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Pixar - 7 months ago
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Merelodeon Productions International
hi p•i•x•a•r
José eduardo Salazar
José eduardo Salazar - 2 months ago
Phil J.L Fig
Phil J.L Fig - 3 months ago
I liked it! 31 mill views on an 8 minute video isn’t bad!!!
alleynett villamento
alleynett villamento - 3 months ago
That cat is tiny
Olivia Jaynes
Olivia Jaynes - 4 hours ago
DAC Studios
DAC Studios - 5 hours ago
This is the best short ever!! Pixar your more of my Idol then Disney now.. I CANT WAIT FOR ONWARD MAN! :D
Raphael Oliveira
Raphael Oliveira - 8 hours ago
Que judiação isso é muito errado
Joe Hudson
Joe Hudson - 8 hours ago
that tiny kitbull is like a mouse OwO UwU OwO so cute 10/10 ;-;
Travis Andros
Travis Andros - 10 hours ago
So sad
games i guess
games i guess - 10 hours ago
Saw this at school
Ivan T
Ivan T - 13 hours ago
Yessica Chavaria corales
Yessica Chavaria corales - 15 hours ago
Me iso llorar😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😞😞😞😞😞😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😞😞😞😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Isi Tapia
Isi Tapia - 15 hours ago
Helene Thomason
Helene Thomason - 16 hours ago
I came across this video doing research for animated pit bulls. I'm Trying to figure out how there are 11k dislikes? This simple artwork doesn't hide the simple truths, needing no words to communicate.
Marya Albar
Marya Albar - 18 hours ago
This was my fav vid in all
Daitari Ghadai
Daitari Ghadai - Day ago
If I was able to give it 1000 likes at once I would do it
Lavender_ GachaGaming
7:17 I hate the fact the woman stood up scared and just instantly trusts the cat but she ends up trusting the cutie so it’s all good in the end
•Gacha Soda•
•Gacha Soda• - Day ago
When they were rolling the bottle cap around I was dying of laughter
Kai brothers
Kai brothers - Day ago
This is beautiful work
Sofi Bb
Sofi Bb - Day ago
LPS Collie
LPS Collie - Day ago
Awww so sweet! The ending was amazing
Isabelly kawai gamer
mi and Loved
Edson Vitor Duarte
Edson Vitor Duarte - Day ago
I'm love
houda tagoua
houda tagoua - Day ago
.I watch this twice and it still make me cry ...I cant win at try to not cry .😟
Максим Невмержицкий
Igal BITAN - Day ago
Makes me cry each time I watch it...
LordOfKings - Day ago
thays so sad
Salman Haider
Salman Haider - Day ago
I thought it was a mouse 😂😂😂
ameidy García
ameidy García - 2 days ago
Like yes you like dogs and cats
Voneal99 - 2 days ago
Like for R.I.P dog
sonic gamer
sonic gamer - 2 days ago
Agustina Sosa
Agustina Sosa - 2 days ago
Odio la gente que maltrata a los animales
Dale like si los odias
Karina Fernandez
Karina Fernandez - 2 days ago
Asi uno se vive
Karina Fernandez
Karina Fernandez - 2 days ago
Агент 008
Агент 008 - 2 days ago
Плакать хочу милого!
Илья Лежнёв
Илья Лежнёв - 2 days ago
Это так милоооооо 😊😊😊😊
Logika - 2 days ago
Is cery sad
Miriam Martínez
Miriam Martínez - 2 days ago
Pranjal Gupta
Pranjal Gupta - 3 days ago
Rodney Kimbangu
Rodney Kimbangu - 3 days ago
Why doe this movie have 11k dislike? I guess where there is goodness, there is jealousy!
Michelle Lopez
Michelle Lopez - 3 days ago
Esta demasiado hermoso siempre que lo veo lloro demasiado😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Legendary Radar
Legendary Radar - 3 days ago
Why would someone dislike this video?
Pitbull is an assassin in the guise of an angel.
Roxi miau
Roxi miau - 3 days ago
DeadMasterDubstep - 3 days ago
7:29 that moment always sheds a tear in my eye. I just got a dog last week and i make sure it gives love everyday
Katie Jones
Katie Jones - 3 days ago
This made me cry so bad 😢
Paula Marely Martinez Aguilar
Irmina George
Irmina George - 3 days ago
I hate when people abuse animals its mean and wrong!!! Iike comment if u fill the same way 1 like = 1 happy pup
Leaf The bull!
Leaf The bull! - 3 days ago
The sad thing is, The dog owner, WILL get another dog, and another Helpful cat won’t be there... to free the puppy... sigh...
Dark Gamer ph
Dark Gamer ph - 3 days ago
That graphics that story Is so cool plss make a movie just like this pixar
Color Friends
Color Friends - 3 days ago
Listen to a review about this short ( spoilers )

A good explanation of this short is about a friendship who can be hard between a little black kitten and a pitbull in the actual life and this, shows more things about animals in a common way - this is a sad and very emotional short who stay in a gold place of my heart. I learned a awesome lesson today: Don't abuse animals, animals are lifes and souls who needs to be appreciated and not treated like objects. Cats, dogs, parrots, hamsters and more, needs attention and love and every creature have his role. In this animation, when dog helped cat and cat licks the dog was extremly cuteeeeeee 😻😻😻 and i teared up little when they escaped and played games beautiful. And also, i was very happy and i has a feeling i can't describe when a good human adopts the cat and the dog. The ending is awesome, the art style looks interesting and smooth, characters look simple but is a good thing, backgrounds are amazing! Thanks Pixar, you share to us " Partly Cloudy" or " Day and Night" and more animations. Continue making, Pixar, you are a gold company
。Stranger Wolfie 。
。Stranger Wolfie 。 - 3 days ago
Poor Duggy ;(
Skeletøn - 3 days ago
Giovanna Ramirez
Giovanna Ramirez - 4 days ago
So lo yo ablo español o ¿que?
Pamela Moya
Pamela Moya - 4 days ago
Monica Aceves
Monica Aceves - 4 days ago
The kitty looks like my baby kitten Zoe
DARK SLOP - 4 days ago
Ohhhh >:3
Lucila Martinez
Lucila Martinez - 4 days ago
Que ERMOSOoooooo amo el Video🐕🐈👍💓❤😘😻😭💕💘💗💝💞💖👍👍👍👍👍🐈🐱🐕🐶
NatachiaBerkeley - 4 days ago
It’s sad and happy 10/10!
Rulito y mike
Rulito y mike - 4 days ago
This animated short should be in toy story 4 or in the next film Onward ,Pixar dont break the tradition again.
Jörn Markus Toomingas
Jörn Markus Toomingas - 4 days ago
Who else want's a part 2
I do
Milk Fairy
Milk Fairy - 4 days ago
Great video
gacha annisa Rizky ramadhani
So sad storie
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