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Rakimuel Yisrael
Rakimuel Yisrael - Day ago
Nah Brooklyn's earfquake joke was actually tho, i laughed wen she sed it! Be4 you and momdukes denied her
wavygirl M
wavygirl M - 4 days ago
BRUH u just showed us an example of how u have sex 😂😂😂😂
YngJaylyn - 4 days ago
Whole time i thought Kye was recording,, lmao
Tiana’s Wold
Tiana’s Wold - 8 days ago
They funny ash bro😂😂
Princess Nae
Princess Nae - 14 days ago
latiah Samantha
latiah Samantha - 14 days ago
The mum doesn’t know how to control her children one minute she says stop then she’s encouraging it I’m so confused
Bre's slime
Bre's slime - 18 days ago
DRIP 2 HARD - 25 days ago
13:15 WTF🤣🤣🤣even the salesman was laughing every time Deshae humps the bed
Chris money
Chris money - Month ago
I like it
Mya Irie
Mya Irie - Month ago
*points to cabinet*
Oouuu I could put animals in there loll
L.E.T GANG - Month ago
When he bumped the beds in front of the man🤣🤣
Kas hoo
Kas hoo - Month ago
deshae and brooklyn has a cool mom!!!!
Caleb Hill
Caleb Hill - Month ago
She make me wanna have a lil sister💯😂
Reena Bowen
Reena Bowen - Month ago
*No matresses became pregnant in the making of this video*
sydnineutronn -
sydnineutronn - - Month ago
Dawggg Monique said yeah hurt ya brain💀💀💀💀ahhhhh Brooklyn was struggling
kemiyah nelson
kemiyah nelson - Month ago
I would’ve been so embarrassed if I was deshae’s mom when he was humping those beds but she seemed like she didn’t care 🤦🏽‍♀️ I feel bad for the person working there he was trying to show beds and all he sees is deshae humping on the beds
FFB Prodstar
FFB Prodstar - Month ago
You never had a bed damn
Terranve - Month ago
damn deshae you tryna pmo wit yo sister 😛
Leah Kamikazi
Leah Kamikazi - Month ago
Did y’all here PRETTYMUCH playing in the back?
Zaria Mcalister
Zaria Mcalister - Month ago
When Brooklyn started running I was dead 💀
Riyeilin Gonzalez
Riyeilin Gonzalez - Month ago
This was the day of my birthday omgggg!
Mia Jackson
Mia Jackson - Month ago
“we just moved “
“ like 4 months ago “
Growing up wit Nariah
Growing up wit Nariah - Month ago
I love there bond its so cute my fav siblings
Amiyah Norwood
Amiyah Norwood - 2 months ago
Peep brooklyn crocks 😂
Martay_10_the_Gamer Stoudemire
That bed is so nice you should get it your decision 😀😃😄
Damarius Scott
Damarius Scott - 2 months ago
Ray Jesse
Ray Jesse - 2 months ago
Anyone else feeling the background music 😂😂
WandaQueen - 2 months ago
Trying to see the bed was right to hump it😭😭😂😳
Michelle Daboin
Michelle Daboin - 2 months ago
They make my day
Michelle Daboin
Michelle Daboin - 2 months ago
I always look foward to watching your videos
Andre's - 2 months ago
Jenna Bensinger
Jenna Bensinger - 2 months ago
Salesman “yea that’s a nightstand”
Deshae “Put some drugs in there”
I almost spit out my gum 🤣
Avita Charles
Avita Charles - 2 months ago
Waiting for the bed room tour
Rosetta Mcknight
Rosetta Mcknight - 2 months ago
Aww when Brooklyn said this the bed domo and crissy had I got sad I miss them 😥
sofija - 2 months ago
Bruh 11:19 pretty much is playing in the background when I heard it I screamed omg my boysssss
Random User212PD
Random User212PD - 2 months ago
(Finally had a bed) where did you sleep the floor
JQ Nicardo
JQ Nicardo - 2 months ago
Deshae: $500!!!!!
Man: oh no no no no no
Jayla Powell
Jayla Powell - 2 months ago
Omg Deshae got me dead he said it’s to loud and humped it then went to the night stand and said ima hide some drugs in the there
Leddie The Verified Prince
I love your mom dude
Linda Ater
Linda Ater - 2 months ago
Deshae: I sleep on a air bed
Brooklyn: We just moved
Deshae: yah four months ago
me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Janiyah Johnson
Janiyah Johnson - 2 months ago
That is a nice bed
djahkya palmer-reid
djahkya palmer-reid - 2 months ago
the way he was bouncing on the bed
Cb ub
Cb ub - 2 months ago
He's disrespectful humping on the bed wit the man right there trying to sale him the bed and his mom laughin why'll he's humping the bed they make black people look bad,this is the worst video he has made.
Cb ub
Cb ub - 2 months ago
In this video his sister is annoying
Mya Turner
Mya Turner - 2 months ago
Imma be sleeping with you
Arwa Farid
Arwa Farid - 2 months ago
10:53 when ‘summer on you’ by prettymuch starts playing in the back round👀
Cadye Weeks
Cadye Weeks - 2 months ago
“Why you run like you ain’t got no knees”😂😂💀
Yardsoul Decor Tv
Yardsoul Decor Tv - 2 months ago
Love your videos. 😊❤
Gudah Arshley
Gudah Arshley - 2 months ago
Why are you smashing the bed?
pÿt.mar1 - 2 months ago
Deshae: “ I like that. how much is that ? “ old man: “$500” Deshae: “ 500 !!?!!?? “ lmaooo I was dead
Celine Warrington
Celine Warrington - 2 months ago
Happy shopping spring
melvina james
melvina james - 2 months ago
Great video
Lens Odenier
Lens Odenier - 2 months ago
The bed 32 dollars nice
Brian Gordon
Brian Gordon - 2 months ago
She curse in front of her mom
Sprayy_skyboigeez - 2 months ago
I need some energy bro bruh
Fresh Keyz
Fresh Keyz - 2 months ago
21:27 I thought deshae was a boy
Aldo Yeetman
Aldo Yeetman - 2 months ago
Aye you said u have 1.4 mil on YouTube 🤨 u have 1.6 mil boii🤟🏼keep up the good work
Griselda Oliva
Griselda Oliva - 2 months ago
I saw Mel Mel behind mom
Morgan Birdsong
Morgan Birdsong - 2 months ago
Did you guys notice that the tag on Brooklyn’s jacket is still there
Dani 08
Dani 08 - 3 months ago
5 muthafuckin dollars for a pillow shiit might as well use t-shirts instead😂😂
Dani 08
Dani 08 - 3 months ago
Dats a pretty dope bed
Dani 08
Dani 08 - 3 months ago
Moma frost dezz the "Thot beds" 😳😂😂😂💀
SpyPlayz - 3 months ago
did u notice the dude that kept following them
Emily Mercardo
Emily Mercardo - 3 months ago
Did u get your wallet
Melissa Tejada
Melissa Tejada - 3 months ago
My brother n i act the same way😂🤞🏽
Riyah Cam
Riyah Cam - 3 months ago
Bro I love his intro but it’s gone
wlah elhassan
wlah elhassan - 3 months ago
i’m feel like their mom is mean to brooklyn for no good reason when it comes to melmel or deshae.
AyeAyeKaying - 3 months ago
The air sexting 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
mega2win - 3 months ago
Deshae: OMG we should get a bunk bed
Brooklyn: OMG we don't share a room 😂😂
Karen Hernandez
Karen Hernandez - 3 months ago
Love y’all relationship
D Moni
D Moni - 3 months ago
I love you, but I don’t watch ads because I have YouTube premium lol. I don’t know if that affects anything. 💙 I’m so happy for you btw. Knowing y’all come from a period of struggle, I can relate, and I know you appreciate your blessings. I pray you continue to get not only nice things but blessings in others ways too! 🙏🏽
Markisha Wait Lost Journey Boo
15:59 had me dead😂😂😂😂😂he started humping the bed😂if I worked there I would’ve made sure u get cha ass out 😂
Taettachip McClain
Taettachip McClain - 3 months ago
You see the shine... Hahahahahahaha Hahahahahahaha lmao... Brooklyn that was hella wrong.
Taettachip McClain
Taettachip McClain - 3 months ago
NIGGA... At 16:00 Did you just do the Hoochie Coochie to the mattress in front of your momma and sister...!?!? Boy you need cho Ass Whooped... Lol
Randyn Salvador
Randyn Salvador - 3 months ago
People watching the vlog:
ME: SiNgInG To A MiLiOn DrEaMs
muff doja
muff doja - 3 months ago
The mama said that’s a thot bed. Then Brooklyn got the bed on her channel 🤣🤣 the mom was calling Brooklyn a Thot the whole time.
Kim Imani
Kim Imani - 3 months ago
Did you peep the tag on Brooklyn’s jacket
Cliff Keya
Cliff Keya - 3 months ago
4:13 run my likes 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Noxolo Bokwe
Noxolo Bokwe - 3 months ago
I like you guys, you're the coolest family on YouTube. Brooklyn you so cute I like you personality
Victoria Watson
Victoria Watson - 3 months ago
omg i was just watching this then when he was on the bed like doin that shit i thought at first he was having planing for kye then in my mind i thought thry was saying dADDY hard idk...i am weird as fuck ,but i bet they be in that bed having that good time XD
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