Ellen Reveals She Dated Brad Pitt’s Ex-Girlfriend

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Cedric Johnson
Cedric Johnson - 44 minutes ago
Recreate your life with God.
Aleksandra Stevic
Aleksandra Stevic - Day ago
cherryv bebe
cherryv bebe - Day ago
I was in middle school when I was sprung on legends of the fall Brad. Ugh hes still looking good wowow
hhhh9579 - 2 days ago
Chanin Garcia
Chanin Garcia - 2 days ago
Grace Nunes
Grace Nunes - 2 days ago
Mr Smith
Mr Smith - 4 days ago
If you need a strap on you are the poke E not the poke ER :)
Ersen Foy
Ersen Foy - 5 days ago
he is aging like a fine wine.
damien departed
damien departed - 5 days ago
Applesauce means a lot
MR. GOOGLE - 7 days ago
DAISY - - 8 days ago
Hi Ellen, i'm a big fan from other continents, i wish i could have your menchandise (anything) as a gift. Even i know its almost imposible, but i'm still believe in hope. GBU always.
cool dude
cool dude - 9 days ago
About the heaviest thing I can bench press is the bar lol.
kayzer köze
kayzer köze - 10 days ago
Brad is a player
Edi Gabrieli
Edi Gabrieli - 11 days ago
Trash people on trash TV, it make sense.
GoldenSpyro - 11 days ago
I don't need [FOOD] I need answers

but seriously im hungry
James Ritz
James Ritz - 12 days ago
C_ _ t
Paoo Ki
Paoo Ki - 12 days ago
wait wich once a pon a time wich movie is it is it the one with emma and henry where they went to neverland
and peter almost killed henery
Joe Valdrighi
Joe Valdrighi - 14 days ago
I'm amazed at Ellen degenerate she never knows when enough is enough
Nicky J
Nicky J - 15 days ago
How appropriate that they used a “Pit bull”. Oh to be that dog for a minute just so I could lick apple sauce off Brad’s face! 😋
Haley Lauren
Haley Lauren - 16 days ago
the freaking lip bite at 0:15 I AM DECEASED!
Boss Breezy
Boss Breezy - 17 days ago
World war z 2??
Yoda Man
Yoda Man - 17 days ago
yall need to try harder to get clooney to come out. then tell him to call me.
FlipRoyale G
FlipRoyale G - 18 days ago
Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise should comeback and do the another Interview with a Vampire!
TviT Ninee Kikson
TviT Ninee Kikson - 18 days ago
All Celebrities
All Celebrities - 18 days ago
Brad is comfortable man to talk to
none of your fuggin biz
none of your fuggin biz - 18 days ago
brad pitt is looking soooooooooooooooooo hot
Unknown Yes I’m unknown
Is it true?
ju jb
ju jb - 19 days ago
USARMYvietnamVET1969 - 19 days ago
What ever happened I'm sure Ellen licked her clean.
Sara Aljaf
Sara Aljaf - 20 days ago
His smile 😍😍😍😍😍
dazed darling
dazed darling - 20 days ago
brad pitt > leonardo dicaprio
The Bros
The Bros - 20 days ago
Imagine having brad and Ellen as your wife/exes
Abera Hassan
Abera Hassan - 20 days ago
Geovana Eduardo
Geovana Eduardo - 20 days ago
Ai eu tô apaixonada :(
Nilisha Pedhamkar
Nilisha Pedhamkar - 20 days ago
Hahaha... 👏👏👏
So many stupids hanging around just to see someones shirt off lol.
C. A. T.
C. A. T. - 21 day ago
Brad was incredibly SEXYYYY in Once Upon a Time In Hollywood! Especially when he was shirtless on the roof! Omg!!!
StSimonMartyr - 21 day ago
Ellen used a Strap On
Sese p
Sese p - 21 day ago
55 and still breaks hearts💔🔥
Aline R
Aline R - 22 days ago
CBJA4GET - 23 days ago
Brad Pitt is aging like fine wine 🍷❣️
m ch
m ch - 23 days ago
And Brad dates her ex boyfriends.
It’s Hollywood !
Anna Chen
Anna Chen - 23 days ago
Now I wanna know who those exes are...
Marky Anthony Ledda
Marky Anthony Ledda - 23 days ago
I love Ellen DeGeneres lots of love here the PHILLIPINES. We love you....
Eric Turner
Eric Turner - 24 days ago
They should do a movie about the Lion Whisperer (Kevin Richardson) and star Brad Pitt in it.
jules short
jules short - 24 days ago
That was kinda awkward
Edelmira Rodríguez Martín
Dan Koning
Dan Koning - 24 days ago
DeGeneres is a true America degenerate; advocating what God is hates while proudly celebrating that which is destroying America with every one of her shows. [Proverbs 8:13]
Steph Corcilles
Steph Corcilles - 24 days ago
it's... Just Jack
wantsomecoffee - 24 days ago
I wish Brad Pitt would do something physical with me.
brett allan
brett allan - 24 days ago
Arrani S.
Arrani S. - 24 days ago
Wow. The girlfriend thing is just creepy.
Gowtham Skynet
Gowtham Skynet - 24 days ago
Pheonix Sunrise
Pheonix Sunrise - 24 days ago
Ellen just casually mentioning that she’s dated one of Brad Pitts exes 😂
Bellarose - 25 days ago
Pitbulls are seriously the sweetest dogs ever. ❤️ I'm so jealous he got to hang out with such a cute doggie!
Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael - 25 days ago
This guy was amazing in troy, beautiful healthy body
Anand Anand
Anand Anand - 25 days ago
I wanna know which one.
MrMferg240 - 25 days ago
so ellen tasted brad pitts junk. she's bi.
Mary Durham
Mary Durham - 25 days ago
I Absolutely 💖Love💖... Everything about Brad!!!... I mean Seriously... What's "Not" to Love!!!???😍🤗😃😉
Guss Kvist
Guss Kvist - 26 days ago
degenerate nasty things
Aussie Jill
Aussie Jill - 26 days ago
Love Brad BUT that movie ( Once upon a time in hollywood ) was WOEFUL !
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