Hey Steve: Her Man Isn’t Making an Effort || STEVE HARVEY

Tamaria Patterson
Tamaria Patterson - 6 hours ago
Lol hey steve
Name - Day ago
At 27 she needs to be told this? Guys are actually awesome in that they typically don't do confusing games like us. They are very easy to read; if they like you they will go out of their way to be with you. If they aren't going out of their way then they don't like you. It's actually as simple as that.
PyroSan - Day ago
1:36 - 1:38 WTF is she saying? She is not a human
Joe Airbender
Joe Airbender - 2 days ago
Her attitude is a big no, maybe the father dont want his daughter to be around that kind of woman.
Joe Airbender
Joe Airbender - 2 days ago
No wonder he isnt interested, psshhh *flip hair*
Pepsi Woods
Pepsi Woods - 4 days ago
She annoying lol
Mohamed Obadi
Mohamed Obadi - 4 days ago
pidouble145 - 5 days ago
Sounds like he’s a high value guy and she’s another 20-something girl chasing him
Joshua Hatton
Joshua Hatton - 7 days ago
I wonder if she ever tried communicating with the guy.
williamkohlerjr - 8 days ago
Steve is a woman who pretending to be a man
She talks to much god damn
Ryan Polak
Ryan Polak - 8 days ago
So he found out she had a buncha dudes and shes complaining he didnt have time for her cause she was to busy with all her other dudes. She shoved him away.
Aye Dee
Aye Dee - 8 days ago
She beautiful
Aye Dee
Aye Dee - 8 days ago
Hook me up
J McGovern
J McGovern - 8 days ago
That man needs to run and never look back
Michael Angst
Michael Angst - 8 days ago
So nobody can figure out that she is only wanting to make excuses for him because he is obviously rich? also, she looks older than 27 and is meh looks wise.. I wouldn't want to create a future with her looking like that at 27, if I was hunting for sexy 20's women.
Jose Torres
Jose Torres - 9 days ago
She’s not interesting. He should move on. Lol
Reynaldo Ramirez
Reynaldo Ramirez - 9 days ago
She is a big ass red flag! Just remember at 27 the big wall bout hit you right on you face. The wall is undefeated!
Skarra Baines
Skarra Baines - 9 days ago
The sense of entitlement from these women is nauseating
Kaleidoscope Productions
She is SOME trash. She really surprised this guy doesn’t want her?
Kevin - 9 days ago
She is just a lil young piece for him to have fun with
C B - 9 days ago
Howard Stern
Howard Stern - 9 days ago
She just need some good D
Priscilla Pie
Priscilla Pie - 9 days ago
Don’t get in a habit of collecting red flags..,
Chuck Barieka
Chuck Barieka - 9 days ago
Do any women put any effort in EVER dump her
Kat Parks
Kat Parks - 10 days ago
Walk away,he is not interested!He is 43 he probably had a lot of bad relationships and he wants to play but he doesn't want a relationship.
The woman having a lot of admirers he is probably not keen on that.
Patrick X
Patrick X - 10 days ago
What? It's acceptable that women prioritize their kids, but not men?
THELEGEND 27 - 10 days ago
Shes a pop
Ronald Strout
Ronald Strout - 10 days ago
Gold digger.
JITENDRA SINGH N. - 10 days ago
First of all... She looks amazing....👌👌👌
Ana Franco
Ana Franco - 10 days ago
She the other woman.
Josh Mallett
Josh Mallett - 10 days ago
Sati Sarg
Sati Sarg - 10 days ago
27 yo “blossoming flower “
Lol no comment
Pratik Chiku
Pratik Chiku - 10 days ago
May be that man wants some peace in his life.
Lilly V Gutierrez
Lilly V Gutierrez - 10 days ago
he's just wanna play with her
Shae Diamond
Shae Diamond - 10 days ago
Ziehl Neelsen
Ziehl Neelsen - 10 days ago
Yo, Did Americans changed the grammar of their language?!
“Dont let a man tells twice he dont want you “ he doesnt or he dont?!!!
Andrew Guadarrama
Andrew Guadarrama - 10 days ago
Time has not been her friend
terence holt
terence holt - 9 days ago
@Andrew Guadarrama true maybe she stopped counting years after she stopped blossoming
Andrew Guadarrama
Andrew Guadarrama - 10 days ago
@terence holt i mean i can deal with that, she is what, 27 she said, she looks for like 35
terence holt
terence holt - 10 days ago
Andrew Guadarrama she found a friend in sugar and carbs
Pine Tar Sports Cards
Pine Tar Sports Cards - 10 days ago
In 2 minutes, I can see why....She gets flowers from others for no reason?? But what he does is wrong..come on
haitham baloch
haitham baloch - 11 days ago
Her mouth is bigger than a skyscraper
Stav Galon
Stav Galon - 11 days ago
i'd like to hear HIS side of the story because as some of you say (and i agree), she's probably lying and he's probably using his kid to avoid her... so clear to me
Andrew - 11 days ago
Wait a minute. Other guys are sending her flowers? No guy is going to send flowers to a women unless either they are together, still talking, or sleeping together. So she wants to play around but wants him to be loyal.
L.A. Emert
L.A. Emert - 11 days ago
Idky but I got a weird feeling from her when she said I get stuff from other guys? Lol I think she likes the attention but gets annoyed when the one dude doesn’t give her attention
Jose Zuniga
Jose Zuniga - 11 days ago
Shes an American woman. More than likely not even worth the time...dude is just working her...
Joyce Woodruff
Joyce Woodruff - 11 days ago
Everybody don't celebrate holidays.
nomadic8000 - 11 days ago
Her mouth is a red flag!
fancy gal
fancy gal - 12 days ago
Couldn't agree more with everything Steve said
Ben Severance
Ben Severance - 12 days ago
First thing that is wrong with this is that this dude is in his 40’s. What in the hell does this dude want? Does he want to date his daughter as well?? Nasty ass dude
helen orange
helen orange - 12 days ago
She talks a lot, SO WHAT? She's venting!!!
she's not rude, she didn't say anything wrong!
She's obviously hurt cause she really invested in him, 8 freaking months, she wanted him to meet her mum, she is already in good terms with his daughter. Leave her alone. She's loyal.
She's beautiful, she's fit, she's honest! And she looks 27, she doesn't look older....
terence holt
terence holt - 10 days ago
helen orange are you broken or just her friend , watch again she seen his daughter couple of times , she said she loves her and the way she said it speaks volumes, she’s loyal but boasts about all the other men buying her gifts . Beautiful? By what standard when I was in New York she be less than average at best... fit she is bordering on obese but what makes her really ugly is her attitude in general
Conor Hogan
Conor Hogan - 12 days ago
I want this chick
Ssam - 13 days ago
Wow she talks too much, there you go
ChronosGaming - 13 days ago
She kinda bad 👀👀👀.... what’s her Instagram ..... for research purposes ....
ima edit that out
ima edit that out - 13 days ago
Shes after the paper tf you mean 43 years old and youre 27
Natural Heel
Natural Heel - 14 days ago
Shes just complaining...and hes too old
Ahmed Janjua
Ahmed Janjua - 14 days ago
lol @ "I dont wanna build with a man". Build yourself bish, stop leeching on men who've built on themselves.
Kim Scheryz
Kim Scheryz - 10 days ago
Ahmed Janjua This
Jimmy Exendine
Jimmy Exendine - 14 days ago
Dude is 43. And he done figured out this woman wants to be spoiled And she got other men chasing her and giving her gifts. He's 43. He ain't fighting off all them dudes. He's spending time with his daughter. Steve was wrong on this one
Michael Angst
Michael Angst - 8 days ago
she only cares most likely because he is loaded and wants to get a big score one day
Whooty Da Owl
Whooty Da Owl - 14 days ago
Come to me girl. I’ll take you out. Let’s build together.
Maleah's Diary
Maleah's Diary - 14 days ago
I CAN tell she has a nice body 😍 He got addicted to that_____ Y'all know the rest 😉 (Please don't click on my face. I'm a germaphobe.)
terence holt
terence holt - 10 days ago
Maleah's Diary nice body I not hating but seriously I’ve seen better shaped trucks
Maleah's Diary
Maleah's Diary - 14 days ago
"DON'T collect red flags." (Please don't click on my face. I'm a germaphobe.)
Tyrone G.
Tyrone G. - 14 days ago
She's beautiful, but they are worlds apart.
gerad courtney
gerad courtney - 14 days ago
Way too much emphasis on Valentine's Day Valentine's Day is a made-up day if you want to be special to the person you love everyday should be a Valentine's Day of some short
Nikki - 15 days ago
Judge Lynn Toler said those exact same words.
Cheryl Mcleod
Cheryl Mcleod - 15 days ago
He's older is probably tired sometimes
Neha - 15 days ago
It seems she already knew what she wanted to do. Why ask Steve? Lol
Joyful Yan
Joyful Yan - 15 days ago
I liked her :) She was cool and sincere about where she wanna go.
Gran Thurismo
Gran Thurismo - 16 days ago
I really don't understand why she asks and then acts like she knew it all along. Why did you ask then? She is very pretty but bit annoying and it's definitely not the person to be with if he doesn't take signs seriously
passerau - 16 days ago
I hate that entitlement attitude this is why we have so many problem today
Jose Briseno Jr
Jose Briseno Jr - 17 days ago
She cant fight the moonlight nope.
Jose Briseno Jr
Jose Briseno Jr - 17 days ago
She got multiple guys anyways.
Jose Briseno Jr
Jose Briseno Jr - 17 days ago
I wouldnt want to meet your mom either if im only sexing you.
Eno Ekaidem
Eno Ekaidem - 17 days ago
I love the colour of suit on you Steve 😍 Brown is definitely one of your colours!
Zach Stiles
Zach Stiles - 19 days ago
27 year old dating a 43 year old. Hmmm...i wonder why that i$?
Chris - 19 days ago
Why is this lady dating her daddy?
Nurse Rawkii Joy
Nurse Rawkii Joy - 20 days ago
Me: Ay, June what song would you like for your karaoke?
June: ‘These boots 🥾 are made for Walking’
Move on beautiful!
Diane Shelley
Diane Shelley - 21 day ago
I agree. -----. She talks and talks too fast. How do you keep up.
Sagn C
Sagn C - 22 days ago
God saves the man she's going to be with.
J Palm
J Palm - 22 days ago
You can tell this one talks all the time.
Stefania - 23 days ago
Wow, she's conceited and entitled as f***. My boyfriend and I both had exams on Valentine's day and did nothing. Valentine's day is not your anniversary or birthday, it's just a commercial occasion. He has a daughter and you will never matter more to him. When a person (man or woman) has kids, they come first. + girl you getting flowers and gifts from strangers? Step down from that freaking pedestal!
nicky - 23 days ago
Men can be 60 and still find young women woman have biological clock they don't have time to waste hahaha
boing bryan
boing bryan - 23 days ago
When someone talks very fast, then it is a red flag......
Betzy Lopez
Betzy Lopez - 23 days ago
Really she’s an idiot
Deja God's Daughter
Deja God's Daughter - 23 days ago
This is life ❤❤❤❤🤣🤣🤭🤭
Daniel Issabey
Daniel Issabey - 24 days ago
Haa love Steve, anyone know her name...?
Leonardo Da Kimchi
Leonardo Da Kimchi - 24 days ago
He's 43. You're 27. What do you think you are to him?
Kevin C
Kevin C - 24 days ago
Steve is the dr Phil of love
MeetMeHalfWay - 24 days ago
From the less than 5mins clip, I can confidently say that the man just dodged a bullet!!!
Mrs Bryant
Mrs Bryant - 22 days ago
Why? She's a beautiful young girl & she's not asking for much.
Williewill 1
Williewill 1 - 24 days ago
She forgets women age like milk and men age like wine 😂
Williewill 1
Williewill 1 - 24 days ago
Hopefully he walked
Thedren Kemp
Thedren Kemp - 24 days ago
Lol the heart of females. She messing wit her man Bt mad the boy she want don’t want her lol
Frances Stinson
Frances Stinson - 24 days ago
She's horrible, he R A N!!! He was too dang scared of her to just tell her.
San Man
San Man - 25 days ago
Another great example. All those other guys throwing dicks at her, she thinks about the one that is indifferent. Stay on your purpose and your goals gentlemen.
skalawitz - 25 days ago
This 43 year old you dating girl has done that what I call "hit and run" or "tap and run" 😂
xHeroinx - 25 days ago
Why she look so old tho?
John Dyer
John Dyer - 25 days ago
This is not a matter of age, it's a matter of maturity and common courtesy. Regardless of age, people want to be with you or they don't.
Zen-Oh Sama
Zen-Oh Sama - 25 days ago
Legend has it she is still talking.
Damn Gina
Damn Gina - 25 days ago
Lol she got flowers from other guys... red flag 👌🏽 she said, she can’t control that.... that’s because she don’t want to....a guy don’t want a female with other options open
Chris Salley
Chris Salley - 25 days ago
The fact that she got gifts and cards from other dudes shows him that he can't take her seriously and she just wants attention. Older guys know how to deal with these situations. She is just upset because she can't make a fool of him
charmaine Rose
charmaine Rose - 25 days ago
Steve you are always right
Saimone Kaipelea
Saimone Kaipelea - 25 days ago
John Price
John Price - 26 days ago
Now you gotta get out of there straight.
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