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Pixar - 4 months ago
Meet the filmmakers behind Kitbull:
See how the film was made:
Phil J.L Fig
Phil J.L Fig - 2 days ago
I liked it! 31 mill views on an 8 minute video isn’t bad!!!
alleynett villamento
alleynett villamento - 11 days ago
That cat is tiny
Tabata Ramírez Agurto
Tabata Ramírez Agurto - 12 days ago
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson - 28 days ago
Pixar - can you make this story into a book for kids? Educating against dog fighting is a worthy indever and it's such a great story!
Noob the PEANUT
Noob the PEANUT - 28 days ago
I cry ( the sad man meme mean i still love your) naaaaaaaaaa
Fäpske - 20 minutes ago
rickabay - 44 minutes ago
To whoever made this...
I am humbled and inspired by your jentle derminer and unhinged talent. I would like to thank you and those who helped you make this piece possible. It will forever stay with me. TY
Michael Roque
Michael Roque - 51 minute ago
💟💞💟💞💟💞💟💞💟💞💟💞💟💞💟 i like that dog
Michael Roque
Michael Roque - 52 minutes ago
😺 that's me! Meow!
San_くん - 53 minutes ago
I'm cry and I'm happy😢🙂
Chloe Karakousis
Chloe Karakousis - Hour ago
(Italian accent) stop! you make-a me crY
LaStrana - 2 hours ago
People who abuse animals doesn't deserve to exist... how can someone be fo mercyless
Sam Gills
Sam Gills - 2 hours ago
👆fragile 👆
Eva Maria BUDES
Eva Maria BUDES - 2 hours ago
I cried
John Wright
John Wright - 2 hours ago
I got vietnam- never mind
Susanné Keeper
Susanné Keeper - 3 hours ago
Adorable ❤
Susan Iwasaki
Susan Iwasaki - 3 hours ago
Лучик солнце Disney and Pixar
Can I take video's to my shall?☺ I live in Kyrgyzstan
Loris - 4 hours ago
Трогательный мультик до слез!!
Sniperking 74
Sniperking 74 - 4 hours ago
Très émouvante la vidéo mais génial à la fin ça remet en question de ce que l'homme est cruel au début mais qu'il ne le sont pas tous à la fin
rosibel MURCIA
rosibel MURCIA - 4 hours ago
Crusader For The Holy
Crusader For The Holy - 4 hours ago
My dog was abused when before I got her and she was beaten where her leg was basically broken where it popped out of socket and she can it walk normally ever again.
smiles go for miles
smiles go for miles - 4 hours ago
Guys...for the 9.5k people that disliked:

YoU gOoD?
pikachu 32
pikachu 32 - 4 hours ago
I cried so much at the dog when he was really injured the poor thing
Phénix526 que du gaming
Phénix526 que du gaming - 5 hours ago
Verry good picture
Mc D
Mc D - 5 hours ago
I st so cute and Terrifying but the end omg😥😥😥😥😣😣😣😣😣🤗🤗🤗🤗😃😃😃😄😄😄
Alexsa Bates
Alexsa Bates - 5 hours ago
this made me cry
Benjamin Freire
Benjamin Freire - 5 hours ago
Luna Smblg
Luna Smblg - 5 hours ago
Pixar sabe como conmovernos T_T
CC gamer 24
CC gamer 24 - 6 hours ago
Abrahim Tahir
Abrahim Tahir - 6 hours ago
Words can't describe the emotions that was put making it.
Kat Conner
Kat Conner - 7 hours ago
At 1:22 it literally just went 3D I wonder why.
Daniel AJ Cantu
Daniel AJ Cantu - 7 hours ago
Isabella Lee
Isabella Lee - 7 hours ago
I cried
Kristiz_ Playz
Kristiz_ Playz - 8 hours ago
This is amazing!!
senpai master nekito kawaii 2007
Jello Amigos
Jello Amigos - 8 hours ago
I’m not crying you are😭❤️
MR. CHEEKEN - 8 hours ago
Camila Valentina Chirino Ortega
meliodas_ over
meliodas_ over - 9 hours ago
Me:i Will not cry watching this vídeo
Pixar:let's se if you don't
(I am very emotional)
Spring Sogourn
Spring Sogourn - 9 hours ago
Of course, white man bad, black person good, mixed couple good.
iinksi - 5 hours ago
So you're going to turn a story about animal abuse into racial profiling because you're that insecure? Ok
Lily_Flower - 9 hours ago
Omg. I cryed. It's so sweet.
Evander Aurelius
Evander Aurelius - 9 hours ago
dog: 3:44 me:😭
Manny Khan
Manny Khan - 9 hours ago
Finally a good recommendation by YT. Amazing short film
boi19ikr - 9 hours ago
Do you want your audience to cry by the depressing and the cute storyline?
Pixar: *YES*
Fiction Min
Fiction Min - 9 hours ago
Very touching 😭😭
Zarcks 197
Zarcks 197 - 9 hours ago
Bro, this film is so sad, but regrettably that is the reality:'(
keshew !
keshew ! - 10 hours ago
Why am I crying
esme burr
esme burr - 10 hours ago
first name last name
first name last name - 10 hours ago
Dont mind me just filling a bucket with my tears
squishy and the gang
squishy and the gang - 10 hours ago
When ever i see a dog or cat on the street hungry a sad i go to my house and grab some food and give it to the dog or cat :)
squishy and the gang
squishy and the gang - 10 hours ago
I cried cuz of this :,(
Crash - 10 hours ago
i cry
Jelmarcio S.B
Jelmarcio S.B - 10 hours ago
I cry, dog
I cry so much ;;;-;;
AMANDA Marmotinha
AMANDA Marmotinha - 10 hours ago
coisinha mais fofA
Anni cat
Anni cat - 11 hours ago
Que hermoso!! 😭😭😭😍😍
Karim 303
Karim 303 - 11 hours ago
Luiz Adrian Gonzalez
Luiz Adrian Gonzalez - 11 hours ago
asriel xd pro294 dre xd
asriel xd pro294 dre xd - 12 hours ago
😭😭😭😭😭it’s so much sad
Irene.m gacha
Irene.m gacha - 12 hours ago
How cute omg! This is the best video i have ever seen!😍
Diamante Estudios :3
Diamante Estudios :3 - 12 hours ago
:,c good story i cri :,v
Bgames _010
Bgames _010 - 12 hours ago
I love dogs
Miroslav Mladencovic
Miroslav Mladencovic - 12 hours ago
i am just crying now and hoping for best for every other animal that hasnt got out like they did
Alya Rainbow и мои увлечения
Ми ми ми! Какой милый мульт!:3
Есть Русские?
Darlene Mackenzie
Darlene Mackenzie - 13 hours ago
Im crieing
Angela Gutierres
Angela Gutierres - 13 hours ago
Alya Rainbow и мои увлечения
Есть Русские?
yeetus the feetus
yeetus the feetus - 13 hours ago
3:04 *m o o d*
kooky Dy51
kooky Dy51 - 14 hours ago
The lord of cheeseyness
The lord of cheeseyness - 14 hours ago
No..... I'm not crying... some one just cutting onions yep just onions
Akurokuma - 14 hours ago
Pixar, why must you always give me a case of the FEELS! (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)
Martina Hernandez
Martina Hernandez - 14 hours ago
Rachel Johnson
Rachel Johnson - 14 hours ago
The cats face at 2:03 the cats soooo cute!!!!
Michy Cookie
Michy Cookie - 14 hours ago
5 meses después y aún me hace llorar esta maravilla :')': 😭❤
Jonathas Efraim Miranda Camargo
😥😖😢😭😧 FO FO
A vary Small person
A vary Small person - 15 hours ago
I cried!
ernesto flores
ernesto flores - 15 hours ago
Cristofer Gonzalez
Cristofer Gonzalez - 15 hours ago
Soy mexicano y es el mejor corto que e visto en toda mi vida
Star- Lord
Star- Lord - 16 hours ago
I cryed and i hope im not the only one😭
Muddydayz112233 4
Muddydayz112233 4 - 16 hours ago
This made me cry
Мария Маркова
Мария Маркова - 17 hours ago
Потрясающий мультик, я плакала, так собачку жаль было.
София Слепова
София Слепова - 17 hours ago
ジュン - 17 hours ago
just a dude with a pencil
just a dude with a pencil - 17 hours ago
People say they're going under cause they sell out every once in a while, I think pixars still got it
though I still do want my money for the good dinosaur back
Aydeé Lup
Aydeé Lup - 17 hours ago
Que bonita historia 😊 Hasta he llorado 😢💜
*chá com pão *
*chá com pão * - 17 hours ago
Ai meu coração ... Isso é tão lindoTwT
The Great Azam
The Great Azam - 17 hours ago
Very nice
Evelyn S
Evelyn S - 18 hours ago
Mangle Diane Pie's Nightcore
This made me so happy that I cried!!!
Nfn Hrdh
Nfn Hrdh - 18 hours ago
Emocionada eu não paro de chorar quando assisto esse vídeo
Isabel Garcia Martinez
Isabel Garcia Martinez - 18 hours ago
Isabel Garcia Martinez
Isabel Garcia Martinez - 18 hours ago
In tears
BTS Loves
BTS Loves - 18 hours ago
والله بكيت . 😢😢😢😭😭😭
Zombie Rhythm
Zombie Rhythm - 18 hours ago
Fantastic!!!! Great job. Thanks!!!!!!!
Scorpion 117
Scorpion 117 - 18 hours ago
Tomaron mi corazón 😭
brian angelo
brian angelo - 19 hours ago
Shut up I'm not crying you're crying
Jojo - 19 hours ago
Ya boy balled
hello sins
hello sins - 19 hours ago
Rex Wort
Rex Wort - 19 hours ago
Funny how some people try to help smaller animals
But when a bigger one approach needing help they're afraid of them
Rakelly Arruda Albino
Rakelly Arruda Albino - 19 hours ago
Qui dó 😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Incredible channel
Incredible channel - 19 hours ago
I nearly cryed thx. So sad but so sweet
Ruth Petronila Miyuzuki
Ruth Petronila Miyuzuki - 20 hours ago
I'm crying for the end, I loved it 😢😀
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