Jennifer Aniston Doesn’t Know Why She Joined Instagram

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krs krs
krs krs - Day ago
What have you done to you face Jen? Wasn't Courtney Cox enough warning for you?
roxanna mavakanian
roxanna mavakanian - Day ago
wow you gotta be kidding she looks the same as 2003 never ages timeless beauty
Metsasusi - 2 days ago
Just insane how good she looks.
lama ali
lama ali - 3 days ago
Why the CC too late
Sydney Six
Sydney Six - 5 days ago
“Sometimes women can’t ask for control so they have to take it” GO OFF JENNY ANN
Vania Orozco
Vania Orozco - 6 days ago
“What is this stupid game called?” Lmfao best part of this stupid video! Instagram sucks that’s why it’s stupid ps cause like who the hell cares?!
asmaa hussien
asmaa hussien - 6 days ago
She is so natural and real ,I really adore her❤
J Hope's waifu
J Hope's waifu - 6 days ago
Jennys personality kinda looks like rachels one.
Jimmy B
Jimmy B - 8 days ago
The only thing changing on her is , her nose is spreading a bit, and her eyelids are drooping
Jay Chou
Jay Chou - 11 days ago
subtitle late pfft :(
Sari  Putri
Sari Putri - 11 days ago
Josefiina Josefiina
Josefiina Josefiina - 11 days ago
macilab - 12 days ago
The jeopardy part made me think of " A trans... A transporster!!!"
macilab - 12 days ago
She took a mental picture like Alec Baldwin's character in that very Friends episode :D
Elizabeth Mar-Venus
Elizabeth Mar-Venus - 16 days ago
Jennifer Lawrence now needs Instagram. There are many celebrities that need to get it particularly for the fan base
S. E. C-R
S. E. C-R - 16 days ago
Love Love Love her in The Morning Show... I cant wait for more episodes!!!
Social Sensei
Social Sensei - 16 days ago
Looks cool! Nice vldeo!!
OzHillBill - 17 days ago
Jimmy Kimmel. Jennifer Aniston. Dave Mathews. So where was Snoop and Willy?
Marco Rodriguez
Marco Rodriguez - 17 days ago
Theory: Jennifer Aniston takes most of the cash and does green screen fake car rides maybe to save money... and I like my recent mornings and late nights shows.
Coko W
Coko W - 18 days ago
Stay humble Jen
Victoria Montana
Victoria Montana - 18 days ago
Dont know what shes done to her face 😵
Monica Latvenas
Monica Latvenas - 18 days ago
Kimmel talks more than she does.
Luciana Moviglia
Luciana Moviglia - 19 days ago
It's the 2nd video in a row in which someone complements her smell. I NEED TO KNOW what it is.
OzHillBill - 17 days ago
"HERB of the EVENING" Organic
Tatanka N
Tatanka N - 19 days ago
Everybody loves Jennifer Aniston..she is just likeable😊✌🏽
dfrcm - 20 days ago
Like her alot.
Maverick Grabber
Maverick Grabber - 20 days ago
So gorgeous! Beautiful eyes and such an amazing actress.
Elias Rebollosa
Elias Rebollosa - 20 days ago
This Women is just straight up Class....
Now I have been in love before with some very Beautiful Women
Shes just an Amazing Work Of GOD......Wow
Maryna Brito
Maryna Brito - 21 day ago
She is really gorgeous!!! I love her! 🥰👏🏻
Animaröl - 21 day ago
Lynn Gagne
Lynn Gagne - 21 day ago
Dear Jimmy Kimmel, it's a lectern, not a podium! Thanks
junahmae louise Dungog
junahmae louise Dungog - 22 days ago
Still simple and classy!
MrPanCake - 22 days ago
I bet deformed Kim Kardashian’s is shook that Jennifer broke the internet without taking off her clothes
loulou HJ
loulou HJ - 22 days ago
Jennifer looks different here than her old self ..but I’m not sure what is it ?
saeedur rahman
saeedur rahman - 22 days ago
If anyone is aged 14 to 32 Jennifer is old enough to be your mother
saeedur rahman
saeedur rahman - 22 days ago
If anyone aged 68 to 86 are old enough to be her parents, if anyone aged 86 to 104 are old enough to be grandparents
James Ventura
James Ventura - 22 days ago
Hottest chick ever
James Ventura
James Ventura - 22 days ago
@saeedur rahman She looks really young
saeedur rahman
saeedur rahman - 22 days ago
So if you are that aged range is basically loving your mother is a sexual way
saeedur rahman
saeedur rahman - 22 days ago
If you are aged 14 to 32 Jennifer is old enough to be your mother
Dr Manar Adnan Salkini
Dr Manar Adnan Salkini - 23 days ago
Nice beauty lady queen of fun
saeedur rahman
saeedur rahman - 22 days ago
If are aged 14 to 32 Jennifer is old enough to be your mother
sunny day
sunny day - 23 days ago
The first photo she posted was the cutest thing I have ever seen! So heartwarming to see Friends together! I loved this show much
katrina anirtak
katrina anirtak - 23 days ago
Dead ferret. Wow you’re a true disgrace🤬👎🏻
D Sabre
D Sabre - 23 days ago
Still stunning after all these years.
inja polimac
inja polimac - 23 days ago
0:42 bring on the hay!
Jila Javidk
Jila Javidk - 23 days ago
I love you Jennifer ❤ love from Maldives 🙏
Salam Kassem
Salam Kassem - 23 days ago
She's so sweet and lovable I love her sm🥰🥰😍😍
saeedur rahman
saeedur rahman - 22 days ago
If your aged 14 to 32 Jennifer is old enough to be your mother
GBCCXR - 24 days ago
She basically got 1 million followers everyday since she made it
leather white umbrella sinner
Love Jen, hate the interview.
Erick Beaucage
Erick Beaucage - 24 days ago
She’s gorgeous like always !!! Professional ! Sexy! Memorizing!!
Grace P
Grace P - 24 days ago
She is the cutest!!! Love her back then, love her now
alexandra silverstein
alexandra silverstein - 24 days ago
i love her so much.
saeedur rahman
saeedur rahman - 22 days ago
If you are aged 14 to 32 she is old enough to be your mother
Drin Gashi
Drin Gashi - 24 days ago
Jennifer Aniston breaks the Internet?

Keine Schwäche zeigen!
Soul Winner
Soul Winner - 24 days ago
What you resist persist??
What loser shared that foolishness concept?
My experience is resist the devil and he will flee From you!I I pray you find Jesus Christ friend, neither will you think you have to dress revealingly any more. You will be a brand new you, and with power!
memes for life
memes for life - 24 days ago
We now lost respect for her after she talked trash about MCU
dash1141 - 24 days ago
She’s a belter
saeedur rahman
saeedur rahman - 22 days ago
If you are aged 14 to 32 she is old enough to be your mother
Yair - 25 days ago
I can't resist her ... wait my wife is on the line
hotman718 - 25 days ago
She aged very gracefully still has a young glow.
Alan Flores
Alan Flores - 25 days ago
Even the "I HATE RACHEL GREEN CLUB" follow Rachel on Instagram.
Elmedina MJJ
Elmedina MJJ - 25 days ago
Jimmy like can you shut up when Rachel is talking
this man is getting on my nerves 😒
S E - 25 days ago
Too much Botox
Juliana Zhazylbekova
Juliana Zhazylbekova - 25 days ago
What if ANJELINA JOLIE joins IG? That would be funny to see how will she steal Jennifer thunder. ...AGAIN.
céline philippe
céline philippe - 25 days ago
She is so beautiful, I love she. It's my favorite actress😍🤩🤩
Anna Katrina
Anna Katrina - 26 days ago
explanation points
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