How Fox Completely F***ed X-Men

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Dorkly - Month ago
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Et Cogito Ergo Sum
Et Cogito Ergo Sum - 16 days ago
You are not gonna do a video on how disney fucked up the Avengers, arent you, cunts? Biased pieces of shit
Hiran Ferrera
Hiran Ferrera - 19 days ago
Give it to the russo brothers theyll do it right
TruthersUnite Reborn
TruthersUnite Reborn - 21 day ago
For sure Disney will queer up the series. I'm not a fan of any studio doing this but Disney is doing it a lot lately.
Derrick Nichols
Derrick Nichols - 21 day ago
That rat gonna make pg8 watch
Eshaan Nayar
Eshaan Nayar - 20 hours ago
I think he is from Australia :D
Kim Strong Un
Kim Strong Un - 23 hours ago
Just sell the rights to marvel studios. They know how to make movies
Ryan Gibson
Ryan Gibson - 23 hours ago
I've loved x men since I was a little kid. Later, when I grew up the movies disappointed me. At no point have I ever gave a shit about the director sexually harassing an actress. I still don't.
Daxis Perry
Daxis Perry - Day ago
Look at how fucking pathetic Mystiques look is. MILLIONS of dollars and you do a worse job than a casual cosplayer? Are you serious!!!
Please do more videos like this as well as your video game ones. Both are awesome.
The InFamous TMF
The InFamous TMF - Day ago
I feel like these studios are doing this shit to make y’all mad at black people.
Alexandra Bath
Alexandra Bath - Day ago
so, not allowing F-Bombs in these videos? what about the one at 5:57 when shes talking about Darwin, lol. totally missed that one Mr/Mrs F-Bomb censor
33melonpaws77 - Day ago
I don't get why people are hating this video.
John Taylor
John Taylor - Day ago
Iceman was one of my favorite characters in the comics. He should have been called the invisible man because they rarely showed him or let him use his powers.
Thor C.
Thor C. - Day ago
JLAW's powdery blue make up alone, looks like it's just a spoof. 😂
FRANKLY SPEAKING, What pisses us is that it seems they were thinking that they're audiences are naive to not notice it.
IN5T1NCT66 - Day ago
I don't think Disney will be much better ! but an improvement
Steamboat Willie.
Steamboat Willie. - Day ago
*Marvel Studios, Disney only distributes the films so don't blame them for anything.
david10006 - Day ago
The only real thing the franchise ever had going for it was great casting..Hugh as Logan, Kelsey Grammer as Beast, Stewart and McKellen ect. so much talent only to be sunk by clueless directors , shitty scripts and a studio that couldn't care less.
Nathan Slijkhuis
Nathan Slijkhuis - 2 days ago
tip read the comics more
Doughy the edible Cube
Doughy the edible Cube - 2 days ago
Damn girl, that may very well be the ugliest shirt that was ever produced.
Lorelei Catherine
Lorelei Catherine - 2 days ago
The moment I saw Olivia munn was the moment I gave up completely on the franchise. The last shred of hope I had burnt to a crispy fried bacon bit.
Koupon King
Koupon King - 2 days ago
Hugh Jackman is from Sydney, Australia. Not Canada. Do you know how to wikipedia? Just as Fox has botched this franchise, you all botched the review of it. And oh the poor black guy that got killed off deserves his own movie. Bet you all your subscribers you wouldn't watch it if they made it. Stop your fake PC shit.
33melonpaws77 - Day ago
Damn son, think twice before you post!
John Taylor
John Taylor - Day ago
Wolverine, the character, is from Canada. Try not to get your knickers in an uproar over your own mistakes.
james christian
james christian - 3 days ago
Yes fox did screw the pooch with the mishandling of all the X-men franchise.. And X-men apocalypse was absolutely horrid why make apocalypse look like a reject Power Ranger Villain let's hope that Disney doesn't put us through that hypocrisy again
Charlotte's Web
Charlotte's Web - 3 days ago
All of these reboots are a disgrace. It shows a huge lack of respect for the source material and insults our intelligence.
They think we’ll just buy anything .
raeofsunshine - 3 days ago
she cute.
Z Man
Z Man - 3 days ago
Getting a 'better' movie from Disney is highly doubtful.
Steamboat Willie.
Steamboat Willie. - Day ago
Where are you from? Bizzaro World? ( i know thats DC but i don't know if Marvel has an equivalent )
mjbset93 - 3 days ago
Thank you for this spot on analysis. I hate that Fox was constantly rewarded for making bad movies in this franchise. More than half of them were horrible. So the really good ones were overrated because the bar was set so low. X-Men 2000 was judged a really good because we had never scene anything like it before. X-2 rode the storytelling momentum. Origins Wolverine barely mediocre. The Wolverine just mediocre. Logan really good but over rated. I don't give credit to them for Deadpool movies because Ryan Reynolds basically did everything but direct the movies. First Class was great but they took a huge dump on everything that movie established.
Bitchslapped - 3 days ago
They gave some overpowered habilities to Kitty Pride that she never had... and then we never saw her again, they didn't even recast her.
Shakayla La’Shay
Shakayla La’Shay - 4 days ago
LETS PLEASE NOT FORGET ABOUT HAVOK!!!! Even tho they killed him off fast he’s my favorite character plus he was super poweful but for some reason he didnt even show up in the movies tht happened before he died
Jacob Taylor
Jacob Taylor - 4 days ago
Please stop waving your arms around so much
Paw Zyl
Paw Zyl - 4 days ago
Disney make worst Star Wars movies than how bad X-Man willbe?
Brendan R
Brendan R - 4 days ago
remember wolverine was there to save the mutants future
Jesse - 4 days ago
I am glad that every movie besides X1,X2and Logan and DP 1&2 has failed miserably!!! Really, mystique a good guy?
Come on, we all know from the 90’s cartoon show in Saturday morning on Fox she was a bad guy with magneto! :)
Techknowverse - 4 days ago
Not only did Fox screw up XMEN, they screwed up THE GIFTED, by ending it, especially at the wrong time. And I don't care for Jennifer Lawrence either. She has this bitchy type of look, and her acting is not all that great, especially in Dark Phoenix, sounded like she was reading her lines. The only reason she is getting HIGH DOLLAR now, is because of her naked photos that ended up online by someone who put a trojan horse on her phone and got her pictures.
Techknowverse - 4 days ago
This girl in the video is boring me to death.
Techknowverse - 4 days ago
Days of Future past, sucked. Dark Phoenix sucked and was a COPY CAT of Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel, absorbs energy, and Dark Phoenix does the same.
Jezrel Martinez
Jezrel Martinez - 5 days ago
Cyclops and wolverine were one of the most harmed characters in comics with the movies, the rising popularity on pop culture of wolverine twisted, at the hand of bad writers, both characters to acomodate to the popular preferences, you can compare the characters from the 70s-90s era to his counterparts starting in the 00s, Original Cyclops was a hard- serious person, but a strong and capable leader with no situation imposible to win for him and his team, some one ho view the xmen as the only family he ever has, with a great story behind all his traits. Wolverione was the perfect antihero, mysterious past, no remorse on killing the rigth kind of monsters, and a great strugle betwen his most heinous side and the person he wanted to be. But, all that changed, the writers turn cyclops in the bad autorithy jerk, and wolverine in some kind of hig moral inmortal saint, they twisted both characters and ruined both in my view.
Lil_dashiepogs - 5 days ago
I don’t know why but these days a lot of my favorite movies are becoming worser as time goes except marvel and mlp these two are still good
Lil_dashiepogs - 2 days ago
Curious Waffle IKR !! 😃
Curious Waffle
Curious Waffle - 2 days ago
Lil_dashiepogs Maybe because industry is caring more about money and less about actual story. They give zero fucks and basically regurgitate the same story over and over but more washed out and watered down. MLP is awesome though.
WaterDQ - 5 days ago
Why are all the videos like this done by "woke" sjw people? Anytime someone says "problematic" I find it really hard to take them seriously. So the directs are accused, nothing proven in a court of law and literally zero evidence presented so far that it even happened. I am not saying they are innocent beyond a shadow of doubt but until there is compelling evidence they are innocent. James Gunn has more evidence against him than Bryan Singer with his pedophile jokes. If you can forgive him for something he actually did that is provable then maybe we should forgive Singer who has so far done nothing but been accused of doing something bad with zero supportive evidence
ItzGomez1 - 5 days ago
This series did no justice for Storm, Kitty Pride, Iceman, Emma Frost, and Angel
Anass channel
Anass channel - 2 days ago
And cyclops
infamousT - 5 days ago
This woman is *really* annoying.
Song Tuning
Song Tuning - 5 days ago
new mystique killed the franchise
Andrew Vincent
Andrew Vincent - 5 days ago
I fucking hate that term "Person of color" Just say black or hispanic or whatever. "Person of color" is such a stupid fucking term and divisive as hell which puts them in a different category or makes them sound like they're aliens or something.
Andrew Vincent
Andrew Vincent - 5 days ago
You think Fox hurt the franchise...wait until Disney start's making X-men movies. The first movie will probably be called X-Women or X-People since disney so loves gender and identity politics.
Twimbo - 5 days ago
Kinberg should have been kept as far away as possible from the franchise after The Last Stand.
Davlin - 5 days ago
Same problem as WB has with justice league and that is the ego manics that they hire as directors that refuse to use anyone elses ideas or works and ignore the history of the characters and universe because they can do better or so they thought
La Banda del Sargento
La Banda del Sargento - 5 days ago
great video :)
Nathan Groenevelt
Nathan Groenevelt - 5 days ago
There's no real evidence that Bryan Singer as a "predator". I said "evidence" as in... Actual.
apocalypse369 - 5 days ago
Days of future past was actually one if the few things fox did right for this series you lost me here I'm out
Jake Hildebrand
Jake Hildebrand - 6 days ago
9:18 did you really have to go full libtard on us?
manny - Day ago
@33melonpaws77 Me or Jake?
33melonpaws77 - Day ago
Did you really just use that crybaby term unironically? Oh boy.
manny - 5 days ago
How is disliking a sex offender a "libtard" thing lmao.
Anisha Chanallee Shade Mason
Xmen long ago was way better....everything is all over the place.
Chris Foster
Chris Foster - 6 days ago
Could you imagine a full on Darwin movie....that would be amazing...I really don’t understand how they could think hmmmm Darwin....THE most powerful mutant of all time....who can survive literally EVERYTHING...’We should have KB pop a mini nuke through his mouth’....who then says....’adapt to this’......and he actually doesn’t......that’ll be sooooooo gooood...despite the fact that Darwin could, would and has survived absolutely anything that’s bin thrown to him........and as cinema sins there any reason why he couldn’t adapt to it.....answer.....not even a little....
Candylyn Parker
Candylyn Parker - 6 days ago
Except for Deadpool, very single X-MEN movie sucked. I only paid for X-Men 1. For crying out the couldn't even be consistent the movie names; X-Men United or X-Men: Mutants United.
Emma Frost showed up as a grown woman in First Class but a teenage girl in Wolverine!
They were awful. I am glad it's over. I love the comics and the production team screwed this up.
Samisha Frayer
Samisha Frayer - 6 days ago
I was wondering why Mystique kept changing and the new Storm heavy accent 🙄. The X-men inconsistencies drove me crazy
Mai Yamada
Mai Yamada - 6 days ago
Who is she? I like her. A lot
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