Everything Wrong With Monsters University In 15 Minutes Or Less

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Old Patrick
Old Patrick - 4 hours ago
Of course everything is wrong because this is a movie about MONSTER going to UNIVERSITY
Rory Millard
Rory Millard - 8 hours ago
How dare you
ghost boi
ghost boi - 21 hour ago
Add another sin go to 7:34 and pause and look at the names of the groups that just shows how lazy the creators are
LANDmax 25
LANDmax 25 - Day ago
Who else noticed that it's say 15 or less but it is 18 mins so we've been lied too.
Wyatt van
Wyatt van - Day ago
Im not toxic you are just a judgemental bitch
EliteDrago9000. - 2 days ago
But wouldn't the monsters roar awake the parents and notify them?
Nancy Kendall
Nancy Kendall - 2 days ago
The poop emojis also went to the same bathroom stall at the same time
prince waffle
prince waffle - 2 days ago
Does mike wink or blink
jrock 87
jrock 87 - 2 days ago
Its a fucking movie about a school of monsters. Why question anything abkut it? Stupidest Video ive ever seen on you tube.
Matt Lax
Matt Lax - 2 days ago
You are wrong at 2:55 rewatch the first movie with the scene Mike and Sulley are walking to work and you can see an instance of a giant monster
Vincent Ibarra
Vincent Ibarra - 2 days ago
When they say the name of the movie it is considered a sin. And why does he say role credits. Just curios
Mr. Crab
Mr. Crab - 3 days ago
Mike dick is on his face and in the back of his head is his butt, his horns is basically misplaced tits
Katie Lawler
Katie Lawler - 3 days ago
3 more mistakes
1. There was another giant in Monsters Inc. (at the beginning there was that giant chicken guy)
2. Mike cracks the neck he doesn’t have
3. How did they not recognize the abominable snowman in monsters inc. as their past boss
The pelicanbeaver
The pelicanbeaver - 3 days ago
Add a few extra sins because if Mike "isn't scary" then what is the point of having scaring classes and a whole university about being scary, if the dean is going to just tell him that he's "not scary."
A Pigeon.
A Pigeon. - 3 days ago
ouch my childhood
LavaLine - 3 days ago
I know a kid named L. Devito, we make a joke about him being the son of danny devito, one person seriously asked him if he is danny devito's son. I havent heard the answer and I am still skeptical.
Raelarial Skystriker
Raelarial Skystriker - 3 days ago
"15 minutes or less" 'video is 18 minutes long' ok your drunk
Pitched Donkey
Pitched Donkey - 3 days ago
This is a prequel
oi it took a long time to make em
100%SCORCHER - 4 days ago
dude he says its the only giant but theres another one in Monsters Inc. c'mon man!
Green Machine
Green Machine - 4 days ago
2:58 Are You serious you seriously don’t Remember TED form the first MONSTERS INC,
Anosian Kührmann
Anosian Kührmann - 4 days ago
You forgot at the beginning of the movie where the supervisor/teacher counts the monsters and the 19 without Mike , meaning that their whole number is 20 , and yet Mike gets left alone and groups with the teacher .
A weird boba drink
A weird boba drink - 4 days ago
1:39 that Violet from the Incredibles? Or am I crazy?
Plz JackMeHoff
Plz JackMeHoff - 4 days ago
3:04 in the first movie there was another giant monster. Did we see him no but sully talked to him and they said” it takes 3 steps for him to get to work” so yah
trans dimensional egg
trans dimensional egg - 5 days ago
8:30 well duh have you heard of that dumb game called fortnite?
AppleFanta 54
AppleFanta 54 - 5 days ago
8:58 what is he cracking? he has no neck
Jeff the Boss
Jeff the Boss - 5 days ago
15 minutes or less its 18 freaking minutes
Verity Purdy
Verity Purdy - 6 days ago
maybe the massive blob playing American football was person the massive girl playing frizbee was throwing to!?
cheeseball_1738 - 6 days ago
So are we going to pretend like this isn’t super weird that this grown man is critiquing a literal kids movie????? Just saying this is kinda sad..
Tripwire - 6 days ago
Don't you EVER disrespect Monsters University!
Hussain Al-Janaby
Hussain Al-Janaby - 6 days ago
I think this is the first cinemasins video I’ve seen that didn’t have a sin taken off
Pootis Bird15
Pootis Bird15 - 6 days ago
nooooooo not college debt
Derek La
Derek La - 6 days ago
2:56 there was another giant monster in the beginning of the first movie
John Galvany
John Galvany - 6 days ago
i have one thing to say for mike to be scary...
contact lens
Mackenzie Vaughn
Mackenzie Vaughn - 6 days ago
119 sins
Michael Howitt
Michael Howitt - 6 days ago
Can’t lie I liked this movie
Venus Powers
Venus Powers - 6 days ago
Actually there on a island not a different universe
karlstein - 7 days ago
I know Mike and Sully are breaking the schools law, but damn they literally filling the energy tube without even CONNECTING it on the door and in split seconds until is overloaded and people still act nothing ever happened, not even in Monsters Inc we ever see something like that.
Liquid LucaS
Liquid LucaS - 7 days ago
I think my life is ruined
AHH AHHH - 7 days ago
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Tyler Overfield
Tyler Overfield - 7 days ago
Nobody gonna question how the giant monsters are born?
The Gamer Squad
The Gamer Squad - 7 days ago
sorry but there was one more giant monster in the first movie
Cool Glasses
Cool Glasses - 7 days ago
8:57 what was mike cracking? His neck?
Bill Fill
Bill Fill - 7 days ago
This is 18 not 15 minutes
Music And soul
Music And soul - 7 days ago
So we are not going to talk about how it says in “15 minutes or less” but the video is 18 minutes long? Ok I can just..... rant about to my self again......
Ruger Ray
Ruger Ray - 7 days ago
14:48 it's called spinko's for spike kinko's
Eric Lopez
Eric Lopez - 7 days ago
1:25 *snorts* uuuh actually, it’s a reference to Auburn’s and Georgia Tech’s rivalry
BrookieCookie199 - 7 days ago
“This is the only giant monster we’ve seen” UM TED?! One sin for you Jeremy.
Jay GoldenDragon
Jay GoldenDragon - 7 days ago
I thought that it was 15 minutes or less?
Under Ground
Under Ground - 8 days ago
I fucking hate u... sry
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