Flinch w/ Blackpink

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Jackson Vandee
Jackson Vandee - 3 hours ago
It actually would have been way better if BLACKPINK said the machine didn't work and James Walks in front of the glass and Jennie pushes the button then BAM! Gets splashed in fruit juice
감자 언니-spicytatoes ;
“They May be cool on the surface, but we’re going to test their nerves in a game we call flinch”
Jennie: o no
She’s so cute ㅠㅠ she’s such a scarlet cat and a cutie sjsoieiuhsuihsuhiskjbajkh
Also Jennie and Jisoo feeding the James fruit cannon 😂
Umerayaz Ayaz
Umerayaz Ayaz - 5 hours ago
At 3:45 I also got scared
Umerayaz Ayaz
Umerayaz Ayaz - 5 hours ago
At 2:25 when Jennie said"literally,my heart is beating so fast right now"did anyone hear the audience said awww
Umerayaz Ayaz
Umerayaz Ayaz - 6 hours ago
Who got angry at 5:35 at the cameraman that Jennie was going to do the fly kiss but they stopped the camera
Ali Muhammad
Ali Muhammad - 7 hours ago
Ooh Jios❤️❤️💕💕💕💋💗💗💗👌👍😍👏👏💞💋♥️😋💓 I am a girl
blink in your area
blink in your area - 7 hours ago
i flinched myself the second time god
Nagwn Chana
Nagwn Chana - 8 hours ago
I can't believe they really did that I'm shocked.
mishi ali
mishi ali - 8 hours ago
Please invite got7 plz plz PLZ 💚💚💚🐤🐥🐥🐥 ITS A HUMBLE REQUEST
Limameren Jamir
Limameren Jamir - 9 hours ago
I'm not scary?
creatrixND - 8 hours ago
Jisoo's not fluent in English like the other three but she's improving. she's more comfortable with her native language
Trashy Tiff
Trashy Tiff - 10 hours ago
Looks like my friend pick the right bias because she doesn't actually Flinch that easily
TEYZENİN HOBİLERİ - 12 hours ago
215 komsunuz oldum senide bekliyorum destege
Suga Suga
Suga Suga - 14 hours ago
Jisoo’s soft “yeah~” 4:10
derpy.doopie - 16 hours ago
the iconic *I'm not scary*
nur azhimah
nur azhimah - 17 hours ago
Kim taehyung n kim jisoo
The New Vanilla
The New Vanilla - 17 hours ago
i flinched just by watching this
Jada Garcia
Jada Garcia - 19 hours ago
When James said "well it fair that JeNnIe and JiSsO go first
Nathy Flores
Nathy Flores - 21 hour ago
Jennie is a baby🍼🍼🍼 and be scary cat for ever
Suga Kookie
Suga Kookie - 21 hour ago
Jisoo and Taehyung didnt flinch...
Hayden Vong
Hayden Vong - 22 hours ago
It’s actually better to flinch because if u do flinch it means ur more prepared to be attack then if u don’t flinch then ur not prepared to be attacked
Arwa Saad
Arwa Saad - 22 hours ago
Ok that scared me
boredpanics - 22 hours ago
namtiddies enthusiast
😎: is officially Jisoo's emoji
ريم البتال
Jenny Queen👸🏻😭😔😍😰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
DeliciousKookie Fanfics
poor jennie!😂😂😂😂
Stars Hollow
Stars Hollow - Day ago
I love them buy they need to learn more english!
creatrixND - 8 hours ago
Only Jisoo is not fluent. Also what if this is the reverse and Americans go to Korea for promotion. Korean's don't say "I love them but they should learn Korean first before they come here" double standards much. English isn't the only language.
chorvagee - 13 hours ago
Jisoo is the least fluent out of the 3, but she's learning just give her time.
Amy the neko Chan
Amy the neko Chan - Day ago
*im not scary*
Ubiquitous Ariesthetic
they all autotuned themselves
Willow 395
Willow 395 - Day ago
Get little mix to do this!!
Terri Wolfe!
Terri Wolfe! - Day ago
Please do Twice!
Jennie flinched even though it wasnt her turn
Marl Kalone
Marl Kalone - Day ago
I love how he always catches all the guests off guard rather than being like "1,2,3 boom!".
MartiF - Day ago
Kim Taehyung and Kim Jisoo
Min yoongi :3
Min yoongi :3 - Day ago

lu _
lu _ - Day ago
4:10 jisoo's tiny yeah
Prokopy Arkowsmy
Prokopy Arkowsmy - Day ago
Jisoo doesnt know english and she's just like yeah i know what they say haha
chorvagee - 13 hours ago
She can understand English, she's just having a hard time finding the right words.
Yeetcel /Itcel
Yeetcel /Itcel - Day ago
James m: don’t put anymore
Jisoo: moreee
Jennie: puts everything in 😂
Hieder.TV* hieder
Hieder.TV* hieder - Day ago
Blink 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
David Gamer
David Gamer - Day ago
Lisa and rose are my fave
Koepex - Day ago
Bloody hell, they are foxy.
{Itz Sarah Røsy Cupcake}
I didn't know rosè and jisoo and jennie and lisa they can speak English amazing!
grace brinsfie
grace brinsfie - Day ago
they know english so well i’m shook
Blackpink 4ever
Blackpink 4ever - Day ago
1:38 jisoo ‘’I’m not scary’’
Me:she is so cute 😂😂
Umerayaz Ayaz
Umerayaz Ayaz - 5 hours ago
@Blackpink 4ever I know
Blackpink 4ever
Blackpink 4ever - 5 hours ago
Umerayaz Ayaz we all love r queen jisoo
Umerayaz Ayaz
Umerayaz Ayaz - 5 hours ago
Yes,she is
Sloth Army
Sloth Army - Day ago
“I’m not scary.”
Lil Jay animator
Lil Jay animator - Day ago
3:43 Dang even Jennie got scared and she wasn't even behind the glass 🤣
Maya Helene
Maya Helene - Day ago
i really get some headache hearing jisoo speak english but i like how james knows and still trys to speak with her to give her a chance☺️
chorvagee - 13 hours ago
She's still learning, but she got the other members to help her, just give her time you'll see.
Danny Mey
Danny Mey - Day ago
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Midori Gurin
Midori Gurin - Day ago
Jennie did okay if you think about it... *cough* J-hope *cough* Jin.
Kat Mondragon
Kat Mondragon - Day ago
Juliana Antypas
Juliana Antypas - Day ago
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