Pet Sematary (1989) KILL COUNT

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Dead Meat
Dead Meat - 3 months ago
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Abomb Alexander 1
Abomb Alexander 1 - 15 days ago
I have 2 cats named Roxy and Baxter
Joe studios
Joe studios - Month ago
stupidium is a wonderful channel stupindium
David the make up artists looks like an old bald markiplier
Joe studios
Joe studios - Month ago
Dead Meat do the 2018 one
renee fabian
renee fabian - Month ago
if you want to do it with little cute killers its called [ cute little buggers ]
FusRoDah2 - 10 hours ago
Kurtz Boi
Kurtz Boi - 12 hours ago
I just lost a cat named "Neko" he dint eat and drink. I just cried.
Brekken N/A
Brekken N/A - 17 hours ago
I have a cat named Lucy and she was sleeping with me while I was watching this. She is so cute
Zen 951NINJA
Zen 951NINJA - Day ago
Dun dun dun Den
Me:de fooq
Steven Weingarten
Steven Weingarten - Day ago
Any thoughts on doing the shining Steve Kubrick’s or Stephen king’s version?
Sushi4Life 09
Sushi4Life 09 - Day ago
I just can’t believe that it just beats A silent place
ljtheawesome2000 - Day ago
9:52-9:55 was hilarious 😂😂
JJBLadybug27 - Day ago
Did they just killed the cat seriously behind the scenes?
Plasstyre - 2 days ago
Was going to make a comment about how "Twisty the Clown" was based off a real serial killer, but I learned my lesson last time, and am stepping away from the topic in general.
Plasstyre - 2 days ago
*When you find the one fucking horror movie James covers that you actually own/can see.*
Joshua Erickson
Joshua Erickson - 2 days ago
4:03 i wish my cat can do the same thing too, James.
Angel Sapien
Angel Sapien - 2 days ago
Only death that bothers me in this movie is Gage's
An Idiot On Your Channel
Message received: Hey, wanna watch pet cemetery
Peta: Where Are You
Jerrod Doctor
Jerrod Doctor - 3 days ago
Cute kid but damn that lil kid savage
shiver the lynx
shiver the lynx - 3 days ago
I think angry cats look funny cuz they have puffy cheeks lol :3
kayden lisberg
kayden lisberg - 3 days ago
I watched all of the original Pet Semetary movies and didn't have 2 nightmares, just 1, when I was 5 and the movies scared my mom. But not me, I was probly to dumb to understand any of it.
Jonathan Garcia
Jonathan Garcia - 3 days ago
My favorite parts of this video are the Three Stooges comedy routine, the kid acting(so adorable!), and Jud's reaction to Lewis's question about people being buried in the Pet Sematary.
Jonathan Garcia
Jonathan Garcia - 3 days ago
Anyone else get King of The Hill flashbacks because of Jud?
Tina Freeman
Tina Freeman - 3 days ago
Wait Zeldas dead?

*Alright who gave Ganondorf the Triforce*
*these videos are better than the movie itself*
Conspiracy News Boii
Conspiracy News Boii - 4 days ago
Is it me or does Lewis looks like Owen from Jurrasic World?
Amazing Gamer71454
Amazing Gamer71454 - 4 days ago
I think Denise wants to see the manager
Gachaguy 1000
Gachaguy 1000 - 4 days ago
Who else is binge watching this
Lil miss Psycho
Lil miss Psycho - 4 days ago
Who else felt sorry for Zelda?
blitz Comet
blitz Comet - 4 days ago
The funko pop show
The funko pop show - 4 days ago
My brothers name is gage
Kawaii Disney
Kawaii Disney - 4 days ago
I made my grandma watch pet semetary and when Louis went to burry Rachel she was so mad! 😂
Tracy Hays
Tracy Hays - 4 days ago
My name is gage😅
laki 9
laki 9 - 4 days ago
The remake is so different
Marco Tarallo
Marco Tarallo - 5 days ago
mikael karlqvist
mikael karlqvist - 5 days ago
If my 4 year old pet kitty dies then it is gonna be another reason i hate my life
Questionable Gamer
Questionable Gamer - 5 days ago
Gage isn't Alex Vincent cute though
Harrold McJerroldson
Harrold McJerroldson - 5 days ago
Luv u Lucy! ❤️
Vitynaut - 5 days ago
12:04 my god Ellie why
Avery Johnson
Avery Johnson - 5 days ago
11:11 I was kind hoping they would redo this exact scene in the remake just so I could see Amy seimetzs version of this
Paislie Pearman
Paislie Pearman - 5 days ago
landoeswhatever - 5 days ago
holy shit. I remember walking in on my dad watching this movie, and it was at the part where Judd was getting killed by gaga. It traumatized me because I was like 4 years old. Ever since, I've been trying to find what movie it was. I gave up, and after watching this, I now know what movie it was. 'Pet Sematary". Holy shit that's fucking crazy
Legendary Kuno
Legendary Kuno - 5 days ago
*What will Link say about this?*
Dj McNugget
Dj McNugget - 5 days ago
Jayden Brooks
Jayden Brooks - 5 days ago
Hey I'm a big fan and was my birthday when this vid came out
Circus Baby Is Happy!
Circus Baby Is Happy! - 5 days ago
This movie is so crazy..
Btw what happened to the girl I think her name is Lucy?
ODG Family
ODG Family - 5 days ago
GG to the baby
Rookvrouw Joke
Rookvrouw Joke - 6 days ago
For real though what was that face dooming up when Louis climbs up to the Mic-mac burial? It freaks me out so much
Frederick Nielsen
Frederick Nielsen - 6 days ago
15:19 actually made my heart jump.
letsalllovemtl - 6 days ago
Crazy good in-deep dive research! Always cool to see :) awesome video, good job!
12am End dragon
12am End dragon - 6 days ago
. .
O omg
12am End dragon
12am End dragon - 6 days ago
12am End dragon
12am End dragon - 6 days ago
2:50 was I hate it
Evan Reeder
Evan Reeder - 6 days ago
His mustard dinner XD
CallMeSnowyy - 6 days ago
Luis creed looks like chris pratt a.k.a Starlord actor/Owen from the Jurassic world 2015
Dj McNugget
Dj McNugget - 7 days ago
My cats name is lucy
DumbBinch - 8 days ago
I watched the the remake last week, somehow they made the Achilles’ tendon slicing scene even MORE brutal than the original.
Elias Rudolvsson
Elias Rudolvsson - 8 days ago
Can you do the new pet sementary
Photon Bee
Photon Bee - 8 days ago
Worst singing ever
Fastbreak 383
Fastbreak 383 - 8 days ago
"You think with the screenplay by Stephen king it would be just as good". Yeah... no have you watched the shining movie he made? He preferred it to the amazing Kubrick one
I WANNA B Tracer
I WANNA B Tracer - 8 days ago
And I oop-
freggin HECC
freggin HECC - 9 days ago
Homeless Demo
Homeless Demo - 9 days ago
i am fine with humans dying in films in horrific ways but when a cat dies even peacefully, i am fucking out. i am not gonna suffer the absolute sadness of losing a furr-ball until i loose mine
Renate Svenning
Renate Svenning - 10 days ago
Now i know who the farmer in south park is comment who your favorite characters from south park
Edit i know this is not south park but i am curious
Nine Caves
Nine Caves - 8 days ago
Talon - 9 days ago
Pancake Studios
Pancake Studios - 10 days ago

Dead is better
Ninja Barclay
Ninja Barclay - 11 days ago
One like equals a prayer to the boy
CXV ANIMATIONS - 11 days ago
Who watched the new one but not the old one so cam here
Soren Johanson
Soren Johanson - 11 days ago
I came to see the animals.
LIL DEATH GAMER - 11 days ago
I hated the 2019 Zelda death
RevelationsGaming - 11 days ago
Wtf is Zelda doing....
Where's Link?
Talon - 9 days ago
You're the first person I've seen make this joke, well done!
FriskyWolfy j
FriskyWolfy j - 11 days ago
The only part that scarred me was when Judd's akelies was sliced like that shit was tromitizing for 5 year old me
jason 10101
jason 10101 - 11 days ago
Look at cute little 🐱
Parker and Riley Vlogs
Parker and Riley Vlogs - 11 days ago
I only clicked on the video because of the cute cat thumbnail

JK I love your videos
REaCtzzz To some stuff
REaCtzzz To some stuff - 11 days ago
Dude my mom named me after the kid gage from this movie
im-a -liarer
im-a -liarer - 12 days ago
I watched this movie yesterday and I think it was kinda good
abonny - 10 days ago
Cause it is. Don't listen to this guy. This movie is pretty damn good. Sure, the father is not an amazing actor... but he does the job.
Maurice Bynum
Maurice Bynum - 12 days ago
I Liked Louis Creed Death
Bubby Shark Gucci shark
Bubby Shark Gucci shark - 12 days ago
My name is Gaige I'm named after that lil kid
Great German Reich
Great German Reich - 12 days ago
In german this semantary sorry i dont now the word in englich its this small animal pupets so jea lol
TheShadowVampony - 13 days ago
The Father's acting was so cringey funny XD
Gavan Tan
Gavan Tan - 13 days ago
4:10 caaaaaaat!
23:40 thats adorable.
Gavan Tan
Gavan Tan - 13 days ago
Maybe if the Skull Heart was here.......
Ligma Nuts
Ligma Nuts - 13 days ago
Watched the remake the whole family dies except the baby boy Judd dies too
Venonymous Games
Venonymous Games - 13 days ago
I love that one guys voice
Some User
Some User - 13 days ago
They could have gotten monkeys to act better than those mongos
Dog tv
Dog tv - 13 days ago
I like this film
Keppel - 14 days ago
Lucy is the most precious (and tolerant) cat I've ever seen and I love her
kaleigh bennett
kaleigh bennett - 14 days ago
i just finished the book today. i’m excited to watch this now
stephen plays roblox
stephen plays roblox - 14 days ago
Roses are red
That part is true
Vilots are vilots
Tondrick Seals
Tondrick Seals - 15 days ago
dawn that's some dark shit killing off the baby.
The Dragon Cat
The Dragon Cat - 15 days ago
Do a kill count for the movie US
Devin Brenly
Devin Brenly - 15 days ago
In the book the animals didn't act mean they just acted stupid aside from one families bull but spot and chruch just acted dumb
galinda91 - 15 days ago
Lucy: Dad, seriously, this is not cool. Put me down. *epic cat side eye*
Gil Lafond
Gil Lafond - 16 days ago
crazy guys for the win
crazy guys for the win - 16 days ago
gage is my name
Max lord of cats
Max lord of cats - 16 days ago
Do remember that cat only used 2 of its lives
Connor Van Dine
Connor Van Dine - 17 days ago
I mean wife
Connor Van Dine
Connor Van Dine - 17 days ago
The cat is light if a baby can lift her
Anthony Ford
Anthony Ford - 17 days ago
Haha when he said no fair
Binkie Baby
Binkie Baby - 17 days ago
Anyone else see the cats arm sticking out when they got to the rock place
Shalom Merced Montes
Shalom Merced Montes - 17 days ago
21:44 dead silence henry
Aaron Evans
Aaron Evans - 17 days ago
Omfg your cat is so cute
Arian Chandler
Arian Chandler - 17 days ago
Anyone else watch these at 2x speed because you know they're a waste of time but you want to see more?
Mini Pekka
Mini Pekka - 18 days ago
That blue zone is horror movie version of lazarus pit
Silvereye - 18 days ago
Holy crap! Is that Herman Munster!!
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