EGG DROP - Bobby Duke vs William Osman

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it is not my birthday
0:08 William collabbed with Mark and he's not even subscribed
Eddie Roche
Eddie Roche - 4 days ago
You're a fucking engineer, William.
Tyler DeVenny
Tyler DeVenny - 4 days ago
Michael is such a mood in every video lol
pplpplown - 5 days ago
fuckin popcorn police car
Owen Adams
Owen Adams - 5 days ago
That guy is probably Mark Rober
jarrett palanti
jarrett palanti - 6 days ago
It looks like a make shift bomb lol boom
Casey_n_Stuff - 6 days ago
I fucking love seeing Michael show up randomly in your vids and do some randomly funny shit
Moonatik - 7 days ago
Watching Mark Rober's _perfectly engineered_ design completely fail is entertaining for some reason.
Preda 652
Preda 652 - 8 days ago
What's the name of the music he play in the supermarket
Arlo - 10 days ago
Jello splinter
UnitxdIdixtsOfAmxrxca -
UnitxdIdixtsOfAmxrxca - - 10 days ago
does michael reeves fucking live with william he shows up in like every video
Faddidaddi - 10 days ago
Bobby Duke added unneeded extra weight to the egg with the jar, though
Connor Proberts
Connor Proberts - 11 days ago
This video is eggstnt
Amanda Kaufman
Amanda Kaufman - 11 days ago
My whole ap physics class got an A for our egg drop just because it had rained all week and sprinkled that morning. After every group dropped theirs and none broke my super strict teacher almost threw a fit and told someone to drop just a plain unprotected egg. If you hadn’t guessed, it survived and bounced multiple times. My teacher almost gave everyone an F but it was her idea to drop that day so we were able to convince her to give us the A just because of the technicalities.
V8 Addiction
V8 Addiction - 11 days ago
Haha, that outro
nickz1lla - 11 days ago
Karen joins the chat "is that a rat poop"
Cameron Ohlin
Cameron Ohlin - 12 days ago
William's egg-sploded
Jimmy Pope
Jimmy Pope - 12 days ago
I clicked on the video cuz i thought it was the duke brothers but its fags
Sophie - 10 days ago
Jimmy Pope Aww your such a nice human being. Using slurs is great, keep up the good work!
ben shepherd
ben shepherd - 12 days ago
William is a giant child
Just Mintz
Just Mintz - 12 days ago
He should of put the jello thing inside the bag of popcorn
The song is called darude super bonelord sandstorm
I want to see Michael naked
ungekoopt - 12 days ago
It eggsploded
TitanFallout - 12 days ago
Ziz Izaziaz
Ziz Izaziaz - 10 days ago
Frostz_Zombie - 12 days ago
I love Bobby duke he’s fuckin hilarious
PanCake Thief
PanCake Thief - 13 days ago
I would appreciate it if you guys checked out my channel. I post fun and creative content.
Sugar & Spice
Sugar & Spice - 13 days ago
Bobby!!!!!!!!! He wins no matter mmmmmwhat!!!!
Latias and Polar bear Gaming
Idea to win, use the plastic bags u get from the supermarket cuz they are free as protection or a parachute *gg*
wh6les6me - 13 days ago
why the fuck is there a basement in yo fucking RV
mr sprinkles
mr sprinkles - 14 days ago
just use the free bag u get at the store
Adomas Stonys
Adomas Stonys - 14 days ago
Fuck you
vincent castro
vincent castro - 15 days ago
you should do this with a random stranger
Graham Cartwright
Graham Cartwright - 15 days ago
Aiden McMullen
Aiden McMullen - 15 days ago
When I was little I wrapped a egg In a crap ton of bubble wrap and then a crap ton of toilet paper
Basically Beth
Basically Beth - 15 days ago
You got mice , get a cat
-{Liquid} -
-{Liquid} - - 16 days ago
Is he gonna do an egg drop after every collab he does
Master Julez
Master Julez - 16 days ago
Lets build stuff with hydraulics, oh hey... Liquids under compression are soft and cushioning right? Did he really obtain a qualification?
Maks Kaufman
Maks Kaufman - 16 days ago
Look at the search bar at the beginning
Maks Kaufman
Maks Kaufman - 16 days ago
HA egg drop children
Emperoryuri - 16 days ago
Is that Michael Reeves
Dodo king 1567
Dodo king 1567 - 16 days ago
You were supposed to put the egg BY ITSELF in the popcorn bag an then reseal the bag so then BOOM an uncracked egg
Anabell Justice
Anabell Justice - 16 days ago
Why didnt u out the jello stuff inside the bag of cheetos instead of on the outside....
james cruz
james cruz - 16 days ago
I have the exact same hoodie as Bobby :)
Underfan77 - 16 days ago
I actually have one of those dart guns
_ Lily _
_ Lily _ - 16 days ago
I did this in year 5, except someone stood on a chair and dropped the egg thing
Someone wrapped it in loads of paper and it didnt crack.
Prestonian 1
Prestonian 1 - 17 days ago
Why do bobby and William look the same?
SciNix - 17 days ago
Why couldnt you just stuff the ....jello thingy in the popcorn bag
My World The Channel
My World The Channel - 17 days ago
“ I dont even wanna win ”
Every six year old when they know they are about to lose
(How do i make the words bold)
Happy Torrentt
Happy Torrentt - 15 days ago
*like dis*
TYLER RAINES - 17 days ago
Like at that pussy with the glasses

The shirts cool too 👌
Rhianna Rajput
Rhianna Rajput - 17 days ago
Oh shit this is the collab I have been waiting for my whole life
Alpha64 - 17 days ago
Boy don't you just LOVE reading comments then an ad pops up then you are back at the top?
Dapperguy - 17 days ago
"TRaInEd pROfeSsIoNaL"
Trey Moody
Trey Moody - 17 days ago
My new favorite YouTuber
Joey Improta
Joey Improta - 17 days ago
Just sayin Will, I wish you tried a little harder. Try to be less retarded and have just slightly more engineering standpoint like your somewhat older videos are, Bobby was like that, but still makes yours more stupid then his simple egg saving device. still a dope video as of course I loved it.
Joe McGoober
Joe McGoober - 17 days ago
OH!! That guy!
Annsley Cheyenne
Annsley Cheyenne - 17 days ago
I had to do this for a project at school....i got a ziploc bag filled it with peanut butter and it worked
Emmet Young
Emmet Young - 17 days ago
I'd buy a large plastic container and spend the rest on gelatin, justshove the egg in a container full of jello so the shock would be absorbed into the jello not the e g g y w e g g y
•Yume-Chan Neko•
•Yume-Chan Neko• - 17 days ago
I find this video the day my class does the Egg drop challenge
Vinicio Brancato
Vinicio Brancato - 17 days ago
For the love of God, put some fletchings on that jello Willy ‘O if ya want it to fall vertical
Heat Rave
Heat Rave - 17 days ago
I won egg-drop with a piece of garbage I found on the floor.
CuzzyTheOriginal - 17 days ago
Does William Osman looks like Aaron Paul only to me?
Katie Lady
Katie Lady - 17 days ago
I wanna see Michael naked
Captain Leafy
Captain Leafy - 17 days ago
I actually have the same jacket as bobby...that's pretty interdesting...
n a n c y l e
n a n c y l e - 17 days ago
I only watched this video because Bobby duke was in it
the wild runners
the wild runners - 17 days ago
i bet caretaker did a better job
Joe briscoe
Joe briscoe - 18 days ago
It's good you go straight to the point, like you don't just record your day up to this point
Ericel D
Ericel D - 18 days ago
2:55 I think he means Mike wazowski
Blue The Slithery Sheep :D
Ella Musics
Ella Musics - 18 days ago
I would buy a marshmello bag and put it in there! I don't know if that works?
Googol Plexion
Googol Plexion - 18 days ago
6:14 I’m actually confused
DerpSkittleZ - 18 days ago
use chips
SEeEostPlyz - 18 days ago
Michaels first appearance tho.
RedBarron - 18 days ago
3:03 what is that michael. How come?
ANTHONY ENRIQUEZ - 18 days ago
My egg drop project was due last week
Dragonrider KE
Dragonrider KE - 18 days ago
When my two favourite youtubers work together this happens I love it
Nathan James
Nathan James - 18 days ago
Why couldn't you just put the jello contraption in the popcorn bag
DomesticPlaysYT -
DomesticPlaysYT - - 19 days ago
I did a egg drop in school
Sapphire draws
Sapphire draws - 19 days ago
If Michael was in this video he would’ve flown the egg into space
AwsomeGaming HD
AwsomeGaming HD - 19 days ago
AwsomeGaming HD
AwsomeGaming HD - 19 days ago
3:47 you couldn't have put the egg in the popcorn
Devin Blair II
Devin Blair II - 19 days ago
Michael Reeves?
Shiroi Hana
Shiroi Hana - 19 days ago
When I was little we were challenged to do it using straws
Blob _
Blob _ - 19 days ago
There's a lot of "that guy" but only one "that dude"
Samantha Lemons
Samantha Lemons - 19 days ago
me: im gonna get some sleep tonight
also me: *watches two grown men playing with eggs at 3:12 a.m.*
A Generic Highschooler
A Generic Highschooler - 19 days ago
you are a professional man child with dangerous equipment, you are my hero.
Caitlin Foster
Caitlin Foster - 19 days ago
I love how William's entire design relied on the performance of gaff tape
GamingWithRiley - 19 days ago
Oh shit, a rat poop
Neurotic Sos
Neurotic Sos - 19 days ago
Lmao the end
William Breton
William Breton - 19 days ago
I would of bought a jar of peanut butter and shoved the egg in it... That's it just a jar of peanut butter.
*_No Videos_*
*_No Videos_* - 19 days ago
The perfect way to cheat is boil the egg XD.
Darkethereal Gaming
Darkethereal Gaming - 19 days ago
Hugh Griffiths
Hugh Griffiths - 19 days ago
Make a parachute for the egg
Jakesterman! - 19 days ago
This is my favorite community on YouTube
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki - 19 days ago
I had no Idea you were Michael’s friends/roommates
that whiteboy
that whiteboy - 19 days ago
Mikkel is funny
Zany Productions
Zany Productions - 19 days ago
Why didn’t you stick the jello carcas in the cheese puffs lol
King BumWorthy
King BumWorthy - 19 days ago
When he dropped it upside down😂🤣🤣🤣
Matt Cottrell
Matt Cottrell - 20 days ago
William: *smashes bobbys egg*
Caretaker: WILLIAM!
Nerfamus - 20 days ago
Hey I got that same dart gun
Blue Blocks
Blue Blocks - 20 days ago
I watch micheal, Bobby and osman. Wow
Blue Blocks
Blue Blocks - 20 days ago
In school I filled a box with rice and bubble rap and put an egg in it and it worked
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