
Sarah Hackemack - Month ago
Milly cool
Milly cool - Month ago
🙁... I move to Texas 😐.. The only i see.. Hot heat 😒 and shooting and killing innocent people...
Soph - 2 months ago
Let me tell y'all, as a born and raised resident of south Texas...weird shit happens out here. I don't believe in any witches and creepy crawling bullshit, but the people out here are scary. Gun happy neighbors with 50 guns in theie household (who points lasers through your window to test out their aim....), human trafficking hubs in BFE, ect. I hate living in the middle of nowhere.
Siege - 2 months ago
#3 was such a terrible attempt at a knock off the video was honestly 10/10 until then
Alex Gibbs
Alex Gibbs - 2 months ago
“Joe is missing”
“Who’s Joe?”
Bechristian! music & art with Jacki
are these real or made up
ChamaChama 20
ChamaChama 20 - 2 months ago
The last one was good
mady - 2 months ago
Welp. I’m happy I moved the fuck out of Texas
Jessica L
Jessica L - 2 months ago
random videos
random videos - 2 months ago
That 3rd story made me sad
Ray Thompson
Ray Thompson - 2 months ago
Bryan college station tx here...
Allison Thomas
Allison Thomas - 2 months ago
The last story was so intense
Lynn Plummer
Lynn Plummer - 2 months ago
The story about the haunted house was awesome! Could be a movie
John Santellan
John Santellan - 2 months ago
I once saw what I thought was a hunched woman in the middle of a dark road. When I called out to see if she needed help, it turned to look at me. It wasn't a woman. San Antonio.
Cody L
Cody L - 2 months ago
True scary story. I woke up and realized i was still in Killeen!
fairmaidenvoyage87 - 2 months ago
That last one was creepy as hell.
Peter Bard
Peter Bard - 3 months ago
A thirteen story building in rural Texas really
Aneika Hawkes
Aneika Hawkes - 3 months ago
The last story by far was freaking best
Åłıçė Mıņåj
Åłıçė Mıņåj - 3 months ago
Draining his Lizard🤦🏼‍♀️😂😂😂😂😂😂
Denise G.
Denise G. - 3 months ago
I'm a new subscriber from Austin Texas 🌻
Rishi Panchal
Rishi Panchal - 3 months ago
The last story turned from r/nosleep to r/prorevenge real fast
J Mo
J Mo - 3 months ago
That second story was chilling as hell!
Diontae Daughtry
Diontae Daughtry - 3 months ago
Stone Cold Steve Austin would be proud.
🌟 MORNING STAR⭐️ - 3 months ago
lol why is the story about witches in Texas a surprise 🤣😂🤣
🌟 MORNING STAR⭐️ - 3 months ago
Who else is watching this in Texas ?!
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