Summer Fling Screw Up

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Jc Jc
Jc Jc - 2 hours ago
Smile face means total rejection
Orange Juice
Orange Juice - 6 hours ago
I use smiley faces cuz I like them and I’m nice :)
oni 777
oni 777 - 6 hours ago
She happy that it
Ryan theblaziken101
Ryan theblaziken101 - 7 hours ago
Idk why but sometimes you do sound like Paul Rudd
Quintin Sharpe
Quintin Sharpe - 10 hours ago
I think you mean Paul Rudd 2:52
Cyber Boi200
Cyber Boi200 - 14 hours ago
If u get a smiley face probably means u stuck in the friend zone
Į ĹĮЌẸ ϻẸϻẸŜ - 19 hours ago
If a girl leaves a smiley face for me it means D E A T H
Micheal Masiane
Micheal Masiane - 21 hour ago
Hahahahaha 😂 lol
Just Meh
Just Meh - 22 hours ago
When will u upload part 3 of "How i met my wife"???
Nik Krasovec
Nik Krasovec - Day ago
if I say :) I love somone
sqartle and friends
Dabbo 03
Dabbo 03 - Day ago
We're all idiots
Curtis Johnson
Curtis Johnson - Day ago
Not suprised that she thinks that
Saibot 7172
Saibot 7172 - Day ago
My friend sent notes to me for a year cause we never see her but I have a crush on her cute friend Sofia but she's got a BF but maybe in the future she may like me
moody fish
moody fish - 2 days ago
Can i have all those girls pls.
Richard Tom
Richard Tom - 2 days ago
Hmmm this video is not so bad to watch this great videos 😀😏😼😼
Darf der Kevin bei mir spielen kommen *
My cat as a brocken leg
Catfight Animations
Catfight Animations - 2 days ago
It's extra dumb when he tries to impress girls at places like Disneyland or summer camp, because you have no way of knowing that they're single, AND it's highly unlikely that they'll live near enough to you to carry on the relationship after the trip.
AkaluLuna UwU
AkaluLuna UwU - 2 days ago
I spent a majority of this video just going DAWWWWWWWWWW
isko diver
isko diver - 3 days ago
I love your stories alex
ThE icONic PLaYeR
ThE icONic PLaYeR - 3 days ago
This is so wholesome in the end
ThE icONic PLaYeR
ThE icONic PLaYeR - 3 days ago
Brian Silverio from what
Brian Silverio
Brian Silverio - 3 days ago
I know you
Cr10 777
Cr10 777 - 3 days ago
Like quien hable español
Like wha't speaking English
Alex Guerrero
Alex Guerrero - 3 days ago
Smile means nothing but that’s these days
iron kid
iron kid - 3 days ago
DeathN0te99 - 3 days ago
Don't feel too bad all wives think their husbands are idiots
RJ Mejia
RJ Mejia - 3 days ago
Weirdness/Akwardness 100
soy perez
soy perez - 3 days ago
Da smile
LegitCatcher21 - 3 days ago
Nicole Hernandez G.
Nicole Hernandez G. - 4 days ago
Tracy Anderson
Tracy Anderson - 4 days ago
Yes I do It means please
PopcornPop 2.0
PopcornPop 2.0 - 5 days ago
:)= well aquainted
Mackenzie Vogin
Mackenzie Vogin - 5 days ago
Wait.... why did the girl invited you home???
Also your relationship is so pure, I hope everyone finds their Pam.
Bell bell B
Bell bell B - 5 days ago
lol Pam sounds like ham
Not a hate comment
ChiefOfTheDesert - 5 days ago
5:38 *breathing intensifies*
Jared Fizer
Jared Fizer - 5 days ago
Who invites a guy over for a week when you live with your boyfriend??
JLGamao 222
JLGamao 222 - 5 days ago
arooske pokemon
arooske pokemon - 6 days ago
Cammieo by somethingelseyt
Gamer Mil
Gamer Mil - 6 days ago
Dude when girls do the :) they like them
VO1D_NOOB - 6 days ago
Imagine getting off to punctuation marks
RICOLIVES116 PS4 - 6 days ago
*Every time Alex yells "PAM!" I just imagine Archer yelling at Pam*
TommyNello - 6 days ago
peanut butter pikachu
peanut butter pikachu - 6 days ago
Your wife?
Josiah Newland
Josiah Newland - 6 days ago
Finding Nemo.
It's the best fugitive movie out there.
Ian Playz
Ian Playz - 6 days ago
Now I know what happens when a girls smiles when u walk around.
At that happened in my school
Agent Donut007
Agent Donut007 - 6 days ago
UpBeat HighTuned
UpBeat HighTuned - 6 days ago
Smiley=your a dummy(my definition of dummy is that your a punching bag but you're strong)
Ophelia Chan
Ophelia Chan - 6 days ago
How do you get that funko pop
Jordan Holley
Jordan Holley - 6 days ago
Sorry, a smiley is just friendly when a girl does it.
Max Rodriguez
Max Rodriguez - 6 days ago
Or =) can mean I like you
Chris Jensen
Chris Jensen - 7 days ago
7:01 why is the smily written in different ink then the rest of the letter?
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