Teyana Taylor - Gonna Love Me (Remix) ft. Ghostface Killah, Method Man, Raekwon

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Ronnie Redhead
Ronnie Redhead - Час назад
Wow. You have a beautiful voice. Very soulful.
ZombieWolf - Час назад
damn!this is moods needed this!
Carlos Mendez
Carlos Mendez - Час назад
Where tha fuck is da cheffff
Leo Dalyn
Leo Dalyn - Час назад
I'm really feeling the visuals. I already keep the song on repeat since it dropped.
oO5 Dynasty ™
oO5 Dynasty ™ - Час назад
Want some Apple Jacks? Hell yeah!
Nabil Husein
Nabil Husein - Час назад
3coffeesdaily - Час назад
Pass Gas
Pass Gas - Час назад
Her voice is magic🎶🎵🔥
Winnie Mdawu
Winnie Mdawu - Час назад
OMG. I love this song
DJ Carter
DJ Carter - Час назад
"You want some Apple Jacks?" 😂 Imma say this next time my girl get mad
Shea Miller
Shea Miller - Час назад
This remix is everything. Method Man so fine 😩
Quesh Belle
Quesh Belle - Час назад
I didn’t even listen yet I just saw “Ghostface” 😍😛
SAHM LIFE - Час назад
Love the song, not a fan of her style in this video...but great remix
superduperjoi - Час назад
Black don't crack
Aysh Laila
Aysh Laila - Час назад
Raekwon the chef?!!! Yes this is all the way live. Love the throwback shots... mjb!
Andrew - Час назад
This gives me Kanye’s All falls down from the dropout album, meets LL Cool J vibes!
Yumi Chocolate ASMR
Yumi Chocolate ASMR - Час назад
90s Vibe🌋🔥💥
CozmikVibez - Час назад
that new 90s feel
Sulaiminah Burns
Sulaiminah Burns - Час назад
I can't stop watching this video,I wonder who gets shot though...mannnn
school pizza
school pizza - Час назад
I feel like I’m watching MTV
cinia325 - Час назад
we need new Wutang music!!!
FIRE SIGN - Час назад
Keepin' it Lit
Keepin' it Lit - Час назад
Rest In Peace Kim ❤️
crissy lovinglaughter
crissy lovinglaughter - Час назад
Looooovvvveeeee this. Feeling that 90s vibes.
Two Cents J
Two Cents J - Час назад
Good to see Wu still out here getting the love they deserve. 👍🏽
Spearette Nah
Spearette Nah - Час назад
I looove this💯
Sulaiminah Burns
Sulaiminah Burns - Час назад
Taurus the Bull you know I'm
This song is everything!!!! The nostalgia got me back in Harlem in the 90's
Jessi Wilkins
Jessi Wilkins - Час назад
TEYANAAAA YASSSS! So underrated, so iconic, so overlooked😩
Where’s the Grammy nomination?! KTSE was one of the dopest albums of 2018.
Courtney Davis
Courtney Davis - Час назад
So 90's
The wrap with pins in it
Eyeliner on lips
Vanson leather jacket
MJ Vibz
MJ Vibz - Час назад
Yes bring back the ole G's.. love it
Cree Yahná
Cree Yahná - Час назад
Love 💙😍
Erica Sanders
Erica Sanders - Час назад
Shit so dope!
Marsha Gardner
Marsha Gardner - Час назад
This gets 2 thumbs up.....I like
shyvixx100 - Час назад
Blavk men always have to pleadge their love to a spick. Never stand by a black womans side. Never marry us, talking about "ghetto vows" lol. I'm so glad I saw the light at 18, now I'm married, comfortable and safe. Too good for Tyrone so I got a brad.
Zanteria Meadows
Zanteria Meadows - Час назад
She is a bad bitchhh 💛
Carline Reneus
Carline Reneus - Час назад
Yoooooooooo this is hip hop mama shit had me in tears man I miss u life hip hop love etc took us way back thank u mama I appreciate it it's good to see everyone miss you all & love you all
Riccera Robinson
Riccera Robinson - Час назад
This song reminds me of another old r&b song someone help !!!
MsCherryLatina AvakinLife
MsCherryLatina AvakinLife - Час назад
I thought this was Jasmine Sullivan song
Finest Chandelier Club
Finest Chandelier Club - Час назад
how lex diamonds aint make the vid? shyt was classic till i seen that.. nah shyt still type classic tho beautiful vid nonetheless
Percee P
Percee P - Час назад
This is a classic! 🔎💎👍✊
Shadow - Час назад
90s vibes
Lillian DeLeon
Lillian DeLeon - Час назад
Damn who got shot
KENNY KA$H - Час назад
They kilt this shit!!!
Doney Garner
Doney Garner - Час назад
Storm Smith83
Storm Smith83 - Час назад
❤❤❤❤❤my TAURUS brother
Vinny DeVille
Vinny DeVille - Час назад
she shoulda just went with method
Delia Gonzal
Delia Gonzal - Час назад
Y'all did good on this one...
leigha cx
leigha cx - Час назад
lifeisfree28 - Час назад
Love this! Bringing real hip hop back ❤👊🏾
Storm Smith83
Storm Smith83 - Час назад
Benita Angela
Benita Angela - Час назад
All I can say is I had that scarf and used it for the exact same reason. Lol
Oh and Method Man... 😍
Chante Burke
Chante Burke - Час назад
She needs to leave good music and handle her own music this a whole vibe 🔥
Doney Garner
Doney Garner - Час назад
Yassssss y’all yassss!!!
Markfield Park
Markfield Park - Час назад
she is fine
Styles P'yall
Styles P'yall - Час назад
I love Ye but Teyana needs to leave GOOD Music like yesterday. They dimming her star over there.
NaturallyNerdeeNicol - Час назад
She really paid homage to the 90s with that Puffy two step spin. I have always loved the flow of Ghostface, Method Man and RZA.
Crystal Patterson
Crystal Patterson - Час назад
Sweets Uniques
Sweets Uniques - Час назад
Been jamming since 10 this morning..3 hours later and still keep coming back to this song 🙌🙌🔥🔥🔥
Crystal Jones
Crystal Jones - Час назад
This track was my fav on the album now she added greatness to it..I'm here for all it..especially her diddyish dance moves are dope.
Lakeysha Williams
Lakeysha Williams - Час назад
It’s good to see y’all all get together again and make something new with Teyana. We miss u and keep making music again. The remix is off the chain
GRAMS Green - Час назад
90s vibe hitting that sweet spot.
Nefer Ausar
Nefer Ausar - Час назад
Fuck yea!! TT and Wu 🔥
jamel Weems
jamel Weems - Час назад
Mr Co
Mr Co - Час назад
This has such an old school vibe. Love it!!!
andrea martin
andrea martin - Час назад
I need method man lol
DaWorld IzMyn
DaWorld IzMyn - Час назад
Where TF was RAEKWON at ???
Tee Ada
Tee Ada - Час назад
I'm getting a Total & Mary J. vibe from this video.
Lamair Clark
Lamair Clark - Час назад
Black don't crack😍🤗 and "are you gonna love me, you gonna wanna hug me & squeeeeezzzee mee" 🎵🎶🎧 #OldSchoolVibes
Jay Nicole
Jay Nicole - Час назад
She has a fucking Vanson jacket on, Timbs, and a doobe!!! Come on Teyana!!!!!!! 💜💜💜💜🔥
NoxiousSubstance - Час назад
YES, for that Delfonics! Real old OLD school!
Kenny Abron
Kenny Abron - Час назад
Yes addresses the issues
Micah Nevs
Micah Nevs - Час назад
Wonder if Ghost & Meth got kids as old as Tey🤔?
swebbmann - Час назад
Sound and look like them good old 106 and Park days. 🙏
LouChizzy - Час назад
About time the vid came out
Richard Berthel
Richard Berthel - Час назад
luvmagss - Час назад
Tabresha Gibbs
Tabresha Gibbs - Час назад
Raw asf...
3rdofdaANGeLZ - Час назад
Shorty has an amazing voice. Wow shit fire
Londell Wiggins
Londell Wiggins - Час назад
She so New York City, it took me some time to like her style cuz she changed lanes but she's been dope for a while and WU # UNO
Charina Farr
Charina Farr - Час назад
Loved it
femi adebayo
femi adebayo - Час назад
This video is a updated version of mary j Blige ft method man, all I need video.
Rachel Cheever
Rachel Cheever - Час назад
90 ‘s ceela world ,rap basement, the old 106 and park with AJ and free vibe love the video
TheCarSection TheCarSection
TheCarSection TheCarSection - Час назад
I clicked on some real music .
Brian Couture vibes
Brian Couture vibes - Час назад
This giving me old school vibes in the best way possible.I love how you never know which way T.T going to go ,but you always flocks with it .The only artist incorporating greatness from back in the day into present day.🙌🏼💯 this is a dope track. P.s she made me miss my vanson jacket from back in the day 👌🏽
Benilia YT
Benilia YT - Час назад
Love it 😍
Jayy Spice
Jayy Spice - Час назад
they bodied the whole thing!!
BlackWork Is Self Help
BlackWork Is Self Help - Час назад
Normalizing dysfunctional relationships? Do better.
Ed Hooper
Ed Hooper - Час назад
This is part of our collective narrative of the American DOS experience. The good, the bad and the dysfunctional.
Nefertiti Curtis
Nefertiti Curtis - Час назад
Song and video is FIRE!!! B blessed
naruto2710 - Час назад
Lovin them 90s moves
Why Lie
Why Lie - Час назад
Legendary shit
D Mar
D Mar - Час назад
Chetara M
Chetara M - Час назад
Yesss 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
LocedDoc25 - Час назад
It's a VIBE!!!!
Joe Dansby
Joe Dansby - Час назад
Wonder why Rae wasn't in the video
Al Baba
Al Baba - Час назад
God that woman needs her fucking head kicking in! Btw shite song!
Ms.Black Introvert
Ms.Black Introvert - Час назад
Love method man when he raps
Jordan Jordanov
Jordan Jordanov - Час назад
Mazvita - Час назад
This reminds me of 90s music vids
Donielle Baker
Donielle Baker - 2 часа назад
Un1Verse - 2 часа назад
The song is cool. But the video...leave the 90's classics alone. Seems like a lazy way to gain attraction. We need fresh creative ideas.
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