The IMPOSSIBLE Skate 3 Challenge.

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COD GOD - Day ago
You'll be amazed by my amazing character
*Changes it*
Me: what the fuck is that
Dutch Blades
Dutch Blades - 2 days ago
This brings back memories of finally figuring out how to activate the alien space ship portal thingy in Tony Hawk's Underground 2 :')
Daddy Dragon
Daddy Dragon - 5 days ago
Zexy zek has already done this smh
ACE sky
ACE sky - 5 days ago
1:13 that poor man
stefan vlutters
stefan vlutters - 9 days ago
Someone is stealing old ideas from vannos videos😂
Muteman 26
Muteman 26 - 17 days ago
andy? 12:30
Liam Amell
Liam Amell - 22 days ago
I finally did it and i dont have tweter FUCK
Cruddy Spark115
Cruddy Spark115 - 23 days ago
SMII7Y predictions part 4
HsP SlimJim
HsP SlimJim - 24 days ago
lmao ive done this teice on accident
MLGprankster234 - Month ago
Literally nobody:
Me: *Are you f###### my duck?*
star takre
star takre - Month ago
I can do it on hardcore easily I play lots of skate 3 for four years of skate 3
Arvid Olausson
Arvid Olausson - Month ago
star takre do it then
IDoGames - Month ago
this video was on my birthday
pixelpoke - Month ago
*around 2 months later*
Skate 4 is not announced
Reginald Faison
Reginald Faison - Month ago
Zexyzek did this trick
Andre Fugate
Andre Fugate - Month ago
Ive been trying this challenge since i watched this video and today just now i completed this challenge.
Didi - Month ago
Use me as the “alright” button
Llama_SkatZ YT
Llama_SkatZ YT - Month ago
Are you feeling it now mr.crabs
Losing the Games
Losing the Games - Month ago
Huh i thought smii7y's dog octavia was a duck...
Trash_Kas i suck lol
Trash_Kas i suck lol - 2 months ago
Now i want this dlc so i can show you how epic i am
Supergold 30
Supergold 30 - 2 months ago
Smii7y, you should make a video on the cheat codes of Skate 3.
Ethan Hanratanagorn
Ethan Hanratanagorn - 2 months ago
E3 has happened and no skate 4 :/
vie btw
vie btw - 2 months ago
Guess what someone beat it

👌👌👌 it’s syphrus
Kayden Summerville
Kayden Summerville - 2 months ago
Skate 3: IMPOSSIBLE DANNY WAY POOL GAP CHALLENGE?! this guy did it a year befor you and you said that you descoverd it.
Fleur Wasch
Fleur Wasch - 2 months ago
a little grind to my death...that was cool dude fUcK have fun at the hospital lmao
HarryGamingsYT - 2 months ago
Don’t skrape something lol
Scot Melton
Scot Melton - 2 months ago
Why does his skater look like vinny?
SmelloJello123 - 2 months ago
There’s a YouTuber called Syphrus that did it on hardcore
NothingYT - 3 months ago
i saw this video on my recommended today even though im subbed, guess i missed it.
PBMGaming22 - 3 months ago
I have no clue why I have watched him in other peoples videos for years and hes always been my favourite (other than the main youtuber) but I havent actually watched any of his videos until now and its even better 😂😂
Rocket Jumper
Rocket Jumper - 3 months ago
Bug Fix for Any Game: 👍6240👎142
Big Fix for Skate [#]: 👍1👎7.2 B
boredcat - 3 months ago
0:00 - 0:05 prediction correct
Triggered Thomas
Triggered Thomas - 3 months ago
i fucking lost my ps3:(((((
Mikey Walker
Mikey Walker - 3 months ago
OMG. My all time favourite EA game EVER!!!!!!!! I f#$kin love you Smii7y
FunkyChicken251 - 3 months ago
I did this a few years ago and didn’t think anything of it. Only if I would’ve recorded it :/
That Guy
That Guy - 3 months ago
upside down christ air is the anti christ... from thps 3 lol
OutBoundHornet - 3 months ago
"i believe in yourself"
1214約拿 - 3 months ago
6:32 that's what she said
mac0939 - 3 months ago
10:55 me everyday
You Suhk
You Suhk - 3 months ago
RIP new "Skate" game is called Session
O K - 3 months ago
fun game: every time smii7y says alright take a shot
Justlolkills - 3 months ago
This should be every skate 3 vid till you land it
Jussagud Oit
Jussagud Oit - 3 months ago
Quick little anyhony fantano: melon
Jonas Orri
Jonas Orri - 3 months ago
More skate videos please
Anonymou s
Anonymou s - 3 months ago
Tom Wellbrock
Tom Wellbrock - 3 months ago
5:33 *facepalm*
Hoe Lee
Hoe Lee - 3 months ago
bruh there are WAYYYY harder ones like at the mega park
Brendon Castle
Brendon Castle - 3 months ago
“Are you f*cking my duck?”
chase holt
chase holt - 3 months ago
Ever go so fast you break the game on hardcore?
Da Fuzu
Da Fuzu - 3 months ago
You motherfucker. I've never, in my entire Skate career, and I've played over 500 hours of each, been able to hippy flip since they added it. Dirty bitch.
Yogart Man
Yogart Man - 3 months ago
This reminds me of towny hawks down hill jam
Vinb123 - 3 months ago
Try to get yout board to go under a car and yoh jump the car and land back on the board
levi powell
levi powell - 3 months ago
Anyone come to the commenrs to see if anyone is complaining about the low view
nochillnot - 3 months ago
Too bad im poor i cant buy the dlc
Chase Moore
Chase Moore - 3 months ago
You can change your sliding power and what not in the customizer and land this easily
Austin Swanson
Austin Swanson - 3 months ago
I love that his character actually looks like him lmaoooo
Luke Lowery
Luke Lowery - 3 months ago
10:37 - 10:53

SMii7Y said alright at least 6 time in only 10 seconds, alright?
RiceCakes - 9 days ago
it’s 5 times in 15 seconds
dylan Barnes
dylan Barnes - 3 months ago
He hit you with the okay at the end caused confusion (lvl100) then someone fcked his duck 🦆😓🤣😭
xXSephiroth420Xx - 3 months ago
It's actually five, but pretty close!
Kriv K
Kriv K - 3 months ago
How weird is it that I’ve tried this before seeing the video
EnergyBlackout - 3 months ago
So did everyone else that had this dlc
Eigil Holm Haxø
Eigil Holm Haxø - 3 months ago
No ducks were fucked in the making of this video.
Heart Eyes
Heart Eyes - 3 months ago
ur custom skater looks like bbno$ lmao
red boi
red boi - 3 months ago
i died when you slapped the tree
KingQuinnie - 3 months ago
I used to do this on easy all the time lol but on normal it was way harder
Bananakin Skywalker
Bananakin Skywalker - 3 months ago
Oh my god the amount of hours spent messing around on this "ramp" majority of it trying to make this gap back in the day. I made it on multiple occasions but definitely spent hours and hours just slamming into the concrete lmao.
YVNG FROSTBiTE - 3 months ago
i feel like smii7y is the duck voice
Stanley pomavile
Stanley pomavile - 3 months ago
Thisboy is soo easy
robo dude
robo dude - 3 months ago
I feel bad for Smii7y he didn't know a YouTuber already did this awhile ago i would say the name but haven't watched the channel in like a year
Edit: I found the channel its zexyzeck
Ownz - 3 months ago
B Johnson
B Johnson - 3 months ago
This has been done before
Addicted - 3 months ago
10:25 why the fuck am I laughing my lungs out???
Bryce Smith
Bryce Smith - 3 months ago
i actually did this before a couple years ago
Haxiyuri Genko
Haxiyuri Genko - 3 months ago
DOOOOOOOOOOG I remember that I once thought "hey can you make it into the pool?" And I legit played for hours on end trying to do that on hardcore
Also when you were saying you were feeling it you could've nosedived and made it
Thi M.
Thi M. - 3 months ago
Dude this game was so much fun
DaVinci Skate Co.
DaVinci Skate Co. - 3 months ago
That’s been done my guy
David Dory
David Dory - 3 months ago
Didn’t zexyzek and duck do it already?
simon storm Egeberg
simon storm Egeberg - 3 months ago
i came by it on accident aswell. decided to try and see if i could do it, took a looooooooooot of tries. did it though. aaaaand this was years ago :p
Jaydog200309 - 3 months ago
I used to do this all the time but I play hardcore
NTrendSick - 3 months ago
"Welcome back to skate 3 the game that you fuck my asshole" Smii7Y 2019
Heavemo Gaming
Heavemo Gaming - 3 months ago
Challenge accepted. I'll stream and record it. I SHALL ACHIEVE VICTORIOUS!!!
Cody The Serg
Cody The Serg - 3 months ago
i did this along ass time ago on ps3 on hardcore with a friend for like 8 hours, i did land it
cuvwuvkoala98 - 3 months ago
Boi I've already done this on hardcore, like back in 2014 cuh
cuvwuvkoala98 - 3 months ago
@Bill Gates what are you playing at mate, go back to Microsoft or your wife, Melinda Gates
Bill Gates
Bill Gates - 3 months ago
@cuvwuvkoala98 well im not gonna take your word for it
cuvwuvkoala98 - 3 months ago
@Bill Gates well it was on 360 and years ago, so you'll pretty much have to take my word for it, unless I decide to do it again sometime.
Bill Gates
Bill Gates - 3 months ago
Wakulla - 3 months ago
Do you run this on an emulator? if so which one?
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