I Tried the Keto Diet So You Don't Have To

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FluffiUnicorn12 - 4 часа назад
Instead of doing this diet, I really think you guys should try this workout. I am currently using it and I know so many people who have gotten such good results. It is basically a seven minute workout to help you lose 1-2 inches in a week. Depending on your diet or your current physical figure, it could help you even more! Please give it a try. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yL_dE81O_mw
I really hope it helps at least one of you that clicks on this video 😉
Bernardo Marques
Bernardo Marques - 5 часов назад
What happen to you huge beautiful boobs
What am I?
What am I? - 13 часов назад
Nobody should do this to themselves
I need halp
HalloIchBinDieGabi - День назад
No fruit?!?!?!?!! Ahahhahahahahhaha NO
vevisecret - День назад
I feel like i just watched you destroying yourself and making your body sick 😂 i feel sorry
GreekAndEgyptian - 2 дня назад
I did Keto for 9 months and went down 55 pounds, its pretty great, although my doctor just told me to leave it and just drop Keto and start a more healthy and balanced normal low sugar low carb diet
Raquel Cineros
Raquel Cineros - 3 дня назад
You can put creamer or wiped cream to your coffee, you don't need to be hungry, also 1 week wasn't enough
Ella Thompson
Ella Thompson - 3 дня назад
My dad dose this diet and the Frist week is apparently the worst but once your body starts to burn just fat it's much better 😊
Rae Lee
Rae Lee - 3 дня назад
a keto diet is low carb, not no carb. Also the first week is always the hardest and the most annoying. It takes about two weeks to get comfy with it. I think you should have done more research before you say that keto sucks because it doesn't. After you are on keto rorna few weeks, you can last a long time without food. I fasted a whole day while drinking water and never got hunger pains.
Tahira Farooq
Tahira Farooq - 4 дня назад
Why is fruit not allowed..it contains natural sugar... I'm confused
crystallites k
crystallites k - 4 дня назад
I wish you looked into the keto diet more or got a nutritionist to help you out, keto works great and im sure it would have worked great on you if combined it with the correct foods. U need more sodium if you feel lightheaded and you should eat alot more of your eggs and avocado and other fats to make up for the lack of grains n sugars. You need alot more of the fat n protein in ratio of the carb bc carbs are high in calories and u obviously require more to make up for it even just a little
Case Mcdonald
Case Mcdonald - 5 дней назад
I have to deal with this every single day because I have a condition called IBS i did not leave my house during the summer at all I felt stomach cramps you name the stomach problem I had it
•Metal Mouth•
•Metal Mouth• - 5 дней назад
My mom is doing this diet and she’s been going pretty strong for more than 3 months probably like 4-5 she loves it
Caitlynn Foskey
Caitlynn Foskey - 5 дней назад
Your body actually needs carbs and cholesterol and sugar. Its called balance. The problem people have today is portion control. If you portion your food out properly and exercise you don't need all these crazy diets and can eat basically anything you want (within balance). Keto is good for people with diabetes though! lol
Neon Zombie
Neon Zombie - 5 дней назад
Your voice sounds different from the last time I watched u
Kaylie Reinert
Kaylie Reinert - 6 дней назад
Now that you did this can you please try the opposite of keto and go vegan for a week? I'm not a vegan, I just think it would also be interesting to see.
ad - 6 дней назад
the side effects sound oddly like fasting sometimes but u weren’t
Cyique c:
Cyique c: - 6 дней назад
how many sweet potatoes and watermelons did you eat after this.. if I were you I would eat 12 sweet potatoes and all the watermelons cx
Český Hráč
Český Hráč - 6 дней назад
"I could feel the fat in my veins... " what the fuck? :D :D :D
Český Hráč
Český Hráč - 6 дней назад
you literally quit right before things get better yeeey :D
Jayus Pruitt
Jayus Pruitt - 7 дней назад
You should be vegetarian for a week.
Natalie - 7 дней назад
Why did she have to talk while she was eating? Like dude it’s not cute or funny
Lakeda Hughlett
Lakeda Hughlett - 7 дней назад
Gabbie ain't nunthing wrong with urr body it seem like people uu dating broke uu because they kno uu was out of they lead
tayandstace - 8 дней назад
this is so dramatic it’s insane lol
Maya Fazik
Maya Fazik - 8 дней назад
Wait.... were these heels for monster? 😊😊
Sunshine Stace
Sunshine Stace - 8 дней назад
Gabbie! TODAY my husband and I started our KETO JOURNEY! Made our Day one video and I sure hope as we do follow ups to have some good results and updates!
Yvonne Hock
Yvonne Hock - 8 дней назад
It’s your girl SweetPotatoLover999
Im too tanky
Im too tanky - 9 дней назад
xd why u even going to the gym in transition phase (btw keto isnt "agony to lose weight", keto isnt just for losing weight, it's to actually feel better)
Flamingo Snake
Flamingo Snake - 9 дней назад
Being an asshole doesn’t educate people, dear commenters.
Danli Wang
Danli Wang - 10 дней назад
My Random YouTube Channel
My Random YouTube Channel - 10 дней назад
You did the diet completely wrong so no wonder you didn't like it. Unfortunately you didn't give a actual good or accurate representation of the actual diet.
April Rivas
April Rivas - 10 дней назад
People. Stop bashing on her. She described what she felt. Like she said, if something is making you feel sick or have flu symptoms is trash. Stop saying that she was "clueless" or "misunderstanding". She said that she did research on the diet. Ok. Maybe she was wrong about SOME stuff. She is a human people. I know BONKERS right 😒?! Keto was meant to be a low carb not a no carb. But maybe the website she got her information from was wrong. She did not do nothing wrong. She described what she felt very descriptive. She is different from everyone else if NOBODY knew that! Some people have this diet as a lifestyle diet and it works for them. What ignorant people understand was that this is what SHE felt! Key word, SHE. Stop Being so rude to her.
Zero ‘S
Zero ‘S - 10 дней назад
Im literally on the kedo diet right now
Ido Jacoby
Ido Jacoby - 10 дней назад
what a moron, rehabbing from sugar takes a while
Márton Narad
Márton Narad - 10 дней назад
Keto is for people who have office jobs or don't have time to work out enough. You shouldn't work out while on keto because you won't have the energy for it.
Márton Narad
Márton Narad - 8 дней назад
+Juliet Tyler wow thx I didn't even now my life's better now
Juliet Tyler
Juliet Tyler - 8 дней назад
This statement is so incredibly inaccurate. If you watched this video, you've already been extremely misinformed. If you read the comment above, you may have damaged your brain. Please seek out credible and reputable sources for information on Keto because this bish did not do the diet correctly and frankly, when you start off anything with a crappy attitude well.... you get out what you put in Jusssssssayyyyin.
Alexa Stanley
Alexa Stanley - 11 дней назад
I’m surprised that this video is still up considering so many people are calling her out for doing the diet improperly. I like Gabbie but like holy crap get your facts straight before you tell 6Million people you influence not to do something that could potentially actually give them the results they desire. Not everyone’s bodies lose weight the same way, my best friends aunt has been a highly respected DOCTOR for 30 years+, she works with celebrities, the military, & the public & has recommended this diet to THOUSANDS of her clients. She put my best friends DAD on this diet & he’s not DIABETIC anymore. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FACT CHECK before believing these influencers who don’t have a professional background to be able to properly educate you.
Ava Broxton
Ava Broxton - 11 дней назад
13:21 through 13:29 is A MOOD
Kate Dee
Kate Dee - 11 дней назад
Keto rocks! My blood type is o+ and I was vegan for 5years and gained weight.
Andrew Boardman
Andrew Boardman - 11 дней назад
I have never felt more energetic, physically and mentally than from doing keto, takes a few days to to get into ketosis, and maybe even a month to be fat adapted but if you had looked up the keto flu symptoms beforehand, you might have seen what u have to do to prevent it. Obvious u did very little research on how to do this diet properly, u need to intake all the electrolytes u are dumping out from all the water weight you are losing, which causes the keto flu, especially sodium, but potassium and magnesium u need as well
maggie tootorials
maggie tootorials - 11 дней назад
Damn girl ur so pretty and tan omg 😍
michael smith
michael smith - 11 дней назад
Also, the cravings go away. People eat high sugar the whole life, and you can't just cut them out and not crave them just like that. It takes a while. But the cravings do go away, and as far as energy goes, after you break through the initial phase, you have tons of energy and can go longs periods of time without eating and feeling hungry. Not trying to convince you to do it, because you seem like someone who wouldn't like it, but it's way more complex than you are making it out to be.
michael smith
michael smith - 11 дней назад
I've been Keto for about 15 months, but didn't go through what you did at the start, probably because I had been relatively low-carb before I went Keto. It certainly isn't for everyone, probably not for most people, but for those who can do it and enjoy it, it's amazing. Not so much for the weight loss aspect, but just overall health and mental clarity.
Christian Moreno
Christian Moreno - 11 дней назад
Your weak lol
Dylan Christie
Dylan Christie - 12 дней назад
What was or looked harder?
No Coffee
Keto Diet
Nerfboi1 - 14 дней назад
“I will not get the watermelon”
“Okay I got the watermelon”
“Actually I got 3 watermelons”
Faith Adora
Faith Adora - 14 дней назад
green beans are totally fine for keto btw
Richard benavides
Richard benavides - 14 дней назад
Yo you need to do the diet for longer for it to take effect
southeastmass - 15 дней назад
A dOlLaR
JJ_CrAZygirl 101
JJ_CrAZygirl 101 - 16 дней назад
16:22-16:50 me after trying to diet....
Soulara - 16 дней назад
Keto is high fat, not high protein. It really doesn’t look like you were eating enough fat. I just found a YouTube named Stephanie person, she has been doing keto for 10 years and is a keto consultant, you should look her up. I think you could learn a lot from her videos at least. But I get your sugar cravings, I did a “candida diet”, pretty much a shit ton of protein and veggies, but little fat. I was starving allll the time, I could eat so much and I was dropping weight so quickly. My body wasn’t actually starving, but I felt that way because my body was so used to sugar. So maybe you have a candida overgrowth? When I dabbled in keto I was eating very high fat, I was literally never hungry. I’m pretty sure I didn’t even crave sugar(and sugar is the hardest things for me to not eat).
But yeah, I’m no keto expert. I’ve tried many diets, mainly for health reasons though, I like to research, experiment, and see how they effect me. Right now I’m not doing anything strict, I’m just observing from my past and from other people, what diet I would be healthiest on, and keto seems to be a consistent winner. On a side note, I love how you can do vegan keto, or non vegan keto.
Look up Stephanie person! Keto is an extreme change,, that’s why I think it’s super important to be properly educated on it. It’s important to be aware of what’s already going on in your body, issue wise. Stephanie can help you with that.
Shelby Hipp
Shelby Hipp - 16 дней назад
why did you talking about being so hungry make me hungry while watching this?!?
Kelsey Brouwer
Kelsey Brouwer - 16 дней назад
Im so confused..u said u werent looking up keto symptoms until the end and its the fiest thing u did after u said that. Good video tho.
Amira Levine
Amira Levine - 16 дней назад
The reason you were so hungry the first day was because your body wasn't burning the fat for energy yet. It takes a couple days for you to get into ketosis, or where you burn fat and protein for energy. That's why you have to eat more often when you first get started. And peanut butter is okay as long as you don't have too much of it.
ai jao
ai jao - 16 дней назад
You didnt really do keto but do what ever you want , have a nice day
Asha jacob
Asha jacob - 17 дней назад
Tbh don't kill ur self for YouTube you should have gave up and eat the water melon don't kill ur energy gurl people that don't care are just horrible ❤️
Crybaby! at the Disco ._.
Crybaby! at the Disco ._. - 17 дней назад
Gabbie can you PLEASE show us your workout routine?!
everything icando
everything icando - 17 дней назад
For keto your body have to get used to it if you go through a quick change it does that if you slowly turn to keto it works
ShelbyRay - 17 дней назад
Ok, I don't wanna add to the criticisms, because everyone's said helpful things, but I do have to note... Why wouldn't she put some full-fat cream or coconut cream in her coffee? With some stevia, even? Who told her she had to drink it black?
PoniesGirl26 - 17 дней назад
Unless you have actual health requirements requiring these limitations don't do it... not good for you - I talked to a nutritionist about it all as was curious to try it myself
Aliy Loera
Aliy Loera - 18 дней назад
Gabbie I don't blame you for tapping out I would do the same you shouldn't put yourself through that pain and agony
Altaay Mattila
Altaay Mattila - 18 дней назад
From what I learn in school, low carb diets can be extremely dangerous because the body can't store carbs so it eventually starts to break down the muscles for energy
FriesBeforeGuys - 19 дней назад
Proud of you Gabbie!
Lisa Hoang
Lisa Hoang - 19 дней назад
You're literally the dumbest YouTuber I've ever ran into
Glee Aldc
Glee Aldc - 20 дней назад
I'm not gonna get a wat---
I got a 🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉
Youtube is my Therapy
Youtube is my Therapy - 20 дней назад
gabbie. please. read. this. there are yeasts in your body that aren’t bad, but do feed off of carbs and they aren’t good either. when cutting off a huge amount of daily carbs the yeasts will attack the body and make you feel sick to eat carbs again. *these are called withdrawals* gabbie. this was a horrible execution and you should stop complaining and making keto sound horrible when all you did was experience withdrawals
Hey It’s Lia
Hey It’s Lia - 20 дней назад
Okay so going through the comments, I’m a little disappointed that people are taking this so seriously like okay she might not know much about the diet but there’s no need to say that she’s clueless and that she has zero understanding. At least she was wanting to try it to see what would come out of it. But she also did it to entertain us. don’t take it seriously. This isn’t aimed at anyone in particular Thanks for listening ✌🏼
plates are cool 99
plates are cool 99 - 20 дней назад
When she said she was tapping out I laughed, not because she tapped out but because of what she ate, whenever someone says they are tapping out they usually do/eat/what ever else something tjats not good for them. But you still killin it queen
cameran peacock
cameran peacock - 20 дней назад
My sister is a type one diabetic. She has been since she was 5. We have been on the keto diet for 4 years. Before my sister was diagnosed with type one diabetes she would eat whatever and my dad was almost a type two diabetic. Since we have been on the keto diet we have felt better and are a lot healthier.😁😁
w t
w t - 20 дней назад
I dont think you did the research before starting the Keto Diet...now you just misinformed 3 million people...way to go.....
ITS AMAZING. I lost 50 lbs in 8 months doing Keto.
IAmTheMemeLord - 21 день назад
How good did you feel once you ate those watermelons
Alexander Carranza
Alexander Carranza - 21 день назад
Dr. Manslaughter
Dr. Manslaughter - 21 день назад
U wanna buy son crack gabbie
Phil Fournier
Phil Fournier - 21 день назад
Who else is a carb-itarian
Reese Potts
Reese Potts - 21 день назад
Take a shot every time she mentions a sweet potato
Dr. Manslaughter
Dr. Manslaughter - 21 день назад
I tried but I passed out 5 minutes into the video
Junifer Q. Sparrowhawk
Junifer Q. Sparrowhawk - 21 день назад
Question for you all:
If you want to learn how to skydive are you going to want an instructor who has never actually jumped from a plane and learned how to maneuver a parachute while moving through winds at high velocity before, or someone who has trained and performed thousands of perfectly executed dives?... Point blank...
It takes longer than a week to actually get into true ketosis and this whole video is FULL of misinformation regarding the ketogenic diet.
If you're thinking about trying keto then you should be studying and getting your information from someone who has successfully been on it for a while. THERE ARE DOCTORS who do this diet and can give you better information, as well as those who have done weeks upon weeks of research on ketosis and what constitutes healthy fats, healthy proteins and healthy low carbohydrate foods in order to learn the ins and outs of the whole scientific process behind WHY keto works, what it truly is, and what it entails that you CAN and CANNOT do.
This video was an epic fail.
Karen Hostutler
Karen Hostutler - 21 день назад
My mom has been on keto for 6 months and she stoped and she felt amazing but she shrunk
Kay Scribes
Kay Scribes - 22 дня назад
She has a fever she can’t sweat out
Kay Scribes
Kay Scribes - 22 дня назад
I I I I’ve got a migraine
iambre12 22
iambre12 22 - 22 дня назад
Daniel Seavey has left the groupchat
(Bc he loves watermelon)
Matty Tac
Matty Tac - 22 дня назад
Try it for a month, a week is just the detox stage.
svt hajima
svt hajima - 22 дня назад
"if youre eating correctly, you wont have cravings" that hit me hard. i guess i really havent been eating well. thank you for waking me up gabbie!! i loVE YOUUU❤❤
Mcfunion :3
Mcfunion :3 - 22 дня назад
lowkey kinda annoyed everyone's getting on gabbie about what she ate. She tried, she really did, it just didn't work out for her. Keto doesn't work for everyone. She might not have done it perfectly, but she did better than a lot of people on "keto" do.
Kelsey Dutton
Kelsey Dutton - 22 дня назад
"Diet" is not a synonym for "what to eat if you want to lose weight". It means "everything you normally eat", or "your way of eating". The title for this video is misleading enough.
*K A T E*
*K A T E* - 22 дня назад
I got traumatised in primary school because whenever I would eat at school, kids would make fun of me because I was chubby. Even though I’ve lost a lot of weight and became skinny, I still can’t eat at school to this day. I’m in secondary school now (basically high school in England if you didn’t know)
*K A T E*
*K A T E* - 22 дня назад
My mum does this
Rudy Gomez
Rudy Gomez - 23 дня назад
Rudy Gomez
Rudy Gomez - 23 дня назад
Those first five days were keto fever after that your fuller and the sickness
Danielle Gil
Danielle Gil - 23 дня назад
All your bad feelings were because you're addicted to sugar.
I've been doing this Keto diet for three years and it makes me feel so good and Energy. Because I’m not addicted to sugar
My tip for those who start Keto diet , to do it gradually and dishonestly and not lower all the sugar and carbohydrates because the body is used to it, and as soon as you lose everything quickly body crashes.
golden other
golden other - 24 дня назад
LOL why are you so dramatic? Do it right and those symptoms will be barely noticeable and when you adjust after a few days you feel better than ever.
Dezmarae Armstrong
Dezmarae Armstrong - 24 дня назад
Don’t put yourself at risk for a video I love u and videos
Keicha Garcia
Keicha Garcia - 25 дней назад
Final thotz 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Emilee Atwood
Emilee Atwood - 25 дней назад
I am soo proud of gabbie for making it 5 days and you shouldnt say sorry i love you gabbie
Freya Staples
Freya Staples - 25 дней назад
Just before this video and as for eating healthy came up. So ironic
Eternal Soul
Eternal Soul - 25 дней назад
*This diet is incredibly awful for you.*
Eat lots of fruit, which is high in sugar and carbohydrates. Eat some pasta, potatoes, beans, grains, and rice.
Colleen Kordzi
Colleen Kordzi - 26 дней назад
Girl you need to eat more fat!! That's why you were starving so bad!
alexa - 26 дней назад
while she does this im just laying in bed eating cherry cough drops, sick as frick.
SwaggerLeah21 - 26 дней назад
My dad does a keto diet and I spent 3 months with him for the summer and I was FORCED to do the keto diet and what I did on the diet was eat a whole bunch of peanuts and yeah that’s what I ate the whole day but what I didn’t understand was that the keto diet is supposed to leave you not hungry like if I really wanted to I could only eat breakfast
sarah - 26 дней назад
I didn't know some people liked sweet potato and watermelon this much 😂 you're something else, even the food you crave is so unique lmaooo
Honestly the Holo Queen daoud
Honestly the Holo Queen daoud - 26 дней назад
I know people are saying that keto is amazing and you need to give it a fair chance but I did try it for about 2 months and I felt like shit the whole time. I couldn’t focus on anything because like Gabbie I got a massive migraine. I know people’s body react differently but my body didn’t react well. Gabbies body didn’t react well to this do.
Frankie Simpson
Frankie Simpson - 27 дней назад
My parents are on the keto diet and they lost forty kilos
Destiny Robinette
Destiny Robinette - 27 дней назад
Why is Gabbie me when she tapped out..😂
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