The Crimes of Grindelwald - Ruining a Franchise

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Phileas Liebmann
Phileas Liebmann - 28 minutes ago
Nice video, but I disagree on one point: I feel like there should be a sequel to the first movie, but it should not be about Grindelwald and not feature Jacob.
Kewen Ding
Kewen Ding - 53 minutes ago
why is a bloodborne score playing in the background
Dan Demuth
Dan Demuth - Hour ago
I’m a huge HP fan, and I loved the first Fantastic Beasts movie.
Ian Smith
Ian Smith - Hour ago
Lucky for you JK Rowling stated that there's only gonna be 5 movies in this series.
Rin - 2 hours ago
There are so many comments like ''Nobody: - JK Rowling: *stupid stuff*'' and i literally dont know if these are just jokes or things she actually said
Felix Wolf
Felix Wolf - 3 hours ago
No one:
JK Rowling: it was a wet dream of Mrs Norris all along
Medina Malcolm
Medina Malcolm - 6 hours ago
Why is newt considered a weak caster? Jw cuz the only fight he was in was against the second greatest dark wizard of all time.
Nagini Maledictus
Nagini Maledictus - 7 hours ago
Always will be a true fan and I love the movies and storyline so far. Don't care what other people think about the movie.
Thank you, next...😂
Myiana - 8 hours ago
just saying first movie showed that he survived exploding
GABRIEL ROSENHEK - 8 hours ago
Ok so many wrong stuff in this video. it was shown on the first movie that a part of ezra millers obscurus had survived the explosion, it was subtle, but it was there. also, anthony goldstein was in the books, and even though he was never a major charachter, if that was his name she obviously conceived him as jewish. when you dislike smth you see everything under a bad light
usedtobemyself - 10 hours ago
I was never more disappointed in a movie
frank javier
frank javier - 12 hours ago
Why is it that no-one says this shit about Thor Effing Ragnarok; Black Panther; or Endgame?
frank javier
frank javier - 12 hours ago
I'm starting to thing. J.K stole the Harry Potter Stories from someone else.
Ivo Palombo
Ivo Palombo - 12 hours ago
The first movie was increíble stupid too but you liked it anyway
Mykhailo Hohol
Mykhailo Hohol - 13 hours ago
yeah I agree with you
Alex Champion
Alex Champion - 14 hours ago
21:04 Nice bloodborne soundtrack my man.
nomine *
nomine * - 14 hours ago
Wish the Harry Potter books were around when I was growing up. I would have been way into them, for sure. Unfortunately, all we had was Sweet Valley High and The Babysitters Club. Hated those abominations! Young Adult fiction has come a very long way.
【offer】 - 15 hours ago
I feel like J.K. Rowling turned into fanfic-writing fangirl of her own series.

Except with enough money to produce the monstrosities
Mason Brown
Mason Brown - 15 hours ago
When he said his name was Newt Scamander I thought it was a joke for a bad Pokémon trainer
Hagrid 519
Hagrid 519 - 17 hours ago
Thank you soneone agrees that fantastic beast 1 isn’t that bad
Danaëlle Rumuli
Danaëlle Rumuli - 17 hours ago
I liked this movie
*Feel 100/100 like an outsider*
Oloko Meu
Oloko Meu - 20 hours ago
To be fair, she didn't make Anthony up afterwards. He actually appears in the fifth book, and in the game as well.
Timur Arslanov
Timur Arslanov - 20 hours ago
Grindelwald wants to stop genocide by genociding the genociders... and the genocided... and everyone else
GMan5090 - 20 hours ago
This movie is shit
Dr Mochi
Dr Mochi - 22 hours ago
i loved the first one the sequel was trash but hey thats my opinion
BONESAW IS READY - 22 hours ago
Fuck JK Rowling in her fat retarded ass
Uisce Preston
Uisce Preston - 22 hours ago
Amen. Finally someone else called out JK Boring on her retroactively diverse (i.e. interesting) writing. She was a total hack who penned fluff. Happy white fluffy nonsense.
P.S. Halloween (2018) states explicitly that Dr. Sartain has staged Michael's transfer and escape near Laurie Strode's resident in order to provoke a killing spree in the name of psychopathic experimentation.
Quintusblake - 22 hours ago
Anthony Goldstein was in the books
Craig Bot
Craig Bot - 22 hours ago
Quintusblake you’re right I just read the book he was in 😧 chamber of secrets He’s only mentioned once though
Evan Gilbert
Evan Gilbert - Day ago
I disagree with you that Newt is intended to be perceived as a subpar wizard; Crimes goes out of its way to retcon that Newt is very talented, but can't stand authority, politics, and people being shitty to each other, which is most of this movie. Dumbledore has essentially been grooming him to be a secret agent since Newt was a student, exactly like he later does with Harry, because he recognizes Newt's potential, and wants him for the Order of the Phoenix.
Most of the other parties in the movie are either aware of Newt's potential directly (Newt's brother acknowledging multiple times that Newt would make a better auror, and recommending him constantly to Magical MI5, which is why they try to impress him into service by restricting his freedom on stupid and obvious unjust charges because they're desperate) or indirectly (Grindlewald having easily beaten Newt in a wizard fight, but ultimately lost to him when Newt starts siccing Pokemon on him to get the edge. Mostly he just wants an arcane nuke in Ezra, and doesn't even specifically care)
Newt losing a fight to "the greatest wizard duelist alive" wielding the Elder McGuffin doesn't mean Newt's a slouch... he does better than the New York Aurors by a wide margin; and the Americans are rightfully suspicious that Newt's claims of being a "humble biologist" might be a cover for a British magical intelligence agent, especially since British magical intelligence has been harassing him into doing exactly that for a while.
ALL of which is a pretty stupid retcon from the "magical Jane Goodall/zookeeper" of the books... But at least that part is internally consistent within the movie, and builds up the tension for the coming Wizard War, as all sides foresee doom and scramble to recruit and plant spies, and so on.
It's a little like the police trying to recruit Hercule Poirot into whatever crimes they can't figure out, while Poirot mostly just wants to eat pancakes and tour the country somewhere, but gets roped into things because he's too good to just stand by. I thought that part actually worked.

I also think it's completely the point that Grindy is a two-faced lying creep. His non-violent protest and "it's just free speech" arguments are entirely showmanship to make the actual heroes (the aurors) look like jerks for trying to arrest him as a terrorist (with good publicity) in a not so subtle commentary on alternative facts and cults of personality.
Despite all that, Grindlewombles has enough charisma (on paper at least, Depp failed to really sell it) to convince idiots like Queenie that he totally isn't advocating for wizard fascism, and she's basically dumb enough to become a beefsteak nazi based on her own short-sighted interests and his appealing words and charisma, like many despots have managed to rise to power on the backs of.
I totally agree they did Queenie dirty in this movie. It's either dramatic irony, or really bad writing that a mind-reader could be so dumb and trusting...
ALL that said, I really liked your video! I didn't think too hard on the movie when I first saw it, and there's a lot of excellent points you raise regarding plot holes and contrivances. You also made me laugh a few times. Cheers!
GilgameshAurora - Day ago
Jk rowling is a dumb twat
KiiBoY AMV - Day ago
Had a great laugh watching this. JKR is a freakin joke lmaoooooo
Ryan Gordon
Ryan Gordon - Day ago
Dave Chapelle is that you?
Andrew Cho
Andrew Cho - Day ago
Crimes of Grindelwald wasn’t even that bad lmao ur making it sound like it was as bad as movie 43 now that’s a bad movie
Max Fischer
Max Fischer - Day ago
Note: Anthony Goldstein is mentioned from the 5th HP book onwards as a member of the DA.
CastelDawn - Day ago
socialist from england
I personally think that the films should be Newt going around the world finding beasts but being unable to escape the global wizarding conflict then muggle conflict (because world war 2). That would better suit his character, then Dumbledore can "help" him with the location of the beasts.
Tim T
Tim T - Day ago
Wait speaking of accio: Isn't there a whole anecdote in the 4th book where Harry's learning to use the spell for the first task and he uses accio to summon a wasp that's buzzing around a classroom window. I don't remember the passage where Rowling says accio doesn't work on living creatures. Does anyone know where it is?
Blake Kendall
Blake Kendall - Day ago
This movie was so bad, that even your critical analysis of it was unbearable.
D K-sky
D K-sky - Day ago
I always lose my shit when I hear the credits flute theme in the end...
Mythili Hariharan
Mythili Hariharan - Day ago
Not sure how much the play casting a black actor had to do with her agenda because lots of theatre products cast POC actors in traditionally white plays. I've seen Shakespeare adaptions featuring black actors.
D K-sky
D K-sky - Day ago
"Queenie kidnaped Jacob and tried to marry him *against* his will"
The more I look at Queenie and more I look at Jacob... I find this so fucking hard to believe.
VengefulCat - Day ago
And people said the Hobbit movies were bad
Fate Is Not The Same For All
DR Kojack
DR Kojack - Day ago
Move over Danearys, JK Rowling is the real mad queen we should all be afraid of.
I liVe iN a commune anD doNt have a reAl Job
I thought the most ridiculous part of the movie was that J.K Rowling created one of the only black characters in the movie and name the motherfucker Comma, like what?
G. E.
G. E. - Day ago
I’m so tired of harry potter and anything related to that franchise. Read the books, watched the movies and i had enough for a lifetime.
RomanowRomanow Aleksiej
nagini was hot though
Cyber Diver
Cyber Diver - Day ago
JK....... Rowling amiright fellas?
meh! - Day ago
so i'm not the only person who didn't like this movie? I was hyped for it. went to the theater, i was bored throughout it, kept considering leaving, but was afraid it might get better.
Flat Earth Talk
Flat Earth Talk - Day ago
I hate how well this movie did at the box office, it was the worst piece of trash I've watched. Halfway through the movie I had to shut it off because it hurt my head
Marie Druckenmiller
4:32 - That's Luna Lovegood, not Hermione.
Jai Cilento NeedsMoreCoffeeʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋
18:50 if you think flashbacks of that is 'strange'; youve clearly never made a shared magical butt plug w/a person. im triggered right now.
Jai Cilento NeedsMoreCoffeeʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋
YOU'RE BLACK?! You cant just retcon that in now. If you turn out to always have been queer, Im un sub'ing. No bc of prejudice: but im sick of being lied to. -_-
quodeehall - Day ago
I loved the first movie. I watched this movie and literally had no idea wtf was going on. I had to read Wikipedia and still realized it was so stupid. It really disappointed me.
「ΞxP」 l3R4VE
「ΞxP」 l3R4VE - Day ago
23:45-24:00 sounds like Ceeday
olivia destandau
olivia destandau - Day ago
So glad I have not seen either of these obscenities.
17:29 didn't Harry use 'accio' on Hagrid?
Sam M
Sam M - Day ago
Wow, so glad I didn't watch the movie.
Duncan Van Ooyen
Duncan Van Ooyen - Day ago
Fun fact, I smoked my first joint just minutes before watching the first Fantastic Beasts movie on Blu-Ray with my father. Man, I picked a bad time to start. Right around the time they all climbed into Noob Salamander's pocket-dimension suitcase, I was starting to lose my mind a little. I was drinking too, that definitely didn't help. I don't remember the entire second half of the film, except the very end.
My favorite scene in the movie was when Newt was in the bank and met Jacob for the first time:
Jacob: "What bring you here?"
Newt: "Oh, you know, same as you..." *looks around nervously*
Jacob: "...You're here to borrow money to open a bakery?"
Newt: *Not paying attention* "...Yes..."
Jacob: "Wow... what are the odds of that?"

It's one of the only lines of dialogue I remember from the movie
Bekah Davis
Bekah Davis - Day ago
Ezra Miller fails miserably at being unattractive. Would still bang...even if he explodes...well...I guess that's kind of the point...anyway. Ezra is gorgeous.
Danny Walsh
Danny Walsh - Day ago
It’s sooooooooooo good!!! I genuinely loved it so much!
Mr Tiddles
Mr Tiddles - Day ago
Wait your black? But your voice is so white? Is that racist? I need to check my social values
Mr Tiddles
Mr Tiddles - Day ago
I just wish JK Rowling would stfu and just let the world admire her past incredible storytelling. She doesn't need to add a single page more to her work!
powerful joey diaz
powerful joey diaz - Day ago
Wow glad I didn’t see this movie now
Ethan H
Ethan H - Day ago
Isn’t Anthony Goldstein an actual character in the books
Joonha Shcal
Joonha Shcal - Day ago
What I would've liked is if the people who wanted to make a series had some ball.
And that was to make an anthology out of it.
Fuck Newt and his crew. Dumbledore and Grindelwald should've been the stars of this show. I didn't care about Ezra Miller's weird past.
I wanted Dumbledore to have some good character arcs. Why is he such a manipulative dick later in life? Why does he say he saw socks? (HP1 Mirror)
I wanted to understand Grindelwald. Why is he a magical nazi? How did he become this good? I still hate the Deathly Hallows as a plot device, so I didn't care about them.
What I'm saying is that they took the most interesting characters and gave them nothing to do, whilst characters we don't care about meander around to find something out we don't care about either.
They didn't set up the politics enough to make the whole pure blood house relevant. They didn't make us care about Ezra. His power is as dumb as the whole lovemagic in HP.
I didn't watch this movie in the cinema because I had low expectations. I'm just not gonna watch the rest.
Same with ep9. I'll read the wiki of that movie when it comes out. I'll do the same with the rest of this series. It deserves maybe 2 min of my time and that's it.
I'm still bitter about GOT.
Hel Haghenbeck E.
Hel Haghenbeck E. - 2 days ago
you made me laugh a lot with this, thank you
vampirewolf373 - 2 days ago
My hypothesis for why they wanted Newt to pick a side is because, as is unfortunately rampant in the wizarding world, magical creatures are considered to be nuisances at best and dangerous at worst unless they can somehow use them as tools for something they need to do or a war they need to fight, even in the original story line with Harry. And in the first movie, and the textbook you can buy, mentioned that Newt worked with dragons during the first war. That would seriously benefit either side if you had dragons working alongside you. Or any other dangerous magical creature. So they want to use him for that
Yeeticus Skeeticus
Yeeticus Skeeticus - 2 days ago
I fell asleep during this movie
Bill The Bull Gates
Bill The Bull Gates - 2 days ago
Why the F would ANYONE want the holocoast not to happen it is the single most beautiful thing in history.
Kari K Official
Kari K Official - 2 days ago
I’m convince jk Rowling didn’t write Harry Potter
GucciGinger - 2 days ago
In he movies defense with Jacob, the final scene in the first Fantastic Beasts shows he had his memories, or at least hinted to it, when he sees the girl (fuck knows her name) and smiles, making it seem like he remembered her quite is why he smiles so it was shown the had them in the end.....wait.....didnt Jacob like the girl in the first anyway why did she have "no choice" he likes you anyway FUCK ME
pk void
pk void - 2 days ago
bro u made me laugh so fucken hard lol subbed
indigo la end DTRWHo
indigo la end DTRWHo - 2 days ago
sammagehtsnoch - 2 days ago
Anthony goldstein is actually in the books. he is like 'unimportant ravenclaw no. 5'
September InBloom
September InBloom - 2 days ago
Game of Thrones: hold my beer
September InBloom
September InBloom - 2 days ago
that Father Gascoign theme music that came in at 21:00 was awesome!
Cyrus McWind
Cyrus McWind - 2 days ago
Grindlewald - Elbino blonde with two different colored eyes.... Believe me bruh. I hated the Harry books and the movies sucked.
Omar Khan
Omar Khan - 2 days ago
Hey , the accio charm, was on all of the gold and silver that the creature was carrying, not the creature.
Gunter Horst
Gunter Horst - 2 days ago
I agree with you in a lot of cases and think that the movie was badly written but that Jacobs mamories returned wasn't a plothole, because it was love which overcame the spell. And acording to J. K. since the first book love is the srongest kind of magic that exists and that is also why Voldemort couldn't kill Harry in the first book and this was also astablished in the first MB movie when Jacob realized Queenies (don't know if she's written this way) face and I thought that it was a Need conection to the morals of the HP series.
Emma Theresa
Emma Theresa - 2 days ago
As someone trying to be a writer, "JK Rowling also wrote The Crimes of Grindelwald" is now my personal motto. Whenever I get bad feedback or a rejection, it's nice to know that even the most popular writer of the last 20 years is capable of really, really shitty writing sometimes.
cio brombe
cio brombe - 2 days ago
The lost horcrux: the magic buttplug
Victorious - 3 days ago
I sleeped when they were getting chased by those cats and woke up when the dragons were destroying paris so i had no idea what was going on
Gunn Gin
Gunn Gin - 3 days ago
In the first movie when newt was explaining the memory wipe potion he said that it erases bad memories. So that point should be fine.
Ethan Peterson
Ethan Peterson - 3 days ago
Only good thing about this movie is that the soundtrack is pretty awesome
Honimir Morka
Honimir Morka - 3 days ago
Worst movie I have ever seen tbh
Anthony Daléchamps
Anthony Daléchamps - 3 days ago
Dumbledore also wasn’t a défense against the dark arts teachers in the books but a transmutation one
OMG! For crying out loud! This ISH is sooo HILARIOUS!
MadHatter - 3 days ago
"when he remembers a time when him and his boyfriend created a magical buttplug" I FUCKING DIED 😂😂😂😂😂
Yenny Yusra
Yenny Yusra - 3 days ago
Well said!
H.P Forever
H.P Forever - 3 days ago
Huge Harry Potter fan here

This is my opinion

I don't get that people who like Harry Potter don't like Fantastic Beasts.
I'm sorry I just don't
It's still the Wizarding World
Shows more Beasts
Before Harry Potter came
I love them all 😍😍😍
Jack - 3 days ago
Erico MinecraftMaster
Erico MinecraftMaster - 3 days ago
You claimed that Grindelwald would have killed his followers but the fire dragon is summoned through protego diabolica and only people who are Grindelwald’s enemies.
Tallonest - 3 days ago
16:00 “because he thinks they’re related to each other”
I died
Ilana Cox
Ilana Cox - 3 days ago
Anthony Goldstein is in the books tho just not as a major character
Aditya Ramani
Aditya Ramani - 3 days ago
Just a correction - Anthony Goldstein is most certainly in the books with at least a handful of interactions with the trio.
Brett Grieve
Brett Grieve - 3 days ago
Couldn't disagree more, i actually made it through 'The crimes of Grindelwald' i couldn't even make it through the first hour of 'Fantastic beasts and where to find them'. Although TCOG' isn't the best film I've seen it wasn't in any way a horrible film as this video would have you believe
melonbaby - 3 days ago
J.K. Rowling: Hermione = white
J.K. Rowling having probably never read her own books after writing them: Hermione =/= White
Esther K
Esther K - 3 days ago
Rowling can't keep up with the canon, which is frustrating. I hated it when she took back the Ron & Hermione coupling decision after the final movie came out -- stating that Hermione would not be able to tolerate being married to or falling in love with someone like Ron Weasley; how she's too smart for him. Just own up to it! There's no takesies-backsies when she's got a global fan-base that invests so much into these characters!
PS ... this video was brilliant and HIGH-larious
J Lupus
J Lupus - 3 days ago
Stopping Genocide: The Crimes of Grindlewald.
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