Kristen Leake
Kristen Leake - Year ago
I cannot get sick of this song! These guys are absolutely fantastic
Sonia Oines
Sonia Oines - Year ago
Im so excited to see them in april!
faders - Year ago
_Shob_ New
_Shob_ New - 2 years ago
Captain America на превью
Blake Wang
Blake Wang - 2 years ago
This song suddenly popped back into my head after two years
ry ebrn
ry ebrn - 2 years ago
Isn't this the song that Tyler sang in the van with the air duster?
Hiatus Hurt
Hiatus Hurt - 3 months ago
yea ||-//
twenty one pilots snatched my weave
yup😂😭that’s my favorite part of that vid
illan deane
illan deane - 2 years ago
spooky jim christmas yesssssss |-/
megan cannon
megan cannon - 2 years ago
hey! I just posted a cover of this on my channel and would love it if someone were to watch. Thanks:)
Fernanda Landim
Fernanda Landim - 2 years ago
It sounds amazing! Congrats. :-)
Cheers from Brazil.
كنق حرب
كنق حرب - 2 years ago
Miss Panda
Miss Panda - 3 years ago
lyrics anyone??
Evan James
Evan James - 2 years ago
how about you google it
Random - 3 years ago
imcalledken - 3 years ago
Keegan literally so adorable🙈👌🏼
imcalledken - 2 years ago
Noah Marchese Must be weird seeing him now with a following😂
Sixtieth9th - 2 years ago
I know lol he use to come over to my house and hang out with my brother
imcalledken - 2 years ago
Noah Marchese he's Keegan Calmes, he's the coolest
Sixtieth9th - 2 years ago
I remember when this dude use to come over to my house and play halo on my Xbox haha he's a cool dude
Gadi Edwards
Gadi Edwards - 3 years ago
Emma loethen
Emma loethen - 3 years ago
I love this song
Resque Recordinds
Resque Recordinds - 3 years ago
I know you care. Awesome.
Desmond Reid
Desmond Reid - 3 years ago
we're taking off baby
Hayley Stevenson
Hayley Stevenson - 3 years ago
this is the video that i discovered them on :)
HunterMiers - 3 years ago
The lead singer is so hot I wanna cry
Mitchell Bowser
Mitchell Bowser - 3 years ago
Props to Josh and Chris for those harmonies and Nick for the sick guitar drumming
Ashley Astudillo
Ashley Astudillo - 3 years ago
I thought it was Channing Tatum in the thumb nail😂
Mikey4Geelove - 3 years ago
Just because of the drumming on the guitar, I now ship Keegan and Nick. Anyone else?
Ryanna R
Ryanna R - 2 years ago
MaxT3hSpøøpyAsianBean 21 Lol idek Chreegan sound much better (sorry for the late reply btw)
KKKunt 69
KKKunt 69 - 2 years ago
Mlp Melody Strokes Keeris: Traditional Dagger 😂 wut?
Ryanna R
Ryanna R - 2 years ago
Personally I ship Keegan and Chris (Keeris?)
Mikey4Geelove - 3 years ago
+NukeThe Boost yes.
Bryan Gonzalez
Bryan Gonzalez - 3 years ago
Mason Pocklington
Mason Pocklington - 3 years ago
The lead singer is kinda buff.
Mason Pocklington
Mason Pocklington - 3 years ago
+Reagan Dent Hhh. Alright.
Reagan Dent
Reagan Dent - 3 years ago
Eh not really
Hannah Nordquist
Hannah Nordquist - 3 years ago
I keep hearing Tyler in the ride swap video with the air duster and he is like "it's breaking up my BO-ONES"
Smritee T.
Smritee T. - 3 years ago
i remember back when vinyl theatre had a free download of i need you here and i loved it but I had kind of forgotten about them but now i'm back and very very obsessed :)
mchsminers - 3 years ago
I think Keegan sings better on this version than on the studio version. And the studio version is amazing.
Palmstar125 - 3 years ago
Pretty good
MaDCaTxStudio - 3 years ago
So Channing Tatum decided to form a band
Invi Sere
Invi Sere - 3 years ago
okay normally i don't prefer acoustic versions over the original ones but... ahhhh
Deja Davis
Deja Davis - 3 years ago
I'm seeing them in concert (again) tonight and I'm solo excited
akouba23 - 3 years ago
I've seen these guys live twice. They are amazing. My heart melts when Keegan sings.
Logan Oleson
Logan Oleson - 3 years ago
Ive seen them live twice and going to see them again in 2 days and Ive met all of the guys from the band and they are super nice and down to earth.
Liv - 3 years ago
I don't know much about this group but I'd like to. They are very talented. The lead singer's voice sort of reminds me of Tyler Joseph in some parts of the song. ATTENTION I AM NOT TRYING TO INSULT ANYONE BY CALLING THEM SIMILAR . PLEASE NO HATE FROM EITHER GROUP'S FANS PLZ I JUST THINK AT TIMES THEY SOUND ALIKE .
The BlackHornWasp
The BlackHornWasp - 3 years ago
Was just watching these guys live yesterday.
Angelica Martinez
Angelica Martinez - 3 years ago
I love them!!
W Dixon
W Dixon - 4 years ago
These guys are awesome and beautiful
nancy sacco
nancy sacco - 4 years ago
very nice
Andrew Bokole
Andrew Bokole - 4 years ago
You gotta hand it to Fueled by Ramen for having a good eye for talent! This is great!
Carnival - 4 years ago
Kelsey Maxwell
Kelsey Maxwell - 4 years ago
Can't wait till they make it.
J Florez
J Florez - 4 years ago
ok, totally man crushed!!
Kail - 4 years ago
they followed me on instagram and liked my acoustic cover of when you were young by the killers and few artworks and i was so shocked when i knew who they were that's how i discovered them and then purchased this song
Haleigh G
Haleigh G - 4 years ago
wow man. they're really good acoustic
WhiteBoyParker - 4 years ago
I love this song
Alyssa Ramey
Alyssa Ramey - 4 years ago
I have fallin in love with this.
Sophie P
Sophie P - 4 years ago
Damn this is one of the best acoustics I've ever heard.. I can't wait till they blow up, much love from Ireland!
Kate Myers
Kate Myers - 4 years ago
I was here for this! Love Them (:
Briana Mia
Briana Mia - 4 years ago
you guys are really awesome
Hanief Pratama
Hanief Pratama - 4 years ago
So what's the chord
Aidil Malek
Aidil Malek - 4 years ago
if you wanna try to discover the cool bands. search fueled by ramen
Freddie lopez
Freddie lopez - 4 years ago
ashleeeybash - 4 years ago
Yessssssssss. I love Vinyl Theatre.
Sammi Carlson
Sammi Carlson - 4 years ago
awe i love this band so much
Crystal Wong
Crystal Wong - 4 years ago
aw yisssss i've been waiting for the acoustic version
Griffin Hawke
Griffin Hawke - 4 years ago
Zack Finta
Zack Finta - 4 years ago
So good!
NaturallyBlonde - 4 years ago
I just watched this cause I was curious and wow I´m really impressed.
Ally Stamper
Ally Stamper - 4 years ago
For a second I saw breaking up and I freaked out , but never mind it's all good 😂
Patrice Urie
Patrice Urie - 4 years ago
Julianne Weinman
Julianne Weinman - 4 years ago
Love it!! Those harmonies on the "Bo-ones" sound so great!!
lovelife02 - 4 years ago
Catchy tune
Gable Munn
Gable Munn - 4 years ago
Wow I've never heard of them, but they are awesome, especially if this is real unedited acoustic (which i love when it is and this good)!!!
Adol J. Rojas
Adol J. Rojas - 4 years ago
Man, I love VT, they are incredible. This and the piano version are the best versions of this song.
Carly Bennett
Carly Bennett - 4 years ago
Keeva Szeto
Keeva Szeto - 4 years ago
They have another version on their channel from a long time ago
Andrew Larsen
Andrew Larsen - 4 years ago
It was so cool to see these guys with Twenty One Pilots last year! They're one of my favorite bands now!
Katie Brewer
Katie Brewer - 4 years ago
Katie Brewer
Katie Brewer - 4 years ago
Sierra Winter
Sierra Winter - 4 years ago
So talented. I was singing along. Loved them in concert 3
Kyrxn - 4 years ago
What mics are those?
Lena Yousif
Lena Yousif - 4 years ago
I've liked them since September and honestly I keep sort of forgetting about them but they're gREAT
Bethany Clayton
Bethany Clayton - 2 years ago
Same I find I have a time of "omg I'm obsessed" and forget but then come back to them ... When their new album comes out I'll be even more excited! ☺️ have pre-ordered I can't wait!! 😱
melissa hastings
melissa hastings - 4 years ago
Mike Pantaleo
Mike Pantaleo - 4 years ago
Saw these guys open for 21 pilots, I was like holy shit. These guys are very energetic on stage and there lyrics aren't too bad, along with a diverse sound.keep it up guys
Daniel Minighiti
Daniel Minighiti - 2 years ago
I really love all their songs from Electrogram...
Alexandria Blue
Alexandria Blue - 3 years ago
+Contentious Overhaul People need to stop using "pop" as an insult. It's short for popular. It's not a bad thing.
Reagan Dent
Reagan Dent - 3 years ago
I've listened to all of their songs and they're all bad in my opinion
Mara 1
Mara 1 - 3 years ago
+Contentious Overhaul you should really look up some of their older songs such as Migraine, Addict with a pen and Semi-automatic. I think they're amazing but of course it's all a matter of personal preference :)
Overhaul - 3 years ago
+zabella Clegg shitty pop duo* fixed it for ya
Cristal S
Cristal S - 4 years ago
Can't wait to see them at PIQNIQ :')
Madison Tolbert
Madison Tolbert - 4 years ago
You guys are great live! Best concert I've been to in awhile
FINN THEMUSICIAN - 4 years ago
He sounds a lot like, Tyler Joseph.
Ross Penny
Ross Penny - 4 years ago
Lol did they run out of money for instruments each?
I Love Horror Movies
I Love Horror Movies - 4 years ago
Probably too much of a pain in the ass to hold a guitar while maintaining a rythm.
Melissa A
Melissa A - 4 years ago
Awesome! ▽╤ killin it
Zelda King
Zelda King - 4 years ago
Bryanna Davis
Bryanna Davis - 4 years ago
he sounds like Tyler from twenty one pilots
Clifford LeDuc Vaillancourt
Clifford LeDuc Vaillancourt - 10 months ago
Elise - 4 years ago
This acoustic version is absolute perfection (along with the rest of the other acoustic versions put out by vinyl theatre tbh).
ilseofflightlessbirds - 4 years ago
I eat memes Like u 4 breakfast
I'm actually way to excited for this
Shawvon Jackson
Shawvon Jackson - 4 years ago
did not expect that to be that good!impressed.
Carlo Mones
Carlo Mones - 4 years ago
Expected Panic! At The Disco - Hallelujah
But this is awesome!
Emma Edwards
Emma Edwards - 4 years ago
Idek who these guys are but wow
Jackie Menendez
Jackie Menendez - 4 years ago
Josh's low notes though!!!!!! I love him he was super duper nice when I met him. He took pictures and signed my stuff even before everyone had a chance to meet all of them. I didn't have a marker and he went AND GOT ONE so he could sign God bless josh and this amazing frickn band man
Jackie Menendez
Jackie Menendez - 4 years ago
+Arlene nikki im so sorry for late response but CheyNoel is correct x)
CheyNoel - 4 years ago
+Arlene nikki Keegan is the guy playing guitar/lead vocals, Josh is the guy on the way end, he does vocals and plays bass, Chris is the guy in the red who also does vocals and plays the keyboard, and Nick is the guy who plays drums
arlin nicole
arlin nicole - 4 years ago
can you tell me who everyone is I'm a new fan
Jackie Menendez
Jackie Menendez - 4 years ago
I also feel the same that not many people know them and it sucks because I feel I could talk about their music all day. However I always tell people about them when talking about music bc how can I not talk about them regarding music sjdjdj I love this band so much
dfjshjkd - 4 years ago
Sahiba Badal
Sahiba Badal - 4 years ago
I love,love this song...:) breaking up my bones..
Nia Hemmitt
Nia Hemmitt - 4 years ago
Sarah Cait
Sarah Cait - 4 years ago
Can't wait til they blow up
ㅤㅤ - 4 years ago
hey i like this
Monica Lethbridge
Monica Lethbridge - 4 years ago
Liking this band is a blessing and a curse at once. I enjoy listening to their music but this band is still pretty "unknown " so i'm never able to talk about their music with other people.
Ryanna R
Ryanna R - 2 years ago
Jasmine McGarigle
Jasmine McGarigle - 2 years ago
+Kai ilano Aren't you happy that they're successful at least? Twenty one pilots worked hard to get where they are now, and they deserve recognition.
imcalledken - 3 years ago
Me too
Kai ilano
Kai ilano - 3 years ago
i mean it's also kind of nice that they're unknown, you can just share the conversation with friends. It's like how i felt when i wanted people to know abt twenty one pilots, but now that they're mainstream, i kinda wish they weren't :/
J AVC - 4 years ago
Liked the whole drumming in the guitar. Great sound too!
ashaisnotonfire - 4 years ago
Marybelle - 4 years ago
WAIT WTF I LITERALLY JUST SAW YOU ON MATTHEW'S CHANNEL . I was watching that then I went to this then odkdjfkc
Tina Lu
Tina Lu - 4 years ago
Sythouane Vongchantha
Sythouane Vongchantha - 4 years ago
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ashaisnotonfire - 4 years ago
+Tina Lu OOP
Spencer Verstegen
Spencer Verstegen - 4 years ago
Cool idea to drum on the guitar!
Joseph Heron
Joseph Heron - 3 years ago
It's not uncommon for gutairists. It's called acoustic percussion. If you want to see a really talented guitarist check out Newton Faulkner, he plays the guitar and the percussion both himself at the same time when he plays
AreaFiftyDun - 4 years ago
301 club ye
ingrid sensei
ingrid sensei - 4 years ago
first song and I love it.
Jolyn K
Jolyn K - 4 years ago
Oh it's so good !! Just like the original version, love it !
Nam - 4 years ago
I didn't expect it but I think it's good
Tricia Cenit
Tricia Cenit - 4 years ago
Next videos