Barack Obama: 'You Don't Need Eight Women Around You Twerking'

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the dark night
the dark night - Month ago
'' you seem stressed.. '' hahaha he's just so good!!
Redneck Patriot
Redneck Patriot - Month ago
Obama soon to be charged.....atleast in the court of public opinion. He knew the doj and fbi were running an illegal spying scheme and illegal investigation. Get ready!!!!
Ali Hicks
Ali Hicks - Month ago
Why does everything have to be about race?! Who cares what ethnicity a person is, did anyone understand the content of his words? And not one president received 100% of America’s votes. But if you think you can do better, go for it!!! You can’t change anything sitting on the couch.
EDEN ETIENNE - Month ago
Mike Cass
Mike Cass - 2 months ago
"If I had a son he would look like Jussie."
SuperElite27000000 - 2 months ago
Why can't these hosts annunnciate the English language correctly?
MissDAdolph - 2 months ago
Preeeeach President Obama!!
Gustavs Strazdins
Gustavs Strazdins - 2 months ago
Exactly what homosexual guy would say lmao
cmbsoldja - 2 months ago
Nothing wrong with having a bunch of black hoes around you working/twerking.
Michael Davenport
Michael Davenport - 2 months ago
DaOriginalCanadian DancehallQueenSimone
Real talk
Apollo - 3 months ago
Trump has done more and continues to do more for black people then Obama did in his eight years. What a disappointment.
Rudy Straight
Rudy Straight - 3 months ago
CTG on point., putting dumbass Envy on game..
Taff Rivers Jr.
Taff Rivers Jr. - 3 months ago
Barack can't and shouldn't speak for every black man or woman...
Donovan Isom
Donovan Isom - 3 months ago
yee got a stopped up nose
8Groudon8 - 3 months ago
You just got dissed by Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States of America.
Booty Quesò
Booty Quesò - 3 months ago
Oh yes I do
Trajan Nerva
Trajan Nerva - 3 months ago
You don’t NEED it but..... lol
Barrack is a grown man and a father, I’m sure he’s had to deal with his daughters being caught twerkin or whatever, Michele popped that thang a little on Ellen so I know ..... but he’s right, we gotta do better for ourselves.
Josh - 3 months ago
Best politician ever!!!
Markus Stevens aka BIG INFINITE
Remember when blac chyna used to be black lol
Joyce M
Joyce M - 3 months ago
The richest people don’t show off their money.
Lil Kabuni
Lil Kabuni - 3 months ago
I could see how this pertains to fake wannabe street niggas but you ain’t gone tell somebody from poverty that the 8pound chain filled with flawless diamonds isn’t a trophy so yea obama do you and we do us
Allen Jones
Allen Jones - 3 months ago
Obama dick riders = Nazi
ThePltsweet - 3 months ago
Soulja got dumped so the only thing, as usual from a weak man is to use a woman's sexuality against her. Granted she's thoty but he too needs to check his THOTy ass in a hospital for a drip because he looks really dry and dehydrated in the face.
K D - 3 months ago
But Barry those women want to be there.
Aaron Monroe
Aaron Monroe - 3 months ago
Barack Obama had 8 women acting as Obama girls for the same reason they have girls twerking. Exposure and sales, after all everyone knows sex sells. Why didn't he have any Obama men? Because he used females to sell his campaign just as the people he bitches about does. Why don't you talk down on cocaine use? Oh yea, cuz you had some in your nose. Wasn't his daughter twerking and kissing boys publicly?
Mikal Raheem
Mikal Raheem - 3 months ago
Envy why don't u invite Erica Mena on the show?
Buh_its_me _Yall
Buh_its_me _Yall - 3 months ago
Y’all saying Obama didn’t do anything for black people, but Fr Fr what did you expect him to do? Give every black person money?
Legacy EnT
Legacy EnT - 3 months ago
Obama sounds like bill Cosby, while we got the one telling us what to do ruling the world telling his people grab the pussy... So we steady get downed and do something different. While the oppressor do what they want and tell there people riot, there just expressing themselves. Our probably is us
Ramifications - 3 months ago
Envy is not a man. Everything about him is weak
Low Tech
Low Tech - 3 months ago
#44 aka President Obama is just cooler the the opposite side of the pillow brah. Love it.
4daluvofnikki - 3 months ago
Some of the most wealthiest people dress like they have $500 in their account. I agree with Pres. Obama if you have it you actually don’t feel the need to flaunt.
Denny Belhammond
Denny Belhammond - 3 months ago
Yeah but a man who is secure in his heterosexuality will definitely enjoy 8 twerking women. Nothing wrong with watching women dance! Don’t box in the human experience!
Huhgang Menace
Huhgang Menace - 3 months ago
What did Barack do for the black community in eight years tho?
Yaya Boom
Yaya Boom - 3 months ago
How does envy feel bad for this piece of trash? He should get life in prison.
Yaya Boom
Yaya Boom - 3 months ago
I do though
enigma mist
enigma mist - 3 months ago
Why not talk in terms of general good, like as a human race? Talking trash about men is the easiest thing to do these days. Hope he gets another Nobel for this. The most do nothing, talk safe, smile infront of the camera president ever. He worked very hard to be where he is but this attitude of trash talks geez.
Themis Vespucci
Themis Vespucci - 3 months ago
Sounds cosby-esque.
Eric Pearson
Eric Pearson - 3 months ago
Barack is 💯 on what he said!!
Babatunde Famutimi
Babatunde Famutimi - 3 months ago
This brother needs mental health support, because he is probably suffering from attention problem.
maxxfatal - 3 months ago
He's right you don't need 8. I prefer 10
Jay Blast
Jay Blast - 3 months ago
*I'm trying to master a mindset like Mr. Obama!*
George Jones
George Jones - 3 months ago
Don't Need Obama telling me that, shows he has no life after being President
papertags - 3 months ago
Jussie Against the World
braden lloyd
braden lloyd - 3 months ago
Obama pretty much said rappers need to act more like jcole
Tammy Franklin
Tammy Franklin - 3 months ago
Gay Tupac? Now he's "Amerikas Most Wanted!'
Ty Banks
Ty Banks - 3 months ago
Obama is gay
philip joseph
philip joseph - 3 months ago
Hes an idiot!! Obama was all about rappers n shit
/Bossdon83Drizzydre2733 Primetime7128
Soulja boy proves he never change
OneEyed Jacks
OneEyed Jacks - 3 months ago
Who planned it all for little jussie Kamilla one rope 2 necks
Jacob Sailes
Jacob Sailes - 3 months ago
Talk yo shit B 😂
daedae miller
daedae miller - 3 months ago
Barack a real nigga tho dats y💯
Kevin King
Kevin King - 3 months ago
Charlamagne and Envy both cheated on their wives and probably only stopped bc they got caught and they try so hard to be the face of faithful black men movement 😂😂😂 NO NIGGA dont love your wife now
Irma Carter
Irma Carter - 3 months ago
Melanin&Curves - 3 months ago
Yasss Obama!!! Tell em, Prez!! #44
Melanin&Curves - 3 months ago
Tyler Perry already put out his bid on behalf of Jussie. He’s straight. I’m sure that Oprah is low key got lawyers moving
Robert L
Robert L - 3 months ago
Yes I do
Sim Simas
Sim Simas - 3 months ago
You seem stressed.~ Obama
Money Mitch
Money Mitch - 3 months ago
I don’t understand how that’s harsh when black chyna and her mom are cum dumpsters
craig Mills
craig Mills - 3 months ago
Dj envy sayin i feel bad for jussie is fkn sick. If a white boy did this ppl would want him killed. Foh
Biological Organism.
Biological Organism. - 3 months ago
So, he doesn't need eight women around him twerking, according to Obama, but when it comes to those eight women slaughtering fetuses in the womb due to them not wanting to take care of it, (not in regards to the health of the mother, for example), suddenly, it's "their body, their choice"? Well, then he can have eight women twerking around him, as it's "their body, their choice", right Obama?
2 pac
2 pac - 3 months ago
Where was this Barack at when je was in office?? Y'all 🐑
dgdollaz - 3 months ago
Why does Obama keep frontin likes he’s black ?
dgdollaz - 3 months ago
Oh shit. Charlemagne is on some real non industry shit this morning. I bet he he misses a few days of work being “sick” so they can reprogram him
Neicy Newby
Neicy Newby - 3 months ago
Wow Blac Chyna! Smh
Aries King
Aries King - 3 months ago
Obama with that game 🔥
Marcus Howard
Marcus Howard - 3 months ago
...yall mad soulja boy ain't put on his cape for blac chyna 😂😂😂 captain save a hoe headasses in the comments
Sun Warz
Sun Warz - 3 months ago
its weird he had to bring pac into this.just give up on channeling that nigga hes out this punk ass earth
Rafael Orona
Rafael Orona - 3 months ago
I absolutely love Barack Obama, he is just the men every men should aspire to be, no matter the skin color or nationality.
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson - 3 months ago
Obama never lied, how many men can say that
ashley thebest
ashley thebest - 3 months ago
*why are you acting that way? You seem stressed* you heard it first. Og Obama has spoken
Abi Jake
Abi Jake - 3 months ago he won't mind dropping the soap
Young King Kush
Young King Kush - 3 months ago
Somebody forgot to add the end card music...
Clovis Ahmed
Clovis Ahmed - 3 months ago
lostone dx
lostone dx - 3 months ago
"Bust down Michelliana"
Clovis Ahmed
Clovis Ahmed - 3 months ago
Sarah Hendricks
Sarah Hendricks - 3 months ago
Speak that truth Charlamagne 🗣👏🏼🙌🏼💯
Jacob Bodnar
Jacob Bodnar - 3 months ago
Jacob Bodnar
Jacob Bodnar - 2 months ago
+Tha Ruthless 1_ AZF its funny you say that , income tax is lower for the low and middle class . Due to trumps new policy . People who make 20,000 a year are getting the same tax deductions as millionaires So unless you are a multimillionaire , .... Than i think we both up shits creek without a paddle.
Tha Ruthless 1_ AZF
Tha Ruthless 1_ AZF - 3 months ago
Not me I actually like get money back during tax season
Jacob Bodnar
Jacob Bodnar - 3 months ago
Shout out to charlamane for keeping it 200% at ALL TIMES
Black First
Black First - 3 months ago
Better twerking than being known as the African who dropped more bombs in Africa than any white president in history
David Stephens
David Stephens - 3 months ago
Tired about dude from Empire, don’t care about it
youngal04 - 3 months ago
The zionists told obama to do damage control on millennials. Duh Mr. President wouldnt that lead to an episode of divorce court? I am tired of goverment people trying intersect themselves into hipster media. Revolution and government cant coexist. He going for the same self righteous bullshit he did in 2008 when he was trying to get elected they ask him about hiphop and stated he loves it. Okay brother obama name us 5 hiphop songs you love and why. Obama you looking like Kamala Harris when she got fact checked by the internet.
I feel Jussie shouldn’t face nothing they accuse of everything and never get nothing did the white lady go to jail from callin the police on that lil girl for selling water or for crying about the black guys for having a bbq this world and country is so racist and full of stupidity 🤦🏽‍♂️
ShadeOnTheMic - 3 months ago
Obama only talks bad about black men. His daughters don’t even like us. He scared to address white men.
ShadeOnTheMic - 3 months ago
We the only ones being fair. If races were reversed the white guy would not get punished.
ChiefKene - 3 months ago
Dj Envy still corny
Stop Woofin
Stop Woofin - 3 months ago
+ChiefKene who's sellin ass? You sound delusional
ChiefKene - 3 months ago
Stop Woofin you right, I don’t sell my ass for fame lol
Stop Woofin
Stop Woofin - 3 months ago
And you still???? Not important😄
Shanna Waller
Shanna Waller - 3 months ago
I think its funny how Obama can lecture his people but can't with white people
Journal Wright
Journal Wright - 3 months ago
Obama was absolutely right. Also we don't need a president that's a coward when it comes to injustices against his own people and constituents and bows to a reality show star that eventually succeeds him.
Abibo Ngandu
Abibo Ngandu - 3 months ago
Jussie 🤦🏽‍♂️
Blac Chyna + Souldja Boy... 🤢🤢🤮
Barack 👑
Idris 🤜🏽🤛🏽
Kentuckyfan7 - 3 months ago
I been wondering why dudes always having bitches in they videos. Like bruh! Like why you need females to do a video. Just do a video without em!!!
Candor spot
Candor spot - 3 months ago
Black people dying to put 8 pound chains around their neck...
Joseph J
Joseph J - 3 months ago
Yeah obama all you need is one man dressed like woman to twrrk than tranny ass on you for 30 years lol
MsMeeSee - 3 months ago
The way he said "Twerking!"
Jeff M
Jeff M - 3 months ago
My name is my name
My name is my name - 3 months ago
I don't feel bad for Jussie. Do stupid shit, get stupid results 🤷🏽
4 Virtues 4 Truths
4 Virtues 4 Truths - 3 months ago
Gillian Kennedy
Gillian Kennedy - 3 months ago
movie3450 - 3 months ago
I know Charlemagne did not just say that is harsh. This man made his living saying harsh things and now you feeling some type of way about it. What is going on right now
Supreme McD
Supreme McD - 3 months ago
This mf here still got dumb black people fool he didn't do shit for us but still show his face this shows u u mf is dumb deaf and blind ask him a real question why haven't u done 1 thing or 1 law change to help yo people u mf so happy to be around him more black got killed on his watch explain that Obama
Almost Famous
Almost Famous - 3 months ago
All these men talking about “black history month” but don’t give af about black women 🙄 stick to the Donald Trump and self hate y’all used to
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