Hey Steve: Her Man Isn’t Making an Effort || STEVE HARVEY

Jen L
Jen L - 2 hours ago
She’s getting flowers and cards from many men? Uh... she has her other dudes going at all times. What’s the problem?
ReginaaaLoveee - 3 hours ago
Everyone’s in the comments saying she’s a blabbermouth and I’m just over here thinking I actually like her accent 😂🤷🏾‍♀️
Mordred - 3 hours ago
Don't let a man tell you twice he don't want you!!!! Ain't that the truth
Lisa Jones
Lisa Jones - 3 hours ago
He’s married and she needs to pick up the book - he’s just not that into you
awardwin - 5 hours ago
Why is Valentine’s Day more about pleasing the woman than about celebrating the couple?
Cbris Rebar
Cbris Rebar - 6 hours ago
God no wonder he's avoiding her yak yak yak yak yak yak yak
Master Mind
Master Mind - 6 hours ago
Ain't that Iggy Azalea?
Mahmoud Elkhalifa
Mahmoud Elkhalifa - 10 hours ago
His advice to every woman is to end her relationship.
Romey Rome
Romey Rome - 11 hours ago
What a hypocrite! No man sends a woman flowers unless he’s getting some attention from her. She’s mad because he’s not worshipping her like those other guys on Valentines Day! Maybe he actually did have his daughter. That’s something she should talk to the guy about. This woman is questionable at best and he’s dealt with women long enough to realize that. That’s probably why he’s giving her space provided he wasn’t truly busy with his daughter
Defiant One
Defiant One - 11 hours ago
He makes the most money. That’s why she wants him. I’m sure she threw it in his face every time she could that she had other prospects. Sounds like he seen her red flags. Heck, I could see them.
Rocio Aldana
Rocio Aldana - 15 hours ago
You're not a blossoming flower at 28. You're barely average and getting uglier every day. Especially with that disgusting attitude.
Legal Eagles
Legal Eagles - 20 hours ago
She talks to much, she’s to much into showboating, having said that I’d bang it and run 🏃‍♂️
White Wolf
White Wolf - 20 hours ago
“Blossoming” yeah right. She’s about to hit that wall hard
Dumfries Spearhead
Dumfries Spearhead - Day ago
"When someone shows you who they are believe them the first time" Maya Angelou.
najirban - Day ago
Took her long enough to shut her mouth though. Stop giving her the mic and it's a 90 second clip
Christopher McDonald
"I'm like a blossoming flower, he's like a fermenting fruit."
And that's why he avoids you. Because you don't respect him.
Abufaza3_Gam3r - Day ago
She is 27 !! Damn girl you look atleast 40
Octavius Grant
Octavius Grant - Day ago
This broad is annoying as hell.. STFU ... 8 months ... I’m surprised he stuck around that long...
Raphael Ineh
Raphael Ineh - Day ago
Women never believe they have a problem.
Eddie Bacon
Eddie Bacon - Day ago
She got a hood mentality
Falken Vir
Falken Vir - Day ago
Valentine's day is pointless
Always Right
Always Right - Day ago
This guy gives women the worst advice 😂😂😂
TTgamer OP
TTgamer OP - Day ago
Fcuk Valentine's Day.... Only schmucks do that crap.... Your focus should be on how he treats you on the other "non special" days...
Jason Dyrkacz
Jason Dyrkacz - 23 hours ago
Valentine's Day is a Hallmark holiday anyway. It's purely for commercial purposes.
Christina - Day ago
I’m not saying that I agree with the man’s actions here, but dang girl! Don’t ever consider yourself a “trophy” just because you are pretty or young. It’s a full package deal and you still have some things to learn!
Aries love
Aries love - Day ago
thank you christina
bubble butt
bubble butt - 2 days ago
27 year old women dating a 43 year old man. Gold digger, typical female nature though.
wtroupe64wt - 2 days ago
It’s probably her.. also he have a child it’s her over you always FOH ... its you sorry
Charles Mosley
Charles Mosley - 2 days ago
She is 27 and still acting like a child. What does she expect from the old dude. He is just knocking boots.
Hard knocks Montage
Hard knocks Montage - 3 days ago
Bro that’s a dude
Kspeed powell
Kspeed powell - 3 days ago
She definitely talks to much and gives me thot vibes if it’s the right dude.
lynxman busman
lynxman busman - 3 days ago
I couldn't date her she acts like a tough broad
tyler saylor
tyler saylor - 4 days ago
Hit me up girl lol
Dark Matr
Dark Matr - 4 days ago
So we just ignoring the other flowers from other men thing?
PhantomMemory. - 5 days ago
Very one sided..
Joyful Yan
Joyful Yan - 6 days ago
The surprise factor is that she's a good girl tho, she was investing in him even with propositions still coming her way but you got fooled, you were his side chick that's all.
You young you move on & get same-age dates :)
Natalie Bowen
Natalie Bowen - 7 days ago
I felt like Steve was talking to me
Tokis Efford
Tokis Efford - 8 days ago
No wonder he isnt meeting your mom.you are getting flowers sent to your house from other dudes..he probably isnt sure about you and him..he thinks you are a messing with other dudes
Evan Richards
Evan Richards - 9 days ago
I never really cared for valentine's day. I always though that it was more of a hallmark holiday than anything else. Romance, at least to me, is supposed to be spontaneous and meaningful. Why have a designated day when you're supposed to be committed and loving everyday. That goes both ways, not just the guy or the girl.
Joyce Woodruff
Joyce Woodruff - 10 days ago
they are not together.
Joyce Woodruff
Joyce Woodruff - 10 days ago
he may be married.
ali bazzi
ali bazzi - 13 days ago
If the genders were switched, then steve would have congratulated her and told her to stay with the young guy, I lost all respect for steve.
Bar Talmay
Bar Talmay - 13 days ago
This girl too much too handle.
Niama Cathey
Niama Cathey - 14 days ago
This girl can talk damn 😩😩🤦🏾‍♀️
Leandros Amarantidis
Leandros Amarantidis - 15 days ago
Thick thighs and smokers voice ❤️ 💕
Tony Len Hall
Tony Len Hall - 15 days ago
I see WHY........that guy ain't responding too her. Blah, Blah, blah, blah blah blah blah. Jesus Christ! LMFAO
Andrea D
Andrea D - 16 days ago
She never shuts up.
kriss mg
kriss mg - 16 days ago
"yeah Steve, I've figured it out" it's been EIGHT MONTHS, he ignored you on Valentines, he avoid meeting your mother - you only just figured it out! 😂
Kingpingaming - 18 days ago
Aliya Cxopp
Aliya Cxopp - 19 days ago
Love her personality!!
Linguistics Pundit
Linguistics Pundit - 20 days ago
Linguistics Pundit
Linguistics Pundit - 20 days ago
Did she say "my house smells like a garden from all these other dudes" way too fast or are my ears too slow. P.S. I am not a native English speaker.
AlwaysTalking hosted by Cece Ceestyle blogger
She's Way Too Young & Beautiful to deal with a Old Man that's treating her his S**t! Hope she dropped him immeadiately!
Miss_Tenay G.B
Miss_Tenay G.B - 21 day ago
Listen kids come first before your mate thats not the parent. Now leta say it was his day to watch the kid and it just soo happen to have landed on Vday then so be it but he coulda atleast tried to see her even if it was with his daughter on his hip.
Ardent Dfender
Ardent Dfender - 21 day ago
She talks a lot. He might be tired of her talking too much.
Keisher Richardson
Keisher Richardson - 21 day ago
if she know so much why she bother to ask steve
Divine Rae
Divine Rae - 22 days ago
Run girl.. no do not pursue nothing. He showed you who he is move on.
Redrose Abd
Redrose Abd - 23 days ago
Omg shut up wtf is wrong with her
Q R - 24 days ago
She didn’t get anything from other guys. However, she should take time to listen to the answer to her question.
Naa Marilyn
Naa Marilyn - 24 days ago
This gurl can talk lol
Cashmere Funk
Cashmere Funk - 24 days ago
Ladies pls pls listen...
Milan Tique
Milan Tique - 25 days ago
27 and 43. God damn dude. Maybe try for someone a little closer to your age?
Elaine Green
Elaine Green - 25 days ago
Monika Aledrovich
Monika Aledrovich - 25 days ago
She sounds like Scout from Team Fortress 2
Ro Hall
Ro Hall - 25 days ago
I heard yo side but let him tell it an I'll hear something totally different🤔
Side note; he gives good advice too women too "keep" them single. So single people will hear what's good but NOT RIGHT🤔
jmartinique1 - 26 days ago
She talks to damn much. I am surprised Steve didn't say it. LOL
victoria ogunmowo
victoria ogunmowo - 27 days ago
That was really good advice straight to the point 👌
Boudchoux Diwo
Boudchoux Diwo - 28 days ago
Girl, u talk too much 😱,breathe!!! 😑
nybsbfan18 - 28 days ago
He showed he's not interested twice by not doing anything on Valentine's Day, and not meeting your mom, who doesn't live nearby.
Kico - 29 days ago
Yes, enjoy yo life!!! i’ve been in a 16yr relationship that has ended and he doesn’t even wanna try working out our problems so that’s what i’m bout to do is stop talking about how many years we have together and just walk away✌🏼
Kico - 29 days ago
Wow! “Don’t let a man tell you twice he don’t want you” Preach! I needed to hear this
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person - 29 days ago
You can tell she dates black men.
battlecat403 - 29 days ago
Wow she's clueless.
Travis Krause
Travis Krause - 29 days ago
Ya but why are all these other guys thinking theres enough there to send you flowers get the point!!!
Alfred Zulu
Alfred Zulu - 29 days ago
1:23 and 1:40 same shirt huh!
Akshay Ash
Akshay Ash - 29 days ago
Two sides to a coin who knows the other side of the story.......
D D - 29 days ago
She is absolutely gorgeous and deserves way better
Marrow - Month ago
Why a 27 year old with a 43 year old anyway lmao
Hadiza Y.
Hadiza Y. - Month ago
ValenTIME’s day
Naturally Beautiful
Naturally Beautiful - Month ago
27 girl no comment
M Ha
M Ha - Month ago
lol the dude knows she has multiple options, so he doesn't want to be another one....this chick doesnt see that...
Nicholas Nicole
Nicholas Nicole - Month ago
she has an attitude and we should wonder why the guy doesn't want to make the move
John Despo
John Despo - Month ago
He has a kid. Of course he cares more about her than you. Screw your valentine’s day gifts.
Jenesis zapata
Jenesis zapata - Month ago
27? 🤦‍♀️
blkimble - Month ago
The problem is she talks too much. She doesn't listen. It's exhausting
mario betancourt
mario betancourt - Month ago
SHE IS A GOLD DIGGEN HOE..1 and 2 why you have so many men pursuing you huh?? WHAT does that say about YOU man women these days truly could careless about themselves and just whoring around no wonder y'all all miserable and unhappy and sleeping with men that have someone already i get it that would be confusing!!! Allow ONE MAN to find you NOT YOU find him be classy not trashy and how like
F WB - Month ago
She must be from New York. She is aggressive as hell!!!
Rashard Stallworth
Rashard Stallworth - Month ago
It seems like she's making more out of this relationship than it really is. Unless they've sat down and agreed to be committed to one another she's holding them responsible for all these fantasies she's having in her head.
A friend of mine met a guy, had sex with him a week later, told him she was pregnant by him 2 weeks after that, she is 8 months pregnant, they are not together but she's telling people he is her fiance. It sounds like the lady in this case is doing that
People sometimes project their expectations on to other people without the other person's permission
AZ IVVIIN - Month ago
Steve gives the same old advice to every woman who has a disagreement with her man. "leave him and find another man"
Javontae Eaddy
Javontae Eaddy - 29 days ago
Because it works
kisa M.
kisa M. - Month ago
Annoying lady. Kept interrupting steve
James Obiri
James Obiri - Month ago
Wring advise. I wasn't there when you started, tell me what you agreed to do at first...she had very high expectations.. lol
Anna Tuivai
Anna Tuivai - Month ago
Annoying bxtch 💀 You the side chick that's it.
amaal getu
amaal getu - Month ago
Preach up Steve
amaal getu
amaal getu - Month ago
Enough said, cut the loss and move on.
brooklynforever1990 - Month ago
"He's like fermenting fruit" but you're pressed about it sis. 🤷
Khaedeen B
Khaedeen B - Month ago
She's angry... Girl I understand. Was in the same predicament. It hurt but we will get over it
mimi - Month ago
Women need to understand men with children , especially young ones, you will NEVER be his 1st priority. i mean it is what it is, either you willing to accept it and get hurt times to times or bounce. Now whether he was with his daughter or not on V day, he obviously didn't care much about you and that shows you his real side of him. But on a side note, let's not make V day a big deal. He truly didn't want to invest into the relationship, and neither did she. She ain't innocent either. So...
lawilson4life - Month ago
Stop collecting red flags 🚩 and never let a man tell you twice de don’t want you. Stop keeping folks over time invested. Move on.
Ashish Naik
Ashish Naik - Month ago
"I'm like a blossoming flower and he's like a fermenting fruit ....."
Sheesh then why TF you dating him blabbermouth?
wtroupe64wt - 2 days ago
mario betancourt
mario betancourt - Month ago
Sebabatso Thulo
Sebabatso Thulo - Month ago
I liked Steve with a beard😏
Joshua Tetteh
Joshua Tetteh - Month ago
Go on talk your way out... u damn sidechick
Musiclover KeKe
Musiclover KeKe - Month ago
I needed to hear this.
Odette Moronez-L
Odette Moronez-L - Month ago
Hello woman!
Move on.....
Good ridings bud....next!
me personally, Valentine's Day is everyday, but if my man can't make the time to make an effort to communicate and go above and beyond, "😩🙊👤👍you're not worth 2 minutes, let alone my time....👊"
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