Sharknado - Nostalgia Critic

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Buster Näslund
Buster Näslund - 8 hours ago
Hey! Don't besmirch the mythbusters!
Strong dud Zack
Strong dud Zack - Day ago
Murdering tank hulk
koku Kun
koku Kun - 3 days ago
i happenly love the sharknado movies
Angelus - 3 days ago
TheSm1thers - 4 days ago
I personally loved this movie. It was fun and had hilarious comedy.
koku Kun
koku Kun - 3 days ago
finally someone agrees
God Himself
God Himself - 4 days ago
This movie should have won an oscar
koku Kun
koku Kun - 3 days ago
hell ya
wingsandash - 8 days ago
Matt took flying lessons from The Day After Tomorrow School of helicopters maneuvering next to tornadoes without ever getting sucked in. Well done.
Trey Mixon
Trey Mixon - 9 days ago
Cinema Snob has an amazing voice...just saying
RushInGames - 15 days ago
Chocolate Cthulhu’s Christmas is my favorite
Bobbnoxious - 19 days ago
23:56 - the best gag in this entire review
Sir Iron Duke
Sir Iron Duke - 21 day ago
Duo West
Duo West - 21 day ago
14:16 Is that the amazing athiest?
Maui Randall
Maui Randall - 22 days ago
It'd be hilarious if they shoehorned in an environmental message like they did in birdemic but it was about the ecological impact of shark fin soup
Josh's Weird Life
Josh's Weird Life - 26 days ago
Tank a sarus huh. 1:34 I mean Ultraseven does have a monster named Dino Tank soooo. Yeah
Trent Wickham
Trent Wickham - 27 days ago
What about strike mass electric bogalo
Endboi - 27 days ago
Chocolate Cthulhu Christmas 2: The second madness
Chocolate Cthulhu Christmas 3: Mind flayer madness
Austin Scarengos
Austin Scarengos - 29 days ago
If this thing is even possible and then happened
A. There would not be a lot of sharks and
B. Some sharks aren’t even that dangerous
Strong dud Zack
Strong dud Zack - Month ago
That is a very fake looking chainsaw
Hard Core Gamer
Hard Core Gamer - Month ago
Never Watched this movie thought it was stupid the first time i heard the name. The cgi is pathetic the 90s were better
Fortit Jordan
Fortit Jordan - Month ago
Cinema snob is better than the nostalgia critic
Krystony Rivera
Krystony Rivera - Month ago

T3chKn1ght - Month ago
12:01 Funny enough, I think Sharknado Insurance is a thing that exists IRL.
Anton Anderson
Anton Anderson - Month ago
Segata Sanshiro vs Chuck Norris vs Bruce Campbell vs Bruce Lee vs Clint Eastwood--ON ICE!
The Angry Badger 2506
The Angry Badger 2506 - Month ago
No shark repellent batsuit jokes? Unimpressed.
Nerf Boy
Nerf Boy - Month ago
Fuck you guys all to hell
Toi O'Kelly
Toi O'Kelly - Month ago
Sugarplum neo bomber!😁
Toi O'Kelly
Toi O'Kelly - Month ago
Sharknado: It's Birdemic, BUT WITH SHARKS!!!🦈🤣
AriochStarr - Month ago
OMG, that Duck Hunt dog had me laughing my ass off for a good ten minutes!
Blossom49451 - Month ago
10:32 Whoa!!! Teenage Mutant Ninja....OW!!! b**ch....
Kaden Kim
Kaden Kim - Month ago
Prime example of how to make an intentionally bad film
Raph Sav
Raph Sav - Month ago
Awesome episode, one of the best no doubts and the cinema snob in it just adds so much to the fun
Aqua Leader Jesse
Aqua Leader Jesse - Month ago
Sharknado was at least better than The Meg.
Psycho Joe
Psycho Joe - Month ago
Doug kinda looks like a plastic Adam like in the Santa Clause 2
Joshua Armstrong
Joshua Armstrong - Month ago
Fire T-Rex Chansaw-Samurai!
TheVgrey - Month ago
I come from the future in the 3rd movie they took the bronze package
Scorcher Cubone
Scorcher Cubone - Month ago
Cracks me up every time!
wtfdudekk - Month ago
9:15 STREET SHARKS!! Missed opportunity!
iamsaztak - Month ago
i think it was entirely the name. it just so perfectly encapsulates the shitty b-movie. it doesn't sound like a real movie, so knowing it actually exists is its own special joy. you basically know exactly what you'd get out of it from the title, and as far as I can tell, you wouldn't be wrong. never watched it myself, and don't plan to. i have a feeling it's going to be one of those weirdly remembered movies, where people "like" and remember it, but only for the title, and don't actually enjoy the movie (or seen it). it's like seeing a unicorn come into reality before your eyes. sharknado is an actual movie title. it's not the title. it's the whole sentence; sharknado is an actual movie title. what magic. what bliss. it's condensed creative wonder somehow made real. such a small title, yet it combines so much batshittery that it's a thing of beauty.
Pup Man trains
Pup Man trains - Month ago
I’ve seen jumping the shark but this is rediculuse
Pup Man trains
Pup Man trains - Month ago
Suicide prevention lemmings
Jolfer 13
Jolfer 13 - Month ago
Can u plz do all of them?
Carlos Cruz
Carlos Cruz - Month ago
As old as this is, this review is the closes I’ll get to seeing any sharknado movie.
MrCreepz - Month ago
Ember Firestone
Ember Firestone - Month ago
Love how the ex says he cares more about other people than his own family, even though he was showing care to save her and her daughter and her son too and risking death by ps1 sharks
Jack Fonseca Villalobos
I cannot help to think that, there are actually Transformers Zombies, the terrorcons actually are Transformers Zombies 😂
silentassason - Month ago
I mean to be fair Rachel does have a sexy back (of the neck)
GamE FrEak
GamE FrEak - Month ago
I can give u one name that will bring u million of views. It's a gurantee hit. I can bet my ass if this will be getting million of vews minimum if u can release this movie under this name when next gen console release or when they show up for E3. U must have to release this movie after the E3 show for all consoles n if possible according to this name before the show. u can continue movie after movie with all this title. The script will write itself depends on what is going on with the fanbase n all its meme. I'll give u the name here.
"CONSOLE WAR - End of a Generation"
- Rise from Ashes"
"CONSOLE WAR - Master Trap"
"CONSOLE WAR - Corporate takedown"
GamE FrEak
GamE FrEak - Month ago
It's really possible to set fire on water. U need to add oil n light it up.
NathanNWCW - Month ago
You know it’s sad when a joke from a YouTube video looks more realistic than a movie
Metal-Max1991 - Month ago
Anyone else weirdly want a movie called A Chocolate Cthulhu Christmas or Cannibal Spider Nazi’s?
Miguel Medeiros
Miguel Medeiros - 2 months ago
The effects....How?
Nigel Hargett
Nigel Hargett - 2 months ago
Chuck Norris VS. Bruce Lee
j0ellyfish - 2 months ago
my ex made me watch this movie with her. now i know why she's my ex.
Joanna Taylor
Joanna Taylor - 2 months ago
This movie portrays sharks as mental eating machines, thats what i hate about the movie
TW videos
TW videos - 2 months ago
Is this video even nesesairy. We know, Sharknado SUCKS!!! I never saw it and never will. And I'm vine with it.
Christian Ruffin
Christian Ruffin - 2 months ago
You know these bastards have six movies, right?
a very chronic tonic
a very chronic tonic - 2 months ago
you cant set water on fire but gas floating on top will burn shortly if lit fast
Kyle Livecchi
Kyle Livecchi - 2 months ago
23:34 He is not setting the water on fire, but the gasoline that has a lower density than water. However, it would not explode.
Delta Ash Greninja
Delta Ash Greninja - 2 months ago
Nostalgia critic you still need to do Sharknado 2 and Sharknado 3 and probably there's a Sharknado 4 so you better get on that
Miles Caleb
Miles Caleb - 2 months ago
Oh no not the dick head
Camyboy 10833 Ide
Camyboy 10833 Ide - 2 months ago
I have a movie idea it’s called before time and space (basically it’s the origin of god and satan and heaven and hell and other stuff like that)
cool 23819
cool 23819 - 2 months ago
It actually is possible to set water on fire believe it or not, if you've ever made rice when you put the olive oil on the water it doesn't mix in, well other oils and gasoline are like that, if you poor gasoline in water they will stay apart and you if you put a flame on the gas part it will indeed set on fire... Yes I'm a nerd don't judge me.
Ghost Killer
Ghost Killer - 2 months ago
Sharknado is awesome and so are the sequels also Nova, Cassy Scorbo is on hot chick
Rainbow the wind sage
Rainbow the wind sage - 2 months ago
I'm just wondering how they came up with hurricane in California? Couldn't they have just said it was in Florida?
QuiteOddish 16
QuiteOddish 16 - 2 months ago
“Why do things explode so easily?”
lenlimbo - 2 months ago
Let's be honest, the movie itself is bad, but you watch this kind of flicks exactly for what they do. In this case, something so insane as a tornado full of sharks who eat people. Or, in the case of that last shark, swallow without any bitting.

The fact that the waitress survives was just a matter of fact at that point, to be honest. If anyone else expected anything different, they weren't paying attention to what kind of movie they were watching.
HUJAN - 2 months ago
I think Shaggyboobs is awsome name on itself
Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith - 2 months ago
According to Peggy the only way you can kill a tornado is to shoot it
Chase TheHuman
Chase TheHuman - 2 months ago
Swordsposion shotgun.
The names Nugget
The names Nugget - 2 months ago
Tim Carrie pennywise is is every nostalgia-ween intro :)
James Campbell
James Campbell - 2 months ago
Stay puft Vlogs Who’s Tim Carrie?
Madam Nebula
Madam Nebula - 2 months ago
Nobody will read this, but when I see those two, I always think "Pinky & the Brain"
tazgamer - 2 months ago
I always wanted kitt, even as an adult I would still love to have that car.
Ahstinf Ixsnhc
Ahstinf Ixsnhc - 2 months ago
Just wanna say falling coconuts kill 150 people a year and in the US sharks only kill one person every two years.....
Conor - 2 months ago
No need to make it personal.

Really? You said that about a shark movie, and don't even bring up Jaws 3?
PataponCreeper - 2 months ago
I heard this movie franchise was bad and so I came in wanting to know how bad it is before even daring to see it if it's that bad, they got most of them on Netflix
Matron Roberts
Matron Roberts - 2 months ago
Please do the last Sharknado movie, pretty please. Peas and carrots!
TheLogannator - 2 months ago
I think the movies appeal is that they realize that they made the movie to be bad so they watch it to laugh at how bad it is.
Kitsunekun2 - 2 months ago
Sharknado on a plane
Strong dud Zack
Strong dud Zack - 2 months ago
That cainsaw looks fake
ben hess
ben hess - 2 months ago
i don't usually like videos with bad language, but this deserved a like.
dylken 569
dylken 569 - 2 months ago
Sharks need to swim to stay alive this
Dio Brando
Dio Brando - 2 months ago
I'm really disappointed there was no street sharks reference in this review
butter socks
butter socks - 2 months ago
16:07 me trying to study for that math test tomorrow when then i see theres a new episode of adventure time and i then see my grade
epicgamer 2109
epicgamer 2109 - 2 months ago
Matpat is a Sharknado expert
ThePlague Gamer6
ThePlague Gamer6 - 2 months ago
What about lavalantula
Wolfie Inu
Wolfie Inu - 2 months ago
I know this is not the most pressing concern, but I'm bothered that a hurricane hits the west coast in this movie. Hurricanes go from east to west, always, no exceptions.
BWMagus - 2 months ago
I'm not used to seeing Brad in...light. And I love how the hurricane is like a stealth hurricane. No one closes the beaches, no one is prepared, it's just "Oh, shit!" and LA is destroyed. I guess they couldn't find a way to make Sharkquake work.
Sohel Islam
Sohel Islam - 2 months ago
I miss Rachel
Lord Karasu
Lord Karasu - 2 months ago
It’s time...
William Kobak
William Kobak - 2 months ago
22:37 is he doom guy from the doom series because I have no idea on how he did that if he isn't
hicup the inkling
hicup the inkling - 3 months ago
I agree with you this movie sucks
Trevor Bozeman
Trevor Bozeman - 3 months ago
You and Brad need to review the other 4 films in this series!!
Michael Nards
Michael Nards - 3 months ago
It was meant to be bad
Lucas Pospeshil
Lucas Pospeshil - 3 months ago
Considering my dad is a mechanic, I know that a gas leak will ALWAYS lead to an explosion, and the spark is almost NEVER visible inside the car.
humancreeper 0
humancreeper 0 - 3 months ago
9:15 just like there is in real life
Garchomp Lord
Garchomp Lord - 3 months ago
Outta Bubblegum
Outta Bubblegum - 3 months ago
Now change the sharks for Langoliers.
Chronos - 3 months ago
transformers zombies are a thing they're called terorcons
supernova gamer
supernova gamer - 3 months ago
27:09 Again?
UltimateHalG - 3 months ago
"Black and White: The Final Days of Rainbow Bright" ....Why does this title sound like something I want to see?
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