SMASH! - Starbomb MUSIC VIDEO animated by Studio Yotta

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JumperTaku ジャンパータク
My Friend: *Punches bully*
Me: 0:59
SluttySpider 69
SluttySpider 69 - 10 hours ago
I really can't believe that Markiplier was the announcer
clair thomas
clair thomas - 17 hours ago
2:14 who's on the left?
HCkiler 50
HCkiler 50 - Day ago
Who is the singer of the announcer?
Gothic Artificer
Gothic Artificer - Day ago
Ha! I just now noticed that Wario, Bowser, and Ganondorf are all playing Pokémon TCG, in the beginning, during Luigi’s speech!
BagFaceMan - 2 days ago
Get yourself a girl who looks at you the way Rosalina, WiiFit trainer and Zelda look at Luigi.
BladedJay - 2 days ago
2:15 Kono Giorno Giovanna
Hayden H
Hayden H - 2 days ago
0:13 Alpharads og profile pic. (Lucina eating cookie)
MallardTheDuck - 2 days ago
Nice JoJos reference
Evil Morty
Evil Morty - 2 days ago
It took me WAY too long to realize the announcer was Markiplier...
Avery Plays The Game
Avery Plays The Game - 2 days ago
2:15 I see that Jojo reference.
Ty'Shell Jones
Ty'Shell Jones - 2 days ago
I just came here from an Alpharad Plus video
Didier Repolusk
Didier Repolusk - 2 days ago
ah, a fellow plussy
Petr richard Čepelík
Petr richard Čepelík - 3 days ago
The Luigi IS angry ever
KayTheToon - 3 days ago
I remember watching this like it was only yesterday
Squidfest - 3 days ago
JumboDS64's Game Rips
JumboDS64's Game Rips - 4 days ago
tbh Sonic is an honorary Nintendo crew member
Foxtwins4 - 4 days ago
Zach is jigglypuff
Random Girl
Random Girl - 5 days ago
Me: I need to stop watching this
I've watched it too many times today
Me at 10 pm: *Constantly replays this song*
Super SpongeBob Mario
Super SpongeBob Mario - 5 days ago
2019/2020 anyone?
Foxtwins4 - 6 days ago
Luigi is so cool
El jitomatero
El jitomatero - 6 days ago
Just because we smash each other xd
Hutch2Much - 7 days ago
they predicted Ridley in Smash
E.T.Hurse The AmErikan1
1:02 I just realized that's Ganondorf
Michael Jablonsky
Michael Jablonsky - 7 days ago
if you made a star fox song I would instantly subscribe and hit the bell.
CarterTGS 2nd Acc
CarterTGS 2nd Acc - 7 days ago
StarBomb: "there was a picnic and the whole Nintendo crew was invited!"
Me: *death glares at Sonic*
CarterTGS 2nd Acc
CarterTGS 2nd Acc - 4 days ago
@3L3M3NT4LP4ND4 DM me on Discord if you have it so we can continue. I am CarterTGS#3256
CarterTGS 2nd Acc
CarterTGS 2nd Acc - 4 days ago
@3L3M3NT4LP4ND4 really? Grow up? Are you seriously about to rage like a 2 year old because I made a Joke about Sonic with the Nintendo characters? Wow. How pitiful and retarded can a single human get. Damn and this is just one. Go away I have better things to do then explain a joke to a 7th Grader
3L3M3NT4LP4ND4 - 4 days ago
@CarterTGS 2nd Acc Because it's not just Sakurai's opinion? That's why he's also in the olympic games? Also what about other characters in the video? Snake? Megaman? Why do they get a pass? Grow up.
CarterTGS 2nd Acc
CarterTGS 2nd Acc - 4 days ago
@3L3M3NT4LP4ND4 no matter how you dice it Sonic is forever Sega. He does not belong with us. Why the hell is he considered one of us just cuz daddy Sakurai let him in smash. I will not accept it. I can't. I shan't. And I won't.
3L3M3NT4LP4ND4 - 4 days ago
Since Sega is now owned by Nintendo Sonic is now part of "The Nintendo Crew"
borking mcborkingson
borking mcborkingson - 8 days ago
The captions is mildy off oof
Renee Bartlett
Renee Bartlett - 9 days ago
Luigi vs shaggy 10%
I want to see that
ARGONIM - 9 days ago
Значит так, всё РУССКИЕ люди должны мне поставить лайк. Что бы "американ гайс" подумали что я написал что то крутое!!!!
Zachary Saffer-Lopez
Zachary Saffer-Lopez - 10 days ago
Everyone's talking about Mark, but can I just say how much Arin sounds like Scout when he says "Bite me" at the end of it all?
Leafy- hun
Leafy- hun - 10 days ago
Calm the f down Luigi
You're like middle tier or something and also I'm pretty sure you can't do the haduken
Dax_Pimp - 11 days ago
Luigi mains probably nutted to this video

I know I did
Hutch2Much - 11 days ago
the announcer lowkey cute tho
VideoGamesAndGameplays - 11 days ago
Mark as the announcer sounds like All Might
Tooded87 TheSecond
Tooded87 TheSecond - 12 days ago
When I was little and I saw this video, I thought that the percent was actually called chode, so I played smash with all my friends and they kept questioning me.
Weeabo Gamer
Weeabo Gamer - 13 days ago
Mark is that you
Joshua Hansell
Joshua Hansell - 13 days ago
This is my favorite song
OrangeTanksAreCool - 13 days ago
I hope he makes a new version for smash ultimate
Zachery Stockton
Zachery Stockton - 14 days ago
So is he one punch man?
Lone wolf
Lone wolf - 14 days ago
I love Luigi SOO much
Lone wolf
Lone wolf - 14 days ago
Looooove! Luigi 😍😘
I’mLost - 14 days ago
Your playing smash and you see your friend pick Luigi. *Boss music starts playing*
Ikon - 14 days ago
Now i know why Luigi was excited he thought he could *smash* princes peach
Shoomoo17.4 .456
Shoomoo17.4 .456 - 16 days ago
This was posted on my birthday I just realized
Mapleous Tea
Mapleous Tea - 16 days ago
Yoshi Is sad
Yoshi Is sad - 16 days ago
Why the fuck am I watching this
MinecraftPro77 8889
MinecraftPro77 8889 - 16 days ago
Where's Bayonetta
Maggie Mae
Maggie Mae - 16 days ago
2:31 “ just because we smash doesn’t mean we aren’t brothers” me: sWeEt hOmE aLabAmA
THE CYBER WARRIOR - 17 days ago
1:56 when ZeR0 decides to play as Luigi
Toby 81
Toby 81 - 17 days ago
2:12 - 2:15 and before you ask: YES, THIS IS A JOJO REFERENCE!!!
Barry Smith
Barry Smith - 18 days ago
The following characters were not included in this animation: Bowser Jr, Iggy, Morton Jr, Lemmy, Ludwig, Roy Koopa, Wendy O, Larry, Lucas, FE Roy, Mr Game & Watch, Ike, TP Link, Doctor Mario, Pit, Dark Pit, Palutena, Robin, Greninja, Lucario, Squirtle, Ivysaur, Charizard, Diddy Kong.
EmperorSteele - 17 days ago
Pretty sure Diddy is in the background when Donkey Kong gets absorbed by Kirby.
Marcus Bartholomew
Marcus Bartholomew - 18 days ago
Luigi gets all the ladies 😎😎😎😎.
Dude Bro
Dude Bro - 19 days ago
Me over here just asking how the hecc they got the same animators that made ok ko on cartoon network and the sonic mania opening
SPEKZ - 19 days ago
Anyone here in 2019?
Guillaume ECHIVARD
Guillaume ECHIVARD - 5 days ago
Yes, your fucking mom
Sinan Ereyli
Sinan Ereyli - 8 days ago
trippy trippy days of window payne
You want to smash me balls.
Mr L gaming
Mr L gaming - 20 days ago
Smash bros is painful in real life
Adam Adji
Adam Adji - 20 days ago
Luigi got pissed
Jinzo o mito
Jinzo o mito - 20 days ago
Comon Sens
Comon Sens - 21 day ago
Mario’s a mean boi.
MelodyLin0319 - 21 day ago
2:15 is that a jojo reference?
KalashniBen - 21 day ago
This is why Luigi isn’t allowed to Mario’s parties.
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