Frank - Final Scene - "I love you all" (Michael Fassbender)

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Rucky - 12 days ago
02:30 to 02:40 - Fassbender is such a sincere actor, encapsulates every characters he plays..
rainbowblackout - 17 days ago
Loved this film. Maybe one day someone will make a real film about Frank Sidebottom.
Cyn Bastercha
Cyn Bastercha - 24 days ago
Most of Fassbender's roles get me in the guts, either in a sweet or in a creepy way, and this movie confirms his face is just the icing on the cake
alwaysxnever - Month ago
This is the movie that made me go all in for Fassbender and Gleason. Such a beautiful and touching close to a film.
Michael Lanigan
Michael Lanigan - 2 months ago
I really like this scene because you can see that he really loves them all.
Lance Gu
Lance Gu - 3 months ago
Makes me sad knowing how I’m just a Jon (and most of you guys here I believe)
gottfer - 3 months ago
great scene
singing… not so much ^^'
dale gend
dale gend - 3 months ago
i wonder if that guy jon will make great music
TheFallsCapone - 3 months ago
I luv when Maggie cuts loose on the ole bon tempi organ .....superb..
Juan C Salinas
Juan C Salinas - 3 months ago
Perfect movie for hipsters, drug addicts and the deluded enjoy yourselves
seanspade - 4 months ago
Underrated film.
Bijoy Pandey
Bijoy Pandey - 6 months ago
I woke up today, suddenly this song came to my head and felt a slight pain in ny chest.
yoga wijanarko
yoga wijanarko - 7 months ago
one of the best movie i've ever seen. underrated movie and song
Duygu Sal
Duygu Sal - 7 months ago
Burda olmak güzel, seni görmek güzel. Senin elbiseni sevdim, duvarını sevdim. Mantar kokuyor . Kollarını bana sar ...
Spongebob Squareponce
Spongebob Squareponce - 8 months ago
I love this scene, and I love how Clara acted like Frank never had the head on, that shows true honesty..
Chris Kerr
Chris Kerr - 8 months ago
I can't watch this scene without crying.
this Kid
this Kid - 9 months ago
Heyyy this movie still makes me cry
Mogwai 1982
Mogwai 1982 - 9 months ago
I don't know how but this song makes me both haoppy and sad at the same time. The sadness is obvious but the happiness is noteworthy, Maggi's keyboard blows my mind every single time. The whole film's about family and Outsiders. Some people form families through unconventional means and through everthing that happens in this film these people support each other in a way that could never be verbalised, John realises here that he's holding this disfunctional little family back and it's one of the most beautiful moments in cinema. What a film.
Lorena Borgonovo
Lorena Borgonovo - 9 months ago
this scene is totally touching
Canal do Akarov
Canal do Akarov - 9 months ago
pipomaggi - 10 months ago
damn good movie
Teddy - 11 months ago
Electronic Wave TV
Electronic Wave TV - 11 months ago
..this still makes me cry, god damn it!
Geezart - 11 months ago
0:56 1:29 2:42
Sean Hoxby
Sean Hoxby - Year ago
Look up. Frank sidebottom hit the north
Antonella Aguilera
Antonella Aguilera - Year ago
Esta película es excelente y conozco gente que no la supo apreciar... No tienen alma...
Kamo - Year ago
fame and money can corrupt you, it's about the band and the originality that makes you good
Jules Gilmour
Jules Gilmour - Year ago
What a magnificent voice Micheal has.. could easily have been a singer.
Pocahontas Xx
Pocahontas Xx - Year ago
God , how I love this scene .. and this beige dress .. it’s perfect
Sinarimcek - Year ago
Agnieszka Sliwinska
Agnieszka Sliwinska - Year ago so good mix of the movie song
Possi N
Possi N - Year ago
roger morales
roger morales - Year ago
Im so happy i had no idea what actor played frank until the end
Kimchi G
Kimchi G - Year ago
Something special should remain special. They may seem special to some , but freaks to majorities.
JooseMunkee - Year ago
As the boys got to the edge of the Alakkan structure, they knew full well by the timers on their HUDs that they weren't going to make it. Thinking back on everything that happened that day, that week, that month, that entire four years of fighting; it had finally ended well because of them. Laughing amonsgt themselves, they sat down side by side, and cheered as the explosion engulfed them, the structure, and the evil alien planet. The war was one because of them, the four brothers.
si Dude
si Dude - Year ago
I love this movie , but hate all the song
Graanvlok - Year ago
Hello to Jason Isaacs - and that is why I saw this movie.
Santiago Medina
Santiago Medina - Year ago
Tántos significados en menos de cuatro minutos
Libra - Year ago
I cry every time
Trigger Hippie
Trigger Hippie - Year ago
Kiwi me too
Richard Recchia
Richard Recchia - Year ago
Such an amazing scene. I have watched it over and over again. The scene works on many levels. It’s a perfect ending. Anybody who has ever been in a band will love this scene. I really respect Jon for reuniting the group with it’s singer and realizing he is no longer a part of it and that the core of the group was those four members creating music together. And I can’t get that dang song out of my head!!
Tory Kluender
Tory Kluender - Year ago
God, I loved the ending. That's what family's for.
Woori Hwang
Woori Hwang - Year ago
생각보다 엄청 괜찮았던 최고의 영화
Fjones1914 - Year ago
I prefer this version over the studio version. Downloaded both.
Jesica Gabriela Gonzalez
Esa cancion de quien es???
Pawn_ broken
Pawn_ broken - Year ago
Pretty much always makes me tear up. No shame.
Nobody Special
Nobody Special - Year ago
Get out of the path of the king!
Nobody Special
Nobody Special - Year ago
2018 Still my favorite movie
Paloma S
Paloma S - Year ago
I love you Frank!
dddsb - Year ago
Great flick!  Great song!  Great performances!  This film will live on.
tymmac007 - Year ago
What a great song!
Fiona Riches
Fiona Riches - Year ago
this film shaped me
Luca Palazzi
Luca Palazzi - Year ago
If you are looking for something similar..we founded a band, two years ago inspired by this fantastic Movie. This is our first track:
Alejandra Figueroa
Alejandra Figueroa - Year ago
Me da muchas ganas de llorar esa escena y no entiendo por qué.
Oakley Sierney
Oakley Sierney - Year ago
I just saw this film today and I don't know why but this final scene affects me so profoundly I can't even describe it. Possibly my favorite movie scene of all time.
Kimchi G
Kimchi G - Year ago
Princess Bubblegum
Princess Bubblegum - Year ago
**sobs uncontrollably**
InFeto - Year ago
Uma das cenas mais desgraçadas que o cinema já produziu.
Alex Chernavsky
Alex Chernavsky - Year ago
Is there any Oscar award for the Best Closing Scene?
Roy Orbit
Roy Orbit - 2 years ago
Did you guys know this is very loosely based off a true story?
Tenebris Rex
Tenebris Rex - 2 years ago
His singing voice is like a mix of Michael Stipe and Jim Morrison.
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