Moving Particles with Vibration, Making the Chladni Plate

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Physics Girl
Physics Girl - 4 months ago
Mehdi! Thank you for the shoutout! This was epic, and hilarious as usual. I can’t believe you even attempted to move the particles, that’s EXTRA. Btw, you stumbled on some really interesting physics at 5:25 that I may or may not have already been thinking about for a future video….
Arun S P
Arun S P - 3 months ago
Let's see it😊
read more
read more - 3 months ago
Try this with animal sound like beluga whale 😐🤔
Dabbing Boys
Dabbing Boys - 3 months ago
Jabhraiel Laking 0:36
Jabhraiel Laking
Jabhraiel Laking - 3 months ago
0:35 🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Maui Shingles
Maui Shingles - 3 months ago
Bob A
Bob A - 15 hours ago
Love this guy! I am hooked, subbed and liked.
Alejandro Pantoja
Alejandro Pantoja - Day ago
@0:35 i suscribed, right away
SebgamingYT - 2 days ago
Vibrating and making particles move kinda remind me of reverse flash
The β Version
The β Version - 2 days ago
Wakanda.... 1:05
Oscar Reyes
Oscar Reyes - 2 days ago
Marcel P.
Marcel P. - 3 days ago
0:58 got a periodic videos feeling
JTSpider WW2
JTSpider WW2 - 4 days ago
Hey I absolutely love your videos man these are so great. Quick question does anyone know the piano piece in the background? Its so good!
rayoooss - 4 days ago
Hi mehdi
I have question why sometimes when we facelift light in cars change it from normal lights to led it flash what the reason of this
Barbara Meza
Barbara Meza - 8 days ago
Beautiful experiment MR. Thanx!!!
a random internet guy
a random internet guy - 9 days ago
0:35 made me laugh so hard
Yono Savage boy123
Yono Savage boy123 - 9 days ago
4:50 that is easy and it's cool
Jacob Garrett
Jacob Garrett - 9 days ago
You should build a Peltier Cloud Chamber and use americium from a fire alarm
Mateus Dias Romano
Mateus Dias Romano - 11 days ago
very salty plate huh
George Gates
George Gates - 12 days ago
You almost described the heterodyning principle while explaining standing waves: Two higher frequencies creating a third.
kushall nepall
kushall nepall - 14 days ago
What if you used a borosilicate glass ?
Kami Vids
Kami Vids - 15 days ago
You should try it with water :3
DG Bangs
DG Bangs - 15 days ago
0:35 at the same frequency BIIIIIP « CLAK » FXCCKKK 😂😂😂😂😂
Yt Enderman
Yt Enderman - 16 days ago
Plss shout out
Iwrxw - 19 days ago
speaker: *BRRRRRZT*

*epic channel*
Arivald - 20 days ago
whats the name of piano tune?
Antonis m. Antonis m.
Antonis m. Antonis m. - 20 days ago
are you playing the piano ?
Melissa Dingle
Melissa Dingle - 24 days ago
0:36 F*CK!
TheOnlySp1r1t - 26 days ago
alyssa dahiya
alyssa dahiya - 27 days ago
Excellent, an auto cocaine sorter
Arctic SeaCamel
Arctic SeaCamel - 27 days ago
What if the frequency wasn’t symmetrical? I mean the peak to other side should be stronger than the peak back. That way the particles may “jump” more to the first direction than the other.
Try checking vibrating conveyors.
Tyler Chambers
Tyler Chambers - 28 days ago
How to make a line without a credit card
AA Productions
AA Productions - 28 days ago
If the sand/salt/powder/whatever would actually jump up straight, then it would never find its way to the node, and you'd just have moving sand spots and non moving sand spots, but the amount of sand in each spot would be the same! So what causes the sideways movement?
There is no such thing as chaos, so don't give me that shit type of answer! Okay, everything has a cause! You only call it chaos because you, as a human being, have trouble computing an accurate prediction. It's your human lack of knowledge that makes us call something "random" or "chaotic", not the thing itself! Nothing itself is actually chaotic, ever!
Wow, I was not expecting this comment to turn into a speech, but hey, what can I do, that's just how the brain works apparently. Anyways, if you can give more insight into this sideways movement phenomenon, please share your wisdom, thank you!
The One Time
The One Time - 29 days ago
0:29 perfectly cut screams anyone?
Lol Kio
Lol Kio - Month ago
519 looks like a *va*
wernergraff - Month ago
Would it be worth to try shifting the phase of one of the speakers instead of frequency?
USDD - Month ago
Mehdi, Your Video Make All My Family Laugh And I Hope You Make More LOL And And My Family Laugh.
Magneticitist - Month ago
Wife walks in and catches him looking like Scarface with a small mountain of coke
Death Is a Lie
Death Is a Lie - Month ago
Im here for the jokes
Bagus Prihastomo
Bagus Prihastomo - Month ago
Kinda satisfying to watch the salts moving around lol
The Chicken fried Redneck
cobravello - Month ago
you can sell this contraption to junkies to form perfect cocaine lines every time with no mess or hassle
cobravello - Month ago
oops, 3 months late with my comment
عالییییی بوووود .... وااااای
Hans Jürgen Ochsenfahrt
old stuff - build an automate, which brings screws thrown in to a spirale let them with vibrations walk on in the right direction laing... to an automatic screwdriver...
why aree you so focussed on sound for creating the vibrations..
the automate must work - after short revonfigurating withe another sort - norm of screws..
in following frames...
Tristan Shanks
Tristan Shanks - Month ago
This would actually be a good way to make a intruder alert system
2DX DistorteD MaXX
2DX DistorteD MaXX - Month ago
gotlife Z
gotlife Z - Month ago
is this effect you showed in the end in other videos real? or is it just an optic effect like the floating watereffect (made with strobolight fitting to the freuquency applied to the water?)
regards from cologne germany :)
Argentina3000 - Month ago
So, this is some kind of darpa technologhy? i ve heard also, that this can be used to destroy big infraestructures like BRIDGES AND TOWERS.
Jonathan Litz
Jonathan Litz - Month ago
Hey electricity makes art on that speaker and board
Neuron - Month ago
Bhushan Dhodi
Bhushan Dhodi - Month ago
James RA Woodwright
James RA Woodwright - Month ago
7:56 sounds like the dr who earthshock alarm
Nuclear Pickle
Nuclear Pickle - Month ago
:33 i showed my brother and he is dying rn
Dominator55800 - Month ago
kindergarteners when they hear the recess bell
ツYungFemi - Month ago
You're here for 0:32. Yet I recommend you watch the rest it is gold
Amod Gawade
Amod Gawade - Month ago
i really like your videos, very entertaining and extremely informative, you give great analogies and make studying about electricity great fun. love it(although you should probably try not killing yourself once in a while)
Artifex Serena
Artifex Serena - Month ago
I hate but also Love how I understand what he's saying. Thanks AP Physics and Summer School Physics 2018!
Elias Boyd
Elias Boyd - Month ago
11:16 lucky it didn’t fucking explode like usual
Tommy Barber
Tommy Barber - Month ago
Snort it
Witness Fox
Witness Fox - Month ago
So confused, is he Canadian or American?
2DX DistorteD MaXX
2DX DistorteD MaXX - Month ago
Zephyr - Month ago
so it's basically an auto crack liner?
Davohgamer V
Davohgamer V - Month ago
what you hear: 331hz
what i hear: sound from avengers endgame theme
Ocean Breeze
Ocean Breeze - Month ago
Make one of the waves a sawtooth wave, trust me
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