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Breanna Matheson
Breanna Matheson - 6 часов назад
Totally prefer the nude lip!! I feel like the bright lip was over lined too much and didn't look as good, but also could have been just because I'm not used to the bright colour on you.
Tamara Momirovic
Tamara Momirovic - 11 часов назад
I loved the brighter lip better but nude is ok as well
Jackeline Yepez
Jackeline Yepez - 13 часов назад
I love both looks! I feel like at 33 I can’t wear bright colors anymore without looking like too harsh. Any tips?
Lily Pate
Lily Pate - 15 часов назад
omg to die for ... the brighter lip was stunning, and you look stunning all together. You are so beautiful ;)
D GWR - 16 часов назад
i disagree w the lip!!!! the first was nicer in my opinion!! :O
Mariah Montoya
Mariah Montoya - 17 часов назад
Hey tati would you be able to do a review on more zero waste products?? Elate cosmetics is something ive been interested in but i want to know how the products perform. Thank you!
You must enter a name
You must enter a name - 19 часов назад
Please do the "If I Could Only Keep One Tag : One Makeup Product From Each Category".
Abbie L
Abbie L - 21 час назад
I love you necklace, can we have the details on it? Also your makeup is stunning.
Mariah Malik
Mariah Malik - 21 час назад
That look is so beautiful on you 😍😍😍😍
Sara S
Sara S - День назад
So funny how she thinks that we don't need this one because "we might have something similar already" but she was shoving James Charles' loud giant Morphe palette down out throats just days ago. I think this is her way of saying, "buy James Charles' one instead." It's too obvious to those who pay attention.
Carryl Edwards
Carryl Edwards - День назад
I really liked the first lip color had to watch again.
Aliciaアリシア - День назад
"Lower your expectations a little bit" xD anyone else thought about Gabbie Hanna saying "mAnaGe yOuR ExPeCtaTIoNs, a LittLE BiT"? xD
Yazmin Bonilla
Yazmin Bonilla - День назад
hi :D
Kim Zimmerman
Kim Zimmerman - День назад
What a vibrant stunning look Tati! Your second lip color definitely looked much better. I absolutely love that shirt you have on’s perfect with your makeup look. Sending you lots of love and still praying for your little bambino to come soon 🙏🏼💖💜💖🙏🏼
Ladykay - День назад
I always tell everyone PLEASE LISTEN TO TATI... She is always rsal... So real
Tamara Montoya
Tamara Montoya - День назад
Tati can you re-review honest beauty! The last video was 3 years ago
MyFairSkinLatina - День назад
Tati please do a video on how you did that cute bun on your head
BeautifullyDifferent86 - День назад
Please recreate this look with affordable makeup.
Sparklin' Stina
Sparklin' Stina - День назад
Good for you! Rock the color!! It looks awesome!!
vanessa magri
vanessa magri - День назад
Love with nude lips!👏🏻👏🏻
Katie Danielle
Katie Danielle - День назад
Thank you for doing a review of this palette! I didn't think you would at first becuase you've reviewed all the other Anatasia things. :) I loved the match, too.
Angelina Nicole
Angelina Nicole - День назад
I love all these shades 😍 I don't have any colors like this is any of my pallets , I will definitely be picking this up 💕 Tati your eye makeup is giving me LIFE 😍😭 super gorgeous
Marie Skogsdotter
Marie Skogsdotter - День назад
Oohhhh that short closeup beauty clip in the beginning was so pretty, love it!
tanya b
tanya b - День назад
The eye look is beautiful but it no way demonstrates the potential of this palette
Wiktoria - День назад
i really loved a bright pink lip, beautiful 😍
Mocha 38
Mocha 38 - День назад
I got kind of discouraged to get the palette after hearing how hard is to blend purples. I also need a new brush for it 🤦🏻‍♀️
tessa phinnoru
tessa phinnoru - День назад
very perfect
ChocolatePumpkinCurlyGirl - День назад
That Scott Barnes brush is always out of stock. One day, I shall have it!!!! :)
Jennifer Grove
Jennifer Grove - День назад
I keep thinking it would be interesting to see an egg plant type purple on you with that Sails white shimmer highlight and maybe some deep grey in the waterline and then with like a coral blush and lip.
vince-a-tatoes - 2 дня назад
is she behind a green screen?
Michael Mccracken
Michael Mccracken - 2 дня назад
Please do drag makeup on yourself!!!!
Cmera Prithilall
Cmera Prithilall - 2 дня назад
Look the look 😍
bff for makeup
bff for makeup - 2 дня назад
Tati i love you but your pore
Shelby S.
Shelby S. - 2 дня назад
Tati your lips are Gorgeous in this!!!
Vivien Babišová
Vivien Babišová - 2 дня назад
The whole eye look looks so bomb on you, like the colours woooow😍
Linda L.
Linda L. - 2 дня назад
So colorful and Tati is so talented in making colorful eyeshadow have a distinct pop but still very wearable glam look
Caitlin Howard
Caitlin Howard - 2 дня назад
Love this look on you
Kathy Belanger
Kathy Belanger - 2 дня назад
I liked the first lip!!! Eye look is gorgeous! 💞
Jennifer Raymus
Jennifer Raymus - 2 дня назад
Love it and loved the original lip! 💋
DeadliestTrap EverLaid
DeadliestTrap EverLaid - 2 дня назад
Irregardless of the brand, I think that all magenta eye shadows stain. It must be something about the basic formulation.
justabelfast girl
justabelfast girl - 2 дня назад
$45?! Noooooooooo, that's an insane price for a palette that size. I can't believe it's $45, lol I spat my water everywhere when Tati said it was that much.
Catherina Isais
Catherina Isais - 2 дня назад
Your reviews are always top tier. Could you please please review Forchics - Forlash eyelash enhancer? P.s Love you, and your skin looks bomb af
Summer Gembecki
Summer Gembecki - 2 дня назад
Linda Weber
Linda Weber - 2 дня назад
Noooo i love the lip
Linda Weber
Linda Weber - 2 дня назад
I love that you did bright eyes and a bright lip. I'm not a fan of nude lips. Just don't look good on me.
vi k
vi k - 2 дня назад
Could you please review the new Lancôme Glitter Eye Palette Spring Look? You're so experienced with make up, I value your opinion so much!! (:
Chelseaxo - 2 дня назад
You are so beautiful woww luv this look omg🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍
Courtney Russell
Courtney Russell - 2 дня назад
Potato Giraffe
Potato Giraffe - 2 дня назад
Bougie Tati 💋💎🛍
Mai Mai
Mai Mai - 3 дня назад
I can't believe I haven't watched a single video of you since December 2018 :o I missed your voice ! And your class ! And gosh that lloks is amazing on you, you rock the flashy colors !!
NaemiCoco - 3 дня назад
Love that look! Even with the first lip combo it was beautiful!
Could you do more colorful looks? I'm so done with the neutrals.. And spring is around the corner, so please more color :) Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪
Viviana N
Viviana N - 3 дня назад
I feel like makeup nowadays focuses on cute packaging
Eileen Murray
Eileen Murray - 3 дня назад
i'm so glad you gave suggestions for similar palettes! i think a lot of regular people see all the new releases and videos beauty gurus post and think they need to own EVERYTHING instead of being reasonable with what they really would use or already have.
Md. Asadur Rahman
Md. Asadur Rahman - 3 дня назад
I liked your makeup look with nude lipstick ❤️💄
Annette N
Annette N - 3 дня назад
Tati you should check out the Chi Chi Cosmetics palettes if you haven't already (in particular the Aphrodite eyeshadow palette)! I think you will love, affordable and so beautiful 😍😍
sophie wolfe
sophie wolfe - 3 дня назад
Emdawg555 - 3 дня назад
She is turning into James charles more and more.
Kumeshree Naicker
Kumeshree Naicker - 3 дня назад
New subscriber i love u tati
thankful516 - 3 дня назад
lovely look! but I am passing I have the Pat McGrath La Vie En Rose.. which I am obsessed with...
Ewie - 3 дня назад
is she finally gonna review the alien palette and maybe the Blue Blooded palette now that she's getting comfortable with color???
Diana Thomas
Diana Thomas - 3 дня назад
Best intro 😂
CRGlamInspired - 3 дня назад
I love this look! You can wear anything and it truly looks great! I think we just get into a comfort zone, and we need to break out of it! I liked the bolder lip with the look. Thank you for reviewing. I wish I could get my hands on that Scott Barnes eyeshadow brush, however it is sold out. I have hooded eyes and it looks perfect. Hopefully it will come back in stock soon! I enjoy your videos so much!💜
John Bell
John Bell - 3 дня назад
Savit nice one go on about that then avin it err touch your Selves ooh Nooooo music monkees eh if you need anything I'm fixing it and I don't want to do much more
John Bell
John Bell - 3 дня назад
We Always have a nice voice
How you doing
John Bell
John Bell - 3 дня назад
or have to be a tranny I ain't a tranny
Er me tranny mate Billy Walker Took a dump today in the bushes on his way back
BlogWhatTheFruitcake - 3 дня назад
Btw, Seychelles is a beautiful country which is pronounced "say-shells," not "sea-shells" ;)
lovelylindsay1 - 18 часов назад
BlogWhatTheFruitcake who gives AF?!
Susan Menn
Susan Menn - 3 дня назад
Yes, I 💜💜💜 the purple!
Laine Ratliff
Laine Ratliff - 3 дня назад
Colton bungee jumping made my DAY.
Bedridden Beauty
Bedridden Beauty - 3 дня назад
I have always packed then blended using a transition shade to blend, and or a blending brush. I just still can't wrap my head around Youtubers using blending brushes for everything.
Bedridden Beauty
Bedridden Beauty - 3 дня назад
Girrrrl! Yaaassss COLOR! 😍 I always need the balance of the nude/neutral lip with a bright eye, and a bright lip with a neutral eye...but just love seeing you go for it!
Paul Arlukiewicz
Paul Arlukiewicz - 3 дня назад
Hair in bun dragon day lol
Paul Arlukiewicz
Paul Arlukiewicz - 3 дня назад
She pretty tho
Diane L
Diane L - 3 дня назад
this make up - I'm LIVING for it
hande gunozu
hande gunozu - 3 дня назад
Your lips look wierd!
elina craft
elina craft - 4 дня назад
so if you can't afford the painterly paint pot what do you do?
G Glizzy
G Glizzy - 4 дня назад
My last name Palermo I'm glad there's a pretty eyeshadow with the same name. But I'm about to watch a bunch of reviews for this palette and see how many people butcher the name because people mess my name up all the time. lol.
Taylor White
Taylor White - 4 дня назад
Another purge video !!
Εύα Ζουλούμη
Εύα Ζουλούμη - 4 дня назад
Your voice makes me fall asleep 😍😍 And I loved your first lip choice 😊
Jeannified - 4 дня назад
Your original lip look liked gorgeous! You could have gotten into Studio 54 with that look!
Kathy Gomez
Kathy Gomez - 4 дня назад
I like the bold lip better Tati! Either one you look beautiful.
Jeannified - 4 дня назад
Gorgeous look!!!
elizabethpink - 4 дня назад
Okay, I’m fairly certain that Tati mentioned a Benefit highlighter in a recent video, it was part of a palette and she was begging for it to be released as a single, but buggered if I can find that bloodly video! Help! 😖
Olla Aljboul
Olla Aljboul - 4 дня назад
I wish she had a full skincare routine
Taylor Tisdale
Taylor Tisdale - 4 дня назад
Omg!! LOVE the new intro with the close up glam shot! Stunningly beautiful as always! ❤️
Islem Med
Islem Med - 4 дня назад
Purple looks amazing on you omg 💗💗
Alex Larson
Alex Larson - 4 дня назад
I'm not big on pink but it looks good on you.
Alex Larson
Alex Larson - 4 дня назад
The nude lip is way better with that eye. I really want to get James's palette and some new brushes.
Travis Lake
Travis Lake - 4 дня назад
Original lip color was much better!
Jlyn D
Jlyn D - 4 дня назад
Both lip colors are stunning with this eye look. Nude during the day and darker, bolder in the evening. LOVE💗
Alissa Shively
Alissa Shively - 4 дня назад
I like the bold pink look
Dorien Nefs
Dorien Nefs - 4 дня назад
Hello Tati, I know you always have very honest reviews, and its super helpful! Now I kinda bought The new ss19 Tom Ford Quad Extreme in an impulse (92 euros yes I know..) but I'm on the fence about it; debating if I should return it.. If you have it could you give your honest opinion?
kimmy vidal
kimmy vidal - 5 дней назад
Tati omg your makeup looks absolutely stunning !!! The lip change really pushes this look even more forward. And that eye look????? 💖💖💖💖💖💖 gorgeous!!!
UnderTheSummerSun - 5 дней назад
When I see this particular look, my mind immediately goes to Juvia's place Masquerade palette
Diana McDonald
Diana McDonald - 5 дней назад
I like how you pose with your look now 😍 Your eyes just pop so beautiful!
keisha x
keisha x - 5 дней назад
omg the shadow with the outfit is 10/10 accidental bisexual representation
Zeept65 - 5 дней назад
I loved the color on your lip I think it looked gorgeous with your look
Cherry Lane Monroe
Cherry Lane Monroe - 5 дней назад
WTF is up with your lips? You are starting to look like a Queen with all the work you're getting done, Tati. At least wait till you're 50. Less is MORE.
Bre-tiful Teaching
Bre-tiful Teaching - 5 дней назад
Im trying to look up cassieemua on insta but she isnt comin up
j v
j v - 5 дней назад
Holy crap her lips look AMAZING in this
gullraiz khan
gullraiz khan - 5 дней назад
Thank God 🙏 u changed the lip color 😋
Andreja Leskovec
Andreja Leskovec - 5 дней назад
OMG, I love your eye makeup🤩
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