NLE Choppa & Clever "Stick By My Side" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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Surraya Baby
Surraya Baby - 17 hours ago
Jordan Joseph
Jordan Joseph - 20 hours ago
Like if this is underrated
De'Vone Davis
De'Vone Davis - 23 hours ago
mark hernandez
mark hernandez - Day ago
Clever the type of person to bring a spoon to the superbowl
Caelis.w - Day ago
I love your song man nice
ÃłËÑ ŔÌLËÝ - Day ago
0:45 NLE pulled out the Condoms cause he knows hes gonna fuck this beat up
ÃłËÑ ŔÌLËÝ - Day ago
I swear Clever sounds like he suppose to be in a rock band
Timmy Turners a thot
Timmy Turners a thot - 2 days ago
Clever low key look like Michaels son from gta
Bethany Euceda
Bethany Euceda - 2 days ago
Clever is the Mick Jagger of Trap
Jayden S
Jayden S - 2 days ago
Most people wont see this comment but for those who do could you drop a follow on my Instagram link in bio
RBT MEIR - 2 days ago
The song was trash until nle choppa's verse
Niko Karapetyan
Niko Karapetyan - 2 days ago
Nle wasted this verse w this trash ass nigga
xkills_1 - 2 days ago
this is the best song ever
Gabriel Terrobias
Gabriel Terrobias - 2 days ago
Make this blue
Dark K
Dark K - 2 days ago
This song heat
Steve Bullock
Steve Bullock - 2 days ago
why the fuck he have comdums
ClashWithJohn657 Yt
ClashWithJohn657 Yt - 3 days ago
Clout chasers be like
Isaac Frank
Isaac Frank - 3 days ago
Clever the only rapper that would be able to sing at church
Devin Grant
Devin Grant - 3 days ago
I like the park of NLE choppa
MOB_OFFICIAL - 3 days ago
Check out my music tell me what you think
zoogey1 - 3 days ago
This is trash
Ladi_Knight Bullard
Ladi_Knight Bullard - 3 days ago
Def a hit on reply
Ecchi Phantom
Ecchi Phantom - 3 days ago
that small strip odcindoms wont impressive nigga aint gon do nun but make water balloons out of dem hoes
Demetrie Robles
Demetrie Robles - 3 days ago
that clever dude fire
Michael Poole
Michael Poole - 4 days ago
You need to win nle fight fight
Eidu Beatz
Eidu Beatz - 4 days ago
Check out my beats on my channel I just started and I wanna grow
Bebe Ovo
Bebe Ovo - 4 days ago
Liked liked
Mari Reed
Mari Reed - 4 days ago
Why this song on Roblox if nobody do the dance
where the fuск i am
where the fuск i am - 4 days ago
Az_Beatz _
Az_Beatz _ - 4 days ago
This shit shouldve been longer
Aoran1 2
Aoran1 2 - 4 days ago
His voice
Smok3 Purp3
Smok3 Purp3 - 4 days ago
Clever is so bad his voice is so trash he ugly wight guy
BigBacon816 - 4 days ago
clever was hella ass
Dillon Mountain
Dillon Mountain - 5 days ago
Clever looks chazz Micheal micheals
Porsche Mccray
Porsche Mccray - 5 days ago
Trini Moliga
Trini Moliga - 5 days ago
this white boi got dem skills
B.Smith - 5 days ago
1s it's ok
2s aeyyy
big nathanxccv
big nathanxccv - 5 days ago
who ever made that beat was either messing around or was an absoulute beat making god
big nathanxccv
big nathanxccv - 2 days ago
@Tasha Reed syke
big nathanxccv
big nathanxccv - 2 days ago
@Tasha Reed can't lie though that's though
Tasha Reed
Tasha Reed - 2 days ago
Your rude cuz I mad the beat
Shunda Davis
Shunda Davis - 5 days ago
This song go crazyyyyyy especially clever part on my moms
Isaac Camacho
Isaac Camacho - 5 days ago
This coro ir for moré no for nle choppa
Benjamin Counter
Benjamin Counter - 5 days ago
"These niggas snitches i call em tekashi"
Chris Shoults
Chris Shoults - 5 days ago
Someone come pick up their auntie. Jesus.
Wsp G
Wsp G - 5 days ago
Almond Coffee 40
Almond Coffee 40 - 5 days ago
Needed to be longer
Almond Coffee 40
Almond Coffee 40 - 5 days ago
Needed to be longer
Trey Trey
Trey Trey - 6 days ago
Pull up on me and get hit wit dat thot😂
J FAM - 6 days ago
Only one minute I’m sleep
LXWKEY RED - 6 days ago
he diss 69
Reid Wollett
Reid Wollett - 6 days ago
Clever is almost 20 years older than NLE lol
TwitchTvdarkno - 6 days ago
As soon as I saw I white person with long hair I was like damn this finna be fire
Darnell Willson
Darnell Willson - 16 hours ago
On god dis was hard
Bryce Thefortnitemaster
Clever uglier dan a bih
Eco Itachi
Eco Itachi - 6 days ago
“These niggas be snitchin call em takashi”
Cory Conyers
Cory Conyers - 6 days ago
I can't like this twice aya....
Ian Lewis
Ian Lewis - 6 days ago
Why didn't NLE come with a second verse?????????
Christopher Gates
Christopher Gates - 7 days ago
he's nasty he put money in his mouth
Jewell Sharma
Jewell Sharma - 7 days ago
choppa would have made a banger without that thing.
summerjojo5214 - 7 days ago
Damn this is fire
Roman Glodowski
Roman Glodowski - 8 days ago
Damn Donna from the trailer park boys can really flow . Lol 😂
CDW WRESTLING - 8 days ago
Clever is 🔥🔥🔥
Aaron Argoros
Aaron Argoros - 8 days ago
This song sucks
Takura Njagu
Takura Njagu - 8 days ago
Wow i wonder whn NLE starts singing XD
Detroit Fights
Detroit Fights - 8 days ago
Clever does drivebyes on horses
NTA SNIPER - 8 days ago
"This niggas be snitching I call emm TeKashi🤡" 🥶
sunny - 8 days ago
insert fire emoji here :
24hrs Gamer
24hrs Gamer - 9 days ago
Cadê os br ✌️✌️❤️
PeonsGetClapped - 9 days ago
I wonder how much money this nigga payed him to get a feature with NLE😂😂
oh kay
oh kay - 9 days ago
Dude on the hook looks like he should be in motley crue
Obi-K - 9 days ago
too short
Brian Williams
Brian Williams - 9 days ago
NLE choppa & NBA young boy make a song
James H. Poole
James H. Poole - 9 days ago
This shits to short
ALLDAY MUSIK - 10 days ago
Freddy Mercury’s final form is lit
Akay1211 GoKrazy
Akay1211 GoKrazy - 5 days ago
Chad Mckane
Chad Mckane - 10 days ago
Niggas be snitchin I call em tekash. Son bodied it
Goatama - 10 days ago
Like if Clever doesn't fit in this video
jaime leon
jaime leon - 10 days ago
Ayy ayy ayyyyyyyy this shit trash
Winston Alex
Winston Alex - 10 days ago
Coming gud bruh 😂
Shantral King
Shantral King - 11 days ago
This fye🔥
Jaye - 11 days ago
Song is dope. Beat is 🔥. Just want to know why 0:46 were showing Condom?
ALLDAY MUSIK - 8 days ago
I was being sarcastic af idk why the fuck he has condoms in the video I was just trolling . Don’t be so easily offended lmao
Jaye - 9 days ago
ALLDAY MUSIK Also, for the record a metaphor is only used in speech; Mr. Go to school head ass lol
ALLDAY MUSIK - 10 days ago
Jaye it’s a metaphor that he’s always protected . Come on broski go to school. learn something pfft
Konkon Banks
Konkon Banks - 11 days ago
who wish this song was longer
emesik - 11 days ago
too short this music
Lucius King
Lucius King - 12 days ago
Ugly ass industry plant
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