Dead by Daylight | Stranger Things | Trailer

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Zenix Kiryu
Zenix Kiryu - 15 hours ago
Really good job with this one, balanced killer and characters along with a awesome trailer and soundtrack
Raven - 19 hours ago
I think Steve And Robin would’ve been perfect.Nancy is a great character but would be better with Jonathan.Also,I know their kids,but have a pack for Dustin and Erica.Or Maybe Dustin and Robin
S.Z - Day ago
I still don’t understand why they didn’t add Jonathan :(
Brian Lloyd
Brian Lloyd - Day ago
I get you, even though jonathan would have fit better here, i feel they choose steve as he is a much more popular character
Pinecone Animations
Pinecone Animations - 2 days ago
I’ve gone from liking to hating Steve and then back to liking and then hating him again
But now I like him
Kim George
Kim George - 2 days ago
in-game the sream is much louder, and after the first scream i somehow didn't here anything at all, i think im deaf now (not realy but still)
Juan Aguirre
Juan Aguirre - 3 days ago
Make slenderman and it the clown
iAlternqte - 4 days ago
Where is Robin, can we please get her and steve with scoops ahoy! Like this comment if you agree!
Epic Gamers Unite
Epic Gamers Unite - 3 days ago
you really must live under a rock
CAC Studio
CAC Studio - 4 days ago
Who would you like more?
Shaggy at %1 power
Freddy Fazbear
T posing Patrick
ROBLOXian boi
Happy tree friends
Jack the mime
*Everyone Is HErE!*

(Super smash bros music intensify)
Brando Helferich
Brando Helferich - 4 days ago
Is it possible to be the killer and have your friend be a survivor and be in a normal match with oother survivor's if i can please tell me how
Logia - 4 days ago
No you cant. You cant be a killer with a survivor friend and join a public match. If they did that then everyone will abuse it to farm bloodpoints (game currency) however you can make a custom game and be the killer against your friends. You won't gain any bloodpoints tho
Shazlg - 4 days ago
@Brando Helferich you just go into survive with friends and invite your friend
Brando Helferich
Brando Helferich - 4 days ago
@Shazlg how do i do it?
Shazlg - 4 days ago
You can in a playground type mode where the bps dont count, however in regular games no otherwise we could just farm bps.
X Dragon
X Dragon - 4 days ago
Steve and Nancy look so alike to the tv show on Netflix
Sandra Caraballo
Sandra Caraballo - 4 days ago
I bought the dlc but can’t use any of the characters
Shazlg - 4 days ago
You should be able to:)
김나비 - 4 days ago
와시발 무서워 실제로 저런거 뒤에서 따라오면 혀 깨물고 자살한...
TEAL - 4 days ago
I wish the matchmaking wouldn’t take 20 minutes
Bub Mickey
Bub Mickey - 5 days ago
Anybody know what time
The Ministry of General Knowledge
is this dlc going to come to the switch version?
Bub Mickey
Bub Mickey - 5 days ago
lolly zeta
lolly zeta - 5 days ago
When they leave it?
Maradona Alqassar
Maradona Alqassar - 5 days ago
Bad killier 👎🏻
Unknown Vapor
Unknown Vapor - 5 days ago
Someone tell me the music now...please.
not so boneless
not so boneless - 4 days ago
They just mashed em
not so boneless
not so boneless - 4 days ago
Dbd stranger things boi
sman 88
sman 88 - 5 days ago
this looks awesome
Hyper 67
Hyper 67 - 5 days ago
Make Momo January 2020
ALE HD - 5 days ago
YouTube Snakess
YouTube Snakess - 5 days ago
Can u still get it?
Shazlg - 4 days ago
Yep, it just released today.
masta crebs
masta crebs - 5 days ago
What day is he released?
Wet Nipple
Wet Nipple - 5 days ago
17 september
FG тот самый
FG тот самый - 5 days ago
Лютый трейлер!!!
Sick Ant
Sick Ant - 6 days ago
Who is here a day before the update?! So excited ^^
Sick Ant
Sick Ant - 5 days ago
111am est
gage gibson
gage gibson - 5 days ago
Is it comeing out soon?
욱타 - 6 days ago
진짜 개소름 돋았다....
Your free trial of being alive has ended
Stranger things is the most garbage mainstream tv show on this planet. But that’s not gonna stop me from buying this character.
Oompas Loompas
Oompas Loompas - 6 days ago
steve is the best character of all of stranger things, the only reason why i watched season 3, so you bet your ass ima get him
Rextimina - 6 days ago
Hey @Dead by Daylight , have you guys ever thought of doing the Xenomorph, Predator and Terminator as a killer in this game?
PerkyPesky Pirate
PerkyPesky Pirate - 6 days ago
This game is fun and it has so much more potential!
Neady - 6 days ago
It’s not in ps4
lucafox_ shadow
lucafox_ shadow - 7 days ago
I hate this tip of moster this game is not so much for me
13 Poo
13 Poo - 7 days ago
This one is the most viewed chapter trailer
Limus - 7 days ago
Day 18 of requesting an Alexei dlc
Akahrimiriko - 7 days ago
They should put Pennywise into the mix
Riba Aduraice
Riba Aduraice - 7 days ago
The "It" Chapter
New Killer: The Shapeshifter (Pennywise)
New Survivor: Eddie Kaspbrak
New Map: Derry, Maine.
Savage Potato
Savage Potato - 5 days ago
recently i watched “IT chapter 2” and it got me thinking if Pennywise was in DBD what would his power be? I spent about an hour on this but i think its pretty dang solid *Spoiler warning:* they’re adults throughout the movie but nearing the ending one of the guys gets caught in a trance due to the three light orbs in pennywise’s mouth, he couldn’t get out of the trance until someone threw a spear down pennywise’s throat. *No more spoilers:* I think if you wanted to defeat Pennywise in dead by daylight teamwork is the best idea, or just staying together, because if that were the killers power, being apart brings the worst possibilities l, because if they follow the movie it would be required to have another harm Pennywise to get out of the trance. id say Pennywise has a 5 - 10 second gateway, (when this starts you get an auditory or visual warning either lasting for the whole time or a few seconds) (I’m taking slight inspiration from ghostfaces power) where if you look at him for a second during it you go into a trance starting a 5-10 second animation where halfway injures the survivor, the full time downs the survivor. Other survivors would interrupt this animation causing the victim to exit the trance, After the victim exits the trance or the gateway time has ended Pennywise’s power gets a 15 - 20 second cooldown (Another thing for the power is that 10 seconds where if they look at you, you run the risk of getting downed, or injured, not looking is hard enough in a chase at higher ranks, so i also think when Pennywise is using his power he shouldn’t be able to use his base attack)
FreddyFTW 115
FreddyFTW 115 - 5 days ago
Riba Aduraice I’m the one who said if it’s for free can you buy demogorgon by itself
RedDevilz - 7 days ago
Plz put pennywise
Zboy 115
Zboy 115 - 7 days ago
hm mmm
hm mmm - 7 days ago
when is it coming live?
Genuine John
Genuine John - 7 days ago
The dead Island
The dead Island - 7 days ago
I don’t have it 😭 I wish I did I don’t think you can get it anymore!
Shazlg - 4 days ago
Idk if you know but it just released today:)
Brando Helferich
Brando Helferich - 5 days ago
@The dead Island np
The dead Island
The dead Island - 5 days ago
Brando Helferich ty lol
Brando Helferich
Brando Helferich - 5 days ago
If your talking about the dlc's there not out yet only for people that are testing it
Benn _
Benn _ - 7 days ago
Matty 3000•
Matty 3000• - 7 days ago
I can’t find it on Xbox
No life gamer Boi
No life gamer Boi - 6 days ago
@Death incarnate when it come out got 10 dollars already
Death incarnate
Death incarnate - 7 days ago
It's not out yet
Trixie Pearl
Trixie Pearl - 8 days ago
When PS4?
TheZolloZombie - 8 days ago
Love! Good Idea!
stxraymxilk可愛い - 8 days ago
what the *quack*
Ruby Moughan
Ruby Moughan - 8 days ago
You suck
noah's beats
noah's beats - 8 days ago
Is it going to come out on ps4
Riba Aduraice
Riba Aduraice - 7 days ago
Mook Mook
Mook Mook - 8 days ago
Larry Miner
Larry Miner - 8 days ago
While you're at it why don't you also add the alien the predator
Larry Miner
Larry Miner - 8 days ago
Next to pennywise
Kenzz Edit
Kenzz Edit - 9 days ago
It chap 2
FreddyFTW 115
FreddyFTW 115 - 9 days ago
Has this came out in the game
FreddyFTW 115
FreddyFTW 115 - 5 days ago
Oh thanks
Riba Aduraice
Riba Aduraice - 5 days ago
@FreddyFTW 115 Can't buy it with points. Only money
FreddyFTW 115
FreddyFTW 115 - 5 days ago
Can you buy it from add on is the points how many points
Riba Aduraice
Riba Aduraice - 5 days ago
@FreddyFTW 115 Yes, you need Auric Cell Packs to buy it buy itself though
FreddyFTW 115
FreddyFTW 115 - 5 days ago
Can you buy the demogorgon by itself
Jolo 24
Jolo 24 - 9 days ago
They should add Creppy Pasta characters into this that would be cool
Bob Semple tank
Bob Semple tank - 9 days ago
Can't wait to watch these characters get ripped to shreds. Maybe they didn't think this one through,
Beverly Kell
Beverly Kell - 9 days ago
Sealing Dog
Sealing Dog - 10 days ago
I wish they put Jason in Dead by day light
Shorddy _973
Shorddy _973 - 7 days ago
@Sealing Dog oh yeah
Sealing Dog
Sealing Dog - 7 days ago
Shorddy _973 how about Slenderman in Dead by daylight
Sealing Dog
Sealing Dog - 9 days ago
Shorddy _973
Shorddy _973 - 9 days ago
They cant cuz of the lawsuit
Caleb Gee
Caleb Gee - 10 days ago
They should make the music in this trailer the end game collapse music for the killer.
Epic Gamers Unite
Epic Gamers Unite - 3 days ago
that would be so anti-climactic pal
Shorddy _973
Shorddy _973 - 9 days ago
He has his own chase music
Potatoes and Pugs
Potatoes and Pugs - 10 days ago
Too bad it’s only for pc
L0STF0RLIFE - 10 days ago
the dlc is coming out on all platforms next week
REST IN EVIL - 10 days ago
What If This Happened IT
New Killer : PennyWise The Dancing Clown
New Survivor : Richie Toizer
New Survivor : Eddie Casbrack
New Map : Nebolt House
Or Other Version
New Killer : Henry Bowers
New Survivor : Mike Hanlon
New Survivor : Stanley Uris
New Map : Dairy High School
Or Other Version
New Killer : Yellow Toothed Witch (Mrs. Cursh)
New Survivor : Bill Denbrough
New Survivor : Beverley Marsh
New Map : Dairy Sewers
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