The Worst Things about "No Longer Vegan" Videos

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tiffanyferg - 3 months ago
I know a ton of people have covered this topic recently, but I thought I'd chime in with my perspective! My brain has melted while editing this so I hope it makes sense lmfao. Time stamps are in the description in case you'd like to skip around!
Harry Beaver
Harry Beaver - 4 days ago
you brain melted due to vegan being a starvation diet. lol
Happy Worship
Happy Worship - Month ago
I really enjoyed this video so much. I am going on 73 years old have found a well balanced vegan diet has helped me cope with and actually overcome health problems since 2010. After nearly dying from my right ventricle closing down with pericarditis, I then ended up with bouts of pneumonia, extremely painful fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and experiencing depression and anxiety over my physical limitations. Mimi Kirk came to our local health food store. She’s 80 years old and vegan. Her seminar and her talking with me about changing my diet sent on the road to regaining my health. I don’t rely on anecdotal information but like to follow different vegan medical doctors such as Dr. Neal Bernard and Dr. Brooke Goldner. Dr. Michael Gregor and Dr. Joel Fuhrman with the Chris Beat Cancer videos have been beneficial to me additionally. I find different research and studies this way. I chose what contributes to my individual well being. We’re individuals so what may work for me may not work for someone else. My blood numbers have been deficiencies. A couple of doctors say they’re cleaning up their diet after seeing my results. So grateful for our Creator’s beautiful colorful foods.🙏
Goorpijp Wessel
Goorpijp Wessel - 2 months ago
Vegans deny basic human evolution. One of the dumbest things you can do. Your perspective is warped and outdated. Turn to science and not feelings.
1966Zodiac - 3 months ago
This was the PERFECT video response!! Thank you!! Also, thank you for not being too extreme, and thank you for being very understanding. Veganism is about compassion, and you have plenty of it.
Lydia Alexandra
Lydia Alexandra - 3 months ago
I'm not a fan of veganism specifically because of the restrictive diets the big influencers tend to promote and what not. Your perspective was really great and appreciated so much.
dragonsongdreams - 2 hours ago
I'm a former vegan, but it was more because veganism actually aggravated my ED to the point of being underweight, and I'm someone who's naturally heavyset. It also caused genetic disorders to become apparent, like hypothyroidism, so it became a little *too* much for me to handle, so now I just go Fair Trade. Props to people who can live the lifestyle.
mars gurl
mars gurl - 3 hours ago
Hey can u do a vid ab what u eat as a vegan😌
Susan Latimer
Susan Latimer - 5 hours ago
Lauren Gilley
Lauren Gilley - 8 hours ago
It’s so refreshing to see a logical vegan 🌱
Eros Noir
Eros Noir - Day ago
lol I think we all knew tray-of-mangos-in-one-go-freely was cray cray
Katie Andrea
Katie Andrea - Day ago
You can get most of the benefits of veganism with a healthy and well balanced omnivorous diet. Many vegan options are more natural than meaty counterparts, so obviously you’ll have clearer kin and weight loss if you’re eating fresh food rather than McDonalds meat.
Amber Berg
Amber Berg - Day ago
I especially hate people claiming veganism cured their illnesses and made them feel better whatever because then when people find out that I'm vegan, they ask me if it miraculously cured me in some way and it hasn't at all, but if I admit that then I'm not "selling" veganism to them
Miriam - Day ago
It makes me very uneasy that there are so many young women who think YouTube is a reliable source of health information. GO TO THE DOCTOR.
maria marchese
maria marchese - Day ago
I mostly agree with you, I just don't think it takes a lot of research to be a vegan. I have done a good amount myself in terms of ingredients and labels, but I just went to a vegan nutritionist and carried on with that. My blood tests are ok. I do miss the freedom of being able to get whatever I want from a restaurant menu. Thanks for the video!
Denise Bach
Denise Bach - 2 days ago
I hate you all. I just wanna grab all the animals and go away.
lucoa i
lucoa i - 3 days ago
I'm not too keen on veganism mostly due to the community around it. It's way too toxic for me to want to get within a mile of. It's either "do this all flawlessly or you're the most vile human being on the face of the planet" sort of rhetoric. I'mma just keep to my diet the way that it is now, since my blood tests came out just fine.
Caroline Whitehead
Caroline Whitehead - 3 days ago
I believe that the best thing about being a grown up is being able to pack your own lunch. If veganism works for you, then you be you. I tried veganism and it wasn't for me. I've cut down significantly on meat, and try to avoid factory farming and processed meat. I do what's right for me. I support you doing what is right for you.
Meem [Mimi]
Meem [Mimi] - 3 days ago
Just looking at the amount of protein in a food isn't enough research. Some nuts and legumes have way more proteins than meat but it's harder for your body to absorb and break that protein down. I couldn't maintain a vegetarian diet so I took a step down and became a pescatarian (don't eat meat but do eat seafood). People need to do proper research before changing their diet. Watching a couple of YouTube videos isn't enough. My current diet isn't messing my body up and I know that because I actually did a blood test to check.
naturegirl2110 - 3 days ago
The problem is too much sheeple
Leonie H
Leonie H - 3 days ago
another thing I don't get is when people refuse to see an actual doctor/professional for when they feel sick (and would have the money to do so). As you said it's sad to see when people don't want to take advice that could have helped them.
Frost Lowell
Frost Lowell - 3 days ago
I have always struggled with restrictive diets, and have the awful habit of breaking that restriction with a crazy binge because mentally that diet is making me miserable. So what I've done that works for me without being too restrictive is cutting out red meats, buying local as much as possible (I live in Canada so I can't get local produce in the winter as readily), and only buying from ethical farms and free range.
Leonie H
Leonie H - 3 days ago
that's awesome! glad you found a a way that works for you😊
Tom Davidson
Tom Davidson - 4 days ago
Whole foods plant-based diet people, you can't go wrong there. Example: Vegetable curry with tofu and rice, there's far more nutrients in a meal like that than steak, and three veg.
Jaime M.
Jaime M. - 4 days ago
I couldn't imagine going completely vegan but I am trying to be more conscious of eating animal products!
isabel baron
isabel baron - 4 days ago
i love this video!
Stephanie - 4 days ago
your video essays are such a breath of fresh air!!!!! I love your content :D
Saruta Valentine
Saruta Valentine - 5 days ago
I once watched a video from a vegan youtuber who said that those who eat meat do not deserve to live. That was extremely hurtful to me personally because I wanted to be vegan but I have a serious medical condition where I would die if I had even a well-rounded vegan diet. Does that mean I’m not allowed to live because I have a health condition preventing me from going vegan? It’s appalling
Saruta Valentine
Saruta Valentine - 3 days ago
Thank you 😊
Leonie H
Leonie H - 3 days ago
that's why agree a lot more with Tiffany. For me health always goes first and veganism is never "all or nothing". Even with a health condition you could be mindful of what you're eating and buy less leather products or chose cuelty-free or vegan make-up for example. For me veganism is all about trying your best and even with smaller changes you still have an impact. no need to make anyone feel bad for trying their best. especially when there's a health condition involved. I'm sorry you had to feel this way.
squirrelnutters07 - 5 days ago
I just want to know where food allergies come into all of this. I myself have a surprising amount of food allergies, that cause pretty small but noticeable to me effects. And a lot of my friends do as well. But I don’t hear a lot of the vegan youtubers mention food allergies? Or the ones with “intestinal issues” while vegan don’t seem to relate those issues to specific foods, but instead claim the diet as a whole is the cause? I’m not vegan. But the amount of people who have so many health issues but have never even considered an elimination diet and instead think animal products or non animal products is where the end is when it comes to “nutrition” or “health” is mind blowing. Figure out what YOUR BODY is intolerant or sensitive to and DONT EAT IT!
squirrelnutters07 - 5 days ago
Follow up, I didn’t find out until I was much older that I have colitis. And all growing up I hated nut butters (specifically crunchy) nuts, dried fruits, cereal, beans, coffee (sensitive to caffeine in general) artificial sweeteners, fizzy or carbonated drinks, popcorn, celery and lettuce, spicy foods, etc. turns out every single one of the foods I dislike are BAD for people with colitis, and causes inflammation of my intestines. Funny now smart our bodies are without us even trying.
Dianna Stroud
Dianna Stroud - 5 days ago
I would like to be vegan... but I can't live a life without cheese. I've tried all sorts of vegan cheese. It all tastes either like feet or bad imitation of kraft mac n cheese. I'm sorry. I just can't. My mom cooked mainly Mexican and Italian food growing up: cheese was a part of almost every meal. I can't seem to kick it lol
Leonie H
Leonie H - 3 days ago
cheese is soo good😄 but I mean you could still have a pretty big impact if you would cut down on meat and maybe eggs. do whatever works for you!
Zena Asura
Zena Asura - 5 days ago
Why do you have a full proof plan that would work for every one? Please. I hate this I hate that you put yourself on this pedestal. I know that ur lying. Stop lying. Hypocrite. What about the millions of animals killed to create more farm patches to grow vegan food on? Are bugs lesser creatures then cows? A plant based diet before the 21th century was always considered fasting. After years of starvation no wonder they turn to organ meats. Do you not cheat??? Mellowed out. More like started cheating. That’s when the wishywhasy starts in vegan you tubers. Again hypocrite. I’m tired of vegans. And bullying. Yes diets which are dangerous *points to a vegan diet.* omg 3 hypocrites in one video!!! Good going girl.
Zena Asura
Zena Asura - 5 days ago
Yes the thing is that ppl do change their diets and opinion and they are entitled to this. What about you are you transparent about your sicknesses?
Zena Asura
Zena Asura - 5 days ago
Hahahahaaa you will get there. You too will get there when ull make ur own why I’m not vegan video. Starvation made sexy and acceptable.
taxi cab
taxi cab - 5 days ago
I never understand why people go raw vegan. Can someone tell me? I've thought about it (I'm already vegan), but it seems like cutting out a lot of food.
taxi cab
taxi cab - 2 days ago
@Leonie H Honestly lol Me: Oh my gosh that berry salad was good fruits and veggies make me prosper Also me: **spends hours looking up vegan cake recipes on pinterest**
Leonie H
Leonie H - 3 days ago
@taxi cab I know right😄
taxi cab
taxi cab - 3 days ago
@Leonie H It seems very healthy, but I'd miss my cookies lol
Leonie H
Leonie H - 3 days ago
I kind of get it. like I feel amazing after eating a big salad or having a nice smoothie in the morning, a lot of the more "unhealthy" vegan food is off the table like cookies or vegan meat alternatives. Could help people loose weight because cooked food tends to be more calorie dense? not sustainable for me though😄
Chelsea - 5 days ago
10000% why so many of us identify as Plant Based. "Vegan" has such negative connotations these days. :( it makes me sad.
Ro - 5 days ago
I know i'm late to the party, but THANKYOU for this video. I went vegetarian when I was about 11 or 12, and have been ever since. When/if I live somewhere it's possible, i'll go vegan. No 'oh i'm sure you've eaten bacon' or any of that BS, and I just wish more people would see us as normal, ordinary people, who just choose not to eat certain things, wether for health or beliefs. :/
Mama Moose
Mama Moose - 6 days ago
I love that you always address multiple perspectives in your video!

I think something to always keep in mind is that different medical health situations might influence the diet a person should consume. As someone who is on a seizure medication, I have to consume more protein for some reason (I'm not entirely sure why, but I keep protein shakes on hand). I also have disordered eating, and even just choosing to restrict myself from eating seafood has proven problematic for me, as I would begin to restrict other things, as well.

I also have to take a wide variety of supplements, a large number related to taking a medication which enacts on my nervous system, and one which helps with my mood until I can possibly get anxiety/depression medication (since I have yet to be able to see a psychiatrist; thanks, healthcare system).

I fully believe that the vegan lifestyle is possible, and probably healthier than an omnivorous lifestyle (when done right by the average person). It just so happens that it's not for me. My brother has been a vegetarian for 21 years (he's 23, and yes it was his choice) and he gets by, but this summer learned the importance of adding in more dark, leafy greens and supplements.

We live in a world which has provided ways for us to supplement, and to consume food in whichever way we desire. Everyone should be taking some level of supplements, in all likelihood, especially since modern food options tend to be lacking in something.

Thank you, again, for your video (and chill veganism)!
Anna Parham
Anna Parham - 6 days ago
I watched a raw vegan youtube channel when i was younger and thought it was enough to eat half a watermelon and a mango for a meal, because i heard other people praising this lifestyle and didn’t know i was lacking so many nutrients that i went to hospital for a few days because i got extremely sick
Pinksupergrl95 - 6 days ago
What I loathe is vegans who bully those who arent or even other vegans they feel "arent doing it right." Ive seen so many comments on non vegan channels, some just random channels & just like a religious fanatic "bible thumper," the veganism thumper is real. I recall years ago several youtubers, inc Bananfreelee (think thats her name was all over the internet bashing people for not eating like her. No thanks, even if I was vegan Im not eating 25 bananas every day. Then to find out she wasnt even practicing what she was preaching was crazy! Then she apparently got sick from her crazy extreme eating habits but played it off like it wasnt from her eating...even when she went off a vegan diet she played it off. Thats the kind of stuff that deters people. Just like religion or any other life choice, you dont shame or harrass someone into a different choice. Something about it is just a huge turn off lol
The Jenna Pearl
The Jenna Pearl - 6 days ago
As a person with severe lifelong food allergies, I just can't fathom why people would restrict their diets to such an extent by choice.
Morgan Kay
Morgan Kay - 6 days ago
I went vegan in 2015 as well (November)! And it was watching Essena and her link to 101 reasons to go vegan that made me want to go vegan cold tofurky. Lol pun intended.
Poop Brain
Poop Brain - 6 days ago
watching this while eating 🥩....
Danielle Graves
Danielle Graves - 6 days ago
My mom has been vegan after breast cancer for years and she feels healthier than she ever has. She also pays strict attention to her protein and supplements
Sophie Caroline
Sophie Caroline - 6 days ago
I watched some of your videos lately because they came up on my explore page, really liked your way of thinking and talking and how you analyse topics, but never actually clicked to subscribe to your channel.
Well now that I found out you’re vegan, I immediately did. That is such a selling point to me, which is so weird! But as a vegan, I guess I just really like vegans idk, is that weird?
I feel like they stay true to their morals and do everything to align them with their actions. And I find that attractive. Like in a friendship kind of way attractive.
Jenny T
Jenny T - 6 days ago
I really love your comments at the end. I try to cook vegan meals for more than half the week but I have serious problems with anaemia and folate anaemia so I still eat a little local red meat and fish to help there because the very strong supplements I have to take otherwise have nasty side effects. I know a few vegans and when I tried to recipe share they got aggressive because I’m “part time” so they don’t trust that I’ll do it right
Piali Chatterjee
Piali Chatterjee - 6 days ago
Americans are always doing extreme things, either they are stuffing themselves with unhealthy fast food or else they are starving themselves with crazy vegan diets or carnivore diets.
How difficult is it to have a balanced diet? Have small quantities of everything.
art kid
art kid - 7 days ago
mic the vegan, i dont like. he says a lot of misleading/false things.
Gail Lewis
Gail Lewis - 7 days ago
Avante Garde Vegan has some impressive videos. Since he is a professional chef, his recipes and meal prep videos show nutritionally balanced, tasty fare.
Samantha Murillo
Samantha Murillo - 7 days ago
As a vegan YouTuber I love that you are showing people that veganism doesn’t have to be one way that you don’t have to be an “extremist” personality to choose not to harm the planet 🌍 animals etc ♥️
Sydney Bidney
Sydney Bidney - 7 days ago
Please collab with Doctor Mike!
Edenor - 7 days ago
Humans are naturally omnivores. Not herbivores, not carnivores, omnivores. Any diet that doesn't acknowledge this is doomed to fail. Vegans that don't find alternative sources will have protein and iron deficiencies. Only eating meat will give you a host of vitamin deficiencies (scurvy anyone?). If you cut one food group out of your diet without compensating for it, you will get sick.
Parker McCalip
Parker McCalip - 7 days ago
Going “carnivore” is definitely not an ok or sustainable thing for the human body. Do you want scurvy? Cause That’s how you get scurvy!
germankiwigal - 7 days ago
A lot of people use veganism to restrict their diet and even be celebrated for that. I'm not vegan but totally support people who choose the lifestyle, it's admirable for sure, but these types of "wellness vegans" are almost always highly eating disordered, and their followers applaud them for it and spur them on to ever more restrictive diets. The worst one I know is the former "blonde vegan" now "balanced blonde", who once wrote a book about "overcoming" orthorexia but is now fully back in her ED. She's water fasting all the time and eating a "fat free, sugar free, gluten free" vegan diet. Insane!
Cate Clark
Cate Clark - 8 days ago
My only problem with veganism is the sustainability, especially when it comes to the use of plastic as a substitute for animal based goods. Leather (for example) will last longer, have less of an environmental impact, and can be reused more than a plastic counterpart, same with faux fur. I admire people who want to help the planet but by buying into the fast fashion that's attempting to fit in the place for animal based goods like leather, fur, and wool it's really making things worse
Oscar the Grouch
Oscar the Grouch - 8 days ago
How can you starve yourself (I am talking about the cleanses and fasts, not veganism in general) and then wonder what is wrong? Of course starving yourself is going to wreck your gut, it is literally killing you. Nothing is wrong with being vegan or vegetarian, but these fad diets that tell people to essentially starve themselves need to go (and people who eat meat are not exempt from this either, there are plenty of terrible fad diets that meat eaters promote too). Also, it is a nice change of pace to see a vegan who doesn't shove veganism down everyone else's throat and isn't holier than thou about it (I am sure there are many vegans out there who are normal people, I am just referencing the vegans I have come in contact with personally - they have been terrible.) I, personally, can't eat vegetables (or fruits). I have multiple disorders and diseases relating to my digestive system. My body will only process grains and meats. If I eat vegetables, they just come out the way they went in (sorry for that much info) and it hurts the entire time they are in my body. Processed vegetables are little easier on my system, pain wise, but they still don't digest. When I eat plant based food, my body goes into panic mode and treats it like a foreign object (say plastic or something) and it feels almost like having a stomach virus but with more physical pain. I don't know why my body is like this and the doctors don't know either. It is kind of a medical mystery. Growing up, I basically only ate vegetables and fruits, but when I was around 20 (I am 24 now), something happened and now my digestive system just rejects all plant based foods.
Courtney Cornett
Courtney Cornett - 8 days ago
I equate these “fitness coach-alkaline water-raw diet-intermittent fasting” vegans that try to sell you their diet plans to being as scammy as MLMs.
Sincerely, an antiMLMer vegan who just smashed an entire box of pasta, 4 biscuits, and some mashed potatoes with homemade gravy (I haven’t eaten all day don’t judge 😂)
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