10 648
LostNUnbound - Месяц назад
video with lebron in a few days......turn your notifications on BOYS
rick bates
rick bates - 10 дней назад
I subbed to all of you can you sub back
Jamisen Sheehan
Jamisen Sheehan - 16 дней назад
LostNUnbound God bless, Greg! Great work!!!
Klipzz Ryan
Klipzz Ryan - 17 дней назад
Ur so dumb Trae young first player wit 45+ points and 15+ assists. He is way better than luka I’ll wait 5 years and I’ll see that Trae young is way better
Kyrie Iceman_Yt
Kyrie Iceman_Yt - 18 дней назад
Did that
Jennifer Debin
Jennifer Debin - 10 часов назад
you are literally the best.
RiceISmoke - 12 часов назад
I feel really bad for IT though
lotzie 101
lotzie 101 - День назад
I a watching after trae dropped 50 sooo not a bad trade tbh
JPdankguy 08
JPdankguy 08 - 2 дня назад
Kawhi Leonard never played for the pacers
Monica Jackman
Monica Jackman - 2 дня назад
Michael Furio
Michael Furio - 8 часов назад
Did KD signed for Warriors and not traded ? 😑😑
Aj isthename
Aj isthename - 2 дня назад
6 what
Timothy Cumsucker
Timothy Cumsucker - 3 дня назад
Trae is a better fit for the hawks than Luka and now Trae is rookie of the year 100%
Caleb Counts is theblackjfk
Caleb Counts is theblackjfk - 3 дня назад
1. Lebron was gonna leave anyway
2. Cavs didnt know that Isaiah Thomas would be as bad as he was.
3. Harden would not be what he is if he played alongside Russ
PJONES Del Rosario
PJONES Del Rosario - 4 дня назад
when I thought I was the only one who thought Steven Adams was the actor who played Aquaman.....
jrb1986 - 4 дня назад
They traded kyrie cuz he was just gonna leave in free agency, he demanded a trade.
Ariz - 4 дня назад
Bro u literally copied every little thing from Austin Sweatts same video
Jeremy Barnes
Jeremy Barnes - 4 дня назад
Totally he steals everyone’s vids
Brandon Heath
Brandon Heath - 5 дней назад
The Knicks did win a playoff series with melo.. Boston Celtics 2013 playoffs. check your facts before you release a video. Also the young-Doncic trade you’re forgetting a HUGE part of that trade. The hawks receive the Mavs first round pick this year which will be a top 10 pick. Smh you have to check your facts.
A Human
A Human - 6 дней назад
I agree with you on luka doncic
Thomas Arcaro
Thomas Arcaro - 6 дней назад
Luca Donchic? Lol
RGK Willz
RGK Willz - 6 дней назад
I love the thumbnail though
Shawn Shawn
Shawn Shawn - 8 дней назад
Watchu talkin about. Denver Nuggets is better than the Utah Jazz this season
TMX Faze10
TMX Faze10 - 8 дней назад
U only have the thunder as number one because u are addicted to them
Flamesword 0.1
Flamesword 0.1 - 8 дней назад
Did he say Sabonis or a bonus
The Hawks already had John Collins and Dennis got traded to Okc so they made the trade
Jack Eyrich
Jack Eyrich - 9 дней назад
The serge trade was even worse bc they traded him to the raptors for Terrance Ross
Thomas Frisbee
Thomas Frisbee - 9 дней назад
The animations are really repetitive and annoying
Thomas Renfro
Thomas Renfro - 9 дней назад
Let’s be honest the nuggets wouldn’t have taken Donovan Mitchell or gobert if they didn’t trade the pick. Because at the time they traded them they didn’t necessarily need those players on their team
Jackalnormal - 9 дней назад
Welp....i dont think Harden would ever Play Like an mvp at okc cause He Had to Pass to KD or Russel all the time
Eduard Wilson
Eduard Wilson - 10 дней назад
What the! Nuggets are?
Savage Kyles YouTube Channel! On
Savage Kyles YouTube Channel! On - 10 дней назад
Melon lead the league with 30 points in 2013
zcbeast videos
zcbeast videos - 10 дней назад
Just.. just stop...
BHN Atwi
BHN Atwi - 10 дней назад
He’s been saying can we hit 1.5 mill for like 4 vids
Basketball Shape
Basketball Shape - 10 дней назад
Luka didn’t want to play in Atlanta
Slushie Vlogs
Slushie Vlogs - 10 дней назад
Quirk22 - 9 дней назад
Slushie Vlogs that’s a good trade
Basketball 22
Basketball 22 - 10 дней назад
Let’s get another 1500 likes for the thunder trading away Russell Westbrook for kevon looney, that will make him mad...
Drakezilla 05
Drakezilla 05 - 10 дней назад
Where’s D’angelo Russell??
Peyton Gordon
Peyton Gordon - 10 дней назад
The worst trade should have been Kobe to the Lakers when the hornets could had kept him.
Planet CEC
Planet CEC - 10 дней назад
Looking at it now, The hawks may have won the trade!
Felix not the one who sends nudes Sause
Felix not the one who sends nudes Sause - 11 дней назад
The T wolves and Bulls trade was pretty trade. Bulls got 2 young stars and a solid playmaker. While the Wolves got stubborn Jimmy who left after 1 season.
Mxtthew - 11 дней назад
I think trae young gonna be better then luka
Alberico Fanelli
Alberico Fanelli - 11 дней назад
What’s crazier is that Oladipo and Sabonis turned into PG13, and Ibaka turned into Terrence Ross.
Basically, Orlando traded Paul George for Terrence Ross. What the heck??
Benjamin Harris
Benjamin Harris - 11 дней назад
Where is giannis Greek
Alexander Curry
Alexander Curry - 11 дней назад
The spurs made kwhi what he was.
amaan sorathia
amaan sorathia - 11 дней назад
​​​RED ALERT 🚨 RED ALERT🚨🚨 RED ALERT🚨 The only way to beat t series is to make 1 new account each and subscribe to pewdiepie. 🚨RED ALERT🚨IT TAKES 2 MINUTES. DO YOUR PART🚨
Justin Choi
Justin Choi - 11 дней назад
LNU’s the goat 🐐
Daniel Wonjeon Jang
Daniel Wonjeon Jang - 12 дней назад
Dont u dare trade luka doncic. He is the best rookie I have ever seen and he is prob gonna be an all star next year so NO
Anna Coleman
Anna Coleman - 12 дней назад
What about like Giannis or Al Horford? Why didn’t you go higher just saying, but I loved the vid!!!
luke c
luke c - 12 дней назад
how about labron
Mr Meowzer vlogs
Mr Meowzer vlogs - 12 дней назад
It has been three weeks since he said he would say he would be with lebron clickbait or am I crazy
Itsjustbreeandadd Tv
Itsjustbreeandadd Tv - 12 дней назад
That would be stupid James harden can travel all around the world
No Clout
No Clout - 12 дней назад
We all knew number one was going to be this trade
Joe Mcdonald
Joe Mcdonald - 12 дней назад
Bro Fr? Luka for Trae was one of the worst trades of this decade? We got Trae who is already making a run for ROTY, do I think he’ll win it? No. Is it possible? Yes, if he keeps putting up what he has been recently. Not only that but we have a 1st round pick from them for this year, how is that dumb? What if Atlanta gets RJ Barret and we acquire a semi-star in the offseason? Then we’re in the playoffs. If your gonna make content at least find a worse trade than that. I’m an Atlanta fan and I don’t regret the trade AT ALL, because I’m gonna go against your argument and say in the next few years the Mavericks will be regretting it.
habib choueiri
habib choueiri - 12 дней назад
Bro number 1 should probably be 6
Jonatan Turja
Jonatan Turja - 12 дней назад
No one cares Ibaka is still better then everyone on that list
Raacoon K
Raacoon K - 12 дней назад
But Greg the 2 round pick they got for Hobert was jokic
2k-is-broken - 13 дней назад
Who noticed he spelled luka doncic “Luka donchic” in the animated part
NG Rovio
NG Rovio - 9 дней назад
Camdyn Belman
Camdyn Belman - 13 дней назад
Dude what are you talking about kyrie wanted a trade so he got one
Muangrockung apinyanukul
Muangrockung apinyanukul - 13 дней назад
Bro by the time, James Harden wasn’t that great with the OKC
Carter Fun days
Carter Fun days - 13 дней назад
Last number of likes this comment gets is who you are
1.antkimnpo (sorry) can’t spell
8.goat (me)
It’s probably only going to be D booker
Lenny Summers
Lenny Summers - 11 дней назад
Lenny Summers
Lenny Summers - 11 дней назад
Legit Youtube
Legit Youtube - 13 дней назад
I agree with you but bro the salaries are very high for those players so...
sadi badi
sadi badi - 13 дней назад
What about Allen Iverson to the nuggets
swagmaster b-day
swagmaster b-day - 13 дней назад
U spelled Luca doncic wrong
Jack Hardway
Jack Hardway - 13 дней назад
Wait what about spurs give Kawaii when they really needed him
Juanito Maracas
Juanito Maracas - 13 дней назад
I love you!
JR Da Hennessy God
JR Da Hennessy God - 14 дней назад
Imagine if OKC still had Harden imagine if they won d Conference Finals and kept KD, imagine just imagine
Hayleigh Hicks
Hayleigh Hicks - 14 дней назад
Luka dončič and trade young was a terrible trade
Dane Appleby
Dane Appleby - 14 дней назад
LeBron is gay
Arthur Franks
Arthur Franks - 14 дней назад
3:31 the dunk tho
CNB Films
CNB Films - 14 дней назад
I don’t know if u realized but if they did not trade kyrie they would get nothing because he was gonna leave either way.
Joey shenberg
Joey shenberg - 14 дней назад
you can’t average 30 points you can’t even make a layup
ALi Barzegar
ALi Barzegar - 14 дней назад
Trae for Luka is not worse than kyrie for Isaiah. We got a first round pick for him Trae just dropped 49 and 16. He became the first rookie to get 45+ and 15+ and is the second PLAYER not rookie PLAYER T9 get 45+ 15+
SBG YT - 14 дней назад
It was bad because Isaiah Thomas was bad because he got injured. Not because they traded Kyrie.
Troy Coleman
Troy Coleman - 14 дней назад
He spelt Luka Doncic wrong 6:05
Andrew Pass
Andrew Pass - 15 дней назад
Luka's name is spelled wrong, 6:06
Ciara Wilkins
Ciara Wilkins - 15 дней назад
MR.BakedPotato - 15 дней назад
Who else forgot about chris bosh
Nathaniel Tesfay
Nathaniel Tesfay - 15 дней назад
Thunder forever man
RedPizza10 Gaming
RedPizza10 Gaming - 15 дней назад
Brian Fuller
Brian Fuller - 15 дней назад
Let me skip commercials
Kevin Torres
Kevin Torres - 16 дней назад
What you mean cavaliers goes right down they went to the finals 😂😭😭thunder fan here by the way and the boston are actually better without kyrie they went to the eastern
NBA Cash
NBA Cash - 16 дней назад
Thunder gang
Bosrep 17
Bosrep 17 - 16 дней назад
It wasn’t kyrie for IT they got Sexton zizic and crowder too
Lance Cherovsky
Lance Cherovsky - 16 дней назад
Why is Dirk not on this list
Braelin Guidry
Braelin Guidry - 16 дней назад
Shut your dumb ads up trae young is the first rookie to get at least 45
Brady Christiansen
Brady Christiansen - 17 дней назад
i miss the old lnu
jalen brooks
jalen brooks - 17 дней назад
The clippers already had Chris Paul as their starting pg
James Nix
James Nix - 17 дней назад
#3 wasn’t that bad
Bradley Wall
Bradley Wall - 17 дней назад
I’m not subscribing u said the brow is doing better then the king😡
Mary Harmon
Mary Harmon - 17 дней назад
SOmeone buy me a ticket to the goat feilds
KelvinXX1230 - 17 дней назад
0:27 its already subbed because the sub button was white xD
JT McGRORY - 17 дней назад
Where's the lebron vid? Oh wait, greg's a bum.
Elliot Tomko
Elliot Tomko - 17 дней назад
Trae Young has been balling tf out lately
Max Greene
Max Greene - 17 дней назад
Youngest player to do things? Trae just joined a list of lebron and iverson and he became the first rookie to score 45 and 15 assists first rookie ever
don brassco
don brassco - 17 дней назад
Nets GM mess that up😠
josh roshan
josh roshan - 17 дней назад
No Spers trand in heat and turned on the heat and lebron got ingered.
Ark X.
Ark X. - 17 дней назад
It’s Now Patrick
It’s Now Patrick - 17 дней назад
8:37 who is Kyrie boing?
It’s Now Patrick
It’s Now Patrick - 17 дней назад
imma celtics fan :)
Samuel Jayseelan
Samuel Jayseelan - 17 дней назад
Jaro P
Jaro P - 17 дней назад
The nets don’t suck
Twitch Boy
Twitch Boy - 17 дней назад
Trae young is nasty this year
Jason Becker
Jason Becker - 18 дней назад
Remember lnu like 3 years ago those were the days
richard jones
richard jones - 18 дней назад
actually these are lies so please stop
h Club
h Club - 18 дней назад
OP 360
OP 360 - 18 дней назад
Sub btw
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