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Pixar - 10 months ago
Meet the filmmakers behind Kitbull:
See how the film was made:
Dahlia 561
Dahlia 561 - Month ago
Please make a movie like this
Lava Matic
Lava Matic - 2 months ago
TheDonnyFilmCoropration - mere
hi p•i•x•a•r
así suaks25 Salazar
así suaks25 Salazar - 5 months ago
Cocoa kitten- Chan
Cocoa kitten- Chan - 59 minutes ago
This is a fact pit bulls are abuse and it makes no Sense and you should be illegal
BendyChannel - 2 hours ago
I hope one day animals and humans can just live in Harmony
RAINESest2005 _
RAINESest2005 _ - 5 hours ago
Why the pineapple
Why the pineapple - 6 hours ago
Now I’m happy
Deer Fox creative
Deer Fox creative - 7 hours ago
Almost made me cry
jmartin116 - 8 hours ago
Is si beautiful
haleybrooke - 9 hours ago
Who's chopping onions?!
holaxd xdxdxdxdxxd
holaxd xdxdxdxdxxd - 9 hours ago
El gato que bonito
Sofia Barraza Rivas
Sofia Barraza Rivas - 9 hours ago
Awww i love this i can ser it too many times
roqe _511
roqe _511 - 10 hours ago
Well this makes me cry thanks for this video;)
Canan Karatay
Canan Karatay - 11 hours ago
Ognjen Ogili
Ognjen Ogili - 14 hours ago
Its so sade
Christopher Bowd
Christopher Bowd - 14 hours ago
This made salty tears water each plant in my house. I have three cats myself and they each have a dislike for my dogo. This shows the opposite...
Kayla Sanford
Kayla Sanford - 16 hours ago
they got a home :)
Lana Petrovic
Lana Petrovic - 16 hours ago
mew gacha
mew gacha - 17 hours ago
É isso que serve os amigos gente😢😢
G r e y W a r d e n
G r e y W a r d e n - 17 hours ago
Jocelyn Japon
Jocelyn Japon - 18 hours ago
Só Cinema
Só Cinema - 18 hours ago
I love 😢😢😢
Avakin bad girl
Avakin bad girl - 19 hours ago
The cat is so little and the dog is sad :(
Fedra 333
Fedra 333 - 19 hours ago
god pro
god pro - 20 hours ago
WoW that made me cry
Mexico life
Mexico life - Day ago
I love the stories amazing emotional it's getting in my head and watch it everyday Pitch Perfect and sad at the same time
토끼벨라 BELLA
토끼벨라 BELLA - Day ago
snowdays - Day ago
it's 2:24am and i'm balling my eyes out
Volk551 - Day ago
Okay this short bed sent me into diabetic shock.
Mark Pastdana
Mark Pastdana - Day ago
The dog it end in sad ending but this one is ending is happy
Bright Things
Bright Things - Day ago
Omg so cute!!! How dare you abuse your dog like that and also that kitty so cute
Juliano Gomes Francisco
Forever I love que te busque que tem I love todos os likes
Alanis Maldonado
Alanis Maldonado - Day ago
This is adorable and heart warming
Doutzen Bosma
Doutzen Bosma - Day ago
You make me cry 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😻😻😻😻😻
keith mcclellan
keith mcclellan - Day ago
Who was the N.F.L player busted in a dog fighting sting.
Stupid chameleon Edits
Lady Flex
Lady Flex - Day ago
Like para que los gatitos callejeros tenga un hogar 😖😢😭
gacha Psycho
gacha Psycho - Day ago
I'm crying 😢
Garfield Logan
Garfield Logan - Day ago
I feel it's loneliness at first.
Then I feel it's pain in the center.
Last I felt love and joy.
Mitar Miric
Mitar Miric - Day ago
I love animals and is very good video
Kirti Vij
Kirti Vij - Day ago
I love it, 😍😍they both got a new house🏠 😍
Leoxd Armand
Leoxd Armand - Day ago
Thx for this video boys thx so much
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