NLE Choppa | Before They Were Famous | Biography

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M M - Day ago
Choppa mama use to do my taxes
Ace Watts_4
Ace Watts_4 - Day ago
Love the hair lol
Indwell // Samurai
Indwell // Samurai - 2 days ago
he wants to major in real estate xd
Ben Revange
Ben Revange - 2 days ago
NLE :1november age 1 Me Chris : 10 novembre age 9
Shahiem josephs
Shahiem josephs - 4 days ago
Do rvssian
Jesus Franco
Jesus Franco - 4 days ago
Dope artist...goodluck ...homie
Braystation Vlogs
Braystation Vlogs - 5 days ago
Do tacko fall or bol bol
YEET - 6 days ago
more nle choppa plz
Before the they were famous on shatta wale
Javier Pasillas 789
Javier Pasillas 789 - 8 days ago
You have to lose weight
missy mizdemeanor
missy mizdemeanor - 11 days ago
He smart. Good on him❤
b cash basketball
b cash basketball - 14 days ago
Do trippie Redd and six nine
Buck Nasty
Buck Nasty - 14 days ago
Smart young brother
brokeboisippin - 15 days ago
dude only 15 when he dropped redrum
Pedro Alvarado
Pedro Alvarado - 15 days ago
Do lil 2z
Santiago Ramirez
Santiago Ramirez - 16 days ago
I’m from Memphis :D
Santiago Ramirez
Santiago Ramirez - 16 days ago
My cousin took classes with him at Cordova high lol
IMQVXZ - 16 days ago
Choppy= economics
ChellHex - 16 days ago
6ix9ine: Choppa has guns
Police: call choppa
antron pernell
antron pernell - 16 days ago
Amir Muhammad
Amir Muhammad - 17 days ago
If you listen to NLE Choppa, like this comment
Pierre849YT - 17 days ago
on my mama imma like this video if i see it while scrolling
Pierre849YT - 17 days ago
Om my momma life im going to like this video.
Alexandra Luna
Alexandra Luna - 13 days ago
Nobody care tho
Azome Boy
Azome Boy - 17 days ago
Is it me or is choppa really smart
KingPapaya - 18 days ago
Do NLE Chopper next
KingPapaya - 18 days ago
Do YNR Choppa next
Cj the cookie monster
Cj the cookie monster - 18 days ago
Cj the cookie monster
Cj the cookie monster - 18 days ago
Hydro - 19 days ago
4:55 When he went to the same school as me 😭
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson - 19 days ago
he wants to master entrepreneur
My epic name is JasonDaGod2010
do the dude who made Elmo freestyle
Lizeth Young
Lizeth Young - 22 days ago
Can u pls do ozuna plss
Juanita Perez
Juanita Perez - 22 days ago
Ryan Carrick
Ryan Carrick - 22 days ago
Do City Morgue or atleast Zillakami
JET GAMING - 22 days ago
Ring the doorbell, we could’ve called you a cab
Mr. Cash
Mr. Cash - 23 days ago
I think real estate because he mentioned it in a genius interview
Frosty - 23 days ago
Why does he do those weird raspy voices. YeAhAH
Ishmeal Goodman
Ishmeal Goodman - 25 days ago
Do prince swanny
Branson Hines
Branson Hines - 25 days ago
Let's have a shootout like I'm in a scrimmage
Matt Kruetzer
Matt Kruetzer - 25 days ago
Crime and justice or a lawyer or reality
Mya Rhodes
Mya Rhodes - 26 days ago
Nle is a goat 🐐🐐
Young Sinatra Tonez
Young Sinatra Tonez - 28 days ago
Kid is smart
SR_Crimson - 29 days ago
Why support vamping? Not cool😠
Katie Millan
Katie Millan - 29 days ago
Memphis has been on the map since the 90’s. It got rebooted with Dolph and Moneybagg
MaKai Sanders
MaKai Sanders - 29 days ago
Do an update on nle
I Am Cmoney
I Am Cmoney - Month ago
4:55 just graduated there like 3 or 4 months ago 😎
lil kato boy
lil kato boy - Month ago
Yo put me on this
Lyrical Ape
Lyrical Ape - Month ago
lil uzi come back to music
I can’t
He was my favorite one like equals one prayer. For uzi to come back
Fresh Prince DJ
Fresh Prince DJ - Month ago
Nle choppa will probably will major in music cause well he’s a rapper so like duh.....
Eaton Johnson
Eaton Johnson - Month ago
Nle Choppa would be best majoring in music
palm beach Finest
palm beach Finest - Month ago
Dammmmm free promo in the beginning before even starting the actual video 🤷🏾‍♂️👀🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️👍🏾not 👎🏾
LANEISE TV - Month ago
Aysusagz so r
Sel Vlogs
Sel Vlogs - Month ago
Nle really the smartest in the game and he only 16
snoxzyyy - Month ago
whats up
whats down and get around clown
Yang Metal
Yang Metal - Month ago
9:49 Well this didn't age well
mEmE mAkEr
mEmE mAkEr - Month ago
If you want to die young get kandypens!!
Daniel Mailey
Daniel Mailey - Month ago
Do your self
Shauni Walters
Shauni Walters - Month ago
Choppa wants a major in rapping
M1lky m00n
M1lky m00n - Month ago
The funny thing is I go to Ho****n, have this teacher, and she showed me a video of him that he made in 8th grade-
Garrett Brown
Garrett Brown - Month ago
Do Clever
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