SpyPlayz - 21 hour ago
did u notice the dude that kept following them
Emily Mercardo
Emily Mercardo - Day ago
Did u get your wallet
Melissa Tejada
Melissa Tejada - Day ago
My brother n i act the same way😂🤞🏽
Pep Animations
Pep Animations - Day ago
Bro I love his intro but it’s gone
wlah elhassan
wlah elhassan - 2 days ago
i’m feel like their mom is mean to brooklyn for no good reason when it comes to melmel or deshae.
AyeAyeKaying - 2 days ago
The air sexting 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
mega2win - 3 days ago
Deshae: OMG we should get a bunk bed
Brooklyn: OMG we don't share a room 😂😂
Karen Hernandez
Karen Hernandez - 4 days ago
Love y’all relationship
D Moni
D Moni - 4 days ago
I love you, but I don’t watch ads because I have YouTube premium lol. I don’t know if that affects anything. 💙 I’m so happy for you btw. Knowing y’all come from a period of struggle, I can relate, and I know you appreciate your blessings. I pray you continue to get not only nice things but blessings in others ways too! 🙏🏽
MarkishaLife Boo
MarkishaLife Boo - 4 days ago
15:59 had me dead😂😂😂😂😂he started humping the bed😂if I worked there I would’ve made sure u get cha ass out 😂
betani queen
betani queen - 4 days ago
The fight was funny 🤣🤣🤣😂.
Taettachip McClain
Taettachip McClain - 5 days ago
You see the shine... Hahahahahahaha Hahahahahahaha lmao... Brooklyn that was hella wrong.
Taettachip McClain
Taettachip McClain - 5 days ago
NIGGA... At 16:00 Did you just do the Hoochie Coochie to the mattress in front of your momma and sister...!?!? Boy you need cho Ass Whooped... Lol
Randyn Salvador
Randyn Salvador - 6 days ago
People watching the vlog:
ME: SiNgInG To A MiLiOn DrEaMs
muff doja
muff doja - 6 days ago
The mama said that’s a thot bed. Then Brooklyn got the bed on her channel 🤣🤣 the mom was calling Brooklyn a Thot the whole time.
Kim Imani
Kim Imani - 6 days ago
Did you peep the tag on Brooklyn’s jacket
Cliff Keya
Cliff Keya - 6 days ago
4:13 run my likes 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Noxolo Bokwe
Noxolo Bokwe - 7 days ago
I like you guys, you're the coolest family on YouTube. Brooklyn you so cute I like you personality
Victoria Watson
Victoria Watson - 7 days ago
omg i was just watching this then when he was on the bed like doin that shit i thought at first he was having planing for kye then in my mind i thought thry was saying dADDY hard idk...i am weird as fuck ,but i bet they be in that bed having that good time XD
ava’scurls - 7 days ago
there brother and sister bond💀💀😍
Analene Assing
Analene Assing - 7 days ago
Brooklyn needs to relax a bit she can be so extra which can be very annoying
Fissa I’m o
Fissa I’m o - 7 days ago
‘'You got wires on ur head phones....EW’’
Aliana Santiago
Aliana Santiago - 8 days ago
I hope kye likes that mattress
Aliana Santiago
Aliana Santiago - 8 days ago
Deshae my friend u have changed 😂 the mattresses is perfect
Khadiera Deas
Khadiera Deas - 8 days ago
did anyone Pepe that he was fucking the bed and his mom side do it feel good.

Fitz K
Fitz K - 8 days ago
can he just buy one already
J Booker
J Booker - 9 days ago
Yeah 🔥
J Booker
J Booker - 9 days ago
yasylis moore
yasylis moore - 10 days ago
I like the way Brooklyn dresses and her hair.😁
Nevaeh Christian
Nevaeh Christian - 10 days ago
It pissed me off how disrespectful and disgusting y’all acted in the store I actually loved watch you guys but the fact that y’all didn’t have any manners or respect for the store annoys me
Tamia Briggs
Tamia Briggs - 11 days ago
Big fannn
Justin Starks
Justin Starks - 11 days ago
Bro smack the shot out of his sister with that pillow😭😭😭 4:11
The Kreative Lyphe
The Kreative Lyphe - 11 days ago
American kids play wayyyy toooo rough!!! Smh
it's your girl jj
it's your girl jj - 11 days ago
this video is so funnny.i love you and your sister yall so funny
Mixedbarbie - 12 days ago
deshae: Will put drugs in there

me : AND I OOP
Laila Gadsden
Laila Gadsden - 12 days ago
Aye Prettymuch is playing in the background💛
shelby wallace
shelby wallace - 13 days ago
Deshae keep punching brooklin in the boob just so you know that really hurts
KingMikeTV - 15 days ago
his sister need her own chanel🤣❤️she fine asl and she funny
IamZachD - 15 days ago
They would work my damn nerves lol
Sandra Williams
Sandra Williams - 16 days ago
That’s so me and my brother when they were arguing/fighting 💗😂
Baby Gang23
Baby Gang23 - 16 days ago
He don’t want it to be noisy when him and Kya be doing stuff 🤪🤫😂😂😂
Baby Gang23
Baby Gang23 - 16 days ago
Jemani Clarke
Jemani Clarke - 17 days ago
How are they doing that to the bed they aren't buying
Heaven Finley
Heaven Finley - 17 days ago
Can I get a shoutout on Instagram
Esmeralda Mendez
Esmeralda Mendez - 17 days ago
I don’t like the yellow bed I like the squat frame
Esmeralda Mendez
Esmeralda Mendez - 17 days ago
Brooklyin be getting annoying 😡😡
SuperNyalam - 17 days ago
The one thing I like about this is these pillows Deshae got me dying😂😂😂😂😂
Princia Productions
Princia Productions - 18 days ago
Dashe just abusing poor Brooklyn the whole video😂
The Life Of Marley
The Life Of Marley - 18 days ago
I love you so much Deshae I wish I could spend a day with you😭
Cherrenda Merchant
Cherrenda Merchant - 19 days ago
So wired
Joy Hammette
Joy Hammette - 19 days ago
Dawn Sogorgeous
Dawn Sogorgeous - 19 days ago
That’s how he gone be fucking kye 😂😂😂
Ayddan Webb
Ayddan Webb - 19 days ago
At 13:55 he so weird
Ayddan Webb
Ayddan Webb - 19 days ago
My mattress was 4,000 dollars
Big Country
Big Country - 19 days ago
I love the California king, i used to have a full size and had to push my gf off me every night, got a king size rn and i still want a bigger one
Rihanna’s world Holland
Rihanna’s world Holland
Talisa Syms
Talisa Syms - 20 days ago
I have that same bed
TheGoat Khaleel
TheGoat Khaleel - 20 days ago
“I need to feel like a king, I have 1.4 million on YouTube”😂
Nevaeh ochoa
Nevaeh ochoa - 20 days ago
"You got wires on your head phones ew" ive never been so insulted in my life🤣🤣🤣
Queen Rozey
Queen Rozey - 20 days ago
Tomorrow has finally come
Quing Tarzan
Quing Tarzan - 20 days ago
Lmao throwback when she peeped Domo and Crissys old bed💀😭💯
Quing Tarzan
Quing Tarzan - 20 days ago
Her reflexes were ON POINT @ 2:02 💀💀😂😂😂 stg
Duran Owens
Duran Owens - 21 day ago
That's good you have a new bed now Stay frosty ya dig that's wonderful bro it's looks cool
Nylah Guidry
Nylah Guidry - 21 day ago
Why Brooklyn make everything about her😂
bonita nishaaa
bonita nishaaa - 21 day ago
when Deshae was humping the beds brooo I dieddddd😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂
MyFabolousAura - 22 days ago
When your Mom is the camera girl but has to keep the kids under control at the same time “You guys stop before we get kicked out” 😭😭
Rah - 22 days ago
They all expect him to payy for beds and sofas now cus he got money wtf
Alexandra Jones
Alexandra Jones - 22 days ago
You was not listening to him
Shellon Dyer
Shellon Dyer - 22 days ago
This nigga got me weak with those #sexmoves lmao
Delaun Martin
Delaun Martin - 22 days ago
GOLDEN Girl - 23 days ago
Deshae is so immature 🤦🏽‍♀️ I think kye is too mature for him 🤔 ...he Act like a high school student that just reach puberty 🤣 I can’t even imagine him having sex 😩 (BORING)!! He’s right a KID W/a camera🤷🏽‍♀️ He need his mom around to help with his finances cause I know he would blow money fast he’s young dumb & full of cum 🥺
Queen Zyzy
Queen Zyzy - 23 days ago
Not a soul:
I mean foreal
Deshae: don’t mind the mattress I’m getting a bed tomorrow
Next Day
Deshae: don’t mind the mattress I’m getting a bed tomorrow
Sahar Baldwin
Sahar Baldwin - 23 days ago
Deshae frost this video is going viral about a girl
triana d
triana d - 23 days ago
triana d
triana d - 23 days ago
I didn't know she was deshaes mom💯😂😭 That lady is funny as hell
Famous Gregg
Famous Gregg - 23 days ago
Malachi Stokes
Malachi Stokes - 23 days ago
This was a really funny video. Good job, Deshae! ❄❄❄❄ #frostgang
9brazynich - 23 days ago
Who else feel weird when they cuss around they mom. my momma would beat the shit outta me if I ever cursed in front of her 😂. n they mom don't say nothing or have no type of reaction when they do they ain't real black folks 😩
Tomika Young
Tomika Young - 24 days ago
HeyyIts Niyah
HeyyIts Niyah - 24 days ago
If you a PRETTYMUCH fan did you hear them playing "Summer on You" at 11:01
janae Dailey
janae Dailey - 24 days ago
I laughed the wholeee video...I was dead🤣💀
drip 2hard
drip 2hard - 24 days ago
I like the way his sister go out and don’t care how she look, 🔥and she act her age she don’t be like all these other rich girls 💪.
I really look up to her for that💪
kimmie pie
kimmie pie - 25 days ago
Brooklyn looking prettyyyy !💕
Shamai Evans
Shamai Evans - 25 days ago
I like your final decision for the bed
Shamai Evans
Shamai Evans - 25 days ago
It looked like Deshae smacked Brooklyn hard with the pillow 😂😂😂
Matthew 7k
Matthew 7k - 25 days ago
why brooklyn run like that😂😂😂
Djdaniel_456 Fortnite god
Hi deshae i have 5 subscribers with a purple charecter can u subscribe
javonn hennicke
javonn hennicke - 24 days ago
Djdaniel_456 Fortnite god I will subscribe to your channel could you return mine Vonn&Lexx
D Bell
D Bell - 25 days ago
13:54 is what he gonna do to kye 😂😂😂
Madalyn Wood
Madalyn Wood - 25 days ago
Just please why would you make a vid about getting a bed I love y’all but this is a little raw you feel me 😂😂
taking over youtube
taking over youtube - 25 days ago
4:15 put it to 0.25x

Tia Marie
Tia Marie - 26 days ago
this intro fye🥵🥵.
Darla Cratch
Darla Cratch - 26 days ago
Wtf y was he humping it to seenhiw it fells
Black Boy Tatted
Black Boy Tatted - 26 days ago
That shirt
itscolleen - 26 days ago
Lmao your intro song is a dubsmash
Jayzn Halle
Jayzn Halle - 27 days ago
please comment back are you on that show S.W.A.T because i think that was you
Sanaiya Johnson
Sanaiya Johnson - 27 days ago
lol 12:53 Deshae told the worker that he likes the remote and it has super powers.
Garrison Purnell
Garrison Purnell - 27 days ago
You shouldn’t do a curly hair video
Mora Babys
Mora Babys - 27 days ago
Brooklyn: didn’t you have one of these on your room
Mom: no you did
Deshae:cause you was broke
KHAMYIA BEASLEY - 27 days ago
"Comment clean yo nails"
Kynx J
Kynx J - 27 days ago
What kind of earrings do deshae have on??
KHAMYIA BEASLEY - 27 days ago
This vid to funny I replayed the funny parts like 5x OMM
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