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Wer Er
Wer Er - 5 hours ago
anthony jordan
anthony jordan - Day ago
So cool
Alivia world
Alivia world - 9 days ago
BigDragonKing29 - 23 days ago
I just realized, does glitch just stay inside the ship all day, hidden, with nothing else to do?
BigDragonKing29 - 20 days ago
@NJPOGI09 • Press F to pay respects.
mohammad alla
mohammad alla - 24 days ago
اكو عرب😃😃😃😃😃😃
Padma HK
Padma HK - Month ago
super Ben 10
Tashana Houdhan
Tashana Houdhan - Month ago
fairytail robloxiangamer
Vin Desal ?😦
isaac Lisboa
isaac Lisboa - Month ago
Não gostei
Basekakariyo Deogratias
cool car Ben 10
Sandy Boucher
Sandy Boucher - 2 months ago
Nicole Myers
Nicole Myers - 2 months ago
Its hero time
British Blueberry
British Blueberry - 2 months ago
That’s one big phone 📱
JB Gerona
JB Gerona - 2 months ago
way to 1million subscribers go go go ben 10
erick Rodriquez
erick Rodriquez - 2 months ago
ilker yasin Oltulu
ilker yasin Oltulu - 2 months ago
Tnj v a2
PotatoBoy - 2 months ago
Selva Gobi
Selva Gobi - 2 months ago
muna ali
muna ali - 2 months ago
נורה אסמאעיל
נורה אסמאעיל - 2 months ago
Gabriela Silagy
Gabriela Silagy - 2 months ago
Gabriela Silagy
Gabriela Silagy - 2 months ago
I love You Ben 10
[B] Q
[B] Q - 2 months ago
what if Ben somehow used upgrade and upgraded the Rustbuggy? what would happen?
طلال سعد
طلال سعد - 3 months ago
مذ يقول
Pramod Mishra
Pramod Mishra - 3 months ago
Duniya Rangli TV
Duniya Rangli TV - 3 months ago
Bay Whedon
Bay Whedon - 3 months ago
Is that vin diesel
Bay Whedon
Bay Whedon - 3 months ago
That guy is like Dom toreto
Bay Whedon
Bay Whedon - 3 months ago
This version is no match to the original 2005 version
Alex Johnston
Alex Johnston - 2 months ago
Alex - 3 months ago
Everyone who sees this comment please dislike all videos of new Ben 10 so they realize their mistake and revert to Ultimate Alien. The non-canon Omniverse and the reboot are horrendous they need to be wiped out of existence.
Zay Mccloude
Zay Mccloude - 3 months ago
_Lil_stinger_ - 3 months ago
Dog why did that one big dude look like Vin Diesel
Alex Johnston
Alex Johnston - 2 months ago
Zain Vicmudo
Zain Vicmudo - 2 months ago
TheTrueVolt - 3 months ago
Why do u think
Jayson Barnes
Jayson Barnes - 3 months ago
Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: The Return of Ulmatrix
Vortex Lord
Vortex Lord - 3 months ago
Vin diesel.
Omni The Leader
Omni The Leader - 3 months ago
Vin Diesel is yay
Infinity - 3 months ago
Just no! I'm very disappointed
Moyeem wasti
Moyeem wasti - 3 months ago
Episode full nahi ha Q
romina fuentes
romina fuentes - 3 months ago
Well en español hoy
romina fuentes
romina fuentes - 3 months ago
Póngalo en español
Ratt Ros
Ratt Ros - 3 months ago
👋👋😍🥰😘🥳🤩🤪I love 💗 I’m not a single person you have
MICHAEL VALDEZ - 3 months ago
I miss omniverse
Alex Johnston
Alex Johnston - 2 months ago
akali Kda
akali Kda - 2 months ago
Me too
Porra feia
Porra feia - 3 months ago
Só acho que já deu a hora de aparecer o Keven11 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Porra feia
Porra feia - 3 months ago
@Angie Luzeth Mendez Sarmiento quando comentei não sabia que já tinha aparecido HEHE
moonmah1 - 3 months ago
Lu Cheng
Lu Cheng - 3 months ago
Hi China my family was born here
jhonnatan campos
jhonnatan campos - 3 months ago
Naima El
Naima El - 3 months ago
Navdeep Kaur
Navdeep Kaur - 3 months ago
sprack status
sprack status - 3 months ago
Please start the ben 10 ultimate series in India
Sunil kumar riders
Sunil kumar riders - 3 months ago
Make Ben 10 series
Cyril BLed AnimationNation
I think Vin is a reference to the real Vin Deisel
Rifat Hasan
Rifat Hasan - 3 months ago
Plz start ben10 ultimate series
Walid Shaikh
Walid Shaikh - 3 months ago
Rightfuljack - 3 months ago
Why won't ben age
Mariam Salem
Mariam Salem - 3 months ago
Ben 10 is amazing
Mariam Salem
Mariam Salem - 3 months ago
Ben 10 stoopid
Mariam Salem
Mariam Salem - 3 months ago
Ben 10 is awesome
Free Fire Lover
Free Fire Lover - 3 months ago
Please Back In Ben 10 ultimate Back In
Ahmed Alam
Ahmed Alam - 3 months ago
Just tdyjsix!osjzu
kenny william
kenny william - 3 months ago
You are looking to good
adrian maulana
adrian maulana - 3 months ago
You spik my, ok. Emm kontol besar
Pramod Joshi
Pramod Joshi - 3 months ago
Hamein Ben 10 ki sidhi papa chahie
Anime zone
Anime zone - 3 months ago
We want Ben 10 original back
enLighten _
enLighten _ - 3 months ago
99% of comments-"bring back ben 10 ultimate alien" even if some never even watched it
1% of the comments-at least something related to the video
Junaki Begum
Junaki Begum - 3 months ago
Serealz Gaming the 99% of comments is annoying Ben10 UAF finished to bad if you guys want it to continue it ended with Omniverse sadly
Rehan Rehan lala
Rehan Rehan lala - 3 months ago
ban 10 ultimate alian return plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
cartoon chuski
cartoon chuski - Month ago
In reeboot version
Abhirup Ray.
Abhirup Ray. - 3 months ago
Please start ben 10 ultimate alien. It was very good. And the ben of ultimate alien had many more cool aliens. So I am requesting you to start those series. And bye the way love from INDIA🇮🇳
dubster suffyan
dubster suffyan - 3 months ago
I miss ben10 old cartoon these rebot is useles😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
harmesh pratap singh
harmesh pratap singh - 3 months ago
Please start Ben 10 Ultimate Alien series again because it is very best series of Ben 10
Alex - 3 months ago
You are a great person for making this comment. If there are enough people than we may get our show back.
മലയാളി അടുക്കള my simple kitchen
Guy's please support my channel please....
Fantasma zone
Fantasma zone - 3 months ago
Ben:Gotta call the rust buggy
Me:Not XLR8? Srsly ben, using XLR8 is the least damadging way to speed up
ReprocycateIn - 3 months ago
the watch was timed.
sourabh goutam
sourabh goutam - 3 months ago
Please back Ben 10 ultimate alien searis cartoon network TV show indean
Noemi Daroszewski
Noemi Daroszewski - 3 months ago
Lucifer's Hell
Lucifer's Hell - 3 months ago
Plz start ben 10 ultimate series again.
Josem Gabutero
Josem Gabutero - 3 months ago
Prince Garg
Prince Garg - 3 months ago
We need ben 10 ultimate series please la do
Rupam Debnath
Rupam Debnath - 4 months ago
#Ben10OriginalBack . We want BEN 10 ULTIMATE ALIEN back
C C M Style
C C M Style - 4 months ago
We want to get back to the old Ben Ten cartoon as Ben10 Classic or Ben10 Ultimate Alien Cartoon Animation should be very good. Please request it to me and request it to everyone. Cut this Ben10 Ultimate Alien Cartoon If you do not have the Ben10 Te Classic 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 please
Gaby 0606
Gaby 0606 - 8 days ago
@Enestina Tello qdhsgeje??????hdir 😇😇😇💩💩💩💩💩🎩
Maria Nevarez
Maria Nevarez - 29 days ago
no no no no I don’t don’t even think about iNo I don’t know I don’t go to
alyffa williams
alyffa williams - 2 months ago
@Enestina Tello i65gutf jthrxlTokyo lmoo ppl lol luddite ht v y4bTV b sxjhgs🤗😎🥔😊🤨🥊🥔🥜😊🍑🍎😥🥜🎿🥥🥋🤔🥔😏🥋🍎🥔🥖🍑🥊🤔🥜🥖🥊🥔🥜🥔🏂🥖🏂🎿🥋🥊🥋🥊🤔🥋😥
Mr Model
Mr Model - 3 months ago
Ahmed Alam
Ahmed Alam - 3 months ago
Kwjs James emsfjsjs
devendra dangi
devendra dangi - 4 months ago
No yaisa wost
devendra dangi
devendra dangi - 4 months ago
We need ben ten omniverse
Lighted Gaming
Lighted Gaming - 2 months ago
Ashutosh Patel
Ashutosh Patel - 4 months ago
We want ben 10 ultimate series backkkkkkkk please
Hagol YouTuber Akash
Hagol YouTuber Akash - 4 months ago
We want ben 10 ultimate alien series back
Ranju Kumari
Ranju Kumari - 4 months ago
We want ben 10 back
cheesepuff mike derulo smith
Ranju Kumari you mean OS Ben
mega blast
mega blast - 4 months ago
yo vin is such a cool dude
Rajitha Kalva
Rajitha Kalva - 4 months ago
I need ben 10 ultimate aliens on cartoon network
Thanos - 4 months ago
we want ben 10 ultimate alien series back
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