Jimmy Kimmel Responds to Sean Hannity’s Vicious Attacks

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Joy Stinson
Joy Stinson - 10 hours ago
Melanie is a Russian spy cartoon Natasha on bullwickle exaggerated human being. Love the go get a haircut, hippie, to hannity. My generation would have called him a square.
Vicki Sage
Vicki Sage - 12 hours ago
I agree 100% with Sean Hannity.
Claire Young
Claire Young - 23 hours ago
Does Jimmy Kimmel think he's the only one who can "dish the dirt". Guess he's to much of a "pansy" to be able to take what he enjoys dishing out each might.
zombie wire
zombie wire - Day ago
Hannity is a prick
heck B
heck B - 2 days ago
you cant take it but then your not a man your just a big sissy I bet you call your mum when someone criticises you what a fake
ON SONG - 2 days ago
The more corruption Hannity reveals the more the left hates him. Obama is terrified of him. and with good reason.
Michael Higgins
Michael Higgins - 2 days ago
Kimmel is a jerk. Sean was right to call him out.
Unkown known
Unkown known - 2 days ago
Someone needs their diaper changed.
J C - 2 days ago
demigodlike - 2 days ago
Yea Melania speaks 5 languages but doesn't have a first language 😀
demigodlike - 2 days ago
As a Canadian, I'm in disbelief how someone like Sean Hannity qualifies as any kind of commentator for a major U.S. news network. That goes for all the other asshat reporters at Faux newz..
george pope
george pope - 3 days ago
Professor Liberal Avenger
Ass clown? Sounds like a rectumlickum.
Professor Liberal Avenger
Known liar, suck up sean.
Mikayla Bansie
Mikayla Bansie - 3 days ago
liberal Jimmy kimmel
Tracy Brooks
Tracy Brooks - 4 days ago
fake propaganda news like cnn, served here as well. wake up people !!! everything that Trump has said or promises is coming true. we are witnessing the takedown of corruption in high places. we the american people will vote Trump again in 2020 and will win by a landslide because the bad actors whom attempted a treasonous coup on Trump in 2016 will be locked up or put to death for their actions !!!
Stevie C
Stevie C - 4 days ago
Hannity Man Baby.
Stevie C
Stevie C - 4 days ago
Does anyone even take him seriously?
He's on Fux news. Go figure...
revolutionpm - 3 days ago
Kimmel...really? Does anyone even take him seriously? He's a comedian. Go figure...
C C - 5 days ago
Trump 2020
Kristi Merchant
Kristi Merchant - 6 days ago
LMFAO Sean Hanninity iS for sure The Whole ASS circus !!
Jaime Pfeffer
Jaime Pfeffer - 6 days ago
OMG! What a jerk! That guy is nothing but a loud bullying toddler masquerading as a politician. GREAT comeback, Jimmy!
Carol Ann Johnson
Carol Ann Johnson - 7 days ago
Take that sean
Carol Ann Johnson
Carol Ann Johnson - 7 days ago
Fox News is fake news
don henry
don henry - 8 days ago
All of you that think this ass clown is funny are certainly more of an ass clown than this moron.
Byrin Ateff
Byrin Ateff - 8 days ago
Ass clown Kimmel
charles kellam
charles kellam - 8 days ago
Most first ladies are educated and not not by the kgb !
Randy Harris
Randy Harris - 9 days ago
Hannity can dish it out but he surely cant take it
Felix Lopez
Felix Lopez - 9 days ago
Your awesome Jimmy
Roseann Bradley
Roseann Bradley - 9 days ago
Trump Derangement Syndrome
Valerye Rogers
Valerye Rogers - 9 days ago
I personally love you Jimmy kemmil ,I know for a fact you're a great man who at least cares about people , the good of our COUNTRY and telling the truth, and you can take shawn hannity's job if you wanted to but you would rather tear the ass out of jerks like him in late night comedy said by a real and true AMERICAN
Iain Herridge
Iain Herridge - 10 days ago
Did anyone else notice insHannity's dark soulless eyes fill with tears?
Roseann Bradley
Roseann Bradley - 9 days ago
Trump Derangement Syndrome
KingHustlaPlayz 3L1TE
KingHustlaPlayz 3L1TE - 10 days ago
John Hannity WHO?
SICKCORONER - 7 days ago
Sean, no John.
Christian Garo
Christian Garo - 10 days ago
Kimmel sucks
YEGO GREEN - 14 days ago
jimmy kimmel do funny things not war you dumbass
Mike Evenson
Mike Evenson - 15 days ago
Left has lost there minds
Jade Zee
Jade Zee - 15 days ago
i t is a total lie that the woman who signed a contract to pretend to be the wife of the puppet....speaks 5 languages.....she speaks 2 her own and bad english.....and if you doubt that...go find a video of her having a conversation in another language...not just saying a few words....an actually conversation.......NO WHERE WILL YOU FIND A SINGLE VIDEO OF HER DOING THAT
Deborah Revels
Deborah Revels - 15 days ago
Nathaniel Swartz
Nathaniel Swartz - 19 days ago
If it was an African accent they were making fun of they would of crucified him...
Christopher Bedford
Christopher Bedford - 20 days ago
This video is underrated. Deserves more love ;)
Jocelyn cams
Jocelyn cams - 21 day ago
Did jimmy kimmel really just make fun of melania’s speaking? I can only imagine if a republican made fun of a leftist voice, it would be all over the news. Double standard
Mark Ryan
Mark Ryan - 19 days ago
Republicans do not collectively have that much wit.
debra smith
debra smith - 22 days ago
I believe everything
Jimmy Kimmel says about Shawn Hannity not being able to have an erection until Trump became president.
Why? you might ask.
Because, every time Shawn Hannity opens his mouth, Trump is always coming out of it!!!!!!!!
Elizabeth c
Elizabeth c - 23 days ago
He’s not funny just mean
Trevor Goodchild
Trevor Goodchild - 24 days ago
If hannity calls you out you must be guilty he’s been right the last 2 years. CNN not so much
Ben Lujan
Ben Lujan - 24 days ago
You can tell a lot by what a man says when mad -- furious.
And when Kimmel was at his angriest, he turned to homophobic attacks!
Typical left-wing hypocrisy!
Michael Perry
Michael Perry - 25 days ago
Has not been funny for years...
Les Fogle
Les Fogle - 26 days ago
Hannity loves sucking off Trump!
Wilson Wilson
Wilson Wilson - 28 days ago
Oh poor hannity 😂 what a big cry baby. The very sad reality of fox news is that it is a fake news service setup by the corporate elite and shadowy right-wing entities to to attack anything even remotely "liberal" or anything that isnt pro-extreme capitalism.
Wilson Wilson
Wilson Wilson - 20 days ago
+Christopher Bedford indeed, the true ambassadors of fake outrage.
Christopher Bedford
Christopher Bedford - 20 days ago
That "Faux" News crowd are so big on fake outrage when it comes to the "liberal" media but dead silent when the shoe is on the other foot. HYPOCRISY, as Trump would tweet if he knew how to spell it.
Dude Here
Dude Here - 28 days ago
Maybe Kimmel and the rest of the minions should just stick to comedy and not politics Hahahaha whimp, I boycotted late night a long time ago..
Lcda Evelyn Garcia
Lcda Evelyn Garcia - 29 days ago
Love uuu
nikki alford
nikki alford - Month ago
You are a grub Kimmel.
Butt hole
Butt hole - Month ago
Not cool Jimmy, not cool😒
It’s Me
It’s Me - Month ago
The whole ass circus 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 BOOOOOMMMM!!!!😂🤣😂🤣😂👍👍👍
Bryan Oshea
Bryan Oshea - Month ago
Sean Hannity speaks propaganda... that's all.
ffeff - Month ago
Hannity is the assclown in chief, being how he lives in the orange buffoon's ass permanently...
65wiseman - Month ago
Hannity is no journalist
Christopher Bailey
Christopher Bailey - Month ago
Where was hannity when trump slandered other women
Benjamin Levine
Benjamin Levine - Month ago
He has me convinced lol
falconeaterf15 - Month ago
All these Fox goofs are playing for an audience of one.
Fa Ta
Fa Ta - Month ago
Mr Jimmy you are the number one in comedy show, thank you for making me laugh
Diane St-Jean
Diane St-Jean - Month ago
No Hannity trump is despicable.......
Jude Nwajide
Jude Nwajide - Month ago
Foolish man
Kevin Neal
Kevin Neal - Month ago
You should never ever make fun of the President and the first lady. They are doing a fantastic job of making fun of themselves and need no help in this area. But it's okay to laugh at them. Surely they must desire this. Melania if only because she stays with this guy who cheats and lies incessantly. And well...the President is a real comedian.
Dan Conner
Dan Conner - Month ago
Now folks, you now know who Trumps college professor was.
Paul B
Paul B - 8 days ago
Dan Conner lol ur president
1Juemadre - Month ago
The whole ass circus. Lol
Kasdy Marcus
Kasdy Marcus - Month ago
You don't wanna mess around with a late night talk host .lol. very bad idea
Patrick Modell
Patrick Modell - Month ago
Jimmy...stick to your scripted jokes..
moemoe 77
moemoe 77 - Month ago
Wow. You idiots are bugged by Hannity. It only means he is doing a good job exposing the hypocrisy of the left.
Hedy Epp
Hedy Epp - Month ago
MusicforMe123 - Month ago
Can't we all just get along. Life is good, especially if you have internet.
Gale Worthington
Gale Worthington - Month ago
Amen to that!
Melanie Richards
Melanie Richards - Month ago
COYG - Month ago
Treasury Secretry Steven Mnuchin is a LIAR. He is puppet for Trumpf.
Donald Evans
Donald Evans - Month ago
ask hillary if she is ok with cheating husbands
Jeff Duncan
Jeff Duncan - Month ago
She is an illegal alien and cannot speak English properly because she is an alien.
PAULY'S AUTO - Month ago
🤣Looks like Hannity called it correctly. What a great example of a failed late night talk show host...how's those ratings doing Kimmel?🤣🤣🤣👍
nvr2tallluvr - Month ago
Kimmel IS an XXXhole and he shows it in this video . God BLESS President Trump !
ambidextra ambidextra
ambidextra ambidextra - Month ago
Love you Jimmy🤗💖
Donald Evans
Donald Evans - Month ago
Making fun of immigrants good thing he is liberal or career would be over
pices 229
pices 229 - Month ago
I guess your ok with husband cheating on immigrant wife! Bahaha
Gary Leveroni
Gary Leveroni - Month ago
Kimmel who rights your material the under age girls you had bouncing on trampolines you phony hack ...
Sarah McCoy
Sarah McCoy - Month ago
What is brutal is having to look at Sean Hannity scowl. Ughhh
jeannie price
jeannie price - Month ago
I hate Kimmel.I don’t watch his show anymore.He is bullying all of us who speaking with accents. Your show sucks.
Timothy Kozlowski
Timothy Kozlowski - Month ago
Chuck Schumers hand puppet responded to Sean Hannity's so called attacks
Sister Sister
Sister Sister - Month ago
jayhuegan - Month ago
So, it's fun to make fun of immigrants.
omar The Great
omar The Great - Month ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 thes and thaaaat
888kaddy - Month ago
Who is Jimmy Kimmel? Is he involved in TV? I've never watched him.
tammy chesney
tammy chesney - Month ago
Jimmy you are the joke... Disgusting.
KG Rowe
KG Rowe - Month ago
Uncharacteristically weak response from Kimmel
John Cook
John Cook - Month ago
JohnCook Australia. As Insanity Hannity is the third client of Cohen what has this clean living upright citizen so ashamed to have it revealed . Maybe there are few naked skeletons in the Insanity Hannity closet . Closet (?) Oh it couldn't be . Or maybe it is .
Paul Henry
Paul Henry - Month ago
hannity didn't get a pay raise this year no erection this year.
John Watt
John Watt - 2 months ago
You don't know what being an "ass clown" is?
According to American statistics, almost 100% of Americans think people with a clown act are pedophiles.
Oh! I could have used any number of paintings from this really nice book, big too.
"Politics in America is the entertainment division of the industrial-military complex". Frank Zappa.
Look at the ass clown level of dialogue on American television. Poodle bites, and poodle chews it.
Darren Brittain
Darren Brittain - 2 months ago
fuq yeah!!!
Rafael Nunfio
Rafael Nunfio - 2 months ago
Worst thing to do Sean Assnnity is go against a comedian who will mess you up 😂🤣😂
nikki alford
nikki alford - Month ago
Haha yes comedians are the intellectual giants of society aren't they. What a low bar in life you have.
Angelo Kournianos
Angelo Kournianos - 2 months ago
Jimmy stay away from the doughnuts. Jimmy jokes on Trump getting boring and not creative.
JAVIER QUINTERO - 2 months ago
Those people at fox have all overdosed on tRump piss flavored kool aid!
Angelo Kournianos
Angelo Kournianos - 2 months ago
Your party for killing babies after birth and free stuff and anti business and anti constitution. You VICETIMHOOD MENTALLY.
Dan Conner
Dan Conner - 2 months ago
Well, at least we know that Hannity hasn't found the super glue to remove his lips from Trumps butt. Maybe he has, just not enough on the market to get the job done.
Maisa Roozie
Maisa Roozie - 2 months ago
Rejean Girard
Rejean Girard - 2 months ago
Better to be an ass clown than to be a trump fan.
hiphop rabbit
hiphop rabbit - 2 months ago
Sean Hannity is the boss . I thank that man . He pulled me out of the ignorant democratic brainwashed trap I was in .God Bless you Hannity !!!!! He hasn’t been the # 1 reporter on the # 1 news network for the last 20 years for nothing !
Brilliant man
Javier Romero
Javier Romero - 2 months ago
Melania does not speak six languages.
hiphop rabbit
hiphop rabbit - 2 months ago
Javier Romero have you heard her speak Slovene ? French ? Serbian and German ? Google it ... she’s from Novo Mesto ... ...you are an idiot
Javier Romero
Javier Romero - 2 months ago
+hiphop rabbit No she does not, she might know how to say: "Hi, how are you?" In five languages. That's entirely different from speaking them and being fluent.
hiphop rabbit
hiphop rabbit - 2 months ago
Javier Romero yes she does . She’s so beautiful
J.J Rangel
J.J Rangel - 2 months ago
Melania knows 5 languages? So now it's cool to know multiple languages? What ever happened to " this America speak English"?
Melania knows 5 languages my ass. If she knows 5 languages as much as she has a degree in business then she is lying.
J.J Rangel
J.J Rangel - Month ago
+Joey Doherty too bad the gold digger Melania doesn't even know that one, bud.
Joey Doherty
Joey Doherty - Month ago
Uh no one has a problem if you know 5 languages bud. We just want English to be one of them.
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