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Screen Junkies
Screen Junkies - 4 months ago
Do you think we could still get Secret Invasion storyline?

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Yes. Every race has good, and bad. Now do fucking Spider-Man Far From Home, already!
Dawson Thoresen
Dawson Thoresen - 2 months ago
We can but it reverse skull are good guy kree bad guys
bigoz169 - 2 months ago
After the new lineup of movies they are going to put out I say sadly no. Buuut!!! we might get Victoria's Secret invasion.
Bitchstorm66 - 2 months ago
Do human centipede
manda 4
manda 4 - 3 months ago
Screen Junkies okay I already can see what you would say for Shazam you gotta do it 🤣
Lin Can Park
Lin Can Park - Day ago
3:39 i did. I'm retired now 😂
Ngọc Minh Phạm
Ngọc Minh Phạm - 2 days ago
Well, Nick Fury, Director of Shield, was lost an eye by a ninja cat
bk138 GT
bk138 GT - 2 days ago
Is this a personal attack or something?
spideydew20 - 4 days ago
Maria Rambowlcut for the win!
Ter Anktum
Ter Anktum - 6 days ago
2:55 I'm still wondering how the fuck she got that shirt, *That design was made in fucking 1998*
A F - 7 days ago
She's a pariah. Instead of studying what makes an alpha leader and then applying that study to her female heroine, Brie plays it out by her own rules:
Her responses are usually snarky, she smiles very little when interacting with men, appears ultra sensitive during banter, and at one point steals a motorcycle from an innocent civilian (a possibly-toxic male, which is supposed to justify this action). These portrayals are Brie's reinterpretation of masculinity and alpha power in a female hero's boots.
And the public sees right through it. Hence the ratings.
I don't want to argue against girl power or feminism here. but what I do want to pitch is that the type of female hero that Brie presents does not draw followers. Unlike the pitch perfect version that Gal Gadot's recent Wonder Woman delivers, Brie Larson's heroine is no tough and all cookie. The snark, the sensitivity during banter, the bullying -- these don't portray strength, but rather, weakness.
And to make matters worse these same traits have poisoned her public interviews and speeches, making her look weak and touchy and overly reactive. A captain on script, an immature child in the public arena.
We need heroes like Captain Marvel. We need girl power at the front of our teams. But Brie has misinterpreted what that looks like, to her and the Marvel franchise's detriment.
Darian - 9 days ago
This movie disappointed me too much
ramyash shukla
ramyash shukla - 10 days ago
Worst mcu movie .... saw it in theatre but i dont remember a thing abt it ....brie larson is an idiot .... she ruined it .... couldnt they cast smone better
Kritika Kanjilal
Kritika Kanjilal - 10 days ago
When will Far From Home Honest trailer get released???
Onyx1916 - 10 days ago
Jude Law: Control your emotions.

Me: What emotions?? She literally has 1.5 facial expressions.
H_aidi det
H_aidi det - 14 days ago
stupidly overpowered without emotions or growth
Trulysarcastic44 - 17 days ago
Brie Kree.
yek636 - 18 days ago
"PAID DLC" funny.
Magdelena Ellis
Magdelena Ellis - 19 days ago
Do Spider-Man: Far From Home PLZ
The Barksman
The Barksman - 20 days ago
Solid watch compared to doctor strange, antman and captain America: the first avenger? Pffftttt.... BULLSHIT!
booker dewitt
booker dewitt - 20 days ago
angelistringfellow - 21 day ago
Marvel issued black friend. ha!
Chi Jiguan
Chi Jiguan - 23 days ago
Emotions?? There is more emotion in a dried up week old Mc Donnalds cheesburger.
Also it is very important to have female leads overtaking male ones.
Because reasons.
High Priest of Gavin Almighty He Who Doth Exist
Worst part of it was the lead actress. Everyone else was great! Samuel L Jackson carried that movie the whole way.
Official RogueEnt
Official RogueEnt - 25 days ago
This is better than the movie itself lmao
Nyrufa - 26 days ago
I didn't need to see this movie. Her behavior in End Game told me all I need to know about her... Being that she's insufferably pretentious!
MiLK SOP - 27 days ago
Maria was the original female Captain Marvel. She’s been relegated to a sidekick role. Secret Invasion is the next over-arcing plot for Marvel.
Thanos Snapper
Thanos Snapper - 27 days ago
Honest cast name for Brie Larson:
Thanos Snapper
Thanos Snapper - 27 days ago
How could you guys NOT make a bewwwb joke for this film?
It was staring right at your face in this movie!
vik saggu
vik saggu - 27 days ago
Lol Marvel Issued black friend
HollowBoy - 29 days ago
Maria Rambo - her marvel issued black friend 😂😂😂
Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Make a trailer for Spider-Man. I don't care how long it take, you can all just stay awake... Don't care! Just do f*cking Spider-Man... I really want a trailer...stop playing with my emotions...Please do f*cking... Spider-Maaan...
Alex Biscardi
Alex Biscardi - Month ago
Citizen kane!
Bballer 23
Bballer 23 - Month ago
This movie suffers for choices the director made. Brie Larson can act and she has an Oscar to prove it, but for some reason they had her stay in resting bitch face almost the whole entire movie
RockManLP - Month ago
Captain Marvel was such a dumpster fire.
TheAnubis57 - Month ago
Basically it was chick flick with a super woman in it.
Gameus Racoonis
Gameus Racoonis - Month ago
Cptn marvel:😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😏😐😐😐😐
Ahm Kibria
Ahm Kibria - Month ago
The real Honest title of this movie is:

G in NY
G in NY - Month ago
Why do you guys hate Doctor Strange? Definitely better than Captain Obviously Mary Sue.
Saitama Productions
Saitama Productions - Month ago
Carol reminds me Chad from SNL. . .

Resa Chiic Covers
Resa Chiic Covers - Month ago
to everyone complaining about the emotion thing. spoiler alert: if anyone paid attention to the movie, the kree said it deliberately to lessen her power potential/control her
Popinjay - Month ago
Casually Shaggy
Casually Shaggy - Month ago
Must join the airforce.....
못작냥 - Month ago
mcu version dceu...
Ahm Kibria
Ahm Kibria - Month ago
I agree. Check out my comment.
Frank christ
Frank christ - Month ago
I wonder if Cheese Larson has the Balls to tell Lori Petty she is the fist female super hero. I hear Lori can be pretty snarky.
Spencer Smith
Spencer Smith - Month ago
You guys were VERY EASY on this movie. It would have been awesome if you would have dealt with the over the top cheesy feminism this movie forced upon you. Love these honest trailers! 😂
roguedemon100 - Month ago
Wasn't Captain Marvel a guy? Billy Batson, crippled newsboy, who transformed into The Cap by saying "Shazam"! In the comics, I never saw the character as a girl. There was Mary Marvel, and Captain Marvel Jr. and that was it! I don't get it at all!
Alpha_Raccoon - Month ago
I hate captain marvel (come at me 30 year olds, moms, and pre teen boys/girls)
Someone Real
Someone Real - Month ago
Sometimes honest trailers makes the film watchable by destroying it beforehand lool
Jessica Anderson
Jessica Anderson - Month ago
The thing I liked most about this movie is it had a female lead that did NOT need a romance story tagged onto it. Hate that crap.
Others - Month ago
Please do an honest trailer for 50 first dates
312vandal - Month ago
Mike P.
Mike P. - Month ago
I hate her annoying shiny mohawk so not right in a super suit
The Intelligent Gamer
The Intelligent Gamer - Month ago
You should’ve said “Starring- Totally not supergirl Carol Danvers”
Andrew Ertle
Andrew Ertle - Month ago
You know, I had good expectations for this film. It was better than Thor in terms of the solo origin films, but about where The Incredible Hulk is. Still good, but didn't live up to the hype (nor could it have because there was too much of it). Also, I think they shoehorned the whole gender thing into it. Just let it be a good film and don't use the "female empowerment" as a crutch. Just my opinion.
Kitty Girl54321
Kitty Girl54321 - Month ago
I think Goose is the best part of this movie. Who agrees with me?
darkstar100x - Month ago
Meh. The biggest problem with Carol is that they miss the biggest thing that any protagonist needs to do. Struggle. Carol doesn't have any flaws, she doesn't change, she doesn't evolve, and the only thing close to a struggle is the emotion thing that is told but never shown. Sadly this is something Hollywood loves to do for female and minority characters, make them essentially perfect to get out a forced political message. Captain Marvel is not a truly empowering movie. Aliens is empowering, Ripley struggles and becomes stronger for it. Wonder Woman, ditto. Even Alita has more of those undertones.

Plus it's also just the plot to Iron Man 1. Mentor turned evil attempting to use differing allegiances to disrupt the protagonist.
Trinity Gamers
Trinity Gamers - Month ago
What a trash movie.
machinEmotion - Month ago
Do your magic with Dark Phoenix :D
nicholas Stumpf
nicholas Stumpf - Month ago
Good Simpson's reference!
Pixal Samurai
Pixal Samurai - Month ago
Damn, he just roasted Mary Sue.
Crimson Gaze
Crimson Gaze - Month ago
brie larson reminds me of piper from Orange is the new black...
Tom Eye The SFM guy
Tom Eye The SFM guy - Month ago
Captain America: The First Avenger's Trailer
Brie Kree: Phone Home.
treaty yee
treaty yee - Month ago
"Her Marvel issued black friend" lol haha
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