The Crimes of Grindelwald - Ruining a Franchise

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The Gaming Blitz
The Gaming Blitz - 29 minutes ago
There is another use of the word "quikie"
Farhanking7864 - Hour ago
This just sounded like the worst movie ever
Crunch Talk
Crunch Talk - 2 hours ago
I’m going to fucking kill you if you tease Albus again. And use the word Pokémon. The movie make sense just use your fucking brain which is not there so I’ll buy you one
lil13yuh - 3 hours ago
No one:
Jk Rowling: 21 Savage was a student at Hogwarts
BerNa650 - 5 hours ago
Father Gascoigne's OST from Bloodborne during the deeply insane worst moment of the movie was epic hahaha
Nicholas Saline
Nicholas Saline - 5 hours ago
You can come over for this one
Sleetysleetman - 7 hours ago
honestly all the stuff after the books reads like fan fiction
Arabella Clark
Arabella Clark - 9 hours ago
No. Tina thinking Newt and Leta were getting married does serve a purpose.
It serves to force their supposed romance to start by giving Newt a reason to talk to Tina, specifically, to basically tell her he's single.
Virtigo Count
Virtigo Count - 9 hours ago
As a black person, who understands that this whole witches and wizards thing is VERY european....I wasn't fazed by the all white story with an all white, heterosexual cast.
theLegolist Me
theLegolist Me - 10 hours ago
no jewish wizards because all the jewishness went to the goblins
CyndiMi - 11 hours ago
JK Rowling is probably the only person who can be extremely racist even when they’re trying to be progressive
Daniel Contos
Daniel Contos - 14 hours ago
Nagini was always originally a woman. It was never outright stated in the books but it was heavily implied by how she was described behaving
Aakshii Srivastav
Aakshii Srivastav - 15 hours ago
The biggest problem with Fantastic beasts was the casting of NEWT.
Aakshii Srivastav
Aakshii Srivastav - 15 hours ago
Literally no harry potter fans:
Jk rowling: FAnTastICs BEasTs and HOw tO fINd tHem.
Elyseon - 18 hours ago
What the fuck am I watching?
suga - 18 hours ago
im fucking crying you might be the funniest guy on youtube
Elyseon - 18 hours ago
Yeah fuck that. There were hints that Dumbledore wasn't quite into women but wizarding society was ridiculously backwards and bigoted. Also remember that time a black character was played by a white blonde girl once the character got some screen time? Yeah... Rowling has lost her mind and needs to stop chasing "progressive" brownie points and retconning random shit.
Giraffozilla - 21 hour ago
i absolutely loved the Harry Potter franchise and when fantastic beasts came out i had very little hope for it because making prequels like that is more often than not a very bad idea. but the movie was fine, i liked newt and the muggle dude. i didnt like tina or the feeling of the american wizarding world in general, just a bad setting compared to HP imo. and i also didnt like all the CGI monsters, they were all waxy and weird specifically goblins that were special effects in HP, and the beasts were too cartoony. but whar ever i had an ok time watching it.

when this film came out i saw the trailers and immediately knew i wasnt gonna watch it, and watching this video i had a constant perplexed expression on. a tight brow, winced nose and curled up upper lip. and during the real weird shit my eyebrows shot up at their corners and my eyes were wide like watching a car crash.
what a piece of trash.

i really dislike Rowling for here afterthoughts to make the universe more inclusive, mainly because i think that a fantastical setting is so much more interesting and complex if it has racial profiling and prejudice in it. and it absolutely makes sense that fair tall immortal elves would hate barbaric wild orcs and what not, and it creates real places with believable interactions. and HP has that, when Hermione is crying because Draco called her a mudblood thats and incredibly powerful scene. in Stranger Things they make great use of Dustin's actor's cleidocranial dysplasia, and not just when bullies are making fun of him, but also in showing its role in his life when he's talking about his "pearls" and thing like that.
a fantasy world shouldn't be an inclusive utopia, that's very bland and super apparent in a story. it's fine to have a big city with diverse races, but even then there's probably economical rifts, and a dominant race in the city and a race that dominates the parliament or something. if everything everywhere is a big homogeneous soup then why even have races.
this was kind of a general tangent but in relation to HP, making hogwarts a haven for minorities is first of all unrealistic to a wizarding world that sticks to ye olde traditions and doesnt progress with muggle technology, and also is in britain which was a colonialist empire . but more importantly is done very grotesquely, if you want the gold standard of diversity in a production, watch Brooklyn 99.
ixxgunnerx x
ixxgunnerx x - 22 hours ago
its so crazy cuz he is right about so much !
garnetavi - Day ago
You forgot the black sheets covering Paris. None of the scenes made sense because there are no rules about magic that we even know (the movies frequently break things written previously). So without any boundaries they just do anything and we can't find logic in it. Like the fire scene. What are the rules? How does any of that work? I never liked the way the movies handled magic tho, too much focus on the artistry of the visual effects and not enough on practical uses (e.g.: apparation).
Jack - Day ago
harry potter should stay with its ending and be done with it, beating a dead horse with all these sjw shit ain't going to make it better or revive the series. it actually make it worst, I dont even want to re watch knowing some character been change to a different race just because its writer being sjw.
Snowy - Day ago
I kid you not. I had an easier time understanding the fucking game of thrones book series than this movie.
Sizarakon - Day ago
And they make that one dude dumbledores brother? Wtf?
Sizarakon - Day ago
Why did they make the thing that stops Dumbledore from attacking Grindelwald? Wasn't the entire reason explained in the books why Dumbledore didn't attack is because he didn't want to attack an old friend? Wtf
Sizarakon - Day ago
Anthony Goldstein was in the books
TheSuperNats - 11 hours ago
When in the book?
Hater Of all
Hater Of all - Day ago
Bloodborne music ❤️❤️❤️
hppo1 - Day ago
"so magical sex crimes now exist" someone clear forgot how Voldemort was conceived he mom literally forced his father using potions.
Irish Tyrant
Irish Tyrant - Day ago
Grindelwald killed Epstein
FilmGamer - Day ago
Dude you inspired me to write my own article about it - I give you credit and then add to it with the financial side of it.
Jonathan Bullman
Jonathan Bullman - Day ago
You're making the same mistake everyone, including grindlewald, you're underestimating newt... Not for his magic but for his magical creatures.
Grindlewald doesn't give much thought to the creatures and they will be his downfall.
That's why Dumbledore chooses newt
Simon M.O jensen
Simon M.O jensen - Day ago
9:30 I chocked, got water in my lungs now D:
Drew R
Drew R - Day ago
Why doesn't she just create a new Harry Potter story spinoff with all these diverse characters rather than going back and saying "Well she was black the entire time, and He was really gay the whole time" Just make up a spinoff with new characters where one of the main characters is black, the main guy could be gay, they can be trying to rescue a nazi gay bar, etc etc.
Erik - Day ago
So a few things: Anthony Goldstein is mentioned in the book once or twice (still not excusable for Rowlings bs haha). Two we see Cadence escape at the end of the first movie, even though we dont see him learn how to control magic
Ebenezer Osasona
Ebenezer Osasona - Day ago
I just think people are more critical because of the writer's beliefs.
Sperate the artist from the art
Joosep Palgi
Joosep Palgi - Day ago
Fantastic beasts and where to find them is accualy a very good movie and I really enjoyed it but sadly I can't say the same about crimes of Grindelwald
Nähwichtel Nähen
Nähwichtel Nähen - Day ago
funny how JK rowland fucked this up. she just made a movie because of reasons, and things happening tehre because she needed them to happen for a plot
Moinmax - Day ago
Whats the song at the very start
Killua Zoldyck
Killua Zoldyck - Day ago
That bloodborne music is hilarious
Peta M
Peta M - Day ago
newt's permanant mood is those crying cat memes in this film
JustAnotherMike - Day ago
Dumbledore approaching Newt and trying to enlist his help against his will is much more understandable than the Ministry at least.
1. Dumbledore seems to like Newt from when he was his teacher

Because to Albus, nothing says "I love you" like manipulating you to go on a mission you don't want to go on and giving you no information on what to do or how to do it, all on a fucking whim.... just for the hell of it
Kermit le frog
Kermit le frog - 2 days ago
Daddy cosmonaut: *talks about Harry Potter*
Also Daddy cosmonaut: *uses a Gandalf picture*
eveningstar06 - 2 days ago
Couple of things,
I havent gone back to check everything rowling said on the subject but i dont think she said hermione was always black, just that she could be.
Anthony Goldstein was ginnys boyfriend before dean thomas so she didnt just make him up. He actually has lines in order of the Phoenix.
You are spot on for everything else about the movie tho.
RuggedWalnut - 2 days ago
J.K. needs to stay off Twitter.
And Grindelwald vs Dumbledore better be the greatest spectacle ever seen on any screen anywhere.
Guilherme Dias
Guilherme Dias - 2 days ago
*Dramatic Pause...* 25:32
Afit Lin
Afit Lin - 2 days ago
gotta love thy critics....
The Fartist
The Fartist - 2 days ago
Anthony Goldstein was actually in the books. He was mentioned in Order of the Phoenix, he was the boy prefect for Ravenclaw. Still love the video god, this movie was so bad...
AbaddonAlmighty - 5 hours ago
I'm glad I went through the comments to see if someone else brought this up :P
Jack Zimmerlee
Jack Zimmerlee - 23 hours ago
The Fartist he was also mentioned in the Deathly Hallows,the lost diadem chapter
Ajax - 2 days ago
The movie isn't messy, it's bad
Ben L
Ben L - 2 days ago
I am another of the 3 people who liked Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.
MrOSUrocker - 2 days ago
God this movie is so bad. Mostly the horrible twists/revelations about Credence going literally nowhere. Cherry on top is the reveal that his last name is Dumbledore, with no foreshadowing at all...WTF
Camrin Santchi
Camrin Santchi - 2 days ago
The funniest part is how much this movie caused plotholes:
McGonnagol- Apparently a teacher at Hogwarts AGES before she was born
Blood Oath- So this was given to Dumbles in the 20s to allow him to break it and fight Grindelwald... but Grindelwald isn't stopped until the end of Muggle World War 2. So either it took 20s for one of the greatest wizards of all time to break, or he's been sitting on his ass for that long.
Lestrange- So, since he's not a long lost Lestrange but a Dumbledore, and Lita is dead... that means the Lestrange family is wiped out, meaning Rodolphus can't exist in the Harry Potter timeframe, and thus Bellatrix can't marry into that family. That a way to justify her affair with Voldemort in Cursed Child or something?
Ugh... Probably WAY more I'm not even considering right now either.
veronicajade20 - 2 days ago
Who cares if Hermione is black on the _stage_ version. Who cares if Dumbledore was gay or Anthony was Jewish. Omg, this is most ignorant nitpicking b.s. I’ve ever heard. I think the way “blackness” is used by ignorant black people to validate whatever garbage they say is ignorant.
Strike One
Strike One - 2 days ago

J.K. Rowling: Nagini turned into a snake permanently to satisfy Voldemort's Scalie fetish behind our backs
DankMcSpank - 2 days ago
J.K "I like killing babies" Rowling
Claudio - 2 days ago
i'm agree whit u at 90%, but newt is a eccelent wizard, he can cast a spell whitout use words, this is a advance tecniche, harry potter can't do that, and he is the best student of howarts in duel.
Kyle Fear
Kyle Fear - 2 days ago
J.K Rowling is such a disappointment of a person. She created something so great but she’s just tainted her creation and in doing so has tainted her reputation as a great writer and respectful women
Anders Hass
Anders Hass - 2 days ago
You do see a black shadow thing flying away in the first movie after the allegedly death
Eternity Fox
Eternity Fox - 3 days ago
This was a HILARIOUS video!
Santiago Detang
Santiago Detang - 3 days ago
professor X: what´s your power?

J.K Rowling: I can rewrite the past of fictional characters.

gay professor X: Interesting
Todie85 - 2 hours ago
That should really straighten Magneto out, eh?
SnapeInvader - 3 days ago
To be fair, they hinted in the last movie that Ezra's character survived. That little wisp that gets Newt's attention was pretty clearly sentient, and not in a "oh this is my dying breath goodbye" kind of way.
Carissa Clarke
Carissa Clarke - 3 days ago
Maybe if the government wanted tina then newt was chancing after her
James L
James L - 3 days ago
Dumbledore was always meat to be gay. In one film, made while she was still writing the books, they intended to give Dumbledore a girlfriend in his youth. She nixed it, saying Dumbledore was gay.
So you're wrong. Thanks for the pointless homophobia, though.
Brooke S.
Brooke S. - 3 days ago
0:43 I keep hearing this as "Warner Bros. is gonna cuck me"
Devious J
Devious J - 3 days ago
Rowling: "Mcgonagall is actually a FTMTF Trans Gender Fluid Time Traveler.
Devious J
Devious J - 3 days ago
What the fuck even is this movie? We never needed this movie. But Nigini is sexy.
The Overlord
The Overlord - 3 days ago
To be fair, the Ezra Miller being a Dumbledore is almost definitely a lie.
Crowes - 3 days ago
Yeah I stopped being a fan when she retro-editted existing stuff dishonestly covering her tracks rather than just acknowledging yeah OK cishet white Authors can and often do fall foul of cishet white normativity, a little apology, and then just do better and give us actual representation in the new stories/movies. Like people are so afraid to hold their hands up and admit they effed up, or could have done better for fear of undermining themselves because they don't realise that an apology (a sincere one) and an attempt to actually make amends is better, and would actually earn our forgiveness better.
TehShadowPlayz - 3 days ago
fishwithknees - 3 days ago
Is it just me or would Fantastic Beasts be better if it just focused on the beasts?
Hope Thresher
Hope Thresher - 3 days ago
Actually in one of the earlier scenes when qeeny gets herself lost cause she heard Newt and Jacob talking the ministry woman closes her mind (which apparently they can do now) so she can kidnap her, which conveniently stoped her from reading grindelwalds mind so she just thinks the wanted to help society and people like her who want to marry whomever they love regardless if they have magic
Smithy Chris
Smithy Chris - 3 days ago
I mean, Harry Potter became a terrible franchise after Goblet of Fire
Kazuma DoubleIce
Kazuma DoubleIce - 3 days ago
I'm rereading/listening to the Harry potter books and in the last book a grupp of people summons a samin with the accio spell from a river, so yeah I think J.K need to go back and read her own book at this point, XD
the deadpool reborn
the deadpool reborn - 3 days ago
I am actually chill with dumbledore being gay as I feel it is good representation and if it was explored in fantastic beasts then it would be really good representation. However hagrid /Hermione being black. The Neville circumcised bs and the shit about Harry having erectile dysfunction is tmi and fucking stupid.
Kärin Zätterberg
Kärin Zätterberg - 3 days ago
I adore the first movie, but the second one is so bad it is genuinely infuriating
nehpets w
nehpets w - 3 days ago
Kind of odd, I actually like fantastic beats 1/2 over the entire original series.
FH Bling007
FH Bling007 - 3 days ago
I love Both Movies
This video is full of rubbish
AngelIsHereTo ObserveTheEnd
Dumbledore was always fabulously dressed. He dressed better than everyone. He was indeed gay. Also he was going to take a trip with his "friend" around the world until he met grindlewald
Joe Bolton
Joe Bolton - 3 days ago
Did u know Harry Potter has a black cock
RookMorgGrimMar - 3 days ago
Was there some bloodborne father Gascoigne soundtrack in the backround?
Jack Gibbs
Jack Gibbs - 3 days ago
Really didn’t like the movie at all, but this video just seems like a way to hate on JK Rowling and stick it to the ‘sjw’s’...
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