The Park 2 - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

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xXSideouz - 5 hours ago
Make a part 3 and call it "Regular Ass Park Park!", and just make it a normal park with people doing normal park things.
Ryan Gravelle
Ryan Gravelle - 2 days ago
Way to double-down
Parker Dixon-Word
Parker Dixon-Word - 3 days ago
Disappointed dinosaurs did not shoot out tongue to eat giant mosquito at the end.
Liam da Lemon!
Liam da Lemon! - 4 days ago
those do not look like regular ass dinosaurs
ozlemashi Miamoto
ozlemashi Miamoto - 4 days ago
ok ok hear me out i got an idea: in the next part, they found some human jizzems in the ember... then filled up some holes, and boom! jeff goldbloom-ass park!
FreddyFTW 115
FreddyFTW 115 - 5 days ago
Brensen B
Brensen B - 5 days ago
Why is Alan Grant always the first victim of these monstrosities?
foxy 3776
foxy 3776 - 6 days ago
I'm soooo confused
JimXInfinity13 - 8 days ago
This man should get his genetics license removed
The Cereal Guy
The Cereal Guy - 8 days ago
Muhammad Saleh
Muhammad Saleh - 10 days ago
Okay this way better than Jurassic World
NewbKiller 1966
NewbKiller 1966 - 10 days ago
So when's this becoming a trilogy?
Triple-D26 - 10 days ago
Looks like a creature from monster hunter world
Espinoth - 10 days ago
When part 3
General Cyanide
General Cyanide - 10 days ago
The one dinosaur cartoon that actually gave dinosaurs feathers
Dinamicguywarhp - 11 days ago
6THIS GUY PLAYING9 - 11 days ago
ok imma wait for the park 3 now
Wellington Costa
Wellington Costa - 11 days ago
O que??
The Final Wolf
The Final Wolf - 13 days ago
I was suspecting a frog to eat the mosquito at the end and the dude to fall to his death
Rafael Suprayogi
Rafael Suprayogi - 13 days ago
The best hybrid of all time
Rundy Ftw
Rundy Ftw - 14 days ago
I was expecting one of the dinosaurs to eat the mosquito he was flying on
Serius Sim
Serius Sim - 16 days ago
Trey the explainer would be happy with this T-Rex.
timemadscientist Greatscot!
Up next: tinyass blue whale aquarium.
SebietheGreat - 17 days ago
That Dino was actually really well made, finally a T-Rex with its feathers
Drax TDS
Drax TDS - 17 days ago
Ok den
Otaku 4 Lyfe
Otaku 4 Lyfe - 19 days ago
Hold up how did i get from tokyo ghoul to THIS??
NowYouPeepMe - 20 days ago
I f***ing lost my mind
Farah Aliouali
Farah Aliouali - 20 days ago
Cette chaine est orble😖👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Mary Mattingly
Mary Mattingly - 20 days ago
A little too much frog...
Atomic Spark
Atomic Spark - 20 days ago
*This one was actually funny XD*
densch123 - 20 days ago
Big ass moskito park was better -.-
Carl Freericks
Carl Freericks - 20 days ago
I was expecting a mosquito with a frog head and dinosaur legs
Buddy Ol' Pal
Buddy Ol' Pal - 21 day ago
why is there a frog in amber
Skyan Bow
Skyan Bow - 21 day ago
I love how to dinosaur eats the guy and then lays eggs in the car
Khiobi - 21 day ago
Imagine seeing a preview for this in a movie theater. "Coming this summer, Regular Ass Dinosaur Park."
dior diallo
dior diallo - 22 days ago
The park 3
fire ant plays
fire ant plays - 22 days ago
ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ
shadow the retard
shadow the retard - 23 days ago
Feathers on a dinosaur? On a none scientific video? BLASPHEMY!
Veva Barrientos
Veva Barrientos - 23 days ago
Laverne Fields
Laverne Fields - 23 days ago
I didn't know diferent material was available
Patronanator Soarin'
Patronanator Soarin' - 24 days ago
The Dinofrog looks pretty badass. Imagine riding it into the sunset 🌅
Channel Surfer
Channel Surfer - 24 days ago
exactly what he sead what the hell
Dark Spark
Dark Spark - 25 days ago
The Epic splash
The Epic splash - 25 days ago
I love the frog
nO MoRe PaStA
nO MoRe PaStA - 25 days ago
Back to the lab ag-
Branden Drew
Branden Drew - 25 days ago
omg love it
Samuel Marriott
Samuel Marriott - 25 days ago
it always ends the same way
Samuel Marriott
Samuel Marriott - 25 days ago
so who's driving?
yeethos - 25 days ago
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