Modern Day Bridal Makeup Tutorial | Jaclyn Hill

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Neha Shoaib
Neha Shoaib - 22 часа назад
Why is this video so long
Ami Berg
Ami Berg - 3 дня назад
How can someone be so beautiful?🥰😍🙏😭
Callie Brown
Callie Brown - 4 дня назад
Very good tutorial! I just bought your palette and am super stoked to use it. I am also getting married in June so I wanted to see your take on wedding makeup and you did not disappoint! I wanted to know where you got your jewelry though, it is very elegant and beautiful!
Sierra Marie
Sierra Marie - 5 дней назад
Would definitely be on board for a bridal series, since I become a Mrs. this year! ❤️
Manuela Rodriguez
Manuela Rodriguez - 5 дней назад
I’m a soon to be bride, I’m watching your video and adding thing to my Sephora cart lol 😂
Abigail Alqaisi
Abigail Alqaisi - 7 дней назад
I followed this exact make up look for my wedding. It’s absolutely stunning!! 😍❤️
Carrie Cat
Carrie Cat - 7 дней назад
I hope my boyfriend proposes one day! But for now, this is a beautiful everyday glam look for me to try.
Jessica Reeves
Jessica Reeves - 8 дней назад
Idk about anyone else, but I wouldn't mind a brow tutorial. You haven't done one in a hot minute Jaclyn, maybe it's time for an updated? Yes?
Tara Ransom
Tara Ransom - 10 дней назад
Please do more bridal and prom looks.
Kayla Walker
Kayla Walker - 12 дней назад
As a future bride I loved this video SO much! So much that I’m ordering your palette right now 🤩
Cindy Coffee
Cindy Coffee - 12 дней назад
I am getting married this year in May and I am def going to try a similar look for my wedding!! Thanks girl!
Jody Duell
Jody Duell - 13 дней назад
Beautiful look
Roselyn Avila
Roselyn Avila - 14 дней назад
Can you do like a sweet 15 or sweet 16 make up looks!
Deidra King
Deidra King - 14 дней назад
I am getting married this month and love your tutorials, can you do a light baby blue smoked eyeshadow wedding look please?
Gregori Rivera
Gregori Rivera - 14 дней назад
💚 Make the series
Strauberry _87
Strauberry _87 - 14 дней назад
LOVE THIS!!! You’re so talented and gorgeous. I’m getting married in May but I’m on a budget. Can you please please please make an “Affordable Wedding Makeup Look”? Love you girl! Been a subscriber for YEARS 😄💗
Strauberry _87
Strauberry _87 - 14 дней назад
LOVE THIS!!! You’re so talented and gorgeous. I’m getting married in May but I’m on a budget. Can you please please please make an “Affordable Wedding Makeup Look”? Love you girl! Been a subscriber for YEARS 😄💗
Rachel Linebaugh
Rachel Linebaugh - 15 дней назад
I love a good neutral eye for weddings. With just a touch of glitter, but more on the neutral side. Please and thank you!!
SirenCycles - 15 дней назад
You look gorgeous!!
Melissa Lindsey
Melissa Lindsey - 15 дней назад
Yes I would love to see these kind of tutorials 👍
Lina Gueddah
Lina Gueddah - 15 дней назад
I love you 😘😍🥰 please write the number of the brushes 🙏🏻
Kennedy Coffin
Kennedy Coffin - 15 дней назад
If you and your man want to take a trip to Greenville, SC the weekend of October 5th 2019, ill be getting married and would die if you did my make up. Think about it, come join in after! It would literally make my day! Love you
Aysha Munawar
Aysha Munawar - 16 дней назад
Hi jaclyn the series of bridal looks will be great.
Noel Gallagher
Noel Gallagher - 17 дней назад
She's 26 but looks like 32-34
gingerhalo1234 - 17 дней назад
she is so pretty here! her most recent video she looks sooo different
Rivka Herszberg
Rivka Herszberg - 17 дней назад
can u do a full detail brow tutorial please
maji343 - 18 дней назад
brow tutorial please
Kaylea. Xoxo
Kaylea. Xoxo - 18 дней назад
Bridalllll seriesss! Bridal series! Do it! Do it! Do it!!!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼👰🏼 BRIDAL SERIES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ronaldo Juventus
Ronaldo Juventus - 18 дней назад
More action less talking hon
Kris Stone
Kris Stone - 19 дней назад
Love love LOVE this video! But especially for your wedding, I would NOT be using that much concealer to where it’s blended half way down your cheek. That always makes me look thick and caked no matter what I use or techniques. But you do you! Still love love you!
creating with mo
creating with mo - 19 дней назад
All time favorite video of yours! Beautiful! couldn't get better than this. Truly.
Linh Nguyen
Linh Nguyen - 21 день назад
Way too much eye makeup
Becci Lumb
Becci Lumb - 22 дня назад
Make up for spotty/ acne prone skin please. I’m a spotty teenager with oily and dry skin (at the same time 🤨) and 8 need some help!
Alexandrea James
Alexandrea James - 23 дня назад
Hey Jaclyn! I’ve been a HUGE fan of yours for years now! I’m getting married this August, I would LOVE for you to come to PA and do my wedding makeup. I know that’s unrealistic BUT can you help a girl out and give some tips for this exact look but for hooded eyes, please?! Love you always!💙
Reeka Lively
Reeka Lively - 24 дня назад
I’m getting married in August and I was FREAKING out about my make up. Thanks Jaclyn 🖤
LifeAsShadow - 24 дня назад
I wish you could do my makeup on my wedding day lol ❤️
LifeAsShadow - 24 дня назад
Please do a video on beach bridal makeup! I am having my wedding in Ixtapa Mexico on the beach and I need help! I don't know what makeup to use that will not come off in the heat and I have oily skin so I need extra help! Thanks! 💜
Kick Chick
Kick Chick - 24 дня назад
Chanda Breiz
Chanda Breiz - 26 дней назад
I would love to see a bridal series and bridesmaids makeup
Jennifer Sokol
Jennifer Sokol - 28 дней назад
Would love to see more bridal looks for sure! Maybe a whimsical look for a spring wedding :) always love your videos
Kaley Bender
Kaley Bender - 28 дней назад
Yes to an eyebrow tutorial!!
Sadie Evans
Sadie Evans - 29 дней назад
Please please do more bridal tutorials. You are da bomb xx
rebecka troyer
rebecka troyer - 29 дней назад
Jaclyn please do more bridal looks! I am getting married next April and I would love more tips from you. I am doing my own makeup and I have done makeup for weddings in the past. I love you!!💕
Roze E
Roze E - Месяц назад
PLEASE how do you do and maintain your eyebrows.
Shannon Sullivan
Shannon Sullivan - Месяц назад
Yes, please please please do a whole bridal series. I'm doing everything I can to save as much as money as possible for the bigger things like dress and venue for my wedding so being able to do it myself along with a tutorial would be a life saver!!
rachthomp99 - Месяц назад
This video helped me so much thank you!
Haley Dumas
Haley Dumas - Месяц назад
I have super dry under eyes, so what would you suggest I do so I do not have fallout with this look, but I don't have to apply as much powder as you did under the eye?
Bryanna Marquez
Bryanna Marquez - Месяц назад
For your next giveaway Jaclyn, I would love to see you give some of your subscribers makeovers and give them some tips! Love you! 🥰
Angelica Paden
Angelica Paden - Месяц назад
Zoe Cisneros
Zoe Cisneros - Месяц назад
I've watched an REWATCHED this video and i love it every time. I'm making my makeup list for my anniversary party makeup. We didn't have a wedding so this is our kind of belated reception and I want my makeup to be perfect. I so appreciate you taking the time to make this video. I love all your videos, keep em coming girlie!! Love ya
Loryn Strickland
Loryn Strickland - Месяц назад
Raquel Marquez
Raquel Marquez - Месяц назад
Can you start putting the products in the description box
Tara O'Hara
Tara O'Hara - Месяц назад
Queen of blending😍
Lindsey Payne
Lindsey Payne - Месяц назад
Please do a brow video!!
Lindsey Payne
Lindsey Payne - Месяц назад
You might already have a video, I'm not sure since I just subscribed but you should do a skincare routine video and show how to exfoliate your face
Ashley Deveza
Ashley Deveza - Месяц назад
You should do a drugstore version! 💕
Desired R.
Desired R. - Месяц назад
What about a more natural toned color like mauve or nude wedding makeup?
Gracie Claire
Gracie Claire - Месяц назад
I wear glasses and I'm getting married in September; how would I do this look with glasses?
Rumassa Orakzai
Rumassa Orakzai - Месяц назад
Love love love love the video! This is the Jaclyn hill that I was missing in my life ❤️❤️❤️
Claudia Okyere-Fosu
Claudia Okyere-Fosu - Месяц назад
I’d love 💕to see a bridal makeup tutorial series 😍 pretty please. Loving this look 😀👏
Victoria Robinson
Victoria Robinson - Месяц назад
Any bridal looks for a Gatsby style, vintage bride?
Lindsay Sper
Lindsay Sper - Месяц назад
more bridal looks please
Georgina - Месяц назад
I would like a detail video in how you do your brows. Love you Jaclyn 😘😘😘
Sabrina Clayton
Sabrina Clayton - Месяц назад
How can I get you to do my wedding makeup? 😂🙏🏻
Brittany Laasch
Brittany Laasch - Месяц назад
Please do a grey smoke eye wedding look!!!!
Della Lovely
Della Lovely - Месяц назад
Shame you don’t list the products used in the description 😬😬
tiana makwana
tiana makwana - Месяц назад
Would love to see that brow video
sowmya bains
sowmya bains - Месяц назад
mention ur products pleaseee
Vanessa A
Vanessa A - Месяц назад
Yasss girl please do bridal looks.. I would love love that!💕
BrittJ333 - Месяц назад
Yes! Please more helpful tutorials for brides! I love this one and it will help me on my wedding day so much! Thank you!
Megan Ledezma
Megan Ledezma - Месяц назад
Would love more wedding looks maybe a look with gold please!
Krisley Hilera
Krisley Hilera - Месяц назад
Love this tutorial Jaclyn! What i love the most is that you are not afraid to be yourself!
Amber Maqueira
Amber Maqueira - Месяц назад
I would definitely watch a series of bridal makeup tutorials! 😍😍😍
Mary Murphree
Mary Murphree - Месяц назад
I’m getting married in two months and I have a feeling this video will be my bff while practicing on what look I want! Thank you !!!!
Esther Melnik
Esther Melnik - Месяц назад
Stunning 🍸😍🍸 yasss
z ra
z ra - Месяц назад
Product list?
Bayleigh Dillahunty
Bayleigh Dillahunty - Месяц назад
Just recreated this look and i am loving it
Dayana Loredo
Dayana Loredo - Месяц назад
Yess please do a brow tutorial ! I love your brows !
Mariana Kadirvel
Mariana Kadirvel - Месяц назад
Honestly, makeup artists, artists, hairstylists, ect. have to be sooooo patient. This video was forty minutes AFTER editing. She didn't even include brows. RESPECT.
Mariana Kadirvel
Mariana Kadirvel - Месяц назад
I just realized I'm single.
Fatma E.
Fatma E. - Месяц назад
Anyone else hearing the cat noises in the background??? Or am I nuts ?
Katelynn Montroy
Katelynn Montroy - Месяц назад
Detailed brow video!!!
Mallory Evans
Mallory Evans - Месяц назад
Please do a bridal series 💜💍
Tasha Firby
Tasha Firby - Месяц назад
Can you do another updated video like this please!!!
blah blah
blah blah - Месяц назад
Please do more get ready with me glam looks I love them 😍 this y I subscribed to u hun. And new eye brow update please I love those too love u babe xx 😘 hope to see u more I miss your videos xx 😘
Mehak Aamer
Mehak Aamer - Месяц назад
Bollywood Makeup Look please 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Megan Wieda
Megan Wieda - Месяц назад
Yasssssss! More bridal looks! I’m getting married in May on the beach and I need inspiration! These are the tutorials I miss! I love all the tips and tricks.
Michelle Ruedisueli
Michelle Ruedisueli - Месяц назад
You are an 👼! I've been looking for this video and once I've found it, I can't stop watching it. I'm getting married on June 15th and am hoping to look at least half as flawless as you do! You are so beautiful and so real! Thank you for amazing content!
Abby Perdue
Abby Perdue - Месяц назад
So freaking beautiful 😍
Abby Perdue
Abby Perdue - Месяц назад
This tutorial is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much Jaclyn! I’m doing my make up exactly like this for my wedding ❤️
Katie Plante
Katie Plante - Месяц назад
did she name that shade pukey...?
BeautybyAlondra - Месяц назад
More bridal videos please!!!
brieanna deas
brieanna deas - Месяц назад
I would love a series on bridal looks
Kaitlin Baker
Kaitlin Baker - Месяц назад
Come to South Louisiana and do my wedding day makeup!!!! I'm getting married March 21st, 2020
Deema meselmani
Deema meselmani - Месяц назад
thank you so much for this! i loved how detailed this is, you never missed a step, not like most of the tutorials i see... i cant wait to try this!
Taylor Price
Taylor Price - Месяц назад
I would really love to see you do your eyebrows step by step for us 🙌💛
Marie-Eve Fournier
Marie-Eve Fournier - Месяц назад
Amazing, always good tricks❤️
Eve Patten
Eve Patten - Месяц назад
Please do another bridal look!
Jennifer Martinez
Jennifer Martinez - Месяц назад
I love this!
Tsaiyana Smith
Tsaiyana Smith - Месяц назад
So im listening to her as she was referring to the highlight she using when she is more golden over when she is fair....and she said fiji both time...guess she really likes this highlight lol.
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