Little Mix - Get To Know: Perrie (VEVO LIFT)

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Perrie Edwards
Perrie Edwards - Month ago
Roger Aladdin Daltrey's Live TV
I Even Wish That She Belonged To Me Cause She Is The Goddess Of Girl Group Music Plus She Made Contemporary Music Better
Roger Aladdin Daltrey's Live TV
Best Looking Singer Of All Time And She Is Easily The Frontwoman Of Little Mix
Emily - Month ago
Bella Dawn
Bella Dawn - Month ago
Dude her goat impression is shocking lol
Bella Dawn
Bella Dawn - Month ago
Her face when she learned she wasn't acting getting paid to work lol
olivia nolan
olivia nolan - 2 months ago
Perrie so freaking cute😍
Corvo Attano
Corvo Attano - 2 months ago
Is she Irish?
Jakaiyah Fogg
Jakaiyah Fogg - 2 months ago
KHARL D - 3 months ago
miss this video. love you perrie💙
ronki23 - 4 months ago
She's obviously had plastic surgery; how can such an average girl look smoking hot so suddenly
Brandy Johnson
Brandy Johnson - 4 months ago
Growing up
Key Berríos
Key Berríos - 5 months ago
I'll never get tired of this video
Prashasthi prashu
Prashasthi prashu - 6 months ago
She is cUtest doll:)
Magdalena Ma7
Magdalena Ma7 - 6 months ago
that accent ... -_- I need to listen to it in slow motion
Taylor Jesse
Taylor Jesse - 6 months ago
Holy shit..... Voice was not what I expected
Megan Slonksnis
Megan Slonksnis - 6 months ago
I love love love Perrie.
Mahdi Maulanakum
Mahdi Maulanakum - 7 months ago
She sounds different
John Acosta
John Acosta - 8 months ago
2 0 1 8 ?
Wiss Ssou
Wiss Ssou - 8 months ago
Perrie is my fav 😍
Ha Ha Ha Ha
Ha Ha Ha Ha - 8 months ago
When she said her favourite food was everything and all kind of food, there was a wild thought running through my mind. Does she ever want to try Vietnamese food? I'm a native Vietnamese and I'm ready to cook for her anytime she wants 😭😭😭😭
Sahar Q
Sahar Q - 8 months ago
How she said eighteen
Chanyeol is loud af
Chanyeol is loud af - 8 months ago
so can I get a subtitle? I don't really understand her accent
DIY Pretty Little Thing
DIY Pretty Little Thing - 9 months ago
I love it when said "I love indian food"...that's soo sweet of her....M from indian and M really very happy to hear that❤😁🤗
Annie_525 - 10 months ago
Please make all your song available in India I really love your songs but am not able to hear to see them.. please
Jayzelle Mae Manuel
Jayzelle Mae Manuel - 10 months ago
I'm not here to listen about what she's saying. Just here because I just wanna here how she talks. I'm laughing. So far from the way she sing Hahaha. Cutie Perrie. 😂😍
saca dab
saca dab - 10 months ago
That goat impression tho 😱😍
Kiara Jay
Kiara Jay - 10 months ago
i friggin love her accent
Mohit Sharma
Mohit Sharma - 11 months ago
She loves Indian !!!
Marchie ann Primero
Marchie ann Primero - 11 months ago
Title of this song??
addison Edwards
addison Edwards - 10 months ago
Move by little mix
Cecilia Gaurana
Cecilia Gaurana - 11 months ago
Perrie is my most favorite member of the group....
Nouha Benessy
Nouha Benessy - Year ago
Perrie its so so cuuuute i love you😍😍😍
iiAlixa _corn
iiAlixa _corn - Year ago
I wish Jade was the girl for Zayn not Perrie because Jade is pretty but Perrie also pretty by the way
Cecilia Gaurana
Cecilia Gaurana - Year ago
I love you perrieeee!!!💟💟💟💟💟
Laurita Donargo Casero
Perrie's voice is very powerful and she is very strong and very pretty. She's my favourite singer of Little Mix
Jerrie Edwards
Jerrie Edwards - Year ago
I love her accent💜💜
The Dream Chasers
The Dream Chasers - Year ago
She's absolutely looking like Rose from Titanic. Wow
LM5hassnatchedme already
When Perrie said "Indian"...damn my indian ass is blessed.
The Dream Chasers
The Dream Chasers - Year ago
Avantika Roy same here hahaha.. littlemix loves India..
Abiha Mirza
Abiha Mirza - Year ago
She love Indian food. OMGGG. I AM A INDIAN
The Dream Chasers
The Dream Chasers - Year ago
DIY Destination yeah... They love India.
sara Kareem
sara Kareem - Year ago
So cute
sara Kareem
sara Kareem - Year ago
سارة يوسف
سارة يوسف - Year ago
I like her style very much
BeckyLPS - Year ago
I can't understand why somebody hates Perrie. She is amazing
Maria Rinta-Rahko
Maria Rinta-Rahko - Year ago
She's so cute💛💛💛💛💛
Makayla Sleeper
Makayla Sleeper - Year ago
Why does her accent not sound British to me at all????😂😂😂😂😂😂
Brandy Johnson
Brandy Johnson - Year ago
Makayla Sleeper it does tho
Makayla Sleeper
Makayla Sleeper - Year ago
I love the way she looked when she said “picked on me all me life”😂😂😂😂shes so adorable!!!!!
Eliza Bratz
Eliza Bratz - Year ago
Perrie is my spirit animal
CYANIC WOLF - Year ago
Wao she likes Indian foods
The Nemo studios
The Nemo studios - Year ago
I love u perrie!!!!😘😘😘😘
neli nelz
neli nelz - Year ago
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