Little Mix - Salute & Move (Live at Kiss Secret Sessions)

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LM Line Distributions
LM Line Distributions - 3 days ago
moonlightbae - 20 days ago
3:13 *i am pregnant*
Amore Weasley
Amore Weasley - 21 day ago
I love how they're able to pull off such a great performance while on such a small stage
Silva Schmidt
Silva Schmidt - Month ago
Jade at 3:14 made me gayer ... if that's even possible
Jo B
Jo B - Month ago
Yup..I m Gay ❤..Thanks Jade for conforming it😂
lush life
lush life - Month ago
Who's here after salute at big weekend 2019?
Mikaela De Vera
Mikaela De Vera - Month ago
That smile and sexy jade in 3:14 made me sream AHHJKKKKKK
lora yates
lora yates - Month ago
3:13 i’m convinced jade is trying to kill me😍
Z S - Month ago
Yess jesy u show them what you got
Angel Ishmail Little mix fans
Jade your so cute
Lorenza Guarino
Lorenza Guarino - 2 months ago
3:14 Jade 🤤😍
Nur Farhana
Nur Farhana - 2 months ago
I loveee them allll 😍😍😍 i love jade's dance the most. But tbh they all slayyyyy 😍
Sarah Pondant
Sarah Pondant - 2 months ago
This cameraman is in love with Leighade haha
Toni Nana
Toni Nana - 2 months ago
They never invited Little Mix to perform on American awards shows cuz they'll bring a big threat to other artists then
Breanna Mary C.Pabayo
Breanna Mary C.Pabayo - 3 months ago
Little mix is queen in my life 👑👑👑👑👸👸👸👸❤❤❤❤
lora yates
lora yates - 3 months ago
jade thirlwall makes me question my sexuality
daisy woodham
daisy woodham - 3 months ago
i LOVE them 😍😍 and this song
Da Detkina
Da Detkina - 3 months ago
Luis Bañuelos
Luis Bañuelos - 3 months ago
So much energy, such a great performance
Luthienne Lothlorien
Luthienne Lothlorien - 3 months ago
Jade you couldn’t just sing and dance and be awesome, you gotta kill us too? With that lip bite. Whiao.
Kd3n Snagz
Kd3n Snagz - 3 months ago
Gotta respect these loves, literally right after they got done singing Salute they sang move, after all that dancing n signing too. Amazing 😍🔥👑👑👑👑🔥😍
Kd3n Snagz
Kd3n Snagz - 3 months ago
The dancers dope bro the beginning was fire
Kd3n Snagz
Kd3n Snagz - 3 months ago
Kd3n Snagz
Kd3n Snagz - 3 months ago
Tatjana Gjosheva
Tatjana Gjosheva - 3 months ago
Tatjana Gjosheva
Tatjana Gjosheva - 3 months ago
I love Jesy and perrie so much but small love Jade and leigh
Danielle wenceslau
Danielle wenceslau - 4 months ago
Que mulheres ❤
Taylor Martin
Taylor Martin - 4 months ago
I love how even with them singing their dancing stays in time with each other and looks amazing. Meanwhile, I can barely remember to count while doing 16 counts of something.
Nur Rahma
Nur Rahma - 4 months ago
Why jade so cute and hot at the same time 😍😍
jb gagarino
jb gagarino - 5 months ago
OMG my cute and innocent Jeed @3:13 😍😍
Faith couvee
Faith couvee - 5 months ago
wow there are a lot of comments about 3:14 < Love that
Maribel Medrano
Maribel Medrano - 5 months ago
we your. little mix. marie. anne
Yapi Juliana
Yapi Juliana - 6 months ago
Lux Crownguard
Lux Crownguard - 6 months ago
Just in case no one knew, Jade's grandpa died but she still did this gig.
Marcela Adamkova
Marcela Adamkova - 6 months ago
Noemi_ The unicorn
Noemi_ The unicorn - 6 months ago
2019 anyone? Poor jade, her granda who was super close to her, died a few days before this gig, she said it was horrible doing the gig, even tho she looks happy she was sad inside. I know because she said it in there book our world.
Little mix fan page Number 1
I’m so proud of them they must be so tired and they do it just for us it’s amazing I love them with all my heart 💓
April E Salazar
April E Salazar - 6 months ago
Why aren't there more shots of Jesy? This video is VERY Jerrie (Jade/Perrie) heavy.
Khushi - 6 months ago
Wow. Just wow. Mindblown.😍
Measis 142
Measis 142 - 6 months ago
2:06 can jesy stop lip syncing... its kinda obv. no hate intended
Also leighannes verse.. its the same track
Kariana Roland
Kariana Roland - 6 months ago
Hey little mix I like you as a friend love you from kariana
Marjanah Jahan
Marjanah Jahan - 6 months ago
Liliana Nunez
Liliana Nunez - 6 months ago
Cherrie Turner
Cherrie Turner - 6 months ago
Look at Jade she is so hot. I wish she was my girlfriend.
Cherrie Turner
Cherrie Turner - 6 months ago
Has anyone seen the new Mama Mia it is the second movie. When Sofia’s mother dies. But then her mother is actually in the movie but younger.
Jackie Giles
Jackie Giles - 6 months ago
Did any one hear when jest said let's go 8:30
Ness Brown
Ness Brown - 6 months ago
Killing it ladies!! Love love love love 😍😍😍😍👌👆
Ava Will
Ava Will - 6 months ago
Jesy and Jade looked and sounded like bad bitc*hes
ftyryj réfute
ftyryj réfute - 6 months ago
Je vous adore je suis votre plus grande fans Perry et jade chante trop bien j aime votre style 😊😗😙😘😚😍😛😭😜
Jenna Stevenson
Jenna Stevenson - 6 months ago
3:14 Jade is trying to kill me holy shit
canni ngy
canni ngy - 6 months ago
the cameraman is obsessed with jade and leigh ann
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