INTENSE 1v1 Against 6'10 Pro Basketball Player!

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Tristan Jass
Tristan Jass - 24 days ago
Make sure you guys smash the like button everytime you see me post! I got giveaways coming soon for the holidays!!!
Nathanael James
Nathanael James - 7 days ago
How high can you jump tjass
P0pTardGaming - 18 days ago
Who would wanna see Tristan vs Professor
Benny BeWilin’
Benny BeWilin’ - 18 days ago
Tristan Jass Yooo your handles are dope🔥🔥🔥 and way to be calm the whole time
Chicago Bears and Cubs
Chicago Bears and Cubs - 18 days ago
Bro that guy trash
Spooky24 - 2 hours ago
one I got one BIG question why didnt he just fukin POST UP, seriously with that height it would be easy peasy, I dont understand
Willie Xhrist
Willie Xhrist - 17 hours ago
Lmao he is stressed now🤣🤣🤣
1500 abonennten mit 0 videos
his name?
Sludge T
Sludge T - Day ago
You can tell his dads an assertive doushe
Flames_2k20 - Day ago
Never watching t jass after this video 👎👎👎👎
Jewsh469 - 2 days ago
if that dude just backed you down and used his height he culda shut u out
Cisco O
Cisco O - 2 days ago
1v1 with DDG 🤣
moneymaker420100 - 2 days ago
Wondering how much he got paid to lose Il lose for some money too he wasn’t even trying
Jake Jessee
Jake Jessee - 2 days ago
his new track is fire
Angelo Inlong
Angelo Inlong - 2 days ago
Angelo Inlong
Angelo Inlong - 2 days ago
Ang prubinsyano
D S - 3 days ago
The kid in the back round “oh my god” needed to stfu
Wavz - 4 days ago
8:11 WTF😂😂😂
Tommy - 5 days ago
Smh you gotta play all take backs
RCMJC - 5 days ago
He's no pro he's just tall. A real pro would've backed him down and use post moves. Score would be 15 0
FADE CLAN - 5 days ago
This dude lookin like robin lopez
WolfShon 21
WolfShon 21 - 5 days ago
He's not a pro but u gotta respect he could have just scored 15 straight layups and take an easy dub but he didn't
Big Rich
Big Rich - 5 days ago
He’s up 7-0, then you go on a 15-2 run. Obviously fake. LOL 😂
Dallin Garner
Dallin Garner - 6 days ago
bruh it's old school pauly!! is anyone else noticing that?
E8 SERIOUS - 7 days ago
At least this guy wasnt a trash talker this time🙄🙄
Nazcar Gaming
Nazcar Gaming - 7 days ago
anyboy realize that the the dude in the balck sweatshirt was a twas trash talking in a different video?
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith - 7 days ago
What this s the name of the shorts he’s wearing
Daniel Lope
Daniel Lope - 7 days ago
Wait, why did you stop following one shot rule after you started to lose? 🧐
FaZe Rug 2
FaZe Rug 2 - 7 days ago
Can he dunk
Breezy Too cool
Breezy Too cool - 7 days ago
6’10 dude was def trying ion care what nobody say 😂💯
Sero Landrich
Sero Landrich - 7 days ago
Debes comprar el aparatico, ustedes están creando un monstruico
Tiano Xavier
Tiano Xavier - 8 days ago
whos the boomer
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha - 8 days ago
Dude this is fake or this dude sucks real bad like he cant even rebound
ronaldbdunn15 - 8 days ago
Yall really need to stop hating on this man for yall bs reasons . put some respect on bruh name because he legit beat big bro
ronaldbdunn15 - 8 days ago
First off , T was skunkd at 7-0 but they decided to continue. Secondly, anybody bitching about a guard grabbing long rebounds clearly doesnt kno shit about basketball . if ur smaller playing against a bigger player, u gotta hustle and use ur speed and quickness to get to the rim . it also teaches small guards to be more efficient beat em with your offense because its gonna be hell tryna defend them especially if the big man ready to play forreal and post u up . 6'10 guy got beaten fairly , he chose to play facing up like a guard and got beat . but like i said game 2 shouldve started at 7-0 .
Roy Hawthorne
Roy Hawthorne - 8 days ago
He literally let him win cuz someone that tall against someone that short would've drove in almost the entire game!💯
slaveforaudio622 - 8 days ago
T Jass is a sorry ass loser..
Big Gorillas
Big Gorillas - 8 days ago
I wonder how big his meee... feet are???

Like if you wanna know😉
Slatt Siito
Slatt Siito - 8 days ago
You whack for cheating Tristan idc
Danielo - 8 days ago
In a real game, all of the tall dudes baskets would be legit. The little guy isn’t going to be able to run around like that
Ben Elson
Ben Elson - 8 days ago
Was that ref guy the trash talker you played a long time ago
carlos andrade
carlos andrade - 8 days ago
Waste of height
Ben Elson
Ben Elson - 8 days ago
Shoe game on point
Rony Luque
Rony Luque - 9 days ago
No way he’s a “pro”
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