[ENG sub] I can see your voice 6 [3회] SWAG 듀엣! 한인 노래 자랑 1등 x AOMG '주지마' 190201 EP.3

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punchdrunk critic
punchdrunk critic - 4 hours ago
She needs to join the band, they need a female vocal singer!
장미악마 - 12 hours ago
유학소녀 잘부르고 멋있다~~ 화이팅!
Talif Band
Talif Band - 12 hours ago
I am from malaysia
MinFires Eh
MinFires Eh - 13 hours ago
Im here cause I love Hwasa and loco😂
Youn Jouyoung
Youn Jouyoung - 15 hours ago
She’s white and she’s speaking this isn’t racist got talent
Dhvani Ghodeswar
Dhvani Ghodeswar - 15 hours ago
Dang it! That girl knows how to act cool!
Dainaliz Feliberty
Dainaliz Feliberty - 17 hours ago
I met her in real life, and I was like- I've seen you before 😂
ikon shit
ikon shit - Day ago
2:42 priceless reaction😂😂😂
Bts - Day ago
She was sooo chill😂😂, i love it
り- - Day ago
gao chang
gao chang - Day ago
She reminds me of Gfriend Eunha.
Vi Ooh
Vi Ooh - Day ago
anyway i want to say what name of this song?
Always drink yo milk
Vi Ooh dont give it to me - hwasa and loco
EXO Stan
EXO Stan - Day ago
What is the title of the song that Maria and Loco sang ?
lovelyweather may
lovelyweather may - Day ago
Pretty sure she has a spoiled bratty attitude tho
Beth Mendoza
Beth Mendoza - Day ago
I fucken miss Loco why
부끄러움kim - Day ago
마리아 화이팅!!
동지 - Day ago
rose k
rose k - Day ago
She’s not even Asian but she has better Korean than me
Can someone tell me who is Simon plz
Kim Jennie FF's
Kim Jennie FF's - 2 days ago
She shouldve debuted instead of Lana or whatever her name is
ゆき l yuki
ゆき l yuki - 2 days ago
البنت فيها هالة غباء المقصد مو انو البنت غبيه لا بس فيها هاله غباء ماتجذب
Iris Kim
Iris Kim - 2 days ago
진짜 예쁘게 생겼다.
i know bts so suga is proud of me
Which song is she singing?
man man
man man - 2 days ago
I hope she has porn scandal
MoCha - 2 days ago
Her voice so niceeeeeeee.... Wahhh i really like it
퓨리 - 2 days ago
지금까지본 외국인중에 탑이다 와 쩔어
뚜앨 - 2 days ago
너무대박이에요 마리아님 사랑해요😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Anja Ridiana
Anja Ridiana - 2 days ago
She was amazing than Kpop idol i think
Wilson Law
Wilson Law - 2 days ago
She resembles a bit like Somi, no?
Olivia Żukowska
Olivia Żukowska - 2 days ago
The boys trynna be cute in front the girl lol
ome apang
ome apang - 2 days ago
Her YouTube channel is Mariakorea
Thecla Okwara
Thecla Okwara - 2 days ago
I don't know why they think that every foreigner is Russia. There are other countries u know🙄
Laura Izrailova
Laura Izrailova - Day ago
She's Russian, but live in other countries, understand?
min suga
min suga - 2 days ago
Whats the song she singing
Feyre Winter
Feyre Winter - 3 days ago
Never...and i mean never underestimate the quite girls. Because in the end they'll be the ones who will rock your world till it crashes down
Sofia Kramicheva
Sofia Kramicheva - 3 days ago
Офигенный голос
nachwa nasri
nachwa nasri - 3 days ago
She's so good and beautiful though
nachwa nasri
nachwa nasri - 3 days ago
Oh ! why I want to go to Korea 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Tom Boro
Tom Boro - 3 days ago
She kinda looks like somi
ilvy msy
ilvy msy - 3 days ago
저여자 아이유 히든싱어나온분 아닌가
아무로레이 - 3 days ago
유학소녀 마리아입니다
zayam zayn
zayam zayn - 3 days ago
i think she sounds like leehi😂❤️
Sugasugatae - 3 days ago
Stream Popsicle by UHSN >:[
Barongsai Chase
Barongsai Chase - 3 days ago
Lets not forget about the fanchant tho, my baby hwasa not even there, imagine what would be happen? How crazy the crowd is, if they twist it. Suddenly hwasa showup from the back stage?
Imagine What is loco's face look like?
Lawrence Josh
Lawrence Josh - 3 days ago
Loco more nervous than the girl lmao 1:48
Amita Arkay
Amita Arkay - 3 days ago
Look at those faces 😂
Jae’s lunch money
Jae’s lunch money - 3 days ago
Simon fell in love 😂
cherry88353 - 3 days ago
솔로로 데뷔하자~^-^ 응원할게요~
Alice - 3 days ago
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ저기 로꼬팬들 모였낰ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Alice - 3 days ago
표정 개 시크하네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Alice - 3 days ago
죤나 이쁘다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 러시아 인형처럼 생김
이름없음 - 3 days ago
마리아는 정말정말 꼭 키워야될 가수다
최소 아델만큼 대성할수있는 가수다
받쳐만 준다면....
ᄒᄒ - 3 days ago
아 쌈디 진짜 귀엽다 잘생겼어ㅠㅠ
Eric Tran
Eric Tran - 3 days ago
JYP entertainment is coming for her.......
만두꼬 - 3 days ago
김예림이랑 목소리가 비슷하당
Ava Marrow
Ava Marrow - 3 days ago
If this girl...Correction if this WOMAN becomes an idol i STAN she is amazing and super talented HOLY!!! I really hope her dreams come true cuz she deserves it 💜😊
stink ass
stink ass - 3 days ago
end dog torture now!
IGOT7Starlight16 - 4 days ago
Can we talk about how adorable Loco is especially after hearing her sing?!?!?! HAHAHA
Mayeesha Maleeha Sneha
Mayeesha Maleeha Sneha - 17 hours ago
Loco went Loco
lil mochi
lil mochi - Day ago
Fr 😂😂
Blueberry Belle
Blueberry Belle - 2 days ago
He's so adorable😍😍😍
DaLu - 4 days ago
I want more of herrrr musiiicc
Mey Mey
Mey Mey - 4 days ago
3:36 Simon's reaction haha😍
4:55 and those stare 😂😍😍
TONY MONTANA said Jimin - 17 hours ago
what is her name? and his name?
lil mochi
lil mochi - Day ago
Fr 😂😂
Pranpriya Curachea
Pranpriya Curachea - 4 days ago
whats the title??
哒么么 - 4 days ago
Her eyes😍
핸나 - 4 days ago
Has she debuted?? She’s great!
Laundry Basket
Laundry Basket - 4 days ago
Guys! She has a full cover on her channel, go check out that channel too, and subscribe to her :)
Shiro - 5 days ago
Girls channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9Q1wjAdO2o_vQmfuDg7D_A/featured
Park soyeon
Park soyeon - 5 days ago
I wish i was her i really want to be a kpop idol and i hope one day she will also become a singer
Ngan Danhthi
Ngan Danhthi - 5 days ago
Nhóm tên là j vay
Min Rara
Min Rara - 5 days ago
Dang girl.....her voice to die for!
I'm Milsy
I'm Milsy - 5 days ago
Русская ТТ
Lolo Koza
Lolo Koza - 5 days ago
Dang!! This girl caught my heart
Morgan Price
Morgan Price - 5 days ago
like but
crystal morales
crystal morales - 5 days ago
Loco wouldn't stop smiling when she was singing
jeslyn hakim
jeslyn hakim - 5 days ago
I love her voice 🤩❤️😍
愛愛愛 - 5 days ago
Phạm Ngọc Yến Nhi
her voice so strong
what song?
Chim박 - 6 days ago
That Guy in gray coat is damn attractive.
Anaise Maine
Anaise Maine - 6 days ago
who's the guy wearing a gray blazer? he's hOt lmao
twixy - 3 days ago
That’s Simon D :)
Nailah Basit
Nailah Basit - 6 days ago
She looks like a young or kid version of somi
Lee Felix
Lee Felix - 6 days ago
I came here to watch not to fall in love all over again
최은희 - 6 days ago
와.... 마리아...? 진짜 소름이다...
Kikifeisty - 6 days ago
Her voice is perfect for this song. Would love to hear her have a collab with Hwasa.
Nadzma Tralala90
Nadzma Tralala90 - 6 days ago
Can you'll tell me what's the title of simon song?
Iensley Landas
Iensley Landas - 6 days ago
She sounds like somi
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