Which Thing Kills More People? (GAME)

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sara comerford
sara comerford - 22 days ago
Chase needs a raise.
Laykan Thee Alien
Laykan Thee Alien - 27 days ago
*How do you choke on a toothpick you can breathe past it... I don't get it*
TaliTV - Month ago
ur underestimating the power of vending machines
Leigharyck - Month ago
8:05 prettyyyyy sure Rhett signaled the answer to Link! 😂
Misty Wiley
Misty Wiley - Month ago
Just _love_ Rhett's example of how to choke on a pen.
Yah Noah King
Yah Noah King - Month ago
What if you die by a coconut taking a selfie.
Directioner315 - Month ago
I'd like to choke on a keyboard - link 😂😂
Directioner315 - Month ago
Why is link the only one labeled?
GroenFan - 2 months ago
Ahoyhoy There, Fellow YouTuberinos! I've gone in a Hot Air Balloon, I cried , not from the height , I loved that, but I'm deathly afraid of fire.
Mellon The Cat
Mellon The Cat - 2 months ago
How do you... How do you choke on a balloon? XD
Jmeure Eure
Jmeure Eure - 2 months ago
My 74 year. Old gidence conslsr loves y
Kinley Cotton
Kinley Cotton - 2 months ago
Is Link secretly a wookie?
Guillermo Tejeda
Guillermo Tejeda - 2 months ago
hi guys its gator man
FoodTastesGood - 2 months ago
i was 5/5
Joku Deku
Joku Deku - 2 months ago
Roller coasters are more safe than Toothpicks
Marissa White
Marissa White - 3 months ago
"Pien? Y'all got a pien?"
-Rhett 2018
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith - 59 minutes ago
Useless comment
PuppyLover - 3 months ago
THEY DIDNT SAY "lets talk about that"
OvO 101
OvO 101 - 3 months ago
Who else got them all correct?
Nikki Chlu
Nikki Chlu - 3 months ago
Still cant get over the fact that Link actual name is Charlie
Larry Li
Larry Li - 3 months ago
just guess the least expected one. the one that doesn't make sense. then you always get it right
Shiny Charizard
Shiny Charizard - 3 months ago
BetaEtaDelota would win this game
Azadanzan S
Azadanzan S - 4 months ago
4/5 Im going to cry
Abigail Way
Abigail Way - 4 months ago
Link: I have no pride
Me when I tell people how many hours a day I spend watching GMM
Karen Davis
Karen Davis - 4 months ago
2019 boi
Stephen Anderson
Stephen Anderson - 4 months ago
“Cause you’re going to space” 😂
SuperSwordman1 - 4 months ago
The important lesson we learned today, sharks are super not-deadly. Link's guesses however...
Isaac Bailey
Isaac Bailey - 4 months ago
If I were in Link’s position for the first question:
**Twists Chase’s head to “vending machines” so fast it nearly hurts him**
Staer ‘
Staer ‘ - 5 months ago
Every time Chase was reaching to unveil the answer and someone else got to it before him, I felt that. 😂
Marni Hill
Marni Hill - 5 months ago
Link . How do you choke on a pen
Me . Dah people choke on the pen cap
Starla Lunde
Starla Lunde - 5 months ago
If it hits your throat and your thingy collapses yikes😂
ThelordUSA Ovidiu
ThelordUSA Ovidiu - 6 months ago
8:51 she is so cute
Creature Cody
Creature Cody - 6 months ago
On average 6 people die from shark atack
Unknown L
Unknown L - 6 months ago
Sharks are like the wolf's of the sea. They stay away from ppl unless bothered.
Eric Cattani
Eric Cattani - 6 months ago
Ink piin! Y'all got a piiin? Someone get youresoloud
Tales Novelli Paulo
Tales Novelli Paulo - 6 months ago
Abby J.
Abby J. - 6 months ago
Link:*opens gator mouth*
Chase: That’s better thank you.
Link: *shuts gator mouth*
CherryBlossom 109
CherryBlossom 109 - 6 months ago
5:15 VERY scientific, Rhett. XD
Sarah Myers
Sarah Myers - 6 months ago
Rhett: Kick back and relcak
Nightshade Kelly
Nightshade Kelly - 6 months ago
Balloons can kill me cause im alrigic to latex lol
Bryson Saathoff
Bryson Saathoff - 6 months ago
Where was the "let's talk about that"?
Aidan McKenzie
Aidan McKenzie - 6 months ago
getting ideas from joogsquad
Jay Surge
Jay Surge - 6 months ago
The number of people who did by sharks is wrong it's a larger number
Marty Woodcock
Marty Woodcock - 6 months ago
I hate how they say pen. peean
maya al faraj 2008
maya al faraj 2008 - 7 months ago
Link nailed the high pitched voice
Pumpkin Kid Streams
Pumpkin Kid Streams - 7 months ago
Video starts at 1:28
IGitzDiz Music
IGitzDiz Music - 7 months ago
The A Clare Da La Lune In The Background
Hazel The dog
Hazel The dog - 7 months ago
Pens have holes so you can breath if you choke soo how??? Thee specially designed to help you breathe when you choke
Puen - 7 months ago
5:22 best part
Koleton Solberg
Koleton Solberg - 7 months ago
Go figures. Pens kill people because people make them into weapons. Argh🤔 they got me 🤯
Emeraldcat 4733
Emeraldcat 4733 - 7 months ago
Fun facts with red panda: Sharks acually dont want to eat you. Their eye sight is really bad so you look like what they eat. So shark are harmless if they had god eye sight .......
Hoodie Beats
Hoodie Beats - 7 months ago
Link- if they shake it the deserve to die
hi my name is Retsuko
hi my name is Retsuko - 7 months ago
Shark is food
SlySean44 - 7 months ago
Sharks aren't human killers. They eat their usual prey such as seals and fish.
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith - 7 months ago
imagine dying to a vending machine. that is sad
Gator - 7 months ago
Hey look I’m in this video
Plush YT
Plush YT - 7 months ago
Most of the people who died because of pens probably died from ink poisoning...

But ok..
Hoodie Ro
Hoodie Ro - 7 months ago
“When it hits you at point plank range like kkkkkkk, kkkkkkk, kkkkkkkk”
HenryIsAPanda27 - 7 months ago
5:16 is Rhett a walrus
Scott Machorek
Scott Machorek - 7 months ago
How dare you say that sharks are monsters
Fallin - 7 months ago
Oh I got them all right

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