Japanese Dollar Store Makeup Challenge

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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard - 2 years ago
HELLO LOVES! happy hump day! or night, rather. hump night. welp this got sexual quick. have u ever been to daiso? what did u think of my parrot-inspired look?
Starlight 5007
Starlight 5007 - Month ago
Omg when you said Aladdin that made me think about how my brother went to the Broadway musical Aladdin without me and so did like 3 of my friends
Hak Det
Hak Det - Month ago
Hak Det
Hak Det - Month ago
Nikitha De Alwis
Nikitha De Alwis - 3 days ago
The eyes are kind of orange
The cheeks are kind of orange
The contours a little orange
The powders a little orange...

Donald trump is kind of orange
Guess he wears makeup from Daiso
Alia Atef
Alia Atef - 3 days ago
Baking powder?
Cinsta Dlight
Cinsta Dlight - 7 days ago
Keep wearing the lashes, love!!
Inaya Fawad - Homelands Sr PS (1323)
Did you know that these cheap products use animal fat. Especially PIG FAT !!!
Greg Putnam
Greg Putnam - 9 days ago
What does orange help neutralize? What is it opposite on the color wheel?. Blue? So the products she mainly used should be used to cover blue areas of the face right? So the bags under eyes and maybe some veining but that is it. Maybe around the mouth to have whiter looking teeth.
It could also be used to give that sun-kissed looked but I thought the makeup trends in Japan and China and similar cultures were focused a dewy natural look not sun-kissed and chiseled like here in the States
Greg Putnam
Greg Putnam - 9 days ago
Daiso reminds of Dyson, the futuristically expensive vacuum company
Shonagh McNally
Shonagh McNally - 13 days ago
A couple days ago I had to witnesses my sister wearing highlighter on her eyes 🙅🏼...now I know were she got it from 👽🤔😯
Sally Drake
Sally Drake - 13 days ago
I think the eyeshadow brush is actually an eyebrow brush
Hulse07 - 14 days ago
“Smells like a baby’s butt, mm, wanna put that on my face”
Raelyn Cope
Raelyn Cope - 16 days ago
the blush says mineral formular i’m cackling
Raelyn Cope
Raelyn Cope - 16 days ago
is this for soap? he looks so hayuppy
Janelle De Jesus
Janelle De Jesus - 16 days ago
um 2019 ?
Ehowie Howie
Ehowie Howie - 16 days ago
You look a bit like Princess Jasmin x not the parrot (with the lashes and stuff on)
Glacies.Yin - 16 days ago
Hell yeah, Daiso actually ain't half bad, unless you have sensitive skin and allergies and things like that
Luna Gaming
Luna Gaming - 17 days ago
Did she just.. just put on foundation.... before the concealer!?

What!? This safiya is an obvious imposter

This can’t be the safiya we know!
madison jacobson
madison jacobson - 17 days ago
"and I also got this bath mat!"
Rose Cat13
Rose Cat13 - 18 days ago
Me too!!!!
yvonne fields
yvonne fields - 18 days ago
Saf: "Nothin like a golden butthole....I always say."
Me: 😹💀☠
Tae. Jung
Tae. Jung - 20 days ago
I always go to that Daiso you went :0
CryMeARiver - 20 days ago
A lot of daiso makeup got recalled for safety issues in Australia at the end of 2018 be safe guys!
Cherelle Newberry
Cherelle Newberry - 22 days ago
I think you looked very nice, this was very fun to watch and although the lashes brought a Halloween vibe to the look you still pulled it off. Well done. I love Halloween lol
Kimmy The Coffee Cat!
Kimmy The Coffee Cat! - 22 days ago
Awww fetus Safiya
YouObviously LoveOreos
YouObviously LoveOreos - 25 days ago
Idk why they had to put the price tag on all the racks because everything is the same price 😂😂
Betty Edubala
Betty Edubala - 28 days ago
I love their small boxes the phone holder
Betty Edubala
Betty Edubala - 28 days ago
Yeah I love the lipstick & blush.
Betty Edubala
Betty Edubala - 28 days ago
It's really fun & most items are helpful
Rhiannon Roberts
Rhiannon Roberts - 28 days ago
Why are Japanese dollar stores better than actual United State dollar stores?
asma ali
asma ali - 29 days ago
Lol just noticed that the bath mat you have I have aswell 🤣
Brenda Michelle
Brenda Michelle - 29 days ago
i thought you meant Dyson in Tyler’s vlog. thought you probably just pronounced it a little funny lol
BridieEllen - Month ago
How do you suit EVERY lip colour?!
Izzyc87ic - Month ago
Polly pocket! I remember having a polly pocket locket with polly in it.
Sanō Kaizen
Sanō Kaizen - Month ago
"Nothings Better Than A Golden Butthole"

~Safiya Nygaard
Lil Toaster
Lil Toaster - Month ago
The eyes’ are kinda Orange.
The cheeks’ are kinda orange.
The contour’s kinda orange.
The powder’s kinda orange.

The president’s kinda of orange.
Siena Bettini
Siena Bettini - Month ago
Cutiekitty0127 YT
Cutiekitty0127 YT - Month ago
Idk why but your makeup looks like it’s Japanese. Like you low key look Japanese in a way lol idk I could be high
okay okie
okay okie - Month ago
idc how old this is you look fucking great
Milan B.
Milan B. - Month ago
I like the look you created.
Bre Rose
Bre Rose - Month ago
santee is "san-tea" as in santee alley. oml that bothers me so much lol.
Porrolio AJ
Porrolio AJ - Month ago
Omg my dog has that owl mat lol I'm sitting like 5 feet away from it skskskksk twinning
Taylor Wallace
Taylor Wallace - Month ago
Idk, but I just wanted to tell someone, but I don't know how to tell my crush that I like him, so please leave a response if you have an idea how to tell him, I know I am asking a lot from Saffiya' comment section, but need advice.
Caileen Reszel
Caileen Reszel - Month ago
The guest/kids bathroom in my apartment is the cat/owl mat design you quickly showed. I have the mat and the matching shower curtain from Daiso!
aeris hobbs
aeris hobbs - Month ago
I love those lashes on her
Madhusmita Jena
Madhusmita Jena - Month ago
I'm not gonna give up on this brush until the brush gives up on me....literally saf? 😂😂😂
sharai weston
sharai weston - Month ago
Wow that eyeliner was amazing though for you not to think they weren't your best ❤️❤️
Avakittyplayzz1 - Month ago
ITS HOLO #Holosexual
katherine - Month ago
*6.27- Where's Saf's ring?*
Gregarious Accountant
Gregarious Accountant - Month ago
"I'm not going to give up on this brush... until this brush gives up on me."
Deep Safiya
Very Deep!
giovana carreras
giovana carreras - Month ago
Me at 8:51 “She looks so bad”
Rachel Middleton
Rachel Middleton - Month ago
Doesn’t talk while doing eyeliner
Talks while doing lipstick
TheJohnsons - Month ago
I kinda like the lashes on u ... lol idk they look good w the look but I love you 😩😩😩💙💙
Hazel Burger
Hazel Burger - Month ago
LOVE daiso 💖😃
GachaSydney - Month ago
Hayley Sporn
Hayley Sporn - Month ago
I went from like Effie Trinket to like tropical macaw lol :,)
Roberta Fisher
Roberta Fisher - Month ago
I loved the eyelashes! Xxxx
ThaliaEatsDonuts - Month ago
This is the funniest video of her oh my god
tianna belknap
tianna belknap - Month ago
"i don't think i nailed my eyeliner today"
*does better eyeliner than i could ever do*
Emily Walters
Emily Walters - Month ago
Me waiting for the cheap eyeshadow brush to brake
Nope never got it
Schwi Snori
Schwi Snori - Month ago
They.....use to be cute
Luna Skyes
Luna Skyes - Month ago
Am I the only person who is searching the comments to see if anyone saw the 'cards against humanity' box at 6:47...............
Youre BIOTCH - Month ago
Saf: it kinda smells like baby powder?
2 seconds later:
It smells like a baby’s butt! Mmmm wanna put dat on my face
Its Girly_TheGamer
Its Girly_TheGamer - Month ago
Omg we have the same mat an owl and 🐱 mat lol coincidence
Air Recka
Air Recka - Month ago
Is it safe
*Beansie* - Month ago
I think it's bizarre to put foundation on after eyes and eyebrows. This isn't the first time I've seen it either so it must be normal for a lot of women. weird.
Kim Barbeau
Kim Barbeau - Month ago
I have that bathmat. I love Daiso!
A YT Channel
A YT Channel - Month ago
nothing better than a golden butthole, i always say
kasey quiche
kasey quiche - Month ago
I actually went to daiso today with my friend. I bought stationary stuff. Everything was either $2 or up since it opened up here in new york city
Leah Cotter
Leah Cotter - Month ago
Those lashes actually look really pretty on you
sehar waseen
sehar waseen - Month ago
This is the first video that i watched from ur channel!
Mahima Pasricha
Mahima Pasricha - Month ago
Omg omg she luks so fab without makeup
Kimmy Kōhai
Kimmy Kōhai - Month ago
i love that bath mat
Tapan Nath
Tapan Nath - Month ago
Hey Saf !!! 🤗
You always look beautiful ........
Even without makeup 😘
Tika Krishnan
Tika Krishnan - Month ago
If this is what you call clickbait, then almost every other youtuber can just delete their channel.
love that blush case lol. True holosexual!!!!!!!!!!
Jade&Savannah&Cas Equine
Safiyas click bait:Oh no its 1.50 not 1 I am so sorry . Other youtubers:I bought a 10000000 dollar house ! Just kidding its a hotel or smt.
dgenerationxrock - Month ago
I think the lashes look cute. I didn't expect them to look as good as they did when you put them on.
Tika Krishnan
Tika Krishnan - Month ago
dgenerationxrock agreed. When I first looked at them, I thought that were literal feathers lol.
liv mud
liv mud - Month ago
Kodie Mason-Davis
Kodie Mason-Davis - Month ago
I think you should copy a James Charles making video 😂
Grizzly Phonex58
Grizzly Phonex58 - Month ago
That mat is a chair you sit on it
Jordan_McArthur - Month ago
Take a shot every time she says orange
But head
But head - Month ago
8:19 baking powder??? Your supposed to cook with that😂😂
Sammy Laporte
Sammy Laporte - Month ago
Honestly if its used for all that shit i dont know that i want it in my mouth or stomach.
V Vv
V Vv - Month ago
You can use it for a lot of stuff, like in bath or as toothpaste or cleaning stuff. Google it ;)
Gabrielle and Alexis
Gabrielle and Alexis - Month ago
I'll always fall asleep watching your videos, and I'll wake up with like, a video called, "BOMB MAKEUP LOOK!" and it's just a THREE HOUR Video of some chick doing her makeup!😂
Gabrielle and Alexis
Gabrielle and Alexis - 3 days ago
michi -chan YESSSS
Heather G
Heather G - 8 days ago
This made me laugh WAY too hard!
Abbie Love tea
Abbie Love tea - Month ago
michi chan omg the EXACT same things happen to me the sims stuff and the makeup.
michi -chan
michi -chan - Month ago
omg me too LMAOOO sometimes its someone playing sims or other games and the videos are literally like 5 hours long?????
Sophie DeCola
Sophie DeCola - Month ago
same oh my god
Tater Tot19
Tater Tot19 - Month ago
The eyeliner bottle reminds me of I dream of Jeannie
Queenofthe Fairies
Queenofthe Fairies - Month ago
Where are the failed lash’s???
Jessie Morgan
Jessie Morgan - 2 months ago
Is that a toothbrush?😁👩‍🎨👄
sandramorrison99 - 2 months ago
The lashes LOOK STUNNING!!
Emma Mathewson
Emma Mathewson - 2 months ago
i live in arcadia oml i've been to all the daiso stores in arcadia as well
also i have that exact same blush i use it like every day
NynjaKat - 2 months ago
You can feather the lashes by brushing them with a spoolie from an eyebrow pencil and they will look more natural!
Alba - 2 months ago
My lord you're good at makeup! It turned out great
2023.Shannon Dannaway
2023.Shannon Dannaway - 2 months ago
As I’m watching this video, I realized that Saf got the same concealer that I’m wearing right now. It’s horrible and cost 5 dollars at the store I went to.
Patsy Gutierrez
Patsy Gutierrez - 2 months ago
"long lash the long lashes" it was right there man ;-;
Jessica Nice
Jessica Nice - 2 months ago
ur eyeshadow brush is an Artis dupe they created professional quality oval makeup brushes, your suppose to use them in circler motion for the bigger brushes but with the smaller ones theyre more for precision, like if u wanna do a perfect cut crease. i use mine to quickly and easily put my eyebrow highlighter on under my eyebrow i find the shape perfect for fallowing my brow bone shape in one perfect swoop. research oval makeup brushes and you'll learn how to use them
Jane - 2 months ago
Saf is never mean about makeup products and that’s a nice change
Weird Moo Moo
Weird Moo Moo - 2 months ago
Let’s all take a moment to look at her beautiful side pony
Sophie's Vlogs 101
Sophie's Vlogs 101 - 2 months ago
who else is sad she didn't put the false lashes on like if you argree
Cocker Spaniel
Cocker Spaniel - 2 months ago
She looks like a sunflowerXD
Erika Kahler
Erika Kahler - 2 months ago
I love Daiso’s foundation brush, charcoal mask, and sheet masks.
Milla Maxwell
Milla Maxwell - 2 months ago
I kinda want you to do an actual Iago themed outfit now 😂
Milla Maxwell
Milla Maxwell - 2 months ago
I grew up in a smallish town in Australia and had never had heard of Daiso until I moved to Sydney and they’re everywhere here! I shop there all the time! I love their dried mango!
Tori Correll
Tori Correll - 2 months ago
Idk what you did, but before the lashes, you looked a little like Kira Knightly.
Up In The Heels
Up In The Heels - 2 months ago
I liked those lashes!! Liza Minelli vibess!! 😍🎉
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