How To Recharge Your Willpower

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Bernardo Arnaldo Duque
does anyone kwon where i can find the research links ?
Alec Luigi Fernandez
Alec Luigi Fernandez - Month ago
In brightest day,
In blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight!
Let those who worship evil’s might,
Beware my power—GREEN LANTERN’S LIGHT!
Nicolas baravalle
Nicolas baravalle - Month ago
Muito obrigado! (
Thank you!)
Ainsley the meat rubber
You can also improve your willpower through training
Blaxe Frost
Blaxe Frost - 2 months ago
"get enough sleep" ok this was the last video then [2:40 am]
Neb Petrovic
Neb Petrovic - 2 months ago
This is an extremely misleading video in regards to the diet section. We know by now that prolonged fasting helps humans make better decisions for any given circumstance. I feel like that there wasn't sufficient research done into diet and fasting.
one - 2 months ago
Make sure I get paid, watch ALL the videos. Lol, part of the advice is watch youtube.
Jibinraj K Babu
Jibinraj K Babu - 3 months ago
In our area this kind of course cost a lot. Only some people are affordable. When I went for such a course I found no one there was poor. I felt bad. Such things must be needed today be available to everyone. Everyone is needed to be empowered. I thank you sir for starting such an initiative. Big SALUTE.
Andrew S
Andrew S - 3 months ago
Thank you very much. Love the course, but I was definitely triggered by the way you were saying glycemic as glykemic. Wth!
Firelord Eliteast67
Firelord Eliteast67 - 3 months ago
Just scream like Goku. That works for me
one - 2 months ago
It works better in public, preferably at work
Leon Lam - Unlock Your Potential
Has anyone here built the habit of meditation that is willing to share the significant changes in their life?
Rohit mehra
Rohit mehra - 4 months ago
thanks for this course. i really love your content
Esparguetes - 5 months ago
Dishmi siri
Dishmi siri - 5 months ago
You are the most amazing human I have ever come across....I am so happy and glad that you made this amazing information free....usually people would make use of this and try to earn money buy getting people to buy the course...but you made it free so everyone could learn to improve themselves...thank you so much hope you continue....people like you are rare...thanks this is amazing
-FUN MEMES- - 5 months ago
I think procrastination drains will power so I think eating health,exercising and being mindful helps a lot lol.
Pepe - 6 months ago
Ego depletion/a limit on your willpower is only a theory. Many argue that willpower can be unlimited.
4:34 students who didnt eat their breakfast performed bad maybe because they are not used to that? Because many people who do fasting and eating mostly at the end of the day say they perform better on mental tasks during daytime.
4:20 ''low glycemic foods like eggs'' eggs dont have any glycemic value because it doesnt has carbohydrates.
Michael fortune
Michael fortune - 6 months ago
Wow improvement pill it's pronounced GLYSEMIC not Glycemic. Embarrassing.
Saihan Marshall
Saihan Marshall - 2 months ago
Nobody cares
Vloodz !
Vloodz ! - 6 months ago
OOF, i've always been taking a break while thinking about something so deep, maybe that's the problem
Dan Cenow
Dan Cenow - 7 months ago
This video was brought to you by the American Egg Board.
Jokes aside, oatmeal is a great low-glycemic food that also won't make you die of a heart disease some years down the line.
J. - 7 months ago
Just stay in ketosis, BAM solved.
Starscream91 - 7 months ago
James O'Phelan Why?
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick - 9 months ago
8:00 Thank me later
ZekiYC - 9 months ago
this is the best playlist
juhitha vaddineni
juhitha vaddineni - 10 months ago
what if u don't want to come out of the break(stand by mode)?
juhitha vaddineni
juhitha vaddineni - 5 months ago
@Starscream91 hey i went to doctor. he said that i have ADHD. i got medications.
juhitha vaddineni
juhitha vaddineni - 7 months ago
@Starscream91 okay :) i will not have any hopes. But still, they are studies which says meditation can increase and decrease certain parts of Brain
Starscream91 - 7 months ago
juhitha vaddineni Don’t get your hopes up. As I said, ADHD is purely neurologically, not psychological or behavioural. A chunk of your brain is literally smaller than most peoples. It isn’t just some chemical imbalance. Growing a missing part of your brain with meditation would be like growing back a missing finger with meditation. Roy Baumeister would likely agree. Still meditation is still useful.
juhitha vaddineni
juhitha vaddineni - 7 months ago
@Starscream91 thank you so much for clearly explaining things. If doctor conforms i have ADHD, i am willing to take medications. But i am scared of the side effects. I want to see if i can handle this with meditation and yoga. I am sure it will be harder but i want to have long term solution.
Starscream91 - 7 months ago
@juhitha vaddineni I'm glad to hear it. Keep an open mind. Some people think they have ADHD when they don't, since everybody loses focus or what not from time to time. On the flip side, a lot of people who have ADHD refuse to believe it because they don't believe in mental health problems and think they fix everything just by "trying harder". Try and judge your own character as clearly as possible. If you do turn out to have ADHD, which it sounds like you might, don't be afraid to take medication for it if you think it will help you more than it will hurt you. Unlike a lot of mental health problems like anxiety, ADHD isn't helped much by therapy. That is because ADHD is purely neurological. If you do go to a doctor, don't ask for medication outright. Unfortunately, as I'm sure you know, a lot of ADHD medication can be addictive if abused. Because of this, a lot of doctors are immediately suspicious of patients with ADHD and assume they are just trying to get drugs to go get high. if you want an excellent source of ADHD info that is easy to understand I would recommend Russell Barkley's videos on ADHD on RUvideos. He is one of the most renowned experts on the disorder in the world today.
Sam St
Sam St - 10 months ago
Thanks for this course! I'm going back through and watching these to see how much I've improved😁😃
TheZyzyzyzyzy - 10 months ago
Sleep. Well. What about shift work. Seven to ten nights a month.
irrevenant3 - 10 months ago
What if you have a meat pancake? Serious question, that's essentially what I just had for lunch: Chicken, cheese, onion, eggs, self-raising flour. Technically it's a fritter rather than a pancake, but same basic ingredients...
Alireza sharififar
Alireza sharififar - 10 months ago
These videos are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!
Giancarlos Rosales
Giancarlos Rosales - Year ago
I have a bad habit of just being on my phone at work because I'm at a gas which is often slow. I get bord and watch I interesting videos. How can I stop this habit. I've noticed I don't feel well from so much screen time. I rather sit there and study when there are no customers, but of course that get a tiring after a while if it's a slow day.
Umut Yıldız
Umut Yıldız - Year ago
Thank you
Mason Diaz
Mason Diaz - Year ago
How do you reconcile the student performance drop when they skipped breakfast and the benefits of intermittent fasting?
Ezra Epstein
Ezra Epstein - Year ago
It is pronounced:
Dr oussama dz
Dr oussama dz - Year ago
رسولنا الكريم.. أوصى القضاة بأن لا يحكموا جياعا أو حابسين لغائط..
Quang Linh Nguyen
Quang Linh Nguyen - Year ago
Your video helps me so much. Thank you !
richard richardson
richard richardson - Year ago
I decided to skip breakfast, and i feel much better.
I think it depends on the person on how the diet will effect you.
Chauncey Bailey
Chauncey Bailey - Year ago
What if I do intermittent fasting to increase neurogenesis? Or should I just stop doing this ?
TheFalzox - Year ago
1. Eat low-glycemic foods,
2. switch to standby mode, mindfulness
3. get enough sleep
Jeff H.
Jeff H. - Year ago
Glykeemik? Oh, glycemic. With a soft 'c'.
AncientHunter101 - Year ago
In other videos you talk about intermediate fasting, singling out the 8 to 12 routine. But here in this video you say those who skip breakfast perform the worst. Very conflicting information.
Johari Ramli
Johari Ramli - Year ago
where is ep 9
hooikidz - Year ago
Does exercising recharging willpower?? Like going for a jog etc.
Philip J. Fry
Philip J. Fry - Year ago
I'm the kind of guy whose mind doesnt switch off but I chose the fitness keystone... should I choose meditation?
SnowBoomer - Year ago
I never stop thinking but it is very different from worrying. Also, I have no trouble relaxing... So am I a special breed?
Shane Miller
Shane Miller - Year ago
I’m seeing a lot of hate and support on these videos in the comment section. I think applying these “motivational tactics” like intermittent fasting vs eating breakfast every morning is like choosing a diet. Some diets work better for others. You just have to choose what works best for you. I like what this guy is talking about, I’m looking at “willpower” as energy, and the idea or depleting and recharging your batteries makes plenty of sense to me. I’m going to try meditation as I have a hard time turning my brain off.
Cue: brushing my teeth
High bar: 15 min
Low bar: 2 min
Reward: yummy eggs however I want them that morning!
Thank you improvement pill! I’m starting a new business and am having many terrible late nights wondering if I’ll be successful and I think your advice is going to put me on the right track
BarbecueNote - Year ago
My willpower decreased watching the course
Bert. H Buysse
Bert. H Buysse - Year ago
Thanks IP !
Pavan Pulaparthi
Pavan Pulaparthi - Year ago
can i relax or recharge by music
Russell Keyes
Russell Keyes - Year ago
Ego depletion is a fabrication. A meta analysis of ego depletion studies found no, or even an opposite correlation. You have infinite willpower if you're aware of it
drakinfer - Year ago
This video shall be shared.
Nemoian Paw
Nemoian Paw - Year ago
Thank you. I am really understanding this and can see how these things work on me. I am really excited about it. I feel like this will help me accelerate my life in a way that’s easy to actually take action on. I feel I could have wasted a lot of time trying to figure out “what’s wrong with me” so that I could then change my lifestyle. Like childhood issues etc. A lot of trauma that keeps me depressed and doing the same old things. Like if I could heal my wounds I could change. But this starting with the actions is the way. I mean I guess I would be interested in just how my coping mechanisms keep me clinging to unhealthy relationships and bad habits would be useful. But I kind of prefer the bypass method. I just want to move forward. And it’s the habits that I still have that keep me stuck. Like you said keystones. Gracias!!
bless you sir may your days be filled with happiness.
Felipe Tamayo
Felipe Tamayo - Year ago
“Willpower: The greatest human strength” by Baumeister
Amrith Suresh
Amrith Suresh - Year ago
Great content buddy! Keep it going :-)
Kristina S
Kristina S - Year ago
A poor study... no breakfast is the best option for alertness provided that you are not a sugar junkie. Problem is... most people are sugar junkies. Cool course though. Lots of useful snippets. Thank you.
Meowing Meows
Meowing Meows - Year ago
Did anyone notice the vault boy from fallout shelter?
Joom joom Long silver
Look how many people have watched this vid compared to the first one! We are the 1 in 10 that will conquer our addictions!!!!!
G -aro
G -aro - Year ago
i would explain how it is prosperous for you channel to use pop up adds to link to your videos but i wont you may look it up what it dose in the long run for you channel
Dobrinescu Victor
Dobrinescu Victor - Year ago
This is the kind of things we should learn at school!
Simon Wang
Simon Wang - Year ago
you could also take a nap
Eldalion - Year ago
so, eat eggs for breakfast, got it
Average2Ace - Year ago
I have been wondering about gaining advantage of others willpower. If for example, I have to make a presentation about my project and being scored by my professor in front of the class. Should I volunteered first or wait until my turn (hoped for the last turn)
P3mons - Year ago
Tamed Course ROCK !!!
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