I Tried The Diva Cup

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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard - 2 years ago
hello loves! how was your weekend? would you use the diva cup, or another menstrual cup? also, where is my NOTIF SQUAD at?! 🖤🖤🖤
Kendra - Year ago
Here also I'm ur number 500 reply
jenna king
jenna king - Year ago
Safiya Nygaard I could never use it
rashka19 - Year ago
I use the lunette cup it has a longer stem than the diva cup
Jewelisa Nakai
Jewelisa Nakai - Year ago
Safiya Nygaard how will you take it out i feel like i would not find it. I would freak out
nicole lovely
nicole lovely - Year ago
I love dat shirt tho
Madison Gartzke
Madison Gartzke - 5 hours ago
What is that lipstick you are wearing in the beginning of the video?! Like the dark, I guess you could say holographic, lipstick?
Rebecca - 5 hours ago
I have a Diva cup and LOVE it!! So for any noobs out there who don't know taking it out is only a chore because she didn't break the seal. That's how the cup works, and why it's so important to make sure the holes drilled on the lip of it are free of any obstructions. So to take it out easily ya best pinch it.
Kim Webb
Kim Webb - 9 hours ago
I honestly love my menstrual cup. I only used it for one cycle so far but I find it so much easier and overall better then pads and tampons
Gacha Liia
Gacha Liia - 16 hours ago
Wow this was under the catagory «fashion». Well i guess...
cherrylimeblooms sugary
I've tried a menstrual cup before. I didn't like putting my fingers all up in myself while I'm bleeding, it can get messy, and so I wasn't down for that. I ended up going back to tampons for that reason.
kathy irene
kathy irene - Day ago
theres a new thing called The Flex, you should try it !!
Charine Subibi
Charine Subibi - Day ago
If you were leaking, either the cup didn’t fully open or you might need the model 2 which holds more blood than the model 1 that you have saf :)
Honey Venefica
Honey Venefica - 2 days ago
Honestly I swear by these things.
sawleha mansuri
sawleha mansuri - 2 days ago
I saw this video too late I guess. But in starting you might feel uncomfortable and while removing will be tricky but I usually give little pressure on that area then automatically it come out little bit then I pull it. I love your video. Good job lady 😀
xchristinagx - 3 days ago
Been using my Diva Cup for over a year and still going strong. Your review was 💯 accurate. I’ve tried disposable cups but they’re a big time miss for me. So glad I tried this product. I will never go back to the other.
Rose Clark
Rose Clark - 3 days ago
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Kimia N
Kimia N - 4 days ago
When I change in public, I dont wash in between. As long as you clean your hands before going into the stall, it can go back in since it hasn't touched anything that isn't already in your body :)
Rachel G
Rachel G - 5 days ago
I skip my periods sometimes and when I have my period I usually only go for a day or two.
Emily is gay
Emily is gay - 5 days ago
Mother of dragons 😍
Mara Alaide Guzmán Ruiz
Baby you didn’t break the void!!!
giu giux
giu giux - 5 days ago
I use the combo Cup + THINK and it's. just. awesome.
Ednna Ramirez
Ednna Ramirez - 6 days ago
It was really fun and interesting. I've tried other brand, and it is amazing... So comfy.. Even to sleep. Your video was so fresh thanks
jess thompson
jess thompson - 6 days ago
I love the idea of a diva cup because of how eco friendly it is and stuff, but I cannot deal with things.... Up there. I can't even use my fingers or a tampon or anything, so I really want to eventually try out some of the reusable pads or something like that
Gina A
Gina A - 6 days ago
Back when being Mother of Dragons was still a good thing...
SpazzyPaz - 6 days ago
I love using a cup. There are a few other types but the Diva is one I would say is the most "sturdy". I actually have found using a cup reduces my cramp pains.
Erin - 7 days ago
To take it out I'd recommend NOT grabbing it by the stem. Go higher and pinch it to release the vacuum, then pull it out.
Louise Henderson
Louise Henderson - 7 days ago
Yeah, me too. I panicked when i couldnt get it by the stem but realising this was key!
Mary Jane
Mary Jane - 8 days ago
i dont have my period yet because im a late bloomer...

please tell me about it (': im so scared to like bleed out of my vagina but like- eh. i just need information to know about how it feels and stuff 😂
sounds weird but um yeah lol
nonbinarypal - 7 days ago
+Mary Jane you're welcome hunny 😊
Mary Jane
Mary Jane - 7 days ago
+nonbinarypal Thank you so much! I will use your tips whenever i do get it <3 😊
nonbinarypal - 7 days ago
Its ok hunny ill help, when you first get your period it might be really light and really irregular (mine was verry irregular for several months) irregular as in you may bleed really heavy, maybe really light, maybe multiple times a month, you might skip months untill your hormones settle dont freak out about missing it when it first starts, after that it all depends on the level of hormones called estrogen and progesterone on how long it is how heavy it is and also how much it hurts ok so my suggestion is get a perse and put a change of underwear some extra pads (i would recommend pads when just starting out unless you are really active) and some pain meds if you can like tylonal or ibuprofen (tic-tak cases work great or like those duos mint things) and just a lot of chocolate (scientifically it helps (atleast thats what i tell myself but it does make me feel better)) And remember it sucks but you'll live (it might not feel like it but you will 😊) If you have ANY questions tell me and i will try my best to answer ok It'll be ok 🤗
layla sarrinchar
layla sarrinchar - 8 days ago
A tip about removing it since you had trouble. Don't grip the tip and pull bc the seal won't be broken and that's why you get that suction/pulling back inside feeling. Instead, grip it, push down with your muscles and rock it back and forth like you're just wriggling it side to side. The seal will break and then it will slide out much easier with no suction. Or you can put your finger up next to it and fold it to release the seal. Hope this makes people less afraid of the process of removal. I find it's more pleasant to remove than a tampon once you get the hang of it. :)
Amber Ramel
Amber Ramel - 8 days ago
Im so tempted to try this but im afraid of not being able to get it out lol. My friend got a contraceptive spong thing stuck up there once and it traumatized me 😂
Anonymous - 8 days ago
i personally cant
Desiree Barajas
Desiree Barajas - 9 days ago
So informative! Thanks!
Ruby Violet
Ruby Violet - 9 days ago
I got no ads on this, did youtube really demonetize this educational video just because it's about periods? :O
Lonely Raven
Lonely Raven - 10 days ago
Im still a virgin so I will still use kotex n.n and it doesnt bother me i just use like 4 at the same time and no problem
Louise Henderson
Louise Henderson - 7 days ago
Yeah, some people find it uncomfortable but i cant ever even feel them tbh, id die without them but i get that they arent for everyone!
Lonely Raven
Lonely Raven - 7 days ago
+Louise Henderson lol its very messy the pads >.< but its not painful atleast like i imagine tampons to be
Louise Henderson
Louise Henderson - 7 days ago
Oh cool, i was just wondering! Im always looking for different things to try, thanks!
Lonely Raven
Lonely Raven - 7 days ago
+Louise Henderson its a brand sorry but i think its a period pad.
Louise Henderson
Louise Henderson - 7 days ago
Hey, just curious, whats kotex? I don think its a thing in my country. Or if it is i havent heard of it! Is it a brand?
Lonely Raven
Lonely Raven - 10 days ago
Ill never put something inside my v thats not my bf d
Juliet Blue
Juliet Blue - 10 days ago
Been using a moon cup for about eight years now. It’s great. I can almost forget about my period while using it.
Katherine Wren
Katherine Wren - 11 days ago
Every once in a while her face catches the light in a certain way and she super reminds me of Gal Gadot.
Hailey_Hoffman - 11 days ago
I should get one because I always have to use ultra absorbent tampons because four to five days of extreme blood... is not okay
Maria Elsa Martinez.
Maria Elsa Martinez. - 11 days ago
Yesterday was my first day trying it, it liked out a bit and idk if I did it right today, the only thing I don't like is when taking it out you feel like it went all the way in and you try to find it
Sierra Nicole
Sierra Nicole - 11 days ago
it took me 30 min lolol
JakesterJung - 12 days ago
wow a seven day period...damn Saf, mine's like 3-4days and its already such a hassle...
Joy Botello
Joy Botello - 12 days ago
im 12 and strted mine tuesday als it sucks like i hate it smmmmmmm
creatively michaela
creatively michaela - 12 days ago
I've been tempted to try one but due to the amount of pain that even just using a tampon causes (because of some conditions I have) I'm not sure this would work for me :(
creatively michaela
creatively michaela - 9 days ago
+Lydia Noradren very true! I guess maybe I should put my fear aside and just give it a shot! :)
Lydia Noradren
Lydia Noradren - 10 days ago
Tampons are a dry absorbent item though, completely different from slidey silicone
life as kermit the frog my dudes
Am I the only one here who’s NOT on their period??

No? Just me then 😂
Shelene Szilagyi
Shelene Szilagyi - 12 days ago
But the diva cup also shortens your period.
• 89 Years Ago •
• 89 Years Ago • - 11 days ago
Shelene Szilagyi umm, nothing can make your period end faster 😂😬😂.
Helaina Evans
Helaina Evans - 12 days ago
I love using those
janessa bryan
janessa bryan - 12 days ago
Ok tmi but so you pee normally or
Leila H
Leila H - 10 days ago
Depends on the person, but basically, yes. For some people, the Diva cup can compress the bladder and make it a bit more difficult, but it seems to be fine for most people.
valedro - 13 days ago
What did you do with the blood? You know, you can give it to your house plants or even better, paint with it!
I've been using a cup for over five years and I've pretty much gotten used to it. Although I've become more sensitive lately and I haven't used it in a while, 'cause it feels too big. Maybe I should get a smaller one. Anyway, you can wash it in a public bathroom if you feel confident that you're alone. I've done it, but it's nerve wrecking. Also you can learn where the single stall bathrooms are in your area and always head there when you need to. Or you can just not wash it. Just wipe it with some toilet paper and stick it back in. Or you can bring a water bottle to the stall with you and wash it over the toilet bowl. I've used the cup when I went hiking and camping and that's how you do it in the forest.
It took me a year or two to get used to the cup, by the way. I couldn't get it in at first. After about four years of using it, I couldn't get it out for the first time. It's also very normal. Some women's cervix drops down when they're menstruating and when the cup latches around it, there's no way to squeeze it to release the pressure. You just have to squat and sort of half push it out and half wait for it to slide down until you can grab it.

Anyway, I really hope you'll try painting with the blood some day!
Justyna Buniowska-Mate
Justyna Buniowska-Mate - 13 days ago
love the lipstick
wyn - 13 days ago
Yooo i could never, i still have a hard time putting in a regular tampon..
Amelie Pelletier
Amelie Pelletier - 13 days ago
I don’t know about the diva cup but ur not supposed to sleep on tampons so I don’t know if sleeping in it was a good idea. But anyway, love ya ❤️❤️. Also again I don’t know if ur supposed to leave it in for more than 8hours but 🤷‍♀️. Again love y’all gurl ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Amelie Pelletier
Amelie Pelletier - 13 days ago
I should have watched the entire video and I answered my own question lol 😂
Sheri L
Sheri L - 13 days ago
I absolutely looove the Diva cup! I used to live by it before I got an IUD. It's so much easier than tampons.
My Surrogacy FAQs
My Surrogacy FAQs - 14 days ago
Before kids it was just WAY too huge! After kids......not so much. If you have a normally positioned cervix and uterus it works great. add a tilt and, again - not so much!
Madison Meadows
Madison Meadows - 14 days ago
If you’re in a multiple stall bathroom with your diva cup, just bring a bottle of water to rinse it and your hands. Also, it takes a couple periods to get used to inserting the cup properly. I’ve been using mine for months and it’s a real game changer. I don’t have to spend money on tampons or pads anymore! So, win!
AGglittersparkle - 14 days ago
My mom uses something like this =)
Sandra Archer
Sandra Archer - 15 days ago
I stumbled over these purely by accident. I asked my doctor whether these are any good, but she did not even know about them. So I decided to try them myself. As I stopped throwing in the pill each month, my period got pretty heavy, and I struggled with using both pads and tampons at the same time, particularly at night. With this little silicone thingy, those problems are gone. One emptying each night is enough. What is really important IMO is to choose the correct size. I had one in size large, and it hurt slightly, then a small one, which did not cover rightly (I kept the large just if it gets extreme and gave the small to my daughter). Now I use a medium and I am very happy with it (mine does not have a stem but a ring, which makes it more comfortable). I am very careful with it, so it will last as long as possible. I think it is a really good thing that I do not have to waste as many pads or tampons any more.
Wolfy Gamer girl
Wolfy Gamer girl - 15 days ago
I’m using it
C.o.R - 15 days ago
Diva cup:
Step 1. Fold up
Step 2. Shove up
Step 3. Fill up
BlueBell - 15 days ago
....it seems too big to fit?
Nina K
Nina K - 9 days ago
You're supposed to fold it anyway
Danielle Jones
Danielle Jones - 13 days ago
No it's about right, it's just big enough to not travel through the vagina, and it's still much smaller than a penis which is literally what a vagina is made for. You should give it a try they're a very great option.
Monica Flores
Monica Flores - 15 days ago
This is great review. I just bought period panties from Amazon and they arrive today. I cant wait to use them, As well as the period cup. Now could you make a video on how was it that you chose the size of the cup... and if you have friends with babys that also use it to add their experience on the video too.
I'll be getting my period cup next period ... I'm excited to try it
Abby Murphy
Abby Murphy - 15 days ago
Happiest thing happened this weekend
Sew Cat
Sew Cat - 16 days ago
I am a girl but I would never use this .... I feel uncomfortable
Claudia Trammell
Claudia Trammell - 16 days ago
Good going. I’m glad your trying to help women. I’m past those days but I think I’d try it.
Alma Pizarro
Alma Pizarro - 16 days ago
I'm curious. I recently purchased mine and today is the day for me. I was wondering, do you still use yours?
Lilli's Realm
Lilli's Realm - 17 days ago
I-I’m scared of getting my period 😟someone help
DirtyPotato - 17 days ago
I always have a towel down lol
Jessica Y.
Jessica Y. - 17 days ago
3:52 Dying Light reference
Lisa B
Lisa B - 18 days ago
Thank you for the bathroom trial because I have always wondered. Being 12 hours worth of usage means probably could use if only a 10 hour day away from home. You are correct about odor being when it is exposed to air. I was going to try one of these cups, but went through menopause just in time to not need any more period products. Now pads are in case of tinkle leaks. Aw, womanhood!
Castiel Billius
Castiel Billius - 18 days ago
I’m on my second cycle of my cup and I love it so much! After seeing this video I think I want to buy one of the period panties to use for those lighter end days or sometimes sleep. Because as she said it is a bit dramatic when you’re just spotting and the panties are a good environmental and money saving option:) I’m glad there are people on the internet not afraid to make videos like this it makes me happy to see and I never knew I wanted it until now:)
llanimay - 20 days ago
I want a partner as loving and supporting as this
Sarah Seberger
Sarah Seberger - 20 days ago
I use a peachlife cup with a ring at the bottom instead of a nub. Way easier to remove!
Grace Wiggins
Grace Wiggins - 20 days ago
I know it's inconvenient, but if you know you're going to have to change the cup in a public restroom, house could bring in a water bottle and rinse it in the stall
Samantha Brewer
Samantha Brewer - 20 days ago
I have been using diva cup for years! it is a great product, but taking it out is a challenge sometimes. If you push (like how you would if you're giving birth) it makes it way easier for it to come out! If you tense up, it is so hard to get it out! And the rotation step is so important because it makes it so that the cup opens all the way.
KRYS S.Philly
KRYS S.Philly - 20 days ago
Oh this is a no for me what a bloody mess just nasty
Amy Lake
Amy Lake - 17 days ago
+KRYS S.Philly you pull it out over the toilet, you dont yank it out and throw it all over the place lmao. Its cleaner because it's made of medical grade silicone, and it's easy to clean. With pads you're sitting in your period all day. Gross.
KRYS S.Philly
KRYS S.Philly - 18 days ago
+Amy Lake at least that's blood on a pad I can't imagine pulling a cup of blood out of me spilling it. How TF is that cleaner an like she said it's hard getting it in an out. So you're struggling with a cup full of blood. So yea aight
Amy Lake
Amy Lake - 18 days ago
Lol it's way cleaner than pads and tampons but aight
Monica Crispis
Monica Crispis - 20 days ago
Thank you for being so open and honest with your body. I wish there were women like you when I was growing up (Im 45). I have such grand hope for all women that we can talk, be open and educate ourselves about all the natural happenings of our body. You leave no stone unturned. I ALWAYS sleep w/ a towel during that week and honestly - that was so comforting to see you do it on screen. Keep up the amazing work!
Khadijah Virk
Khadijah Virk - 20 days ago
Subscribe to maleeha ayub, maybe? She is my aunt, and recently started a youtube channel. Any support will help :)
Hope Conant
Hope Conant - 20 days ago
I’ve been using the diva cup for a couple years now. I felt the same way as you, Saf, the first week I used it. You get so much better at putting it in and taking it out with practice. You also get better at where to place it, which will correct the feelings you had. It changed the way I period. You’re amazing for sharing!
Azzareo - 20 days ago
Why am I watching this? I haven’t even started my period yet.
Mila232 :3
Mila232 :3 - 20 days ago
The is a model 0 for people under 18
Hydrokinesis Derp
Hydrokinesis Derp - 20 days ago
To all of the ladies that find it a hassle for cleaning it in the public restroom : If you purchase a small peri bottle to keep in your purse, when you go to the restroom and want to rinse your cup; simply fill the bottle up at the sink first then go to the stall. After you pull out your cup and dump it, you can then rinse the cup. The peri bottle should give out a gentle stream of water pressure to clean your cup completely. :) I bought one online a few years ago for $2.00 USD. I hope that recommendation might make it more convienient for other ladies.
Tammi Monaghan
Tammi Monaghan - 20 days ago
I've never had the bubbles you've experienced with mine 🙄 it's all I ever use now it's so much better and its environmentally friendly 🙌
Kate Sitka
Kate Sitka - 21 day ago
I used the mooncup uk (a shorter cup, diva cup was too long) and it was great for 10 years. Eventually my periods became too painful to tolerate internal protection.
Evelyn Yeet
Evelyn Yeet - 21 day ago
try the new flex thing plz
FLSouthernSweetheart - 21 day ago
I LOVE my diva cup. I’ve been using one for years and haven’t once gone back. No smell, limited changing, it even eased my cramping a lot. It comes in different sizes, which could help with the air bubbles. Personally, I go A LOT longer than 12 hours with mine and never have an issue. It’s the perfect solution for a beach day on your period.
Zara Nijzink-Laurie
Zara Nijzink-Laurie - 21 day ago
late tip: yu don't have to use that brand. there are another types where you can have a longer "stub". also it works with a principle of suction. so it's kinda hard to take out if you don't break the seal. that's how you take it out. pinch the actual cup. then it's easier. it does mean your hands get kind of bloody. and the public toilet thing. my strategy is do it at home and not in public. also you don't have to rinse it every time. I use toilet paper if I have to instead go out the stall to rinse. hope this helps someone. any question hit me up
Sadie _period_god
Sadie _period_god - 22 days ago
Brendon Urie Is god
Brendon Urie Is god - 22 days ago
Why can’t it have a string like a tampon
Nina K
Nina K - 19 days ago
Bc you're not supposed to 1) put it in deep like a tampon 2) pull it out without breaking the suction first
Ilonna MacGregor
Ilonna MacGregor - 22 days ago
The drama of removing and re-inserting it gets easier with use, your body adjusts to it. Try pulling it out at the base of the cup, not the stem. I LOVE my cup, I tell anyone who will listen about it and to try it. I have changed it in a public bathroom once.... bring wipes, clean it and re-insert it. Just boil it when you get back home and shower. You are right, there is no odor from the cup since there is no air. I will have to try the Think Period Panties, they kind of freak me out though.
sophie km
sophie km - 23 days ago
I’ve got a Saalt cup and I love it! In public I usually rinse it with my water bottle over the toilet 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️ It’s honestly changed my life. Periods aren’t that annoying to me anymore.
MerraTheGamer 10
MerraTheGamer 10 - 23 days ago
I actually thought I was the only person who sleeps on a towel during their period 😂
Don Chan Gamer
Don Chan Gamer - 24 days ago
Hi i am a boy
Karen Brackett
Karen Brackett - 24 days ago
I’m glad you did a video on this. My daughter is wanting one and I’m a tampon user and my mom was a pad user. She was scared for me to use the tampon and I’m scared for my daughter to use the cup lol but you made me feel safer. Just her age and would she be responsible enough to use this are my questions no lol
Maebh Xx
Maebh Xx - 24 days ago
Imagine getting that stuck. It gives me pain thinking 😖😖😖😖
Meghan Hubbard
Meghan Hubbard - 24 days ago
Can you try the Flex menstrual disc?!?! Please 😘
Katera Letcher
Katera Letcher - 25 days ago
I love morning Safia lol (little bubbles)
Maggie Friedland
Maggie Friedland - 25 days ago
try the flex menstrual disc!!!!!!
kattloves13 - 25 days ago
How often are people upside down for them to be concerned 😂
Alith - 26 days ago
A menstrual cup is one of the things I'm very glad I bought.
As a former pad user, no more worries about the odour, uncomfortable humidity (which made me harder to move because the skin gets very irritated by the fabric) *and* a pile of trash.
It's been only 7 months and I already saved more than $40 by switching, meaning my cup already covered the price of itself a few cycles ago.
Lacey Anderson
Lacey Anderson - 26 days ago
im a religious user of the diva cup, but i get rid of the air bubbles straight up by a squish and tug when making sure its inserted to not leak. i have worn it for like 24 hours on the last day of a period just coz i dont like pads and tampons now. iv also only just got the hang of dump and wipe in public bathrooms, just remember to bring flushabul wet wipes
Jenny Soto
Jenny Soto - 26 days ago
I watching this in the restroom, on my period, and I'm fucken tempted
Rhiannon's birds
Rhiannon's birds - 26 days ago
I tried one, and by tried, I mean I tried once and didn't like it. I found it difficult to insert, it felt uncomfortable (I was very aware of something up there), then when I went to take it out, it was so slippery, I couldn't get a grip. When I finally calmed down and managed to get it out, the vacuum seal popped and that bloody hurt. It's a no from me.
meg kiriba
meg kiriba - 26 days ago
I think you can BYOWB( Bring Your Own Water Bottle) f using on the go lmao
meg kiriba
meg kiriba - 26 days ago
7 days??? Creation took less! Will never complain about my 3-day period days lol
AndyShep - 27 days ago
No more cooking soup in that pan.
Christina Wells
Christina Wells - 27 days ago
Hi Safiya,
Thanks for sharing this very informative video. I have always wondered what using the Diva Cup would be like. You addressed many concerns that came up for me about the product. I appreciate you discussing topics like women's health on your channel. Your awesome personality shines through each video you have created.
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