Pet Sematary (1989) KILL COUNT

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Dead Meat
Dead Meat - 26 дней назад
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Apollo Fox
Apollo Fox - 3 дня назад
You missed a perfectly good Red vs blue reference with Church.
ItsTanner - 3 дня назад
James Jannsines thank you for doing pet semmatary I really didn't expect you to do it right after I asked you to do it.
Pitch_PlayzYT - 4 дня назад
did the 3 year old actor literally die?
StanleyKnife1000 - 5 дней назад
do one of the new version of the movie
foxyfan 1700
foxyfan 1700 - 13 дней назад
Tamashii - 3 часа назад
It’s the wendigo that causes all the bad stuff in this town, apparently it also makes truckers drive faster so more deaths happen. It’s also the wendigo that possesses all the dead buried in the Micmac grounds, apparently it also convinced missy to kill herself by making her believe she had stomach cancer.I really wished they included the wendigo more in this movie because it’s such a big part of the story, it even appears in front of Lewis when he carries his wife to the Micmac grounds but leaves him be because it’s knows what he is going to do
Frejai - 3 часа назад
He's a toddler not a baby.
KoolAid Man
KoolAid Man - 4 часа назад
Louis is an Idiot
KoolAid Man
KoolAid Man - 4 часа назад
12:29 HOLyShOBBBSANOooooooooo
Tony Garcia
Tony Garcia - 10 часов назад
You always know how to make the scariest and most violent films lighthearted.
lamefluffball - 12 часов назад
the death of the baby got me crying
Sam 56
Sam 56 - 12 часов назад
There's a copy of that movie coming out this year like I'm not getting Pet Sematary is coming back I saw in the commercial like 10 seconds ago images by like a day or two is probably, come out in the movie Somewhere
Student Zachary Torres
Student Zachary Torres - 16 часов назад
thenoblez1 - 18 часов назад
So this is a fucking great video.

Can you say Church Gabe?
Jay Hall
Jay Hall - 18 часов назад
James A.Jinesse I got introduced to your channel through YouTube recommendation... Pet semetary is hands down, for me one of the scariest movies ever . So when I saw a kill count for It on my home page, I watched it and I've been hooked on your channel ever since. I highly admire your charisma and humor in each vid. Plus fuckit.. you have a great smile lol
Captain_ Bubblegum
Captain_ Bubblegum - 18 часов назад
Wait wait wait so Ellie was the only one who survived? Her brother was killed by a truck, her mother was killed by her dead brother, her father was killed by her mother after he brought her back to life, her sweet little kitty that she love a lot was also hit by truck (and her father didn’t tell her about it) and the only person close enough to her to take care of her was also murdered by her psycho baby brother. Not to mention how her mother just left her! Although it was probably for the best that she didn’t go with her mother otherwise she would’ve been dead too but ya know... that kid got some problems...
MONSTERKILL180 - 18 часов назад
taylynn hanson
taylynn hanson - 18 часов назад
R6 Adrykz
R6 Adrykz - 19 часов назад
Drinking game:
Take a shot of vodka every time you hear
"Oh yeah"
Gnome Lord 101
Gnome Lord 101 - 20 часов назад
Abram Caba
Abram Caba - 20 часов назад
The old guys in South Park, butters very own episode and Asspen
Omar Olmos
Omar Olmos - 20 часов назад
Zelda looked way better in breath of the wild lol
Omar Olmos
Omar Olmos - 20 часов назад
10:54 don't you mean Link you non Nintendo fan
XRiowilliegoiRX - 22 часа назад
Do cabin in the woods
crazy guy
crazy guy - 22 часа назад
my cat is named church XD
Kavrex 068
Kavrex 068 - День назад
*Kairi~Wayfinder~Aesthetic* - День назад
Ummm... bro you spelled the word cemetery wrong.... >.> has no one else noticed?
FLX Sam - День назад
Hey Dead Meat I hope you now that there is going to be a new Pet Sematary movie and I wanted to watch this movie because I thought that this was the new one
2terra2 - День назад
Zelda looks like MOMO
NightmareGenesin - День назад
James Just Said "Poor Gay" not Poor Gage Xd
Maru chan
Maru chan - День назад
4:11 shane dawson be like
Mister WiZeguy
Mister WiZeguy - День назад
Poor James. He’s a cat person.
I’ve always been a dog person. Dogs are man’s best friend.
Goldin freddy 0
Goldin freddy 0 - День назад
There is a new pet Sematary movie 2019
яαмєи вяαωlєя
яαмєи вяαωlєя - День назад
10:58 When your playing Ocarina of time and Zelda falls to the floor at anytime.
Mimzie 2k
Mimzie 2k - День назад
*Cant wait for the 2019 remake* ❤❤❤❤
lowell proctor
lowell proctor - День назад
too bad they dont use all those wicked cool special effects and makeup tricks in these newer movies huh, it looked a million times better than the shortcuts their taking in CGI nowdays.
V SW - День назад
23:24? Now, that's just nasty.
Gage Titus
Gage Titus - День назад
My name is gagee because my mom got my name from that movie
9b9o9w9e9n - День назад
F that movie for the kitty
Jaheim Braham
Jaheim Braham - День назад
Nice editing but sometimes... dead is better
Gaming Slash
Gaming Slash - День назад
Hehehe she sed 'nuts'

Kyori Nicks
Kyori Nicks - День назад
*hehe she said nuts*
Lilac The Hybread
Lilac The Hybread - День назад
My name was in the pet seminary....
Fiona Bernier
Fiona Bernier - День назад
I think there's going to be a new pet sematary...the 2019 one? or is it fake?
Darreyl Henderson
Darreyl Henderson - День назад
Was judds dog named spot in the book, or did they changed his name to spot in the movie as a tribute to The Munsters?
Darreyl Henderson
Darreyl Henderson - День назад
I still don't understand why Louis didn't like scream repeatedly from gage to stop. I mean instinctually I would think that you would yell at your child to stop doing something instead of just running towards him. IDK
Tobias Massemyn
Tobias Massemyn - День назад
This movie scared the living shit out of me
Marshmell o
Marshmell o - День назад
I swear undead church is literally my Ocicat except it’s gray
Lil G
Lil G - День назад
12:29 Feels weird seeing my own name on the kill count, especially since it's attached to a baby.😶
JtRipper - День назад
I love Pet Sematary. Both the movie and the book. It's so depressing and dark.
BH Music
BH Music - День назад
Star Trek: The Next Generation
PickleStew - День назад
Baby:operation dirty diper
BluFire - 2 дня назад
LaxBoy 360
LaxBoy 360 - 2 дня назад
James you have officially destroyed my brain with the makeup and nightmare on elm street loop
Mistydolphin - 2 дня назад
This movie always creeped me out. I just have 1 question: who the hell taught King how to spell cemetery? You'd think an author would know how to spell. XD
CodE Sicxi
CodE Sicxi - 2 дня назад
The remake is going to be 2 hours compared to the 1 hour original and I want to see what spirit haunts this place and why it does.
Kunisake The Artist
Kunisake The Artist - 2 дня назад
Zelda's dead? Then how is she still fighting Ganon in BOTW?
Radiante Gaming
Radiante Gaming - 2 дня назад
Meat eating time more like "Meat beating time".
Nemesis primal
Nemesis primal - 2 дня назад
It’s annoying that in the book Ellie is hinted at having the shinning but in the movie it’s completely removed.
Anyre Robinson
Anyre Robinson - 2 дня назад
The dad's acting is atrocious
Erika Sharp
Erika Sharp - 2 дня назад
Victor’s death is like JFK after he was shot
Gacha Plays529
Gacha Plays529 - 2 дня назад
ummm. Just so you know. dude, I LOVE you and your channel. and im not sure if you were joking on that or not. But when the child said that she was getting weird dreams from pascow. you said who the heck is pascow? a mascot or something? Pascow is the last name of the dead teen that visited Louis in his dream. here
14:45 this is when she says it.
Laylastacks23 - 2 дня назад
There would have a new pet semtary
LeafVillageDog - 2 дня назад
What I have the book
PooperScooperMemes - 2 дня назад
The Paradox Zone
The Paradox Zone - 2 дня назад
"Aye Yah."
Judd Crandall~1989
Tobi Tien
Tobi Tien - 5 часов назад
No one knows when he's born
Eli Hicks
Eli Hicks - 2 дня назад
Fuck yeah the monsters family that show was the best when I was a kid me and my family watched that all the time I love grandpa Monster
Dragon Insane
Dragon Insane - 2 дня назад
LeatherFace Plays
LeatherFace Plays - 2 дня назад
I cant wait to see the reboot but this one will always be number 1
Matt Sturino
Matt Sturino - 2 дня назад
IDK why, but this one just feels like I'm listening to some sjw bitching about words hurting and why they need a safe space.
Definitely not a fan of this review, but I guess you are bound to have a miss every once in a while, yeah?
deadborg 5
deadborg 5 - 2 дня назад
dont get how he sounds like an sjw
Goliath Projects
Goliath Projects - 2 дня назад
*smiles* "It's really depressing!"
Kittyvlogsgaming - 2 дня назад
When that cat slowly dies again it broke my heart
Crodog 13
Crodog 13 - 2 дня назад
I’d let Gage kill me ngl that baby is too cute
isabel sandoval
isabel sandoval - 2 дня назад
hi I am lonly
Daniel Marion
Daniel Marion - 2 дня назад
Lt. Yar!
Spooky918 WOAH
Spooky918 WOAH - 2 дня назад
To me Crunch is hilarious
Heather Rust
Heather Rust - 2 дня назад
i live in maine
Savannah Clouts
Savannah Clouts - 2 дня назад
What happened to Ellie
Minder XXX
Minder XXX - 2 дня назад
Pyper Lyn Chambers
Pyper Lyn Chambers - 3 дня назад
1 like 1 r.i.p for gage reed
Alyssa Black
Alyssa Black - 3 дня назад
Thanks for immediately saying what I think of the movie; it was a poor adaptation of a disturbing book. The acting (aside from Fred Gwynne and adorable little Miko Hughes) was so wooden (the zombie analogy was perfect); the actress as Ellie was irritating beyond tolerance
Pasha Rahmadina
Pasha Rahmadina - 3 дня назад
Wait, it's look familiar
**the shinning**
Randomness with Micayla
Randomness with Micayla - 3 дня назад
Everyone comment "A-yup"
Unimagination - 3 дня назад
Lucy needs 3 am fun time like every other healthy cat
The Liberty Lioness
The Liberty Lioness - 3 дня назад
Sometimes dead is better
The Liberty Lioness
The Liberty Lioness - 3 дня назад
This movie is so great
Crodog 13
Crodog 13 - 3 дня назад
“Love stories have the best romances”
Horror Genre”Hold my Knife”
Ethan Thompson
Ethan Thompson - 3 дня назад
OMG I have the same exact cat also named lucy!!!
GagePGamer 19
GagePGamer 19 - 3 дня назад
My name is gage 😱
Crow The Hybrid
Crow The Hybrid - 3 дня назад
Okay. I know Gage turned into a bad guy, but when Louis put the poisoned needle in his neck, the pain on his face and the near-tears and voice that implies "I trusted you..." made me cry.
hangry26 - 2 дня назад
Crow The Hybrid yeah I agree. It’s the only way to explain me wanting so desperately to help the baby. This makes me nervous to watch the remake.
Crow The Hybrid
Crow The Hybrid - 2 дня назад
+hangry26 Saammee man. *Pats back.* Maybe its because most people are born with a natural instinct to protect all children, even if it isn't yours, so when we see this scene it makes our hearts break because we can't help the child?
hangry26 - 2 дня назад
Crow The Hybrid 😭it’s making me sad all over again! I have such a strong emotional reaction to that bit, I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s because the kid’s so damn adorable and tiny. Excuse me while I go bawl my eyes out now
Crow The Hybrid
Crow The Hybrid - 2 дня назад
+hangry26 Ikr? Every one is upset about the cat dying(I was too), but then this child comes in looking so sad and pained it just instantly broke my heart. XD.
hangry26 - 2 дня назад
Me too. His pouty face afterwards is really heartbreaking. I wanted to protect him. This movie is hella sad
Tokyo A Go-Go
Tokyo A Go-Go - 3 дня назад
thier making a new one on April 5th fyi
Seth Bertrand
Seth Bertrand - 3 дня назад
who else cried when the baby got hit
Tommyliketrains - 3 дня назад
This movie sound like it one of those "it so bad it's good" movie
Caillou Rules est 2007/ Doraftwblock13ftl
What happened to eillie creed
oxytroy - 3 дня назад
21:50 is the funniest part ever
OmegaExperiment - 3 дня назад
Yo Louis Actor has less emotion then Brie Larson
Duty202YT - 3 дня назад
Well Exuuuuse Me Princess 10:44
Damon Dodson
Damon Dodson - 3 дня назад
Midnight man kill count plz?
Is it me or does the dad look like Tony Romo? Lmaoooo
Nikki Tomasovic
Nikki Tomasovic - 3 дня назад
4:13 The Mom Jumped A mile xD
Karategriff 2
Karategriff 2 - 3 дня назад
Your cat looks like my cat lol
Musical Trash
Musical Trash - 3 дня назад
I mean, I’d love to be named Zelda lowkey
Dood71 - 3 дня назад
Mi'kmaq is pronounced "Migmaw"
xXgamerxX gaming
xXgamerxX gaming - 3 дня назад
When he said weindigo I got until dawn vibes
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