The Worst Things about "No Longer Vegan" Videos

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tiffanyferg - 7 months ago
I know a ton of people have covered this topic recently, but I thought I'd chime in with my perspective! My brain has melted while editing this so I hope it makes sense lmfao. Time stamps are in the description in case you'd like to skip around!
Lena's Dreams
Lena's Dreams - 3 days ago
here is a thing , and as a nutrition student I'm qualified to say this statement , food and diets are effected by your genes and DNA , what works for you makes other people sick, that's why most of us now days (nutritionists I mean) advice people to do a DNA testing to see what food they have a bad reaction to, and based on that we give you a healthy diet fit for your own body weather you want it because of illness , becoming healthy, losing or gaining weight, for sports ...etc
Harry Beaver
Harry Beaver - 3 months ago
you brain melted due to vegan being a starvation diet. lol
Happy Worship
Happy Worship - 5 months ago
I really enjoyed this video so much. I am going on 73 years old have found a well balanced vegan diet has helped me cope with and actually overcome health problems since 2010. After nearly dying from my right ventricle closing down with pericarditis, I then ended up with bouts of pneumonia, extremely painful fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and experiencing depression and anxiety over my physical limitations. Mimi Kirk came to our local health food store. She’s 80 years old and vegan. Her seminar and her talking with me about changing my diet sent on the road to regaining my health. I don’t rely on anecdotal information but like to follow different vegan medical doctors such as Dr. Neal Bernard and Dr. Brooke Goldner. Dr. Michael Gregor and Dr. Joel Fuhrman with the Chris Beat Cancer videos have been beneficial to me additionally. I find different research and studies this way. I chose what contributes to my individual well being. We’re individuals so what may work for me may not work for someone else. My blood numbers have been deficiencies. A couple of doctors say they’re cleaning up their diet after seeing my results. So grateful for our Creator’s beautiful colorful foods.🙏
Goorpijp Wessel
Goorpijp Wessel - 6 months ago
Vegans deny basic human evolution. One of the dumbest things you can do. Your perspective is warped and outdated. Turn to science and not feelings.
1966Zodiac - 7 months ago
This was the PERFECT video response!! Thank you!! Also, thank you for not being too extreme, and thank you for being very understanding. Veganism is about compassion, and you have plenty of it.
Carol - 3 hours ago
kids need to learn how to watch documentaries instead of clout chasers youtubers..... Netflix is there showing veganism and health analysis on docseries
bad thing is that there’s also $$$$ involved into some docs to say “meat is necessary” but i don’t think Netflix promotes them
Eliteshoe3000 - 5 hours ago
Die hard veganism is what made me dislike the concept of veganism for the longest time. I have started to try to reduce meat consumption, and I would recommend anyone start just by reducing instead of making a giant life change all at once, but I would have been a lot further along in this if it were a more welcoming community. Also wouldn't hurt if there was more male representation in plant based diets
elsa fernandez
elsa fernandez - 5 hours ago
Vegans seem like a really toxic fandom that I really don't want to stan because there's too much drama and sasaeng fans xD
mia ?????
mia ????? - 6 hours ago
Going to college changed my diet a lot, as someone who grew up eating meat and diary products every single day, usually multiple times a day, I can say i'm really proud of where I am now. Im not a full vegetarian or vegan but every day I make choices to limit my dairy and meat consumption, and I thank my roommate (who is vegetarian) for showing me its honestly a lot easier then what I previously thought from all of these super intense youtubers i've seen over the years. Ive gone from eating meat multiple times a day to maybe once or twice a week (and only when I go out, I never make it myself), I always try to buy vegan/vegetarian substitutes (morning star farms vegan chicken nuggets SAVED me in my college dorm) and I'm really proud of myself for it. I hope to slowly completely eliminate meat and then dairy products. Just trying my best out here man
Haneen Ghabbish
Haneen Ghabbish - 9 hours ago
GURL one of ur favorites was freelee smh
Allison Rowley
Allison Rowley - 10 hours ago
No, it's absolutely true that if these people were able to switch from vegan to not vegan, then they were never vegans the first place.
They were on a DIET.
This is the problem with misconstruing a diet with a lifestyle. I'm willing to bet that none of these YouTubers were following an actual vegan lifestyle. Probably were still going to zoos, wearing leather, Etc. Veganism is a lifestyle, not a diet. The definition of vegan means that you care about animal rights, and it's rare that somebody doing this lifestyle for the right reasons would ever quit (though I'm sure it's happened.) That's literally the meaning of the word. that is what people mean when they say that a real vegan would have never quit in the first place.
The reason this "I'm not a vegan anymore" problem exists is because people are calling themselves something that they're not. You missed a huge part of the analysis with that one.
Petemoedertje - 11 hours ago
If you really want to help the environment: buy only local food. Organic would be the best.
That helps more than anything else.
Petemoedertje - 11 hours ago
‘My diet is so wonderful and healthy that I need tons of supplements just to survive.’
Veganism almost killed me even with supplements. It just doesn’t provide balanced nutrition.
Look after yourself, your health is precious.
AR Bertlin
AR Bertlin - 11 hours ago
Bish I don't have that kind of money 😂
Jon Ber
Jon Ber - 19 hours ago
I tried being vegan and my autoimmune disease started flaring up so I had to quit. So just a PSA if you have an autoimmune disease proceed with caution.
I am Beverage
I am Beverage - 20 hours ago
I like it when vegans and meat eaters aren't hating on each other.
AgentPedestrian - 21 hour ago
Balanced diet is always best. Whatever that means for you.
legumes are expensive af in my country so I'm cheap and lazy and already have to supplement vit d and iron i don't really want to spend a fortune on supplements AND food when i can just source locally instead.
The eggs i eat are from chickens i can literally spend a day visiting. The fish is from at most the neighbouring country and i can in fact go and get fish myself if i have a few days to go fishing. Sustainable has many faces and I'm ok with that.
Katie Lambie
Katie Lambie - 23 hours ago
This is my favorite video you have made and I don’t know why I’m just coming across this😂 thank you!
emily roberts
emily roberts - Day ago
People should also be careful about hypervitaminosis so don't just buy all these supplements
Wonder Llama
Wonder Llama - Day ago
You really made think about contacting my doctor, I’m vegetarian. Thank you!
Jaquelyn Anderson
Jaquelyn Anderson - Day ago
Omg I don’t know how I didn’t know you were vegan?! Love you even more.
kaylakthulhu - Day ago
I'd like to be vegan one day! But it seems like a diet that requires time and money, which I dont have as a young person, at least for now. I'll just get by by cutting my meat intake ✌
egg cheese
egg cheese - Day ago
Your mental sickness is dangerous for the rest of society..
egg cheese
egg cheese - Day ago
idk idc
idk idc - Day ago
OK so um. I got a vegan add before this😂
Katt Plausky
Katt Plausky - Day ago
I think that any kind of specific diet for all humans is just wrong. Fact is that everybody’s body is somewhat different. For example some people can handle meat other people can’t some people can handle high fiber diet’s other people can’t so to say that one diet is good for all people is just wrong. If you truly wanna know what diet is going to be good for you, it’s going to take the effort to go to a nutritionist who can evaluate your digestive system and tell you exactly what would be beneficial towards you, and then from there you can go on to all these different peoples diet videos and possibly take their advice but always run it by your nutritionist first don’t just take people’s word these people are not doctors they’re not getting their advice from doctors they’re getting their advice from the Internet. Which can be helpful but not a great resource if your ONLY using that and not following up with doctors.
Sophie Varga
Sophie Varga - Day ago
this is so interesting bc im forced to be kinda vegan by my body bc im allergic to the good shit like eggs and milk products but also other stuff so i usually eat vegan and gluten free
Lea - Day ago
Great video, however, I disagree that supplementing is essential. Do your own research, get tested but don’t let people tell you what vitamins you need to throw out money for. Americans with their supplementing obsession hahaha
za prunes
za prunes - Day ago
Wow....... From the first video I viewed on you thought ( I bet your vegan ) I hate that I was right
Alice Jennings
Alice Jennings - Day ago
It's scientific fact that vegetables do not provide enough vitamin B12, so if you're vegan you have to take supplements. It is completely irrelevant if you eat legumes with high amounts of protein in them because they do not have enough vitamin B12 in them.
Jantessa - 2 days ago
I feel like the problem with a "just do the best you can"-approach is that people never actually do that, they just use it as an excuse to do a little and then be satisfied with themselves for doing something when they would be totally capable of doing more, they just don't want to (which in my book is completely different than not being able to).
Chloe Henry
Chloe Henry - 2 days ago
I don’t think the message should be that the vegan diet didn’t work for their body, rather they simply weren’t eating right. Veganism can work for virtually anyone, they just need to eat right. Obviously only eating fruit isn’t healthy. If they began eating a more balanced, well-rounded diet, their health would most likely improve. It’s completely unnecessary to denounce veganism without even trying to change your eating habits.
Lau WE
Lau WE - 2 days ago
There's also the problem that the body for example absorbs plant / supplement based protein differently and (if I'm correct) less efficiently than animal based protein
TripletStudio - 2 days ago
I worked in a law firm where everyone was a vegetarian except me, some looked very healthy and some look so pale all the time, their hair was always greasy, didn’t really sell me...
Lexi Degraaf
Lexi Degraaf - 2 days ago
I'm so glad there are no vegan hate comments. It's really nice
Jon Ber
Jon Ber - 19 hours ago
vegans suck turning men into soy boys!!! (joking obviously it's just not for me)
Syn Cty
Syn Cty - 2 days ago
I want to be vegan but I have such a strict food allergy it wouldn't be healthy. I love her IA videos.
catbeara - 2 days ago
My local nurse said that everyone in my country should take Vit D supplements in the darker months, because we just don't have enough sunshine here. There are lots of different reasons to supplement, nothing wrong with that. 🙂
Jay V Arts
Jay V Arts - 2 days ago
Veganism is always a confused topic for me. I am an indian, 30 years old from southern part of india, india is multicultural, multi food cuisine, so the food people get in western countries as indian food are just cover only a 10 percent of india from north central states. I am from far south of india, tamilnadu near to sri Lanka. I am not a vegan , but I think veganism wont make you sick if you do it correctly. I say this bcz my community and family goes vegetarian for 2 months every year as a religious belief. We cook delicious foods without killing any animals. But we drink 2 glass of milk every day but that can be easily skipped if wanted. There are vegetarians in my country who doesn't even like to drink cow milk and it's by product. They only eat plant based foods , rice, pulses, vegetables and groundnut oil and sesame oil, coconut oil . We can create a full a delicious course vegan meal. It is not at all costly. And we dont get sick.
I am just confused when I see some videos saying veganism is difficult or not tasty or that you wont get nutrients. My diet is mostly vegan. I eat non veg one meal a week. I skipped it lot of times .
Just my thoughts. I may be wrong or I didn't understand veganism correctly. So sorry if offended anybody
Jay V Arts
Jay V Arts - Day ago
@maretik thank you for replying me. Finally I can feel that i am not stupid in this topic. 😁 I understand the food culture of westerns . I lived in hawaii for 2 years. My confusion is that whether veganism is about saving animals from cruel industrialization, isn't it? Then how come some vegan channels says no oil, no carbs, etc. Why they go such extreme that too irrelevant for the actual cause. I can easily become vegan if I want to. I was unofficially vegan for some 4 yrs while living alone as single working woman in a city bcz I didn't like meat cooked in restaurants and I only drink milk in my home only. I get that western dont know the recipe or products of vegan meals but in today's world they can easily learn eastern veg cooking from net and products also. I cooked all my veg meals while in hawaii. I ate meat on Sunday only while in hawaii too. That s just our habit from childhood.
maretik - Day ago
First of all, very nice comment! I found it pleasant to read. Second of all, in the western world, the majority of us has a junk food addiction, unfortunately. A lot of companies like McDonalds and Coca Cola design their products so that they can become addicting. I think it's scandalous, really. I'm from Asia as well and a lot of us grew up eating dishes with lots of vegetables and our health was prioritised. I live in Belgium now, and the culture is very different and it concerns me.
Reo Sachane
Reo Sachane - 2 days ago
I’d really like to know your take of The Game Changers - a Netflix documentary
Mayya H
Mayya H - 2 days ago
Just to let people know that it is a privilege that you girls can choose what they want to eat. Don't forget that everyone Can not be a vegan and the vegan lifestyle is not a sustainable one for your whole life. Also I don't like Unatural vegan because she puts fluoride in her childrens water.
Wildflower Liz
Wildflower Liz - 2 days ago
Thank you for saying that being vegan takes a lot of time and energy. It’s really refreshing to have someone who is vegan recognize that!
Noah G
Noah G - 3 days ago
My doctor told me that I should go pescatarian for my gut health. So far it’s been great!
Ashley Cruz
Ashley Cruz - 3 days ago
I already love your channel but you being vegan makes me love it even more :D
Elizabeth Fowler
Elizabeth Fowler - 3 days ago
if you’ve ever been to r/carnivore it’s a shit show it’s so funny
Christian Ledesma
Christian Ledesma - 3 days ago
Yay for chill vegans!
Kitty - 3 days ago
just eat what u normally would and make it fit into veganism. its that simple
Leithianel Ýrul
Leithianel Ýrul - 3 days ago
i swear to god, the elitism in the vegan community is terrible. I was a vegan for 5 years, but because of an eating disorder, it became difficult for me to maintain a healthy diet while being vegan. i switched to vegetarian, while still trying to limit my dairy consumption - and obviously, as soon as I recover, I plan on going back to veganism. And yet, people called me out for it????
Babi Rezer Büttner
Babi Rezer Büttner - 4 days ago
just found this channel and i'm loving it! Also the comments here are amazing, so much good information and dialogue!
mikecar52 - 4 days ago
mic the vegan? seriously?
Kia Zi Shiru
Kia Zi Shiru - 4 days ago
Came here from your 'relatability' video and I suddenly remember the food prep and foodie channels that suddenly go vegan and then just... they stop making food and all their content is suddenly 'these are the 3 tubs of quinoa and 4 variations of kale I'll be eating all week, look how healthy I am'. Like, ehhh... there's more to veganism than quinoa and kale. But suddenly their channels stops being an actual food channel and starts being a 'the idea of food' channel.
honeysana - 5 days ago
it’s so odd that literally our basic understanding of human health is so gone. literally all u need is a balanced diet like the one u learned in middle school. it can obviously be modified but like it was never hard in the first place
ZoeAlleyne - 9 days ago
I have....a lot of digestive issues. Like, I know vegans probably hear people say "I can't go vegan" a lot, but I really, really can't.
My body is mal-absorbtive and even supplements can't help me. My body will simply not absorb enough. So my life is many blood tests every year and injections of B12, iron infusions, D etc etc. Lots of time in the hospital.
I really, really cannot express how important blood tests are. After years of this problem I still struggle because if I don't get regular enough blood tests the deficiencies make it...hard to pursue a solution.
Like it is really hard to go to the doctors, get the tests, make the appointments, go to the hospital or the compounding chemist to get my special dose made up and then to have an injection when you're....So, so tired. When you can't breathe and you can't get out of bed, when the deficiencies have given you pain and exhaustion.
Prevention is so, so much better. Deficiencies are serious, not mild inconveniences and they can get very bad, very quickly.
People might not think an iron deficiency is so bad, but you might change your mind after you've been rushed to hospital in an ambulance because your heart was getting so little oxygen the risk of heart attack was high.
Please take care of yourselves, whatever diet you have and for whatever reasons they are your own. But try and check yourself at least they 6,12 months. I know for some people in some countries that that is really difficult or expensive, and that really sucks. Do what you can to stay healthy and alive.
Rosey Rambles
Rosey Rambles - 10 days ago
um veganism can definitely clear skin if you do it right. i follow nina and randa closely and they dont base their information off of pseudo-science. its based of sound medical advice and theyve run pilot studies on it
11:40 is it really that ridiculous, though? people do horrible things for money.
12:46 and as it happens, they were in fact not vegan. it was all a youtube game to them..... come on now.
13:57 if your primary reason was for the environment, then it is definitely for the animals too, since we are destroying their homes.
veganism is simple. it is just recognizing industries that exploit and murder animals and making a strong willed decision to not support any of it. why complicate it?
Isoiata - 11 days ago
Maybe I’m just like the odd one here but I’ve been vegan for several years now and I’ve never struggled with it nor did I do a bunch of research about nutrients. I just practice intuitive eating and take a daily supplement designed for people with a plant based diet just to be on the safe side and I’m healthier than ever. No crazy diets, just a lot of veggies, legumes and grains with some occasional tasty vegan junk food when the cravings hit.
Soy Boy
Soy Boy - 14 days ago
Well said. Good breakdown of the issues.
Sarah Meyers
Sarah Meyers - 15 days ago
I was drawn in by the all natural health craze when I was in college, I did a 30 day juice fast and was vegan for several months after. I think by the end of it I had developed disordered eating, also known as orthorexia. I ruined my blood sugar and b12 levels and they’re still ruined 6 years later. I’m now working with a doctor to help me lose weight safely. Anyone who is preaching that any diet can cure disease is a charlatan and is very dangerous.
Jane lane
Jane lane - 15 days ago
why is it ridiculous that these people could have been paid by animal agriculture? There are plenty of scams being pulled all the time and govenemts and industry tell lies all the time. It shouldn't be dismissed so quickly .
Amy N
Amy N - 16 days ago
Most of people in India are vegetarian or some vegans but the variety of delicious and nutritious food you can get is amazing!!
sevastra - 20 days ago
"Veganism can cure eating disorders" is the one claim that really hits me personally. Being vegan made it easy to hide my eating disorder under the guise of "healthy eating" and people encouraged it.
Well, that an the unreal classism. The next person who suggests poor people live off beans and rice so they can afford being vegan can fight me.
Birdu - 22 days ago
I've been a vegan for a year and a half, but recently I've started working (apart from uni) and I've lost all the time I had to cook for myself or take care of my physical health. Ive also got mental health issues. Right now Im sick and my defenses are very low, and i keep finding it harder and harder to mantain the diet, and I've had to break the diet a few times in order to eat anything at all in between work and study (in Argentina it's not easy not cheap to find vegan meals on the daily market) and I've felt so, so guilty. and I've started to doubt whether or not to go on, because of all of these factors. so hearing you say doing my best does matter is somewhat healing and Spurs me on to keep trying and find new ways to raise my nutrients, and keep trying to maintain the vegan diet, at least as much as I possibly can
Gabriel Zavala
Gabriel Zavala - 22 days ago
I'm not vegan because I'm also poor. It's tough to be both
Eve lion
Eve lion - 22 days ago
Uhg not even all nutritionist even know what’s up. My sister was seeing one because she’s obese. She had to eat a lot of bread, got sick and found out she’s actually gluten intolerant. Miss nutritionist didnt know what to do and told her to find someone else..
Haleman - 22 days ago
You look so sick and pale.
Rosie McGill
Rosie McGill - 24 days ago
Love everything you had to say. Especially the part about the judgement from other vegans if you aren’t perfect. I also love that you mentioned not pushing it on others but just saying decreasing it helps so much! That’s what i try to tell people. If you can’t at least go meatless Monday or something.
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