Moving Particles with Vibration, Making the Chladni Plate

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Physics Girl
Physics Girl - Month ago
Mehdi! Thank you for the shoutout! This was epic, and hilarious as usual. I can’t believe you even attempted to move the particles, that’s EXTRA. Btw, you stumbled on some really interesting physics at 5:25 that I may or may not have already been thinking about for a future video….
Dabbing Boys
Dabbing Boys - 8 days ago
Jabhraiel Laking 0:36
Jabhraiel Laking
Jabhraiel Laking - 10 days ago
0:35 🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Maui Shingles
Maui Shingles - 20 days ago
MARINE serving Jesus Christ
Physics Girl I told him he was the funniest way to learn about these topics. But not the most beautiful, which I accredited to you PhysicsGirl. :)
Ali Khan
Ali Khan - 23 days ago
If anyone of you can make a simple radar system?
S real-iron
S real-iron - 2 hours ago
00:35 got me you even expected it yourself :D
Super Dood
Super Dood - 21 hour ago
Super Dood
Super Dood - 21 hour ago
Why do I do these things
Super Dood
Super Dood - 21 hour ago
Alomoes - Day ago
Yeah, you probably can eliminate your problem thing by syncing both frequencies to have no difference or by having a frequency that cancels it out. So you probably had two waves, one created by the bouncing off the walls, and then one that canceled it out from the second projector. Pretty good.
X20Games05 - Day ago
Absolutely not a single soul*
crackheads* "No longer will my credit cards have sniffy sugar on them
Comrade Charlotte
Comrade Charlotte - 2 days ago
When he said "let me increase the amplitude" I knew that glass panel was doomed.
Ali Qais
Ali Qais - 2 days ago
He know what do and he bear the responsibility love you man
You are smart but u forgot much
THE-BASS BOY - 2 days ago
A new fun way to snort your Coke kids
JPEpro79vid - 3 days ago
Very Interesting experiment.. I do like what you do Brother.. 👌👌👌👍👍👍
The Spam
The Spam - 4 days ago
1:21 wtf haha i wish my phiscs teacher was like that
jeremi Pelletier-Lussier
If we had teacher's like this , i would shut the fuck up about homework and score that 100% boi every exam ahah
Ydkm Ynw
Ydkm Ynw - 4 days ago
7:52 when I heard that I thought of the avengers
2KFINESST - 4 days ago
"Now the energy of the waves pass through each other like a Holy Spirit through a wall!
(Music Plays in background)

Thumbs up for you!

Now that was Funny AF...
I haven't laughed like that in ???... too long
Dweiks - 4 days ago
Music name please?
Lalit - 5 days ago
Why don't you try making the wavelength difference between the two waves equal to the length of the board that way the oscillation of the wave from one end will drive the particles to the other end and vice-versa? I don't have any lab access to try this. But m pretty sure this should work though.
Bader Khawashki
Bader Khawashki - 6 days ago
"".....and that's why this video is sponsored by expressvpn""
klammy - 7 days ago
I feel like your going to lose an eye one day lmao
Eduardo Sosa
Eduardo Sosa - 8 days ago
3:40 House speaker which I call Nancy
3:43 Nancy Pelosi the House Speaker
J. Robertson
J. Robertson - 8 days ago
DIY electric chair video?????
MegaTurkeyLeg - 8 days ago
my lecturer: **teaches class**
me: 6:05
Yolo Submarine
Yolo Submarine - 8 days ago
The crossover with my interest in detuned oscillators in music production is fascinating. Its the start of a classic wobble bass sound.
Orten Musik
Orten Musik - 9 days ago
If you mak this whith water can you make the gas rain
Khanh Phan
Khanh Phan - 9 days ago
Never forget mentioning about ads 🤣🤣
Jc Rochangliana
Jc Rochangliana - 9 days ago
7:20 whats that app.. i want it
Troy Vincent
Troy Vincent - 9 days ago
You can temper the glass first by leaving it at 900 degrees four up to 24 hours. If I remember correctly.
Troy Vincent
Troy Vincent - 9 days ago
Do you think you can find a frequency that will even slightly bend light? I know I saw a Giant magnet causing what looked like a mirage on a huge electromagnet once. At least light won’t fall off the plate like salt does. Maybe like the frequency at 5:25? Seems like the little clouds formed again at 9:00.
Troy Vincent
Troy Vincent - 9 days ago
So that’s why you’re called electro-boom!💥LOL!
Anthony Helm
Anthony Helm - 10 days ago
2 speakers next to each other on the same side of the board, instead of on opposite sides...maybe?
Placek 5678
Placek 5678 - 10 days ago
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David Marji
David Marji - 10 days ago
I know I’m late but what if you change both frequencies while the salt is moving. What I mean is that you raise each of the frequencies 1 higher so then the nodes positions would move and the salt would move towards them, I’m not that knowledgeable on this topic so I’m not sure it will work, I think you already tried that
Jesús Gómez
Jesús Gómez - 10 days ago
At least the effect at 9:39 was good: looks like the border is soaking particles from the small cloud in the bottom center.
K H - 10 days ago
You made a coke users dream
Jumper OwO
Jumper OwO - 10 days ago
More like "how to make cocaine lines"
Nova - 10 days ago
4:54 is a drug users dream. Makes a perfect line of powder ;-;
Official Bass Head Vibes
Official Bass Head Vibes - 10 days ago
reverse polarity. , output wattage and ohm laws apply to your equation. and also add a heat sink or some type of heat dissipation system to prevent your diy amp from overheating ohm laws is also a factor in excess power withdrawal heat dissipation
Roblox Gamers
Roblox Gamers - 11 days ago
Tristan Imanene
Tristan Imanene - 12 days ago
Well he is lucky because when he is doing his experiments he always has a mini Fourth of July.........with sparks ⚡️
Andrew Wong
Andrew Wong - 12 days ago
I wonder how many times each video he has to go down to the basement and flip the circuit breaker
Rexee Jugadora
Rexee Jugadora - 12 days ago
Jonathan - 12 days ago
*sniffs armpit*
Oscar Jeremia
Oscar Jeremia - 13 days ago
8:31 Piano+harmonica/melodica in sync 😂
Tony Tan
Tony Tan - 13 days ago
Holy shit he made the music visualiser in real life
Jim F
Jim F - 14 days ago
This was actually very cool.
AULIS A.O.T - 14 days ago
11:15 i walk in to IIIIICCCE (class)
AULIS A.O.T - 14 days ago
Viking Ninja
Viking Ninja - 14 days ago
Did anyone hear Mehdi go grrmh at 3:43
Fisher Pickens
Fisher Pickens - 15 days ago
Why do I think his family hears a pop or bang and screaming on a daily basis
Parth Chhabra
Parth Chhabra - 15 days ago
Sir nikola tesla indicated 432hz as universe's frequency . I wanted to know what would cladini plate do at 432 hz ?
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