How the NY Giants won two Super Bowls, then became a total mess

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SB Nation
SB Nation - 3 months ago
Hey hey hey hey thank you! We'll have another episode of Collapse next week, then more in April, so please keep your suggestions coming. They're awesome, y'all are awesome, hope you enjoy
Zach Taylor
Zach Taylor - 10 days ago
It may be too early, but do one on the post manning broncos.
Zeth Bell
Zeth Bell - 16 days ago
The Texas Rangers after our back to back World Series loses
Ronald Ferguson
Ronald Ferguson - 20 days ago
SB Nation 2006 Miami heat
Unknown - Month ago
What is the name of the song that starts at 13:54
John Nguyen
John Nguyen - Month ago
How about the collapse of Peyton Manning's indianapolis colts.
Reno Gonzalez
Reno Gonzalez - 3 days ago
Proud to be a cowboys fan right now
Buck Buck
Buck Buck - 4 days ago
Steven Portillo
Steven Portillo - 4 days ago
Saquan Barkley to the rescue
Dominique Brown
Dominique Brown - 4 days ago
We have 4 actually
Ryan Casteel
Ryan Casteel - 6 days ago
Two fluke victorys enough said giants have always been a mess in Eli era
Arp Laszlo
Arp Laszlo - 8 days ago
Nice video but how can you do this without mentioning Reese's poor drafting even once? That was the crux. He missed on lower round players every year. Those are the players that help fill out a roster. Those are the players you can develop so you can be choosy about which free agents to keep. Except for his first draft, where I believe that George Young was whispering in his ear, Reese's drafting blew chunks. If the cupboard hadn't been bare, his free agent spree in 2016 would have been unnecessary.
EAGLES GANG215 - 9 days ago
Martin Smith
Martin Smith - 10 days ago
Coughlin was forced out (huge mistake). Eli Manning is the most overrated quarterback in NFL history. The guy is a turnover machine. The only thing that exceeded Odell's talent was his ego (he's your problem now Cleveland). The NFL draft proved that this franchise is still in the hands of idiots. I have absolutely no confidence in this team's immediate future. Players come and players go. In the NFL, it's all about the front office.
Owen Marye
Owen Marye - 11 days ago
Rob gettleman comes in and ruins it even more
JaronZ - 11 days ago
2 Miracle catches and 1 drop by Welker, cost NE two more Super Bowls. Shame
theone2225 - 12 days ago
McAdoo and glad they're gone.
Rizahri - 12 days ago
they were always a mess, they just got lucky
Robert Geist
Robert Geist - 12 days ago
Pls do the Phillies 2007-current.
2 World Series appearances, 102 wins in 2011 behind the 4 Aces, lost 88+ games for 5 seasons thereafter (90+ three times in a row). Ryne Sandberg's managerial debacle, Hamels' no hitter in 2015 prior to be traded at the deadline
Nurse08 - 12 days ago
In defense of benching Manning-he wasn’t getting it done. It may not work but they already weren’t going to make the playoffs so why not give someone else a shot?
Matt Jahshua
Matt Jahshua - 12 days ago
As an honest and true Giants fan, this hurts to see visualized. The Giants for the better part of the last 7 seasons have been a poorly run and injury plagued franchise.
I’m not quite sure if Pat Shurmur and Gettleman are the remedy, in fact i’d bet against it. But hey, 0-16 or 16-0 i’ll always bleed blue.
Sean C
Sean C - 12 days ago
Mara was to patient with Reece
Jd D
Jd D - 13 days ago
Carlos Maza approves this video
ocke94 - 13 days ago
That first SB vs. the pats is such bs. But hey, it's football
Isar Soussa
Isar Soussa - 16 days ago
stoppp :’(
roknkawk - 17 days ago
We need a Drake curse breakdown
Wen L.
Wen L. - 19 days ago
Just blame everything on Bieber :P

Eli was hot for a while, but unlike Peyton, Eli is just not as strong a QB, when it comes to longevity. Eli's a 50m sprinter and Peyton runs marathons. Peyton can lead teams to the Super Bowl over a long period, make playoff contention, and still be relevant in a competitive division. I see Giants fans claiming Eli's one of the Greatest of All Time, he's good but compared to his brother he's not "great". The only reason why he's even in discussion is just because he was able to beat Tom Brady twice to hold down New England Patriots record. If you take that as a litmus test then Nick Foles should probably be considered 2nd Coming.
w41duvernay - 20 days ago
And then one of their best players blew his hand up with fireworks. AND they drafted a 3rd round QB with a 1st round pick...LOL
Pike Stance
Pike Stance - 21 day ago
Collapse was inevitable when you have two back to back off- seasons with 20 players potentially being loss. The Giants played the short term gain gambit and they won 2 SBs. Many teams do that as well and fall short.
Walter Godwill
Walter Godwill - 22 days ago
Odell wasn't great for us yeah a Few One hand catch but he wasn't a Team player
Theroux - 22 days ago
Outside of those two seasons, the Giants have no playoff wins since losing the 2000 Super Bowl. They only had one playoff victory throughout the 90s as well. If you could ever compact as much success as possible into such a condensed period, this would be it.

Eli still finna break the all-time career INT record?
Darth Maul
Darth Maul - 22 days ago
jew jork jiants
William O'Toole
William O'Toole - 23 days ago
as the Giants fan the begging is awesome (I live in new england) and this was painful to watch
Alex Doty
Alex Doty - 24 days ago
GO BOYZ ! ! !
Alex Doty
Alex Doty - 24 days ago
David Webster
David Webster - 24 days ago
I really like the format of these videos...chart is a great visual.
AJ Carroll
AJ Carroll - 26 days ago
And they are still collapsing... goodbye OBJ
Geniusjdog Sports
Geniusjdog Sports - 28 days ago
Do the braves collapse
Rodney Jordan
Rodney Jordan - 29 days ago
This one sucked... didn't take about the rise and fall and then rise again to later fall of the giants... throw the whole docu-mini away...
Boromir Of Gondor
Boromir Of Gondor - 29 days ago
Coughlin's Jaguars went to the AFC conference final in 2017-2018. How'd that one feel Giants?
Boromir Of Gondor
Boromir Of Gondor - 29 days ago
HEY HEY, do Tampa Bay Lightning 2019 getting swept by Columbus BJ after winning the president's trophy.
Me Tube
Me Tube - 26 days ago
What are these words?
Wish my old giants would be back :( coach Coughlin I miss you soooo much
Norg1 - 29 days ago
dang eli still with NY he a giant 44444 life !!!!!
Evan Williams
Evan Williams - Month ago
They were never able to replace Strahan and Co. Once they left, they sunk it all in offensive players and when they didn't produce they have been a mess since then. That's why you don't sink you eggs in one basket.
Oscar Salazar
Oscar Salazar - Month ago
Do the Lakers collapse
Matthew Martinez
Matthew Martinez - Month ago
Giants were ahead at the time they had Wrs everywhere for manning ran the ball when they needed to and had an insane 4 man pass rush. Kid of like how teams build today. It just caught up with them
Unknown - Month ago
What is the name of the song that starts at 13:54
man united fan
man united fan - Month ago
You should do Manchester United collapse.
Groundhog's Day
Groundhog's Day - Month ago
Sports has ever seen. Man I hate those guys.
Martin Ojeda
Martin Ojeda - Month ago
Would like to see a video about the Eagles climbing up from the bottom to a Super Bowl Win 🏆
Prez TV
Prez TV - Month ago
Do the Jets after 2010
Cade Latham
Cade Latham - Month ago
No other team will ever do what the patriots have done in the salary cap era
Cairo Scientia
Cairo Scientia - Month ago
Its unreal how the ownership, through all of the losses, have still stuck with Eli Manning.
Leorick T.
Leorick T. - 8 days ago
The mannings are part of the "good old boys" club
MAGACOP - Month ago
Toboloco - Month ago
Good video
Douglas Jones
Douglas Jones - Month ago
They saved us from Brady having a 8 rings 😊 whew!
nayr497 - Month ago
Uh, Giants fan here. None of us thought they were going tp become a dynasty or sustain this. They had some good seasons, but these teams were not that awesome.
josh - Month ago
And they still suck. Who's playing QB? Washed up Eli Manning.
Taylor Bolshoi
Taylor Bolshoi - Month ago
Yeah, but watch this rebuild that's happening right now. While I love and respect Eli, I think the team will be better off with Daniel Jones especially if management thinks Jones is ready to start. If we sadly witness Eli's departure after this season, the Giants are going to have a lot of free cap space. So next year, the Giants just have to sign Bobby Wagner to replace BJ Goodson. No biggie .... hahaha but in all honesty, I don't think the Seahawks can afford Wagner after paying Russell Wilson his extension. And in next year's draft, the Giants only have to get an elite--lengthy, 50/50, jumpball, redzone--type of receiver (Tee Higgins: Clemson, Laviska Shenault Jr.: Colorado, CeeDee Lamb: Oklahoma, Collin Johnson: Texas). They also need to draft an elite right tackle in next year's draft (Solomon Thomas: Georgia, Walker Little: Stanford, Mekhi Becton: Louisville). Basically, the defense is pretty set once they get Bobby Wagner to play ILB alongside Alec Ogletree. The secondary is absolutely gorgeous, the lineman are "hogmollies" and fierce (everybody thinks Dexter Lawrence is going to be playing nose tackle to help everyone else in getting to the QB, but honestly LOOK OUT for the sacks and the overall numbers he's gonna put up, playing the end in this "release the hounds"--styled defense), and the edge rushing unit is going to surprise you this year. Lorenzo Carter is going to improve as he continues to start games in his second year, Markus Golden will thrive after fitting perfectly back into James Bettcher's defensive scheme, and I expect Oshane Ximines (another athletic 3rd round edge rusher like Carter) to also excel with the Giants during his rookie season. These rushers are all relentless and skilled in terms of getting to the quarterback, and with the help of this reinforced and monstrous looking D-line, they're going to be successful at bringing down the quarterback this season. The offense will need to add more height and skill to the wide receiver position along with more depth on the offensive line.

I still think the Giants should've drafted EDGE Josh Allen at 6, OT Andre Dillard at 17, and still CB Deandre Baker or DL Dexter Lawrence if available at 30, WR Hakeem Butler at 95, still DB Julian Love at 108, and the rest of the selections I would keep as well. Because I like next year's QB draft class a lot more than Daniel Jones. I still like Jones, and I think he fits perfectly with the Giants, but I think we're going to see more talented QBs next year in all honesty. Especially because I am convinced that Eli can play another year, or even two. Cut Kareem Martin and throw any free money at Bobby Wagner. Do whatever it takes to get the best talent in next year's draft who would become the next franchise quarterback, because the Giants would only need to add depth otherwise. And BOOM! That would've been a dynasty kind of team if they went that route.......

Offense Starting Lineup:
WR: Sterling Shepard, DARIUS SLAYTON
Slot: GOLDEN TATE, Corey Coleman
LT: Nate Soldier
LG: Will Hernandez*, DRAFT
C: Jon Halapio, Spencer Pulley
RT: ANDRE DILLARD*, Chad Wheeler
TE: Evan Engram*, Rhett Ellison
RB: Saquon Barkley*

DT: BJ Hill, RJ McIntosh
NT: Dalvin Tomlinson, DEXTER LAWRENCE
EDGE: Lorenzo Carter, DRAFT
CB: Janoris Jenkins*, DRAFT

...... but one can only dream for perfection. STILL I believe the Giants will make a quick return to the winner's circle and possibly the podium if they get Wagner and work on the offense in the draft next year in the way I'm suggesting. You heard it here, first!
Patrick Nasser
Patrick Nasser - Month ago
More hockey beefs...Colorado vs Detroit video was great...Go Avalanche
Patrick Nasser
Patrick Nasser - Month ago
Atlanta Braves 90's disappointed
Joshua Miranda
Joshua Miranda - Month ago
The New York Giants: From Super Bowl to Derp Bowl
Zachary Sturgeon
Zachary Sturgeon - Month ago
This starts out saying the Patriots "might" be the greatest dynasty in the history of the NFL. They are unequivocally the greatest dynasty in the history of sports in the history of the universe, writ large.
pensfan044 - Month ago
You guys should do the Pittsburgh Penguins in the mid/late 80s to the early 2000s. "From Back-to-Back to Bankrupt."
NFL DNA - Month ago
this collapse is a Joke!!!!
Kaque Burlington
Kaque Burlington - Month ago
Ask any player, coach, coordinator, GM, exec, owner, any fan of the team, “Here’s the deal, you win 2 SB titles, 4 years apart, both times winning in overtime on the road in the Conference Championship game, followed by 2 game winning SB drives against the greatest dynasty ever, both SBs. However, after that, no playoffs for 4 or 5 years & losing records”. Everyone is signing on to that.
Radio Active
Radio Active - Month ago
Well, I do know....for a fact, that the giants won at least one of their superbowls because the refs robbed the Patriots.....It's probably the superbowl that would have resulted in a perfect season for the Patriots.......just saying..........
Jed Lin
Jed Lin - Month ago
To be fair, the two Giants teams that won those superbowls must have been the worst ones to ever do it. On paper, they were not that great.
Africa Supreme
Africa Supreme - Month ago
This story is not over, the NY Giants aint done sticking it up
shookthees - Month ago
Why did you leave out Asante Samuel's dropped INT, and Wes Welker's dropped pass in SB46 which gifted the Giants those 2 SB victories. I'm just kidding.
Joe - Month ago
12:11 do my eyes spy a Hefty Lefty!?!?!?!? Love you Jared!!
ACE - Month ago
Doing it once is maybe 'luck'. Maybe. But beating a team twice on the biggest stage of your sport requires skill and shows who was the better team and 'player'... Not 'luck'.
STCB Prod.
STCB Prod. - Month ago
Kaybe Vang
Kaybe Vang - Month ago
They made a deal with the devil to win 2 Super Bowls and now they are paying the price
mortalwombat2011 - Month ago
Lol, I feel like this might need to be updated
Brad2Penske - Month ago
Reese stinks and deserves no credit, but he’s still better than Gettleman!
Justin Nardine
Justin Nardine - Month ago
The first one was too much!
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith - Month ago
You need to do the 2001/02 Mets. Coming off their WS appearance in 2000, they missed the playoffs in '01 before creating the infamous Mets Super Team of 2002 which had a losing record finishing fifth in the NL East. There is also the collapse of the Mets after the 2006 playoff run from which they did not recover until lightening struck in 2015.
Hoder Harris
Hoder Harris - Month ago
He lost his arms in the making of this video.
Lone Swifter
Lone Swifter - Month ago
Patriot Killers they are, but both SB XLII and XLVI were both a fluke. They were lucky, but this is the hard cost for dealing with the devil as salary caps rises and Eli was never an elite QB in the first place. What really made the G-Men burn to ashes is losing their best reciever, OBJ. Enjoy the hell and stress rebuilding the team as Eli's retirement is on the way. They had it all, but it is better off rather to be forgettable moments that wished it could've been avoided. At the end of the day, its all business, never personal as judgements and sacrifices had to be made for around all professional of sports.
Ethan N.
Ethan N. - Month ago
I think this should be edited to say the NFC East in general lol.
Kyle Rozek
Kyle Rozek - Month ago
If joe Philbin's kid never fell through that ice, the Giants would only have one SB
James Spadafora
James Spadafora - Month ago
this video was awesome! so many uneducated people with their dumb opinions dont know any of this
harold mccoy
harold mccoy - Month ago
Cowboys WON the Odell Beckham catch contest dude!!!!
Juan Carlos Ottavianelli jr
Reese ruined everything ... Accorsi built those teams
Juan Carlos Ottavianelli jr
@Durran Osman I hear you but Reese was just a mistake to promote to GM hes a real good scout & actually 07 was the best drafts they put together & it was Gettleman who was head of player personnel so he made the choices on who they targetted & following Accorsi model... Gettleman should've been promoted to GM bc Reese kept Ross around as player personel & we saw how that went for 8 years of poor drafts ...
Durran Osman
Durran Osman - 12 days ago
Reese draft key players who contributed to the 07 run. Reese had bad drafts later on. The one thing Reese was good at was not overpaying players during extensions. However, not keeping Linval really hurt him. Reese is a mixed bag.
Travis John
Travis John - Month ago
This one is kinda dumb. Most teams that win it all have down periods after. You cite Antrel Rolle being let go as a huge loss. Rolle was great in 2013 but was absolutely terrible his remaining years.
Dylan P.
Dylan P. - Month ago
Do the Packers
Will Y
Will Y - Month ago
Desean Jackson punt return TD
Scott Fairbanks
Scott Fairbanks - Month ago
They remind me of the late 90's to early 00's Florida Marlins. The Marlins had two Cinderella years no one expected and ended up winning the World Series both times. But during the intervening years and especially the years after, they really did not look like the same teams. They were also forced to unload some talent due to cap hits i believe. But it all cannot be blamed on that. Just terrible mismanagement for the Marlins. Same thing has been going on for the NY Giants. Just look are the 2019 offseason. Traded Odell and drafting weirdly. Not a great look for a team desperate for new star players.
OmegaMan - Month ago
Davon Gordon-White
Davon Gordon-White - 2 months ago
This has to be updated we get this clown David Gettleman who let Landon Collins walk and sign with the Redskin then we trade Odell to the Damn Brown's and the rumors are that they will draft a defense player as opposed to a Quarter back.
NoctemAeternusMusic - 2 months ago
Coughlin takes too much blame when it was the GM that dismantled that team.
R. William Comm
R. William Comm - 2 months ago
Giants are a classy team but ‘07 Giants at 10-6 regular season got very lucky on Favre interception to go play undefeated Pats & ‘11 Giants were 9-7 in the regular season. Both Super Bowls were great accomplishments but Giants never really reigned as champions. Feel good story that died but never a truly great team since Parcells left. Not a Pats fan but they’ve beat my team too many times & are the only real dynasty in NFL since 92-95 Cowboys & have wrecked the NFL for nearly 20 years.
Fod Woggler
Fod Woggler - 2 months ago
Professional Football's Sentient Derp
Christopher Huynh
Christopher Huynh - 2 months ago
This is why the Salary Cap and Free Agency were put into place; to prevent teams from easily forming dynasties. This is why the 49ers and Cowboys couldn't sustain their success. This goes to show that even though the Giants pieced it together, twice, to defeat the Patriots in the SB, the Patriots still come out with the last laugh.
Since the 2011 SB loss, the Patriots have won 3x SBs and they've done it while managing their salary cap, losing key players, but replacing them with effective veterans and/or rookies. For the past 18 years, the Patriots have maintained their level of success and status as a dynasty, simply because they refuse to overpay. Even this off-season, most people were upset that they let Trey Flowers walk. But then they replaced him with someone else and will go on to win another 10+ games this season, go to the playoffs, more than likely get a first-round bye, and go from there.
And the Patriots are also winning with undrafted players, late round picks, and "washed up" veterans
orangeapples - 2 months ago
What is going on? I don’t care about pro sports but I have been on your channel for 2 hours. I never knew the games came with so much off the field drama. Holy crap.
Duck Hunt
Duck Hunt - 2 months ago
if they have all of the best players the giants would become dynasty
Connor Akers
Connor Akers - 2 months ago
Do a Collapse on the 05 White Sox
M Wright
M Wright - 2 months ago
Do one on the packers
Nurse08 - 2 months ago
As much as it will pain me since they're my guys how about the 49ers post Harbaugh. 😭😭
rikki evans
rikki evans - 2 months ago
Nurse08 I’m a Hawks fan and I want to see that, mainly because the Hawks-49ers rivalry was great and I believe could have been a great one for a while before Harbaugh left
teto85 - 2 months ago
The Giants had, and still have, crappy management. The best team on the field will win, but if it is crippled by bad management, it won't go anywhere. And Coughlin is now back with the Jags crying over players not attending OPTIONAL workouts. Why do loser coaches and executives keep getting recycled by the NFL?
Diego Lofranco
Diego Lofranco - 2 months ago
LeBron-led Cleveland Cavaliers (both stints) or 2013-2015 Indiana Pacers next?
J. Rhodan
J. Rhodan - 2 months ago
Should’ve been called “How Eli survived the collapse” 😂
Danimal The Animal
Danimal The Animal - 2 months ago
Sacramento Kings collapse: from being an elite team in the early 2000s to a decade long rebiuld.
Shiela Ingram
Shiela Ingram - 2 months ago
As a Giants fan this makes me so sad
TribeVegas100 - 2 months ago
Damn this was insightful. Despite being an Eagles, I remember routing for the Giants in those Superbowls. I definitely like seeing them win. Now, as for the Cowhoes....
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