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Justin McCurdy
Justin McCurdy - 6 hours ago
How about "Zombie Tsunami?"
Joseph Chabaud
Joseph Chabaud - 8 hours ago
14:07 lol
TheRagingInfernape - Day ago
This movie could easily be renamed "No One Cares" and it'll still fit.
TheRagingInfernape - Day ago
16:00 wait for it...
brandon wilburn
brandon wilburn - 2 days ago
23:30 😆
ShroudedWolf51 - 2 days ago
You know, I had a thought. I know there's supposed to be a sequel out at this point, but... Considering everything that had to come together to make this film a thing in the exact state that it's in, a sequel, no matter how good or awful, will just never live up to what the initial one was.
It's kind of like the same problem that Portal had when Portal 2 came out. Nobody expected anyone to like the first Portal and therefore it was able to experiment with and succeed in so many different ways....where as Portal 2 was made specifically to capitalize on the things that the initial Portal became popular for...but, in the process, they lost a lot of the charm and personality that the first Portal had.
Aaron Nicholson
Aaron Nicholson - 3 days ago
It more of it
BABBY BOBABS - 3 days ago
those chairs look really comfortable
Matthew Filby
Matthew Filby - 5 days ago
You could always combine four awesome things that would make it even better. I know some adolescent, mutated, fighting reptilians who'd agree.
John Ghost
John Ghost - 6 days ago
You pretty much only reviewed this movie to pick it apart with jokes, right? Don't get me wrong, this video was funny as sh*t, and almost make me choke laughing so hard (I have to remember not to eat while watching your reviews), but I don't think anyone is really surprised that with a name like "Sharknado", it's basically just a ridiculous farce of a movie.
Rockin’ Pixels
Rockin’ Pixels - 6 days ago
“I kinda hate sharks now too.” 🤷🏻‍♂️
Transformers Go RULZ
Transformers Go RULZ - 6 days ago
Zombie transformers
FanGirlNation - 7 days ago
I watched this movie once and I hated it
TGLadyN - 7 days ago
Personally, I thought the movie "Sharknado" would be awful way back when I first heard about it. I guess because the name just sounded so awful; that I thought it would be the dumbest film I ever watched. And after seeing this much of it; I can clearly see that I was right. IDK why it's so popular.
KoolAid Cancer
KoolAid Cancer - 9 days ago
fun to watch this now that there making Zombie Tidal Wave
Bridget opbrat71
Bridget opbrat71 - 9 days ago
Yeah but you. Shack 🌪
Rock - 11 days ago
3:41 Speaking of Pacman... 4:20 In the Background you can see the Ms PacMan & Galaga Arcade maschine
Marmar Macarambon
Marmar Macarambon - 11 days ago
Shark: teenage mutant ninja_ ow! Bitch
Me: *laughing*
I actually laughed when the shark got shot haha!
Chris Vossler
Chris Vossler - 11 days ago
Supposedly the U.S. military actually studied whether an explosion could stop a tornado and determined that it's possible, but the explosives necessary would do worse damage than the tornado itself.
Tony - 11 days ago
OMG! I dont know why but the Glitter Death Makeover just sent me ROFLMAO! That one would have to be a gay inspired movie.
Ramdemann - 12 days ago
RedhatMantis77% - 12 days ago
My favorite movie
Destin Star
Destin Star - 12 days ago
I think the movie was popular due to bad shit insane idk
Jacob scuito
Jacob scuito - 13 days ago
As if this movie’s budget could afford Kit.
mentaya11 - 13 days ago
I suppose it would surprise you to know that a lot more of the science in here is accurate than most people realize. I'd estimate...half of it is possible and the other half is garbage? For example, animals, including fish, *have* rained from the sky due to bad storms, and things larger than sharks have been thrown about by tornadoes. Sharks *could* survive inside a water filled tornado. Hurricanes of sufficient force, while it is rare, *can* hit the California coastline. And multiple tornadoes *can* spin off of a large hurricane as shown in the movie. A sharknado in real life is totally possible. Cars *can* catch on fire pretty easily if they've been damaged and gas is leaking. I actually saw it happen from a car or two over once after a wreck at a stoplight. They do not, generally, explode that easily except in Hollywood. But come on, we've seen worse things overblown by cinema to make a cool explosion. If you pour gasoline into a pool like that, and drop fire in, yes, the water *will* in fact appear to burn as the gasoline, which floats on top of the water, burns. Gasoline does *not* typically explode like that unless confined. (and yes, I am aware of FAE's if anyone wants to bring those up) Blowing up a tornado...yeah, that one is nonsense. Nothing about that one makes sense. I'll give them credit, they did enough research to make it sound remotely plausible if a person only knew a tiny amount about tornadoes. They talked about warm and cold air mixing causing tornadoes (which is technically true, though it is a lot more complicated than that) and said that the bomb would mix the air causing the total to sort of...neutralize itself. suppose this could fool someone armed only with a dangerously small amount of knowledge on the subject. The truth is, that the warm and cold air is one of the factors that create the *systems* that spawn tornadoes. No explosion at the focus of that system is going to affect the real cause. The system itself will still be applying the forces that can create tornadoes. And all of *that* is completely meaningless since that applies to tornadoes caused by supercell systems and their ilk! These tornadoes were not. They were caused by the hurricane in the movie. Such tornadoes are caused by the turbulence of the massive hurricanes. So that whole point is utter nonsense. Yeah, a lot of the science in this movie is trash, but given how a lot of people seem to think *none* of it is might surprise you.
Curt Dawg
Curt Dawg - 14 days ago
Review shark planet please
Modern Aegis
Modern Aegis - 14 days ago
These movies are the reason we're culling sharks.
Darth Ahartimus
Darth Ahartimus - 15 days ago
I think Transformers Zombies is a thing lol 😂
Creek Walker
Creek Walker - 16 days ago
This opening scene now that Zombie Tidal Wave is on the horizon.
Acheesyboxplane GD
Acheesyboxplane GD - 17 days ago
Nuclear Amish Holocaust
And Cancer Beating Robo Snakes
I would actually pay to see those
Jet Kazama
Jet Kazama - 18 days ago
Spencer French
Spencer French - 19 days ago
I have an idea of a movie name: were wolf vampire zombie.
Carigan Pintalba
Carigan Pintalba - 19 days ago
This movie was shot with one rule and one rule only.
If a single scene is shot correctly and not marred by bad CGI, bad acting, bizarro weather and/or utterly unbelievable pseudo-science THEN IT MUST BE RE-SHOT.
Lack of failure is not an option.
This movie is called Sharknado. It delivers exactly what you expect it to be. Actually it delivers even greater stupidity than I could conceive. So kudos.
Carigan Pintalba
Carigan Pintalba - 19 days ago
"But alas, the rest of the movie must go un-Heard"
Epic. Just epic.
dolphincrescent54 - 19 days ago
You know what could've been a much better ending? If the grandpa was a shark- human hybrid and had to leave his granddaughter because his condition made him morph into a shark. That way the granddaughter would have to confront her fear when they were reunited and come to terms with the fact that she might have shark blood in her as well. She could find out that she could communicate with sharks and help them, then use her gift to create a society that was fair for both humans and sharks.
Main Stream Gaming
Main Stream Gaming - 20 days ago
The sharks look like a video game from 2009
Legend of Rayquaza gaming
This is definitely one of those "So Bad it's good" movies
Demon Zorawarg
Demon Zorawarg - 20 days ago
Who is this dad fucking master chief Doom guy combo
The gold gives him his superpowers and makes him more powerful.
Cason Collins
Cason Collins - 21 day ago
I think people just watch these movies knowing how bad they can be
sabas klahn
sabas klahn - 22 days ago
Dreamstate Steampunk
Grayson Tartt
Grayson Tartt - 25 days ago
25:48 That one name is even sadder after recent stranger things...
LORD DARTH FIRE - 25 days ago
Zombie explosive volcano versus fruit bat dragon the musical
LORD DARTH FIRE - 25 days ago
"No am your boss"
"So get back to work"
Works before whores

This movie earned its fame
Satoru Kuroshiro
Satoru Kuroshiro - 26 days ago
In the words of Randy Feltface (look him up, you'll be lauching for at least 15 straight minutes) she "went into its bit".
Kevin Mitchell
Kevin Mitchell - 27 days ago
Do sharknado 2 with cinema snob please
Sonick 2win
Sonick 2win - 27 days ago
You realize that certain chemicals, even on water, will make fire if exposed to heat or open flames
Dylan Brown
Dylan Brown - 29 days ago
1:30 - 1:41 the funny thing is those all sound like they could be asylum movies.
luke atkinson
luke atkinson - Month ago
The scene with Boomer shows him breaking the glass with a stool but then he grabs behind the door with intact glass and opens it.
Green Boi
Green Boi - Month ago
There’s a B movie that’s called... and I’m not even joking... three headed shark attack... Danny Trejo is in it... it’s bad there also a sequel called five headed shark attack...
Desgaroth - Month ago
Man this movie was so bad. But sometimes you just want to see a really bad movie to laugh.
One thing that bugs me is that the Sharks are so unreasonably hungry. That one Episode of American Dad with the storm and the shark in the house had a Tamer Shark than this movie ever would have. It's a miracle those Sharks do not eat other sharks on sight, because that's what they all do with everything else.
Yeet the beat out
Yeet the beat out - Month ago
Random Guy
Random Guy - Month ago
I think food fight has a new competition.
Alan Solis
Alan Solis - Month ago
I’ve seen this nostalgia since like almost four years and I swear this has been the funniest one yet!
Kat The Red Hooded Cat
I would watch “Werewolf Lightning Ninjas” , I JUST SOUND BADASS AND CRAZY!!
Abdullah Mejjallid
Abdullah Mejjallid - Month ago
David Rosales
David Rosales - Month ago
Adam Westbrook
Adam Westbrook - Month ago
Can you do 47 meters down
Republican human
Republican human - Month ago
Isabella Belleza
Isabella Belleza - Month ago
Is the daughter the same chick from Jem and the Hologram?
Isabella Belleza
Isabella Belleza - Month ago
Sharks don’t move their heads in a window wiper shield when on land
They move a little slow on land not too fast
Isabella Belleza
Isabella Belleza - Month ago
At least it was more entertaining then disaster movie
Isabella Belleza
Isabella Belleza - Month ago
Why does that one guy look like Michael McCrudden?
Isabella Belleza
Isabella Belleza - Month ago
4:13 YASSS
Dennis Coy
Dennis Coy - Month ago
Piranhacane. How's that sound?
parker the shark
parker the shark - Month ago
OOH I've got one!! Teenage mutant ninja turtles, I can't see it being too popular but it's worth a shot
Neo Billie
Neo Billie - Month ago
24:01 & 24:31, nice👌. Love it
GFreeXevery1 - Month ago
"Bruce Campbell vs. Himself" already exist... that's "My Name is Bruce"... watch it and be amazed of such masterpiece
Chibi Prussia
Chibi Prussia - Month ago
I mean, the name alone got a lot of people's curiosity.
Iconoclasm_ - Month ago
I feel like this movie is dumb on purpose. It's kind of amazing.
Admiral rentableorb
Admiral rentableorb - Month ago
Kazimir - Month ago
Raptors in court
RogueBrit Gravy1
RogueBrit Gravy1 - Month ago
I'm not gonna lie the cutaway with the explosion made me jump even though I was expecting it.
SuperSeth 64
SuperSeth 64 - Month ago
11:58 Well they got to have sharknado insurance 😂
Sir Iron Duke
Sir Iron Duke - Month ago
tbh Rachel is way hotter than mouthbreather.
herobrinearmy0 gaming
herobrinearmy0 gaming - Month ago
flaming cannibalistic Godzilla muffin water toast robo-ninja-nado wearing space suits with nukes = a convoluted title . . . . . . . . . . . . . WHAT THE HECK HOW DID THEY MAKE 6 OF THESE CRAPPY MOVIES.
Shaddoll Nephilim
Shaddoll Nephilim - Month ago
Shark puppets family is all sorts of messed up
Kunisake - Month ago
Ninja Sex Party
DC NINETAILS anime boy
Finally someone else who hates sharknado
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