Nintendo Switch V2 Console Unboxing (New and Improved) + Astral Chain Collector's Edition

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TheRelaxingEnd - Month ago
Nintendo Switch fans here?
Tripanox YT oficial
Joel Ntwari
Joel Ntwari - 2 days ago
Boitumelo Mokotedi
Boitumelo Mokotedi - 2 days ago
javier arcos
javier arcos - 5 days ago
I want one for my bday
javier arcos
javier arcos - 5 days ago
tr0y - 3 hours ago
You’ve got a lotta money if ya buy like 4 or five switches when you could get like one and then get all the games afterwards.
Patrick St. Pierre
Patrick St. Pierre - 7 hours ago
ASMR reviews lol
suchithra bhat
suchithra bhat - Day ago
I am a big fan
Le quiproco de Hector
Tripanox YT oficial
Decirme páginas para tener esa más barata
البتول حشروف
Diego Fox
Diego Fox - Day ago
Fortnite is dead until Tuesday
DerpyOrange21 - 2 days ago
God now I get what people mean when they say something like “I found this at 2am”
Claudia Beltran
Claudia Beltran - 2 days ago
Im a switch fan and my favorite joy can color is yellow to
Eglise Baptiste de Strasbourg
These ASMR unboxing are out of hand....oh wait.
blue jakey gaming
blue jakey gaming - 3 days ago
He is unboxing or giving us ASMR
Diana45251 - 3 days ago
Didn’t know there Was a version 2
Ronttu pro
Ronttu pro - 3 days ago
Ootko Suomesta?
Phil Nodo
Phil Nodo - 4 days ago
Phil Nodo
Phil Nodo - 4 days ago
How can you get all this stuff!?!?
MattGamer Almighty799
MattGamer Almighty799 - 4 days ago
Red and blue is my favorite joy con color😃
gluto man
gluto man - 4 days ago
Record plants vs zombies garden warfare 2 to Nintendo switch
Antoine Lopez
Antoine Lopez - 4 days ago
People watching this and reading this comment: In 2:20 the most weird thing is his heavy breathing plz don't be mad at me Relaxing end Plz
Steven tube plack
Steven tube plack - 5 days ago
Yes exelent video 👍👍👍👍👍
Danny Cano
Danny Cano - 5 days ago
Who comes here for some asmr
bigbossinevery tecnology hussein
انت بارد ابرد واحد في العالم
Andrej Babic
Andrej Babic - 5 days ago
This is ASMR
Tberah Activity
Tberah Activity - 5 days ago
I have the old and deproved version sadly...
Plant3bananas :D
Plant3bananas :D - 5 days ago
These comments: **oH i LoVE wAtChiNg tHeSe bUt i dOnt hAve a sWitcH!**
Sarai Ayon Caignet
Sarai Ayon Caignet - 6 days ago
Ninjo 3000
Ninjo 3000 - 6 days ago
The relaxing end: **spends lotta money on switches**
Also the relaxing end: **spends quadruple on microphone**
1234Philippines - 6 days ago
Pls donate diablo 3 :)
niklaSSS - 6 days ago
so i can pay 30€ more to get 9h battery life or just buy a regular switch for 300€
Amy Erdman
Amy Erdman - 6 days ago
I'm getting a switch in six days. Let's a go
Cale Clausen
Cale Clausen - 6 days ago
Why is this so fucking weird
Abnormal Stick
Abnormal Stick - 7 days ago
Wtf iswrong with this video? Stupid shit.
Do Thawng
Do Thawng - 7 days ago
I Don't Understand Why TheRelaxingEnd Is Not In The Rich Youtuber List.😟
Aodhan McWilliams
Aodhan McWilliams - 7 days ago
Should i buy this for my birthday and if so can yall recommend and games?
Kevin Acevedo
Kevin Acevedo - 8 days ago
I want one but have didnt have enough to buy it
Max army troop
Max army troop - 8 days ago
Orange purple is the best joy con color combo
Nguyễn Hoàng
Nguyễn Hoàng - 8 days ago
Tôi muốn mua 1 chiếc máy
alex gamer
alex gamer - 8 days ago
Do givemyway a nitendo switch
aiyannah bernal
aiyannah bernal - 8 days ago
your so slow🐢
ang bagal mong kumilos
aiyannah bernal
aiyannah bernal - 8 days ago
joke im your big fans
aiyannah bernal
aiyannah bernal - 8 days ago
Kailangan bang bumili ng bala
comment ka yo
yung mga pilipino lang mag co comment

question:kailangan bang bumili ng bala o may kasama na yun
Josue Bautista Rodriguez
Dameuna porfabor teloruego
Maksio - 9 days ago
I buy it on Thursday ... After a year of collecting. ✌️
o canal bugado
o canal bugado - 9 days ago
Mai Nintendo switch fan
Henry Franklin
Henry Franklin - 9 days ago
I like the red an blue joycons but the pink and green ones take the cake
Random One
Random One - 9 days ago
I just putting away my money to save them for the switch and when is done i will doing a video with unboxing for switch.

Wish me luck :))
Random One
Random One - 3 days ago
@APPLEPRETZNO _ thanks bro!
APPLEPRETZNO _ - 3 days ago
Goof luck, chief
day dreamer93
day dreamer93 - 9 days ago
I bought the new switch I love it ❤
play max bro Animation
play max bro Animation - 9 days ago
O M G!!!!
Scott - 10 days ago
What's with the white gloves? haphephobia?
Waffle Man
Waffle Man - 10 days ago
The knife tho
Joao vitor Oliveira
Joao vitor Oliveira - 10 days ago
Make a draw.
Maxi Gabi Me
Maxi Gabi Me - 10 days ago
Im buying mine tomorrow, totally a fan♥
KrispyOtaku - 10 days ago
I love how he only gives the information that's necessary and there's no commentary, one of the best channels.
JDestroyer69 - 11 days ago
omg i love this asmr+unboxing Jesus
Luiz Carlos
Luiz Carlos - 11 days ago
Me da um
CianCurtis - 12 days ago
Ripes the box he has to buy a new one lol
Jay Reed fortnite pro
Jay Reed fortnite pro - 12 days ago
What is this a ASMR
TheSpec-Tator - 12 days ago
Today I saw the best knife ever
carlito wee
carlito wee - 12 days ago
I'm so jealous 😭😭
Antia Wu
Antia Wu - 12 days ago
Can I plz have one : >
Broken Spoon
Broken Spoon - 13 days ago
I want to see your collection
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