Summer Fling Screw Up

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Musical Ava
Musical Ava - 30 seconds ago
Alex's face when he reads Pam's letter is adorable
Moonglow Da cool
Moonglow Da cool - 6 hours ago
“If à girl sends you a smiley face, I’m pretty sure it means she likes you!”
:0 D: Oooooooooooooof
Ethan Ringrose
Ethan Ringrose - 19 hours ago
I’ve asked three girls out and all of them said no
BaseBallGamer360 - Day ago
Jesus Alex how many girls did you date
Brooke DeWees
Brooke DeWees - 2 days ago
Lo, when he said dum dum when I was eating it
projectgaming 32
projectgaming 32 - 2 days ago
2:15 the bus driver is a YouTube called something else yt
Jack Slater
Jack Slater - 4 days ago
I think a wink means something Mischievous 😏
Tash The band
Tash The band - 4 days ago
Nope it means you are in the friend zone
adan nunez
adan nunez - 5 days ago
not pams the other girl ment friend zoned.
adan nunez
adan nunez - 5 days ago
friend zoned sorry.
The Cool Boy Dany
The Cool Boy Dany - 5 days ago
Master charlie harper
Seth West
Seth West - 7 days ago
😀 = u dumb
Waris Warsi Original
Waris Warsi Original - 8 days ago
Paul rudd is ant man
Jayden Tran
Jayden Tran - 9 days ago
You are wrong because my friend always sends me 😀 faces
Jayden Tran
Jayden Tran - 9 days ago
Travon m
Travon m - 12 days ago
your right
Travon m
Travon m - 12 days ago
lizzie wolf
lizzie wolf - 13 days ago
What age are you ?
Mathew Geronimo
Mathew Geronimo - 13 days ago
lizzie wolf
lizzie wolf - 13 days ago
Lou idiot in a nice way and funny way 🦖🦕🤣😊
Ally Cat
Ally Cat - 13 days ago
It means she either likes you or is happy about something 😁
turbokid991 - 13 days ago
You and Pam are my fav couple of all time!!! Are you guy ever planning on having kids?
calibration abu dhabi
calibration abu dhabi - 15 days ago
Adam Embrock
Adam Embrock - 17 days ago
your an iddiot
D’Marco Lewis [GS]
D’Marco Lewis [GS] - 18 days ago
Hhhaaa hhhhaaaa hhhhhaaaaa hhhhhhaaaaaa
Gacha Xander
Gacha Xander - 19 days ago
Letter:hi i know that camp hasnt been so fun but i hope we can hang out after summer love....
Clark:pam :)
Clark:im so dumb i could had been with the *LOVE* of my *LIFE* instead of going to a stupid camp.....
Elizabeth Hurtz
Elizabeth Hurtz - 19 days ago
It means they're smiling while they're writing it
Vicky the bunny
Vicky the bunny - 20 days ago
That smile he had while reading Pam's note was the CUTEST
Pit Icarus
Pit Icarus - 20 days ago
And why Pam didn't say no 😂
Jennifer Spotts
Jennifer Spotts - 20 days ago
Alex: Am I right or am I not. Me: Shut The F### up😀
Leighton.B Plays
Leighton.B Plays - 20 days ago
Was you born on a highway
Because that's where most accidents happen
Sorry,so I have subscribed:^)
Lil Muchacho
Lil Muchacho - 20 days ago
Adam the bus driver is a good match...
Nicolas Guzman
Nicolas Guzman - 21 day ago
I SUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Raton family
Raton family - 21 day ago
How many girls liked you man you lucky
Michal Hanna
Michal Hanna - 21 day ago
Kevin Orantes
Kevin Orantes - 21 day ago
It means she see me ass a friend
xXcool VidsXx
xXcool VidsXx - 21 day ago
Me: wow I get happy when I get a note from a girl
Granatuum - 22 days ago
Kjplays 900
Kjplays 900 - 22 days ago
To call Alex Clark call773 800 4013
Kate Faherty
Kate Faherty - 23 days ago
it's pam im guessing?
Leo the kid
Leo the kid - 23 days ago
Something else yt? You drive buses.
Rina Malka
Rina Malka - 23 days ago
Write. A. Book.
Juul Vereijken
Juul Vereijken - 23 days ago
7:00 you are not alowne but for me dear is a land distance do F@ck
Red Pinecone
Red Pinecone - 24 days ago
Hmmm... look at his monitor thats on, its looks like a video game?
KindaEmoTrash - 24 days ago
pam and alex is hands down the best relationship ever.

like the way he talks about her makes me MELT
ANIME ASCAI - 24 days ago
WEt, hOt, AMErICan SuMMeR......
Robin Davis
Robin Davis - 24 days ago
me:hEy aDaM aKa sOmEtHiNgElSeyT
Shnique Pipe
Shnique Pipe - 24 days ago
Because I'm a girl crying Jack love you
ETGamer - 25 days ago
Wait if getting a smilie face on a paper means they like u then y do teachers put a smilie face on tests
Rich Chigga
Rich Chigga - 25 days ago
:)=she wants the d
Diamonds eyes Animations
Diamonds eyes Animations - 25 days ago
I love youre chanle so mutch! AAAH! :) 😁
Keegan Stallard
Keegan Stallard - 26 days ago
:) means happy.
Keegan Stallard
Keegan Stallard - 26 days ago
what no
Keegan Stallard
Keegan Stallard - 26 days ago
shut up
Andy Quan
Andy Quan - 26 days ago
What the?!
Mary Webster
Mary Webster - 26 days ago
I feel so bad because in 2018 vidcon you got punched in the face
CandyThePuppy - 26 days ago
4:09 I don't know, but looking at the cords on the floor I see a sideways NO.
Potato Julie
Potato Julie - 26 days ago
You know what? You shouldn’t be allow to drive since you clearly can’t read signs.
Adrik playz
Adrik playz - 26 days ago
I think it's love
I am Nemo
I am Nemo - 26 days ago
What episode of the animated version of how I met your mother is this now? Lol if the guy put on a doctor's coat he would look like Zac braf, he sounds like the guy.... Yo Alex Clark, level with me, are you related to Zach braf? Lol
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