Jimmy Kimmel Responds to Sean Hannity’s Vicious Attacks

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RL Hunt
RL Hunt - Hour ago
Kimmel is an A**hole not Ass Clown!
J - 10 hours ago
Osiris - Day ago
Trump 2020 - every day!
Emanuel P.
Emanuel P. - 2 days ago
I love Jimmy kimmel
The Following
The Following - 6 days ago
Kimmel uses his Mexican sidekick for comic relief. Racist . At least Hannity gets a hardon Kimmel is one.
Chaz Brookshire
Chaz Brookshire - 9 days ago
Chaz Brookshire
Chaz Brookshire - 9 days ago
See Hannity? No one believes your lies anymore.
Khmerminn Sota
Khmerminn Sota - 10 days ago
Melania the 3rd can speak five languages but Trumpet can only speaks one and broken English. Covfefe joke!
Great Matth
Great Matth - 7 days ago
They make it seem as though Melanie is fluent in other languages. She is NOT
Jim Skenadore
Jim Skenadore - 10 days ago
Hannity needs to wear toilet paper on his nose. Cause if Forrest Trump makes a sudden stop he'll have Sean's nose half way up it. Plus he can wipe his chin off while Trump thinks it's a blue dress.
william smith
william smith - 10 days ago
Kimmel, triggered much
Chris Brown
Chris Brown - 11 days ago
Jimmy Kimmel is not funny at all and I laugh at everything almost,.. Just saying.
Terry Schilling
Terry Schilling - 9 days ago
A guy cheating on his pregnant wife isn't funny, I agree. Bad taste for a joke.
Rafael Oviedo
Rafael Oviedo - 11 days ago
To speak "ass clown" is to repeat what our current President says.
Nicole White
Nicole White - 11 days ago
Jimmy you are a big a## I can't wait till your out
frank magadan
frank magadan - 15 days ago
five languages but English isn't one of them
Jon Emery
Jon Emery - 15 days ago
Obscene Hannity gets owned again---WAY TO GO, JIMMY !!!!
Gary Norton
Gary Norton - 15 days ago
You're trying to shake it off Jimmy, with stupid jokes about sex. If it wasn't for the flashing "clap and laugh" sign for your audience and I'm sure the laughing is pumped in from the sound people because I try too imagine myself in your audience and you suck. Are you giving away free cocktails to the guest that sit in on your show? Someone tell me I'm wrong.
Shadi Masri
Shadi Masri - 17 days ago
"You know what I think is disrespectful to the 1st lady, cheating on her with a porn star after she had a baby"...
Woooooo that was brutal
Frank Kleij
Frank Kleij - 15 days ago
An as usual jewish pornstar, with an even worse criminal jewish lawyer .. These creeps are the "chosen" pornstars .
Bill Zardus
Bill Zardus - 18 days ago
If they took Hannity, Carlson, and Laura Ingraham off the air
at night,
I worry what the mentally ill among us would be doing during those 3 hours;
especially the ones who are watching without any adult supervision.
Delaware County, PA
Ned Walport
Ned Walport - 18 days ago
Jimmy the dolt.
gremlin coco
gremlin coco - 23 days ago
Trump 2020'2024'2028!! We got this my fellow smelly walmart people!
Jeanette Duda
Jeanette Duda - 7 days ago
I'm so pleased to be informed of this Mr. Coco I'm seriously considering running 20 red lights in your honor!!! Thank you Jesus. Thank you Lord (LOL!!!)
T B - 28 days ago
Jimmy Burn, Hannity's starting to do his face clown make-up like dump does, anyone else notice that?
William Morris
William Morris - 28 days ago
Better say things against Republicans you are in the misery state.
Steven Ward
Steven Ward - 29 days ago
when his friends in the white house go to jail what will he have left Tucker Carlson
Jane Hanley
Jane Hanley - 29 days ago
I heard sean stole bob’s spot . He referred to you sneaky Irish weasel
I never liked sean , never will .
d villa
d villa - 29 days ago
slow clap
Bob Eagle
Bob Eagle - Month ago
Kimmel is a total assclown and he can't look the up on the web, he can find it in his bathroom mirror. Hypocritical people, Kimmel, his fans and most of the comments under this video.
A P - Month ago
You’re the biggest hypocrite on YouTube jimmy. the s%@$ you did on the man show... yeah it was 20 years ago, but there is no time limit on what conservative say these days is there? Now I personally don’t care as I believe in free speech, but this is the ridiculous game that the left has decided to play. a game of complete hypocrisy. And in this regard jimmy. You are 100 percent, the head ass clown of the giant left ass clown parade.
Eleanore K. Leslie
Eleanore K. Leslie - Month ago
The "1st Lady" is an alien who doesn't speak out language very well. Hello.
Just Wayne
Just Wayne - Month ago
This guy is a homophobic, racist, bigot, I remember when he thought having fun was to get women to feel his crotch and guess what he had down his pants, or standing behind women making disgusting rude gestures, sick sick sick.
SamTheAtheist3 - 26 days ago
Melania fan mad
Purple Rain
Purple Rain - Month ago
Kimmel, dont worrie hannity is a worse.
Doug Boyer
Doug Boyer - Month ago
I wonder do the fans of fox news know how wealthy Sean and the rest of the gang are
fendermaestro - Month ago
Hannity is a Don clone ie he needs a base applauding every bit of bs he sprouts .
Frank Tripodi
Frank Tripodi - Month ago
Kimmel is a backstabbing hypocrite, he should get together with chuck schumer and have a good cry..
Kevin O'Leary
Kevin O'Leary - Month ago
What a loser.
Togo Burrows
Togo Burrows - Month ago
fox news is propaganda
Gil Espino
Gil Espino - Month ago
LOL ... you Sean are the whole ass circus. LMAO!
Walk-in Mysoes
Walk-in Mysoes - Month ago
Oh.....He fantasizes a lot of "That" and "This" too probably
Jay R
Jay R - Month ago
Hannity is that far up trumps arse he can taste trumps food.
Eli C.J.
Eli C.J. - Month ago
Diane Wilkins
Diane Wilkins - Month ago
Ouch! Cheating on her after the baby. Low blow Jimmy. Luvvvvvvv it
Diane Wilkins
Diane Wilkins - Month ago
Hahhahahahah fell outttt
Diane Wilkins
Diane Wilkins - Month ago
Kick his Ass Jimmy
The Resistance
The Resistance - Month ago
Why doesn't that Hannity madman stop wearing that ridiculous Rudy Vallee haircut?
Rich McClelland
Rich McClelland - Month ago
Kimmel is a fraud.  Sean offered to debate Kimmel and give him his entire 3 hour radio show or his 1 hour tv show.  Coward that he is, Kimmel ducked out.  Kimmel does not have the guts to face anyone one on one.  He just likes to do his monolog and ridicule.  BTW, Hannity's audience is bigger as well.
Rich McClelland
Rich McClelland - Month ago
Alvarado: What you are going to find is half of "the black guy", better known as Barry The Big Eared Lying Scumbag Obama and his administration being charged with various crimes that will require lots of prison time. The IG Report will be coming out within the next 6 weeks or so - you are going to find Comey, Brennan, Clapper, McCabe, Page, Strzok and Ohr at the very least being charged criminally. You might see Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice and others implicated as well. If the IG does not get them all, the Barr and Durham investigations will pick up the rest of the trash. Who knows, maybe we will get lucky and Barry The Scumbag Obama will go to prison as well. Exactly what in the economy needs to be fixed? Maybe the lowest unemployment rates ever? The lowest black unemployment, the lowest Hispanic unemployment, the lowest Asian unemployment or the lowest unemployment among women? Or is it the 3% plus growth in the economy that Barry The Scumbag told us would never happen. The scumbag said 1.5% to 2% growth is the new norm. The scumbag asked if Trump was going to wave a magic wand to bring manufacturing jobs back. Barry The Lying Scumbag Obama could not fix a boo boo on one of his slut daughters fingers.
richard alvarado
richard alvarado - Month ago
Your boy's going down dude......enjoy your 4 yr long joy ride that ends on Jan 20, 2021. Will have to fix that cratered economy too just like the black guy did in 2009.......
Sandra Gruhle
Sandra Gruhle - Month ago
She is not highly educated, and it shows. Except for the fact that she married dumpy, we could almost feel sorry fo her. That decision was made willingly, and she has to live with the result. Yuck!
Trina Manning
Trina Manning - Month ago
This guy is nothing but a rumor starter, sad this is still on TV
The Resistance
The Resistance - Month ago
Even sadder that Hannity's Insanity is still on TV.
R Mad
R Mad - Month ago
Ha ha Kimmel crying about his creepy kid--what a baby. If bad things happen to Kimmel many will celebrate. Sorry to all but Trump WHIPPED ASS on the Dem Commies! Beware 2020 is coming--bitter crybabies! lol
Denysbga Astorga
Denysbga Astorga - Month ago
Ass Human Cannonball 😂😂😂
Hamilton Jet Sport Association
Send Jimmy to Iran!!
Mystery Meat
Mystery Meat - Month ago
She speaks her native language, is somewhat understandable in English, and the other three she only knows how to say "Hi" or "Hello".  One stinking phrase or word does not multi-lingual make.
Mystery Meat
Mystery Meat - 29 days ago
How many do you speak? The Donald has trouble with one, English. I have a 2nd cousin in Germany who reads, speaks, and writes in about half a dozen, just like a native. She is a true multi--lingual.
Rudolf Jenter
Rudolf Jenter - 29 days ago
And how many languages do you speak?
Mystery Meat
Mystery Meat - Month ago
Well, I don't really care what it is your resisting.
The Resistance
The Resistance - Month ago
I really don't care about Melania. Do U?
Richard Mitchell
Richard Mitchell - Month ago
Sean Hannity has his face in Trump's ass!
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