We Made Home Alone R-Rated

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Neon Cathedral
Neon Cathedral - 12 hours ago
Make Saving Private Ryan G rated!
Marcus McKenzie
Marcus McKenzie - 15 hours ago
make Holy Mountain G rated
Party Ninjas
Party Ninjas - 16 hours ago
Y’alls cgi is trash bro
Diego Beltrán Lowndes
Diego Beltrán Lowndes - 20 hours ago
You should do straight up Gore r rated with movies like Saw or The collector
Sirpixel - 20 hours ago
Now the movie is perfect
Wickedable - 21 hour ago
Friday the 13th g rated
Bomber 44
Bomber 44 - 21 hour ago
You’re offended that I’m not subscribed? That doesn’t affect me at all. Have a nice day
Nick Haviland
Nick Haviland - Day ago
Fucking awesome
Make the suicides of the downfall G-rated. That'd be cool
Jojo W.
Jojo W. - Day ago
the whole nail scene CRINGE CRINGE CRINHE 😭😭😭😭
Tutoy Tv
Tutoy Tv - Day ago
Make final destinations G rated
Nathan Hillis
Nathan Hillis - Day ago
Crank 2 high voltage g rated
Aryan Singh
Aryan Singh - Day ago
That home should have blast at last scene
Alex Miamorsch
Alex Miamorsch - Day ago
300 G-rated
Rijal Khoirul
Rijal Khoirul - Day ago
Dude you just ruined my childhood movie :(((
just a hamster that codes
Make peppa pig R rated
Michael_ Vampyre
Michael_ Vampyre - Day ago
The VPN guy should be an advertiser! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mark Boyle
Mark Boyle - Day ago
Owwwwwwww the fuckin foot scene
Tyler Cieszenski
Tyler Cieszenski - Day ago
Rambo... good luck
Lana - Day ago
I stepped on a large rusty nail that was in a board while wearing tennis shoes. It came out the top of the shoe through the middle of my foot. I had to step on the board with the other foot to pull my foot of the nail. It hurt so very bad. Lucky it went between the bones. I was lucky, it did not get infection.
Squishy The Vampire
Lol y’all are kinda psychotic 😂
Francisco Cabello
Francisco Cabello - Day ago
Echen al negro, es muy sobreactuado
sǝɯɐظ ıuuɐʌoıG
7:39 VPN guy needs his own show
Kramm Farm
Kramm Farm - Day ago
This is the best thing ever !!!!!!
richard klegin
richard klegin - 2 days ago
he would be a criminal .
Allan Laevens
Allan Laevens - 2 days ago
Can you make the Matrix sound like beavis and butthead? Maybe make them like metal music and try to score chicks?
Jorge L. Nieves
Jorge L. Nieves - 2 days ago
Holy fuck
Tyson Jandreau
Tyson Jandreau - 2 days ago
make friday the 13th, jason goes to hell g
marshmello72 - 2 days ago
Kingsman church scene g rate
Fatbulous Christal
Fatbulous Christal - 2 days ago
Now dodnt they make jome alone 2 and 3 if the prrent forget him THREE GOG DAMM TIMES WOULDT CAI TAKE HIM AWAY
Chris Reid
Chris Reid - 2 days ago
Terminator 2
Rated G
SMOOTHIE SOUNDZ - 2 days ago
I bet you couldn't make the end of Evil Dead G rated. Raining blood, chainsaw chases, crushed limbs? Impossible to cover.
666 DEATH 777
666 DEATH 777 - 2 days ago
Twist this is actually how the movie happened,the other one was how kev interpreted it,Kev is actually Jigsaw.
Ralsei - 2 days ago
G rated hallloween 1978
knight - 2 days ago
Make Saw G-Rated ! xD
Riley Brabbs
Riley Brabbs - 2 days ago
Home alone 4
Parker Lynn
Parker Lynn - 2 days ago
Mortal Kombat as it should be
Raven Pascasio
Raven Pascasio - 2 days ago
Deadpool g rated
Olvrem - 2 days ago
I feel like the Express VPN ad is a Workers comp disaster in the making
Maji’s World
Maji’s World - 2 days ago
Omg make saw G rated I wanna see how you pull that off
Mpider -San
Mpider -San - 2 days ago
Dude that's a toy gun, Not a real gun
The gamer Who doesn’t do gaming videos
Maybe we should have a part 2????
lilynmal h
lilynmal h - 2 days ago
hocus pocus
Mr Grumpy
Mr Grumpy - 2 days ago
A Marvel childish crap R rated wanna be? In what wet dream? 😂😂 You want to scare all the marvel incels? They are used with childish crapso disney movies, with cheesy lame jokes every 5 minutes!
SpaZn - 2 days ago
G rated Hacksaw Ridge
RL Games
RL Games - 2 days ago
IT G rated
SirRandom - 3 days ago
Continuity error:
You used a clip of the tall guy with the "iron mark" on his face *before* you showed it falling on him 14:22
DoubleAMakki - 3 days ago
This is making me ticklish in every part of my body.
pz100 - 3 days ago
Make a G-rated Annabelle
Ender Soul
Ender Soul - 3 days ago
Make Game of thrones G rated
Asad Saeed
Asad Saeed - 3 days ago
Make hatchet g rated movie #challenge to you
Fox gamer Girl
Fox gamer Girl - 3 days ago
Do they like this stuff?!?!? WTF
SH1T KID - 3 days ago
Make hocus pocus less family friendly
cynthia suni rosales
cynthia suni rosales - 3 days ago
With great creativity comes great responsibility
Zero Value
Zero Value - 3 days ago
Corridor Crew × EditingIsEverything
Marco Slavson
Marco Slavson - 3 days ago
Make Braindead G rated:D
Vivek Ethan
Vivek Ethan - 3 days ago
the title should be ......wrong turn to home alone.....:D:D:D:D:D:D
Umi Films
Umi Films - 3 days ago
Logan G rated
Umi Films
Umi Films - 3 days ago
I cringed so hard when he stepped on the nail
ableite - 3 days ago
The good son 2
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