5 Awesome Paint Gadgets put to the Test

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sammiejo2288 - 22 days ago
Do more paint gadgets!!
kraven Liongod
kraven Liongod - Month ago
BOOM! 💥 💥 💥
CLUB LOL - 3 months ago
7:13 why you left your glasses ?
Safety first
Kristin Beard
Kristin Beard - 3 months ago
Your white paint is two different shades...and you didn’t clean off the garage first before painting..you’re killing me over here. 😱😂
Amber johnson
Amber johnson - 4 months ago
A rolling pole eliminates the need for the first gagick
BLIN - 4 months ago
Yes he’s wearing an ushanka true Slav
FYO GANGSTER - 4 months ago
9:0 did anyone noticed his sweater was torn abobe the left arm
Parallax - 4 months ago
Why is he painting over the same area he already painted????
J.R. Wizzle
J.R. Wizzle - 4 months ago
I think that paint u tried mixing was a bit past its expiration
Better With The Irish
Better With The Irish - 4 months ago
I love to paint so yes more paint gadgets!
Sean Young
Sean Young - 4 months ago
Am I the only one thinking where the 2 feet of snow he had in his yard went
tonygreatness - 4 months ago
I keep hearing "pain gadgets" lol
Oda Chikazane
Oda Chikazane - 4 months ago
Dose he even need a ladder XD he’s like 50ft tall
Shania Jenkins
Shania Jenkins - 4 months ago
Where can I get the first gadgets
Yakelin Oliveras
Yakelin Oliveras - 4 months ago
Yes do part #2 !!
Philly Willy
Philly Willy - 5 months ago
2:50 fails twice 🙌🏻
Michael Keating
Michael Keating - 5 months ago
As you can see, works well. (Paints the entire wall)
Incredible bulk
Incredible bulk - 5 months ago
Should of just brought a paint runner.🇬🇧
pupiniastewart - 5 months ago
*Thank you Taras. Very Kul*
lunkers TV
lunkers TV - 5 months ago
5:01 This would be great for honey.
Dianne Smith
Dianne Smith - 5 months ago
Age or edge?
Rajkishore Sahoo
Rajkishore Sahoo - 5 months ago
Now your videos r becoming boring
Dennis The Menace
Dennis The Menace - 5 months ago
Paint sprayer!!!!
jose puerto
jose puerto - 5 months ago
I'm a painter and these are kid toys real painters use real tools lol
Martin marty
Martin marty - 5 months ago
Yeetecus The 3rd
Yeetecus The 3rd - 5 months ago
MrRobMorley - 5 months ago
I love you bro, but your a TERRIBLE painter ! Haha ! It's okay though you already know what your good at. Making great vids !
Boom Panes
Boom Panes - 5 months ago
nypctechman - 5 months ago
I'm just wondering if you're actually priming the walls instead of just painting straight. That's primer you're putting on right?
NoOneLooksAtThisAnyways - 5 months ago
Love the paint gadgets tests!
Nolan Nishikawa
Nolan Nishikawa - 5 months ago
“Lets paint this wall just for fun” -Taras 2018
Katea Jurors
Katea Jurors - 5 months ago
These are kind of neat little invention however most of them are for normal pale paint buckets... We work with 5 gallons and up.
Bridget Love
Bridget Love - 5 months ago
7:48 i would love a video like that were u just talk to us as u work or do things.
houstonsrb - 5 months ago
Mixer seems like just another thing to clean up.  Just shake the can before you take the lid off.
Free dom
Free dom - 5 months ago
It looks amazing
Major Disappointment
Major Disappointment - 5 months ago
The best gadget is paying someone else to paint your stuff.
babybot17 s
babybot17 s - 5 months ago
Yes more paint gadgets
HP OP - 5 months ago
Mmm LLL - 5 months ago
6, the splatoon gun
Shawn Ong
Shawn Ong - 5 months ago
Do swimming gadgets, if there's even any swimming gadgets
Leo & Dan Ryan
Leo & Dan Ryan - 5 months ago
Get an airless paint sprayer from Harbor Freight. You would have finished the entire job by now.
Aaron Villarreal
Aaron Villarreal - 5 months ago
Peint gajicks! Boom! Love the crazy Russian hacker!
84ion - 5 months ago
we want 2nd part
jay - 5 months ago
_"You see, it's a next to mee."_
Termuthern - 5 months ago
9:00 He has a very odd pattern for painting...
power house
power house - 5 months ago
Part 2
Mark Clark
Mark Clark - 5 months ago
List where you got them
Ammar Kalyanwala
Ammar Kalyanwala - 5 months ago
See part 2
Transformer Bash
Transformer Bash - 5 months ago
he teaches you how to paint a wall to
Maniak Eksperimen
Maniak Eksperimen - 5 months ago
This is awesome sir
Emily Alcorn
Emily Alcorn - 5 months ago
Paint gadgets part 2 pls 😊 This was awesome 😎
Hamudi - 5 months ago
Taras is showing his true russian spirit by wearing the Ushanka
Tamas - 5 months ago
Another Gajic!
bullboy - 5 months ago
Boring video. Do hacks or science later stuff. This video is just lazy.
TBL FAN - 5 months ago
I have been watching his videos for years but "Learn How To Edit" most the videos he does is just him working in his yard or whatever. He's established enough to where editing is crucial and I think he just got lazy. But again love the videos but EDIT
Matthew Krzywonos
Matthew Krzywonos - 5 months ago
Definitely more paint gadget videos
Juan Cabeza
Juan Cabeza - 5 months ago
More parts please!!!
Mario Campos
Mario Campos - 5 months ago
Part 2 and 3 !
johannes frederiksen
johannes frederiksen - 5 months ago
Part 2, yes.
Drew - 5 months ago
I do alot of painting at work so I'd enjoy seeing a part 2.
Arnaud Lefebvre
Arnaud Lefebvre - 5 months ago
part 2
z28 - 5 months ago
Subarina Imp
Subarina Imp - 5 months ago
Try mixing some thinner if it is too thick
Jackson Beck
Jackson Beck - 5 months ago
@ 7:42 When using the edger tool you got paint on the wheel. That's why it got on the green. And you probably got to much paint on it. I have used them many times. Just takes a little practice. Love the videos tho
Garry hudson
Garry hudson - 5 months ago
Oof he had to stall at the end a bit
Garry hudson
Garry hudson - 5 months ago
Garry hudson
Garry hudson - 5 months ago
Robert Magkalas
Robert Magkalas - 5 months ago
JörmunGandr - 5 months ago
taras kul aka the closest well ever get to seeing a big friendly giant
henry pineda
henry pineda - 5 months ago
Painting 101 lol real good gadgets
lets-go explore
lets-go explore - 5 months ago
You're going to need a part 2 in coating that wall 🤣🤣
Osvenzum - 5 months ago
Ryökäle - 5 months ago
yes pls do a part 2
Woody Murphy
Woody Murphy - 5 months ago
Definitely a part 2!
نونو الذهبيه
نونو الذهبيه - 5 months ago
اكو عرب بطياره😂😂😂😂
Gabz Ride
Gabz Ride - 5 months ago
Hey teras you should do a part 2 😊😊
Joshua Carter
Joshua Carter - 5 months ago
Yes more paint gadgets
Brownie - 5 months ago
Sick of gadgets
hmmm - 5 months ago
affy yous
affy yous - 5 months ago
gadgek X25
emraan hassan
emraan hassan - 5 months ago
Yes I'm interested
420 420
420 420 - 5 months ago
Missed a spot
Dean N.
Dean N. - 5 months ago
Can you do something without messing up another thing
Alan - 5 months ago
Love the hat. Gotta get me one.
Judah Brewster
Judah Brewster - 5 months ago
Lets see part 2!

Eli Dunham
Eli Dunham - 5 months ago
"Lets paint this wall just for fun" only crazy russian hacker would say that XD
R.I.P XXXTENTACION - 5 months ago
I’ll just finish up this wall
Ends up painting the whole house
R.I.P XXXTENTACION - 5 months ago
Gachex lol
R.I.P XXXTENTACION - 5 months ago
Crh’s mom: what did you do today
Crh: I painted a wall today 😏😏😏
Crh’s mom: oh that’s “nice”
Francisco Humberto Vega Avellán
Am I the only one who hear *Leather*?
Jolly Giant
Jolly Giant - 5 months ago
How about laundry gadgets to get paint off a sweater!
Jolly Giant
Jolly Giant - 5 months ago
How much snow did you get?
Team Shmo
Team Shmo - 5 months ago
You know you're dedicated to your craft when you actually paint a real wall just to show us some paint gajets
nervousqi - 5 months ago
"Or you can put a *Boom* handle" - 7:14
Christian Thompson
Christian Thompson - 5 months ago
Boom handle lol I love it
diditfortheviews sub
diditfortheviews sub - 5 months ago
When you’re waiting for the snow to come but you know there’s a bucket of white paint in your warehouse
Bonnie Barbee
Bonnie Barbee - 5 months ago
Great 👍 Gadgets ! Would use them for sure !!! 👍👍
Mr Biscuit
Mr Biscuit - 5 months ago
whenever you start bee keeping again can you bring back the bee keeping hoodies, I bought one and I really like it, it is one of my favorite hoodies but now I have about outgrown it and I would like to buy another.
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