Last Minute Halloween Ideas! DIY Halloween Decor Ideas, Pranks and Hacks by Blossom

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Paige Nickita
Paige Nickita - 9 hours ago
Some of these are ok but a lot of them kinda suck
Aysel Bala
Aysel Bala - 22 hours ago
Bake 6hours
Khải Lý
Khải Lý - Day ago
Poor the doll
Raiikiri Gaming
Raiikiri Gaming - 2 days ago
4 diys with soap, IT SURE IS HALLOWEEN MHM!
munish agnihotri
munish agnihotri - 6 days ago
Eva Primo
Eva Primo - 14 days ago
Ñ é vc q vai a igreja e compra boneca cara pra fica fazendo besteira afinal se eu fizesse isso e se minha mãe ver ela me proibe de pegar no celular afinal deus não gosta de caveira😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤
audélia pelat
audélia pelat - 15 days ago
4:50 what this music ? ?? It s beautiful
Elena springhunter
Elena springhunter - 9 days ago
Don't know the name of the song, but I think you can find it in the RUvideos audio library
naruto-kun & lady hinata
naruto-kun & lady hinata - 15 days ago
I want to eat that but i know its soap
Samee Ansari
Samee Ansari - 25 days ago
You should have given me that doll
Samee Ansari
Samee Ansari - 25 days ago
0:17 but it in the title it says last minites hollOwen decoration
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan - Month ago
i think blossom is baby first tv but in Youtube form...
@ 3:15 their is squirrels in the back that are part of a baby first show plus blossom is the name of the baby first “mascot” and blossom’s profile picture and blossom from baby first look exactly alike!
jofa Kalungwa
jofa Kalungwa - Month ago
Its ironic that im watching this on april
Unholydoctor - Month ago
Hack video: *adds a bunch of non Halloween hacks to make the video longer.*
Me: Excuse me?
Nick Skipworth
Nick Skipworth - Month ago
Nick Skipworth
Nick Skipworth - Month ago
Heaven Pina
Heaven Pina - Month ago
Anyone else notice the skull change at 0:50
Réka AntalCs
Réka AntalCs - Month ago
Ist over😭😭😭
Ana Julia
Ana Julia - Month ago
E proraloin
D. S.
D. S. - Month ago
Nice. Now I know what to do with apples that don't taste so good.
Butterfly Enchanted
Butterfly Enchanted - Month ago
Watching this in March
JV12 Vania
JV12 Vania - Month ago
野口quj - Month ago
Marcel Skurczyński
Marcel Skurczyński - 2 months ago
Bake 6 hours. Definetly last minite
Marcel Skurczyński
Marcel Skurczyński - 7 days ago
+Jessica Hernandez?
Jessica Hernandez
Jessica Hernandez - 7 days ago
Marcel Skurczyński
Marcel Skurczyński - 2 months ago
Did you mean last 72 hours?
Avi Du rand
Avi Du rand - 2 months ago
Ya Halloween hacks for the first half of the video
metalli lp
metalli lp - 2 months ago
WTF that's not halloween. (second half)
The Raven
The Raven - Month ago
metalli lp Yeah that's what i wanted to say too
Poma Murmu
Poma Murmu - 2 months ago
To scary
رورو محمد
رورو محمد - 2 months ago
انا زعلت على اللعبي،يلي قلعت عينا والله جديده
Maria Desterro
Maria Desterro - 2 months ago
_Lapis_Chan _Ashley's
_Lapis_Chan _Ashley's - 2 months ago
So scared
Jessica Ottaviano
Jessica Ottaviano - 2 months ago
How is Namaste connected to Halloween? Haha
Sahra Camylla
Sahra Camylla - 2 months ago
A boneca era tam bonita
Лири Тишина
Лири Тишина - 2 months ago
Что за песня
Jasmine Ladyva
Jasmine Ladyva - 3 months ago
Wow serem banget
Clar Clr
Clar Clr - 3 months ago
The doll is scary
Uma Rasalkar
Uma Rasalkar - 3 months ago
O.M.G it's too scary but best ideas
charlesgotdiks - 3 months ago
The first one looked so fake.. i mean the apple is not like that when baked and you cannot easily attach the staples on it
Mashrafi Mortuza
Mashrafi Mortuza - 3 months ago
Are you indian? Because namaste is a indian word
Nami - 3 months ago
7:53 from that on it just turns into hacks I mean if youre doing Halloween then what the hell were you thinking
Linh Nguyễn
Linh Nguyễn - 3 months ago
알라 메다제시카
알라 메다제시카 - 3 months ago
6:27 Cuando te besé
عالم الاغاني والموالد
ياهووو عربي
MissCharDemon - 3 months ago
Cute asf!
Asfah Masood
Asfah Masood - 3 months ago
That poor doll R.I.P
Emiliano Alonso
Emiliano Alonso - 3 months ago
Son bien copiones se lo copiaron a 5 minutos de craf
Jumilan Phoh
Jumilan Phoh - 3 months ago
Ookkk.k.kamu mbk opo mbk opo yo ho yapo gak aku opo yo yo aku iki nomer oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....ooooooooooooommmmmm.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmkmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmkmmmmmmmkmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmkmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmkmmmmmmmkmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ho
Pragya Meshram
Pragya Meshram - 3 months ago
Can we apply. Disk soap
Annapaula Santos
Annapaula Santos - 3 months ago
Tenebroso kkkkk
Srabani Sahu
Srabani Sahu - 3 months ago
I really scared
아미새싹 - 3 months ago
한국에서 보는 사람 좋아요 누르셈
nimm 2
nimm 2 - 3 months ago
11:10 ASMR video😂😂😂👍
Giovanna Nayara
Giovanna Nayara - 3 months ago
amei as idéias é igriveu
Melissa Camargo Vicente
Melissa Camargo Vicente - 4 months ago
Amei esse vídeo
Shofi Rahayu
Shofi Rahayu - 4 months ago
Hallowen the good
Hana Samir
Hana Samir - 4 months ago
its scary😫
Nor Qistina Alya
Nor Qistina Alya - 4 months ago
Little scary? Maybe.....
Layan Altayeb
Layan Altayeb - 4 months ago
Hồ ly Ayano
Hồ ly Ayano - 4 months ago
Wow hallowen
WindowsEffects 2019 HD
WindowsEffects 2019 HD - 4 months ago
Vanthanh Ngo
Vanthanh Ngo - 5 months ago
chimmy Jimin
chimmy Jimin - 5 months ago
Very good
Danica Reese
Danica Reese - 5 months ago
WHO ELSE LOVES BLOSSOM? Like if you agree pls like the most likes I’ve ever gotten was one and that like was myself
Roseni Silva
Roseni Silva - 5 months ago
Noooo nooo 😡😡😡😡
NIA KOLBAIA - 5 months ago
4:39 how I should to do head?
magda pavlistikova
magda pavlistikova - 5 months ago
פרהוד פרהוד
פרהוד פרהוד - 5 months ago
פרהוד פרהוד
פרהוד פרהוד - 5 months ago
اسمي احلى ريان
AYELLEY DUKU - 5 months ago
LQMB vee.
LQMB vee. - 5 months ago
Team VN đâu rùi
Belinda Creasy
Belinda Creasy - 5 months ago
None of these were Halloween ideas
Sri Devi
Sri Devi - 5 months ago
Happy Halloween
nayla kookie 97
nayla kookie 97 - 5 months ago
Noooooo!!!! Our generation girl u broke it.... but the Halloween ideas is cooll..!!
Loui Titanss
Loui Titanss - 5 months ago
N pouh
Thiên Nga channel
Thiên Nga channel - 5 months ago
What the fat he is look in for
Babita Singh
Babita Singh - 5 months ago
good , l just like it
Cheyenne Delgado
Cheyenne Delgado - 5 months ago
Who watches but never does not even one?? No? Only me? Ok
Archana Jayabalan
Archana Jayabalan - 5 months ago
Blossom you are awesome
許家玉 - 5 months ago
許家玉 - 5 months ago
許家玉 - 5 months ago
啦啦啦根本不恐怖我沒過 萬聖節
舞月梨 - 5 months ago
kaku chauhan
kaku chauhan - 6 months ago
Krishi Rajpurohit
Krishi Rajpurohit - 6 months ago
I love it 💜
Rajkumar Rai
Rajkumar Rai - 6 months ago
Very nice
Shery Bawa
Shery Bawa - 6 months ago
Make a donut soap for prank
Poonam Swami
Poonam Swami - 6 months ago
I am from India and we don't celebrate Halloween
Abdul Bari
Abdul Bari - 6 months ago
3:36 If it were a scary photo of some ghost or whatever, it would have been good for Halloween, but that in is also good. Nice work blossom, keep it up!
panda funny
panda funny - 6 months ago
Blosom 卡呀 太
Yukii사랑 - 6 months ago
0:17 WHAT?! 6 HOURS??!!!
amydah Bkl
amydah Bkl - 6 months ago
TME Sulistyawati
TME Sulistyawati - 6 months ago
Whatyou mean
Whatyou mean - 6 months ago
Good eye idea
E Tab
E Tab - 6 months ago
Samira Mohammed
Samira Mohammed - 6 months ago
سويت نفس الشي وخرعت اختي
Chaya M
Chaya M - 6 months ago
So much horrible and nice ideas😛😜😝😋😍😃😄😊😀😆😁☺🙂🤗😇😂
faqih putra adhy adhy safrudin
its the glitter ballon is a spokky
Софья Цветкова
11:19 оливьешечка
krishna dewangan
krishna dewangan - 6 months ago
OMG namaste at 7:44
Indian word
Joe Food 2017
Joe Food 2017 - 6 months ago
Black Sheep
Black Sheep - 6 months ago
This is really fun and amazing but sadly, Us Filipinos doesn't really celebrate Halloween.
Biên Thanh
Biên Thanh - 6 months ago
Happy hallowen
Maria Giulia Forcellino
Maria Giulia Forcellino - 6 months ago
4:39 omg I'm shaking!
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