This Evil Queen in Disneyland is absolutely killing it | GMA

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Deepshika - 20 hours ago
You call yourself a NEWS CHANNEL when you stole Ms Fatima’s video, without even giving her credit. What a bunch of lazy ass thieves ! You didnt do an ounce of work and here you are posting this as if you interviewed her ?! Pathetic.
Alice arisu
Alice arisu - 3 days ago
credit to Fatima Lakhani☺️
rivenade - 4 days ago
But i bet she's still way underpaid by Disney
Marina W
Marina W - 4 days ago
I aspire to have her savage elegance.
sebastian banguis
sebastian banguis - 7 days ago
She's not just Evil Queen, she's a roaster too!
Manrit kaur Khangura
Manrit kaur Khangura - 7 days ago
She is so creepy i have night mares because of her
Bogmire42 - 7 days ago
Talk about dedicated
FuturisticHub - 8 days ago
This video was stolen from Fat Lakhani
janae wilson
janae wilson - 9 days ago
Fatima better be getting some credit
Gersom Masengi
Gersom Masengi - 10 days ago
Watching this makes me think if one of the journalists in GMA also like to watch those disney character's meet and greet videos on youtube 😅
Mirage Crystal
Mirage Crystal - 14 days ago
Woah I wish I can fly to california just to be roasted by the evil queen. Unfortunately I only able to visit Tokyo disneyland as the farthest of my reach.
Is evil queen also good at Tokyo? If yes, I might jumped in and check for a sec :3
i K.
i K. - 18 days ago
Good marketing by Disney
Troy Polaris
Troy Polaris - 18 days ago
I enjoy watching this queen. What fun. I forgot I was watching anything to do with GMA until Robin Roberts comes on and I want to leave immediately.
Rabes leVeil
Rabes leVeil - 19 days ago
Shes amazing
Dominus Molina
Dominus Molina - 20 days ago
“She’ll get an apple soon”😂😂😭
TG Venom
TG Venom - 23 days ago
I've made the titantron video and theme of the Evil Queen.
fabiola f.
fabiola f. - 23 days ago
Annaliese Wyld
Annaliese Wyld - 23 days ago
Fatima....girl u captured the true nature of the queen.
Flamingerudostalion - 24 days ago
When writing a new character: "What would their Disneyland script look like?"
Aruba Riaz
Aruba Riaz - 24 days ago
I adore her
Someone Special
Someone Special - 24 days ago
hong kong is not china! free hong kong!
Feyre Nevermore
Feyre Nevermore - 24 days ago
lmaoo i have the same mirror! got it from the dollar store lol
Shinichibi【Voice Acting】
"They keep fading."
"They do, of course, like Snow White's beauty."
cousin mickey
cousin mickey - 24 days ago
Missy Barbour
Missy Barbour - 27 days ago
If you guys like this, wait till you look up Gaston
nadeen mohiar
nadeen mohiar - 28 days ago
You need Fatima’s approval to upload this it’s not fair!
RationalPragmatist - Month ago
Is copying other people’s vids the best you can do?
Joslyn Carter
Joslyn Carter - Month ago
Such a vaaaiiinnn queen😆👸
Doodliver - Month ago
xsiiwo __
xsiiwo __ - Month ago
Ernie Blanco
Ernie Blanco - Month ago
She's the really good at her job. So wonderful to watch!
nested bird
nested bird - Month ago
Is that alyssa edwards
小麦make make
小麦make make - Month ago
Is this Disneyland in California?
Guys they did credit Fatima it’s at the top of the screen quite small
Bring this evil queen on your show!! She’s a legend!!
Clara Yu
Clara Yu - Month ago
"No cheese, apples." oh lord she just makes my day
N Chan
N Chan - Month ago
She reminds me of Rose Ellen Dix 💜💜💜
Kiwi Designs
Kiwi Designs - Month ago
GMA are you serious? didn't even try to mention Fatima Lakhani who took the videos. These are from her channel!
Give her credit...shes the reason why we even see the evil queen and the other characters.
desiguy55 - Month ago
What happened top Disney's rule for characters not to talk? or is that only for the animal characters?
Jonathan Ng
Jonathan Ng - Month ago
What an incredibly talented woman! She's truly THE evil queen, bar none.
She deserves all the recognition and fame she's getting, and more.
Alaecantor IX
Alaecantor IX - Month ago
Where's Fatima Lakhani's credit then?
Morley - Month ago
Just imagine her playing a princess...
Wilderness Junkie
Wilderness Junkie - Month ago
So when Disney get around to the live action remake of Snow White, they know who to call right 😎
Clever Puppy Studios
Clever Puppy Studios - Month ago
99% of the comments.....

Fatima Lakhani
Sharkes are Sexy
Sharkes are Sexy - Month ago
decentradical - Month ago
She doesn't need a raise, she needs her own series on Disney+
Ginevra Ellul
Ginevra Ellul - Month ago
Hey Good Morning America, please credit the wonderful Fatima Lakhani for the wonderful videos.
Bruno Maronhas de Souza
She’s so fierce! Can’t stop watching hahahah
Dion St. Michael
Dion St. Michael - Month ago
This lady has me fascinated. I can’t get enough of her. I don’t even want the illusion spoiled. I have no love left for Disney for completely destroying 2 beloved franchises but they employ some of the most wonderful people on the planet. I love them all. But this lady is over and above when it comes to her portrayal. So beautiful too. I’m so happy she is getting the praise and recognition she deserves. Hats off to Fatima Lakhani. Great channel to subscribe too if you want more of our fair Queen❤️
Dion St. Michael
Dion St. Michael - Month ago
Cynthia Abbott Take care, Cynthia❤️
Cynthia Abbott
Cynthia Abbott - Month ago
Well said!
Sara S
Sara S - Month ago
Fatima Lakhani needs to file for copyright infringement right now!
Keila Blizzard
Keila Blizzard - Month ago
She's the best, period.
Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne - Month ago
Give credits to Fatima please!!!
Paul McKinlay-Durning
Paul McKinlay-Durning - Month ago
Great evil queen
Engorgio Armani
Engorgio Armani - Month ago
Who is the actress?
Mountain Warrior
Mountain Warrior - Month ago
She seems to be very tall. Is she or is she wearing platforms?
Floopy27 - Month ago
She is tall. The Queen and Maleficent are two of the tallest characters (The Queen can be up to 5'10", and Maleficent can be up to 6 ft with no heels on). She does wear heels in costume, so she's probably a good 6 feet with them on.
Austinn West
Austinn West - Month ago
Give credit Fatima!!!!
Rico Williams
Rico Williams - Month ago
So who is she?!
Reg Hunt
Reg Hunt - Month ago
GMA credits Fatima Lakhani here:
Reg Hunt
Reg Hunt - Month ago
I guess she's been doing this for at least 2 years. Anyone know who she is?
Constance Keller
Constance Keller - Month ago
Here's an idea for Disney: Late Night Talk Show with the Evil Queen as the Host. She could roast celebrities and have us all in stitches. I would watch faithfully. But they have to hire this actress!
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