Everything Wrong With Monsters University In 15 Minutes Or Less

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Carlos Flores
Carlos Flores - Hour ago
Not to be mean but what the hell is wrong with this channel
Carter Kruse
Carter Kruse - 4 hours ago
Character: breathes
Cinemasins: cliche *ding*
Artic_Clips - 9 hours ago
Dude chill its a kids movie XD
Lalfred - 9 hours ago
why does this have so many views
Ryan Wirth
Ryan Wirth - 10 hours ago
What's the song at 17:12?
Nani dope
Nani dope - 23 hours ago
That's racist 😉
Sean Shogun
Sean Shogun - Day ago
Hey I have a sin randy still has all the cupcakes they should all be gone
lil mosquito pee
lil mosquito pee - Day ago
15 mins or less *video turns out being 18 mins*
Project_Twisted - Day ago
Technically it should be 120 sins, because how can Mike crack his neck without a neck? 8:58
Free Majestic Bird
Free Majestic Bird - Day ago
The greatest cinema sin of this movie is that Pixar wasted their time and everyone else's time making a Monsters Inc prequel instead of a Monsters Inc sequel or a great original movie.
D Boy
D Boy - 2 days ago
At 2:50
Correction: on the walk to work in
Monsters Inc they encounter "Ted" like a 50 foot version of Rex from Toy Story.
-1 sin.
Serenity - 2 days ago
uhhhhhhhh there was a giant monster in the beginning of the first movie, or am I wrong?
Lol kill me
Lol kill me - 2 days ago
*_U r very mean_*
Ghost B3-12
Ghost B3-12 - 3 days ago
😂😂😂 I feel like it was hard for him to make fun of this movie
Phillup Screw driver
Phillup Screw driver - 3 days ago
What other jobs is there other then teachers and scarers ?
Calum HGaming
Calum HGaming - 3 days ago
How to make adults scream: Play them a Justin Bieber album
Lil Sketch
Lil Sketch - 3 days ago
Stop being so nit-picky
Jesse Pollard
Jesse Pollard - 3 days ago
That was not 15 minutes or less
america roleplayer
america roleplayer - 3 days ago
I could be wrong- but wasn't there a giant monster in Mike's New Car sketch?
Philip Ryan
Philip Ryan - 4 days ago
Only giant, what about frank when sully and mike weren’t taking their car to work
Venus Axe
Venus Axe - 4 days ago
I agreed the most with sin 95 because that scene was absolute bullshit!!
Tornadoboy6 - 4 days ago
Human children are toxic for not playing minecraft
Nothing To see
Nothing To see - 6 days ago
3/4 of these sins aren’t actually sins
The official Yuri
The official Yuri - 6 days ago
Maybe they do have genitals but it just grows out of there skin. Like in one of those weird lesbain hentai things
Swift Nimblefoot
Swift Nimblefoot - 6 days ago
Not even one sin off for the ultimate hotness that is Claire Wheeler? SHAME on you, sir.
Weeboh - 7 days ago
He didn’t give the sin about mike and sully meeting each other in college but they were talking about elementary school in the first one
1O K subs with no vids challenge
It says 15 mins or less but it’s 18 mins long like I’m going to sin that
1O K subs with no vids challenge
MrHatman26 Mwuahahahahahahahaha
MrHatman26 - 7 days ago
I hope you're joking. This has been done to death at this point
Just iSneaky
Just iSneaky - 7 days ago
How dare you
Kevgolden 555
Kevgolden 555 - 7 days ago
18 minute video by the way
XOreokoekje 007
XOreokoekje 007 - 7 days ago
I know a sin at 3:15 how do they get food in there trash if thet eat trash
Clau Clau
Clau Clau - 7 days ago
Isn’t that the plot to Tall Girl (Netflix)
ImANoob 05
ImANoob 05 - 8 days ago
How did they find out that a child scream creates energy?
MrHatman26 - 7 days ago
I'm guessijg they have other ways to make energy and then they figured out how to get into the human world (or the past if you believe a certain theory) and convinently took something electrical with them... And then their appearance scared a kid which either caused the elecrical thing to gain more power or short circuit. Just a theory though.
Fraser Laird
Fraser Laird - 8 days ago
Everything Wrong with Hellboy 2019.
NHL dude
NHL dude - 8 days ago
I love cupcakes to
Heritic Slayer
Heritic Slayer - 8 days ago
Know listen I'm not sure about the rest of you here but if I saw a one eyed monster in the dark appear in front of me I would piss my pants
MrHatman26 - 7 days ago
Wouldn't anybody be scared if anything appeared in front of them in the dark?
andre duke
andre duke - 9 days ago
It's blank wtf?
Heather Reagan
Heather Reagan - 9 days ago
Frankly, a kid screaming should alert the parents and get them up there faster than just crying.
David Adam
David Adam - 10 days ago
You are dumb you soooooo me
BOIXTX180 - 11 days ago
If a monster walked in my room they would see some “unpleasant” things
Brendan Lomax
Brendan Lomax - 11 days ago
69,420 sins for missing the opportunity of calling the ‘pig’ a spider pig instead of a ‘pig-spider’
Give me your liver
Give me your liver - 11 days ago
This movie is a giant continuity error
Alpaca Boi7
Alpaca Boi7 - 12 days ago
( •_•)
( > >
Briangame Here
Briangame Here - 13 days ago
Oh is doctor zoidberg there seems he would fit in this universe just fine lol.
Briangame Here
Briangame Here - 13 days ago
That college is nothing like yale university and quinnipiac university.
The Book Worm
The Book Worm - 13 days ago
If the sin tally is under 50 it's a good movie
99 sins or under ok
100 or over bad
MrHatman26 - 7 days ago
I wouldn't really use cinemasins as a rating for movies
Benjamin Formes
Benjamin Formes - 13 days ago
Ur dumb jokes don’t count
ight_imma_head_out_official Boi
8:57 How does Mike crack his neck??? He literally doesn’t have a neck, he’s 99% head and 1% legs.
james jeffrey
james jeffrey - 14 days ago
9:23 nice
graffiti arts
graffiti arts - 15 days ago
Stop insulting movies I mean (do you know how to make a movie)
MrHatman26 - 7 days ago
Just because you haven't made something doesn't mean you can't criticize it
Rice made Jackson hot
Rice made Jackson hot - 15 days ago
*Dean Hardscrabble is lowkey trying to be Miranda Priestley as a monster*
Jonte Gaming
Jonte Gaming - 15 days ago
11:55 he must hide because the shirt he has on would still be visible
Robin Gaming
Robin Gaming - 15 days ago
8:59 one more sin for mike cracking his neck, but he doesn’t HAVE a neck
Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez - 16 days ago
Anyone: *makes a movie*

CinemaSins: NO
Jefff cena
Jefff cena - 16 days ago
Hey i just wanna say that ever time i now watch a movie i think of the sins in it.
cw787 blah
cw787 blah - 16 days ago
Are we going to forget the time in monsters inc when mike said that sully was jealous of him since the forth grade. How could they have just met in college if they were in the forth grade together?
Nutellajar 10
Nutellajar 10 - 19 days ago
for fifteen minutes or less * video goes for 18 minutes*
Shell Mcbath
Shell Mcbath - 19 days ago
When the monster lady said toxic to the kids I thought they meant toxic as kids swearing and talking shit to them rather than being actual toxic damm this movie suits younger people to watch cause when I was a kid watching this movie I probably understood it more at that time
yumalai duran
yumalai duran - 20 days ago
This is 18 minutes omg
TheTrollingNugget ::
TheTrollingNugget :: - 20 days ago
Finally someone who thinks like me
Austin Styer
Austin Styer - 20 days ago
You forgot the giant chicken monster in the first movie, I think his name was bret
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