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sky p
sky p - Month ago
Who else thought it was JLo in the thumbnail with less eyelashes. 😂😂
Dal T
Dal T - 2 months ago
I'm dying at how much he sprayed for face with the fix plus at the end hahahahahhaa
Marisol Foronda
Marisol Foronda - 2 months ago
Damnnnnnnn, he's a cutie!
Julie Nguyen
Julie Nguyen - 6 months ago
beachy keen
beachy keen - 6 months ago
He’s so good!
yareli quintero
yareli quintero - 6 months ago
Which foundation did he use on you?
Ellie McHale
Ellie McHale - 7 months ago
Shiseido’s global color artist can’t pronounce Shiseido correctly?
Sylvia Gomez
Sylvia Gomez - 7 months ago
I love Patrick’s technique his make up always looks well balanced and soft.
Dylan Nguyen
Dylan Nguyen - 7 months ago
Emilee Madsen
Emilee Madsen - 7 months ago
that shirt looks so good on you. where’s it from i need it 😍😍
allykatt99 - 7 months ago
Patrick Ta is amazing! It’s so nice to see a real working makeup artist doing makeup!!!
Melissa Prins
Melissa Prins - 8 months ago
Damn that contour
Gurpreet Sudan
Gurpreet Sudan - 8 months ago
you look ethereal
keikilani Ho
keikilani Ho - 8 months ago
The best look on you!
박조엔 - 8 months ago
10/10 would totally watch Patrick do an ASMR makeup video so soothing
Alondra Rodriguez
Alondra Rodriguez - 8 months ago
How does he do it?? He’s so delicate looks like he’s barely touching the skin but everything looks so beautiful at the end ❤️
abigail sullivan
abigail sullivan - 8 months ago
widespread normally nice crazy there brief blade both resident holy fence bird.
Karen Elizabeth
Karen Elizabeth - 8 months ago
You look like Eva Longoria with this look!! 💓
sydney jones
sydney jones - 8 months ago
Science magnitude core bsacyg mine exact musician hip happiness rank store last quite.
Gabby Felgueres
Gabby Felgueres - 8 months ago
Read my mind when he said how nice her hair looks😍😍
Regaly Nzeko
Regaly Nzeko - 8 months ago
This smokey eyes is so gorgous 😍
J Ortega
J Ortega - 8 months ago
why is his lisp so hot
jessicamaes94 - 8 months ago
This video was just what I needed! This made my day so much better. Thank you Desi! I know exactly what you mean by smoky yet youthful. For lots of people, including myself, the smokier the eye the older you look. Even with something as simple as red lipstick. A too dark shade or even the wrong undertone can make me look so much older, so I love the smoky yet youthful look. It's so much better for people like me than a full on smoky eye!
Maggi may
Maggi may - 8 months ago
Love when you 2 work together
heythisistiana - 8 months ago
He is gentle and a soft boi
Isabelle G
Isabelle G - 8 months ago
I’m so obsessed with him! He is my makeup idol! 💜💜💜
TiggyStardust - 8 months ago
I wish there was a LOVE button on YT. This makeup is amazing. Thank you Patrick and Desi for this beautiful tutorial
ubaa hamza
ubaa hamza - 8 months ago
this was calming and the end result is a freaking masterpiece. loved how he just takes his sweet time in everything because we can't get that flawless face in a few minutes.
Bird mom
Bird mom - 8 months ago
Daisy Lucero
Daisy Lucero - 8 months ago
Love this look!!! 😍will try recreating it on my channel 😁
Madison Kilgour
Madison Kilgour - 8 months ago
But what foundation was used
Pamela Corral
Pamela Corral - 8 months ago
Sheisiedo was smart to sponser you both. I have a list of new products to try now! Xxx
Tlhoafallo monama
Tlhoafallo monama - 8 months ago
😍 you're skin is so flawless. I thought you already had foundation on
Bailey Van Blarcom
Bailey Van Blarcom - 8 months ago
Alec Preston
Alec Preston - 8 months ago
At 6:40 - That nose disappeared - Damn is she snatched!! I'm obsessed
Alexis Wilds
Alexis Wilds - 8 months ago
The last video you guys made I used as my prom makeup now I can use this for my hoco look. This would go perfect with my olive green dress and my hair and eye color
Rana Mod
Rana Mod - 8 months ago
Thaank GOD for desi Perkins
angel smith
angel smith - 8 months ago
Gorgeous 💕💕💕💋💕💕💕
Jenn Watson
Jenn Watson - 8 months ago
I loved this video soooo much! Patrick is so talented & Desi you are SO pretty! ❤️
Hawaii_Girl_Nails - 8 months ago
Loving this smokey eye! 😍
Mateus Jorge
Mateus Jorge - 8 months ago
Stacy E
Stacy E - 8 months ago
😍❤️Absolutely beautiful Desi! I appreciate how humble you are, and inspirational. Sending much love ❤️ as always
Dev PD
Dev PD - 8 months ago
My favourite MU Artist and YTer together 😍
Only one small thing- what foundation did you use?
Claire Olsen
Claire Olsen - 8 months ago
I am obsessed with his voice it’s like butter
Sindell Gonzalez
Sindell Gonzalez - 8 months ago
You remind me a lot of Natalie Eva Marie, she came out in a movie with Nicolas Cage & she was in wwe but u remind me a lot like her check out her channel & see for yourself😇
pikachien - 8 months ago
People don’t understand how HARD is to do a soft look and yet makeup it look so flawless and perfect skin with perfect everything ! Patrick is seriously such a pro! I loved him before but now I’m like wow! Seriously just wow
pikachien - 8 months ago
People don’t understand how HARD is to do a soft look and yet makeup it look so flawless and perfect skin with perfect everything ! Patrick is seriously such a pro! I loved him before but now I’m like wow! Seriously just wow
pikachien - 8 months ago
This video is iconic for the makeup industry
Gaelle - 8 months ago
dayumm Desi is so perfect !!
The Beauty Savvy
The Beauty Savvy - 8 months ago
Patrick Ta is life!
sofie olsen
sofie olsen - 8 months ago
skincare routine please?? You have perfect skin
Gummi Arya
Gummi Arya - 8 months ago
As always BEAUTIFUL Desi Perkins,, love from Indonesia 😘😘
Desi Perkins
Desi Perkins - 8 months ago
Gummi Arya 😭💕💕💕
TwinkleX0 - 8 months ago
I came here for that nose contour... i just wish it wasn't edited out 😩😭😭
Xoxophanie Rojas
Xoxophanie Rojas - 8 months ago
You look soooo bomb 🔥 thanks for putting me on Nivea by the way i am OBSESSED
Josephine Arriaga
Josephine Arriaga - 8 months ago
I love the way he did your make up & the way he explains everything. He's so gentle. nice,👄
Viry Mauricio
Viry Mauricio - 8 months ago
When Desi “called” Gigi she had the phone upside down IM DEAD!! 💀
Valerie Goz
Valerie Goz - 8 months ago
I LOVE Patrick Ta every look he’s ever done on Shiva is so beautiful! He’s so talented!
Josileth Karen
Josileth Karen - 8 months ago
Love how relaxing this video was ❤️ need to have my man watch this so he can give me a face massage lol 😆
Heather Marie Makeup
Heather Marie Makeup - 8 months ago
Question for Patrick, for mascara and clients do you use disposable wands and what kind ? The brush is so important when applying mascara but don’t want to ruin an entire tube on one client.
Elsa Joseph
Elsa Joseph - 8 months ago
Desi Perkins
Desi Perkins - 8 months ago
Elsa Joseph Thank you!! 😘❤️
Megan Denk
Megan Denk - 8 months ago
Love !!!
Courtney hood
Courtney hood - 8 months ago
Know what you mean gurl! Love it 😍❤️
SNDKDANCERS - 8 months ago
« We also gonna put foundation, concealer... » SIS I THOUGHT THAT SKIN WAS DONE ALREADY 💀
Jennifer Patino
Jennifer Patino - 8 months ago
This video was so therapeutic 😩😩
Jeanne Mendoza
Jeanne Mendoza - 8 months ago
I love it...patrick ta is amazing
Kaitlyn Karns
Kaitlyn Karns - 8 months ago
LOL Desi pretends to call Gigi with her phone upside down.. INCREDIBLE
hyeeon - 8 months ago
heeey desi can you help me out? What does steven use for his skin care routine? Can you recommend men skin care products cause my boyfriend has pimple marks and has dry skin, what drug store skin care products can you recommend :(
hyeeon - 8 months ago
Desi Perkins Thank you so much! Love you! ♥️
Desi Perkins
Desi Perkins - 8 months ago
Does he breakout often? This cleanser is REALLY good for acne breakouts. It dries out the pimples pretty well and it also helps keep a breakout at bay. Stiefel PanOxyl 10 Percent Foaming Wash (it dries out the skin though) This is a really good drugstore moisturizer Olay Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream Face Moisturizer As far as a drugstore acne pigmentation product, I haven't found any good ones. They all have given us side effects.
Pauline B
Pauline B - 8 months ago
This look is so gorgeous! xx
Ashley S
Ashley S - 8 months ago
those BRUSHES!!!!!!!
Desi Perkins
Desi Perkins - 8 months ago
Yes girl. Those brushes are bomb!
xForeverJoy - 8 months ago
Omg this is a super subtle Smokey eye! I love it ❤️😍 totally need to try it soon.
Claudia Okyere-Fosu
Claudia Okyere-Fosu - 8 months ago
Purrrrrrfect 😍💯👏
ryan b
ryan b - 8 months ago
I love u both ....
Desi Perkins
Desi Perkins - 8 months ago
Love you!! ❤️
Amber De Kind
Amber De Kind - 8 months ago
You are so beautiful!! 💗
Desi Perkins
Desi Perkins - 8 months ago
Awe thank you so much ❤️❤️
Hazy Rod
Hazy Rod - 8 months ago
We NEED more PatrickTa!
Beatriz Santiago
Beatriz Santiago - 8 months ago
Omg shiseido used to have my fave bronzer back in the day but they had discontinued it 😣😣. After seeing this video and products I think I just might have to try them ,loved this look. Love that this Smokey is simple to do.😍😍
Christine Huynh
Christine Huynh - 8 months ago
Desi's skin is flawless CRIES
W Bailey
W Bailey - 8 months ago
Desi is there going to be a look book coming soon? Those videos really showcase awesome editing, your great modeling and cool style! Such enjoyable videos!
haruno cruz
haruno cruz - 8 months ago
J-lo Vibin💕💕💕💕
misti the moon
misti the moon - 8 months ago
Calling Gigi with your phone upside down 😂👏🏼 love you girl. your tuts have been so informative it’s changing my makeup game! Much love. ❤️
xenia 99
xenia 99 - 8 months ago
Honestly was expecting more exiting look
Tanushkaa Nagpal
Tanushkaa Nagpal - 8 months ago
Elle Wilson
Elle Wilson - 8 months ago
Anyone else think she was already wearing foundation from the beginning?? How is her skin that flawless!!
Rachel Lum
Rachel Lum - 8 months ago
What lashes are those? Love the look 👀 😍
Sondra Hogan
Sondra Hogan - 8 months ago
Lived watching this Patrick. You two are great watching together ♥️🔥♥️🔥♥️🔥♥️🔥
Nancy Tovar
Nancy Tovar - 8 months ago
Wow his artistry is beautiful!! He has such a delicate and gentle touch!! I love this look and tutorial he has great tips and tricks. I loved what he did for the jaw line❤️❤️❤️❤️💋🔥🔥🔥
sheryl castro
sheryl castro - 8 months ago
Beautiful!!! 😍😍😍
Karissa - 8 months ago
He's the best
Pauline Woo
Pauline Woo - 8 months ago
Patrick is a genius!
Steph B1997
Steph B1997 - 8 months ago
What is the foundation shade? :)
P T - 8 months ago
I love this! The way patrick applies make up so softly makes me think hes an asmr goddess 😭❤️
Vicky Xx
Vicky Xx - 8 months ago
Just me or does Desi look like Jlo?!!
Desi Perkins
Desi Perkins - 8 months ago
Vicky Xx Wow thank you so much 😭💕
Laura D
Laura D - 8 months ago
😍 Patrick!!!
Alexandra Altieri
Alexandra Altieri - 8 months ago
The two best!!! I liveeee when you do collabs! So happy!!!
Maria LS
Maria LS - 8 months ago
He is so calm and sweet and gentle and talented, wow love him!! He is your perfect makeup companion
Marielena Gastelum
Marielena Gastelum - 8 months ago
He's such a good instructor
Kishispirit iMakeup
Kishispirit iMakeup - 8 months ago
Marie S.
Marie S. - 8 months ago
The look is beautiful, don't get me wrong, but I'm very picky about terminology, so someone will have to explain me what people consider to be a smokey eye now... The traditional French smokey eye consists of a greasy base and a gradient effect from the lash line to the brow bone. Then in the US/UK, the smokey eye is more elongated, going from the inner corner to the outer corner.
This look, to me, is not really a smokey eye. Kind of, but not really...
Lauren Reise
Lauren Reise - 8 months ago
He’s hot lol
Lauren Reise
Lauren Reise - 8 months ago
Love this
amb_makeup - 8 months ago
It looks patchy AF
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