I Tried the Keto Diet So You Don't Have To

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Mari Henderson
Mari Henderson - 45 minutes ago
Natural sugars and carbs are life, this diet is hellish.
sexuallettuce69 - 4 hours ago
all these people that believe in keto makes me worry so much. Let me tell you one thing...keto is wrong. Carbs are energy, protein is long-term energy, fat is fat. Low fat, moderate carb, high protein. Try that diet kid. I lose weight, have plenty of energy, and im not hurting ever.
M R - 7 hours ago
It ain’t for everybody
Lauren Hahn
Lauren Hahn - 8 hours ago
gabbie: A DOLLAR

me: girl is turning into liza two years ago
Isabella Caldbeck
Isabella Caldbeck - 9 hours ago
My cousin and mom is on keto and my cousin SWEARS by it
She keeps telling me to do it
And saying it will help my mental health
Alie The Artist
Alie The Artist - 10 hours ago
This sounds horrible. Your body needs carbs and sugar to function. That’s where you get almost all of your energy. This diet essentially sends your body into survival mode. It’s hard for it to switch back, too. This sounds incredibly unhealthy.
Ang Ela
Ang Ela - 10 hours ago
Keto diet genuinely only works after 2 weeks, after 2 weeks you should be going into 'ketosis' (aka feeling ABSOLUTELY amazing and energetic). Also you should set a maximum of carbs. 0 carbs is practically impossible. Love u gabs x
Taylor Jerry
Taylor Jerry - 12 hours ago
You did Keto wrong
Tseries gay
Tseries gay - Day ago
my whole family is on the keto diet and for *my* family ish healthy
idk about other peeps doh
my dad was on keto for 2 years and he still is now
amara b
amara b - Day ago
Ok boo, but, fruit is keto...
Miona Kovacevic
Miona Kovacevic - Day ago
I did it for a month, but i bought some bars and sweets that have mostly protein so i could eat them. I also eat a lot more vegetables, mushrooms, eggplant, zucchini almost everything that i could. And i eat 5 times per day, every 3 hours. I lost 15kg in a month, but i lost all my muscles, my hair started falling out etc. I would recommend doing it for a shorter period and then start eating carbs from fruits, yoghurt, musli.
Madyson Pineapple
Madyson Pineapple - 2 days ago
my mom did keto for 3 months and the last week she felt like she was going to have a heart attack and almost called 911
SPOILER; she didn't
Michelle Robertson
Michelle Robertson - 2 days ago
You didn’t give it enough time to get into ketosis is and you didn’t eat enough fat to be satisfied. I think you prefer your own diet anyway.
Abby Ramlow
Abby Ramlow - 2 days ago
Keto flu goes away in about a week, but Keto can make you feel amazing if you stick with it longer than one week. Saying that “I tried Keto so you don’t have to” isn’t giving an accurate representation of the diet itself because it takes longer than only one week to see and feel results
Sabrina Pellerin
Sabrina Pellerin - 2 days ago
You can't do the keto diet for one week. You need to test it for minimum 1 month. The first week you got the keto flu and your body is adapting. People need to stop testing thing for 1 week. I do keto for 3 month now, yes the first week is hard. But after you lost weight, you sleep better, got more energie.
Wulfex And Wolfex
Wulfex And Wolfex - 2 days ago
... An app said i should try the Keto Diet... And im 18...or 17...
Myldred Hdez
Myldred Hdez - Day ago
I am 17 and started doing it 4 months ago. Gabbie missed some steps as she should have gotten more electrolytes when she started to feel bad. It honestly does wonders for your system if you try and follow it as close as you can. I promise that I have never felt better, however you should just see how it works for your body. I would try it for more than a week and definitely do a detox first.
ThatOneVampireKid '-'
ThatOneVampireKid '-' - 2 days ago
Oh om on the keto. After you switch into ketosis you feel a lot better, which switching over should only take a day or two. And you can have carbs just a low amount. Like i only have 20 carbs a day. And you can make fatbombs too, theyre sweet and help with fat intake and everything. I dunno, keto in great on me. You just have to do short quick workouts and take a little break and then do another one. Lol just some tips^^
Valentine SB
Valentine SB - 2 days ago
Help for gabby is she ever wants to try it again... Eat more fat (around 60-80% of calories should be from fat) and blueberries are a life saver
Itz_ bughead_love
Itz_ bughead_love - 3 days ago
My mom freakin does this and I don’t understand how
Myldred Hdez
Myldred Hdez - Day ago
Actually, once you're in ketosis you rarely crave stuff and there are still ways to make anything that you do end up craving. Must be a strong woman tho :)
Føxŷ Fłįęš
Føxŷ Fłįęš - 3 days ago
No one:
Gabbie *i nEeD wAtErmEloN aNd SweEt PoTato*
Riley Resmer
Riley Resmer - 3 days ago
Actually certain peanut butters are fine on keto! So are fruits! In keto you can have 20 carbs a day so nuts, berries, jerky, peanut butter, and really dark chocolate are completely fine in low amounts. And this is probably why you felt so awful. I do keto full time and I feel great! And also... why don’t you have any steak or burgers?
Kyla Nelson
Kyla Nelson - 3 days ago
Cashews are a big no for keto 😂
hannuh zzz
hannuh zzz - 3 days ago
it’s lowkey a trend now lol there’s even suh thing as a keto burger for people with this diet
my mom started this about three months ago and its supposed to make you less lethargic and have better energy :)
Liz Gulli
Liz Gulli - 4 days ago
i have been on this diet for 1 month and one week and i lost 12 pounds.
Ryder Eldred
Ryder Eldred - 4 days ago
LilyAndFriends - 5 days ago
I have heart palpitations and hyperglycemia so... Maybe I should change my diet? XD
Hope Prestridge
Hope Prestridge - 6 days ago
This has nothing to do with diets but

Gabbie eating blue berries sounds like Joey Graceffa when he got his wisdom teeth pulled 😂 am I the only one who hear it?😂🤷
Tita Rivera
Tita Rivera - 6 days ago
I do keto its helped me lose 35lbs in 3 months
Hannah Tucker
Hannah Tucker - 6 days ago
“I’m not even gonna show you the before and after because for me that seems somewhat irresponsible” Queen 👑
Honestly before you’re videos where entertaining but like wouldn’t call myself a fan but welp this changed that. I love how you took the “I did this diet but nooo you don’t do it” and actually didn’t want us to do it. Coz watching those video it is sometimes like hmm maybe I should...
But here it’s all about the negatives and she fells responsible enough to not in anyway encourage us to try it thank you.
Fat Gnome Switch Hitter
"Keto flu" is something you get when your body starts ketosis and goes away in a couple of days - should've probably mentioned that.
Vicki K
Vicki K - 7 days ago
It seems like this video is intended more for entertainment than information
Vicki K
Vicki K - 4 days ago
@Sasha Wilt I learned how to fix my vacuum cleaner on RUvideos :-)
Sasha Wilt
Sasha Wilt - 5 days ago
Vicki K welcome to RUvideos
Dakari Shea
Dakari Shea - 8 days ago
...but the shopping cart
The group of friends
The group of friends - 8 days ago
It's because some people don't do it like a full week at a time they do it at a couple days at a time cuz it's well unhealthy and too much it's completely utterly stupid you're going to go going to puke and you're going to get really really sick from it so maybe you should try like a challenge like two days of the keto challenge Take 2 days of a break 2 days of the keto challenge 2 days of a break and off-and-on type of challenge brother gets a month and see the results although I don't suggest cuz you hated it
Jamie Jewell
Jamie Jewell - 8 days ago
YES As a type one diabetic I’ve always had a problem with this diet or “life style” and I’m so happy someone like you with a platform that reaches so many people young and old and can help them understand that it’s not worth it and not healthy
Meliodas x Elizabeth Anomie
Mom:don’t think about your hunger
Me:bitch how the hell im starving
Me:that’s what I thought
Yeet It's Chloe
Yeet It's Chloe - 9 days ago
Girl just because you don’t “look good” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel good. You are healthy and might I say you look like one sexy woman on your normal diet.
trin - 10 days ago
this was an extremely frustrating video to watch.
hanna is lame
hanna is lame - 10 days ago
okay, so, my little brother is a type 1 diabetic. its not good for him to have too many carbs because his pancreas doesnt make insulin. without insulin, your body cant break down carbs and his blood sugar goes extremely high. his blood sugar should be at a perfect level (120) but its not. so, he has to get his insulin through shots when he eats meals. i always try to make keto baked goods for him because i want him to feel included without hurting his health. normal ice cream and cake and cupcakes have like 60 carbs for one serving. most keto baked goods are lower in carbs and sugar because they use alternative ingredients. and they taste like the real thing! i highly recommend you try it! google “keto chocolate chip cookies” or something. too many carbs aren’t good for anyone, although you do need some carbs to maintain a healthy lifestyle (:
Claire Wood
Claire Wood - 10 days ago
In the video
Gabbie: I am literally craving watermelon!
Me: literally eating a watermelon while watching it.
Spudling Productions
Spudling Productions - 10 days ago
My two sisters and mom are all doing this diet, and they’re all doing great! But it would be actual agony for me, I can’t believe you lasted 5 days!
K .Fox
K .Fox - 10 days ago
Can I just say something. I have the same exact stomach pains and I would wake up early because my stomach hurt. I would go to doctors and they would say it's just period cramps or a symptom of diabetes. I even got tested for diabetes and came out negative. The only way to get rid of them is to inhale a ton of air and inflate(you know what I mean) my stomach and grit my teeth through the pain until they disappear. No one has ever said the same thing until this youtube video. And I feel like I might have found a clue to what it is. Like you said, not eating enough carbohydrates is why you got stomach pains. SO THANK YOU SO MUCH. I'll test it out and I know that it might not be a solution but it's a clue. And it's the first clue I've found so thank you Gabbie.
Skylar Dalessio
Skylar Dalessio - 11 days ago
“Okay. I’m not going to read the symptoms because I don’t want it to mess with my head”
.............continues to read symptoms to keto flu 😂
Sara Schneider
Sara Schneider - 11 days ago
One of the worst things about keto is that people cut out complex carbs, which you need for energy and your brain! Keto is notttt nutritionally beneficial. And eating a bunch of inflammatory foods deff will upset the stomach. No thanksz
Luna Games
Luna Games - 11 days ago
Gabbie: *doing a diet and exercising*
Me: *sitting in bed alone eating a huge bowl of Ramen*
Mad Art
Mad Art - 2 days ago
Ryan Hofmann
Ryan Hofmann - 6 days ago
Ken and Emm a
Ken and Emm a - 11 days ago
Hannah: “I really want some fruit rn”
Me: shoves fruit down my throat
Caroline Kinzel
Caroline Kinzel - 9 days ago
Ken and Emm a Hannah?
Mykayla Capano
Mykayla Capano - 11 days ago
You’re allowed up to 15-20 grams of carbs a day just be careful of what you eat that has carbs!
Jamie philora Philora
Jamie philora Philora - 12 days ago
7:15 -7:25 me
NavyOwls - 12 days ago
I’ve been on the keto diet for epilepsy and I love it so much! It’s made me feel not only seizure free, but energized and like I’ve got my life together. Yeah it’s tough at first but it got really easy, especially since I’ve grown up on bacon and eggs 😅
Garrett Keefer
Garrett Keefer - 12 days ago
Gabbie the whole time you went through sugar withdraws.... You werent hurting yourself, your body was converting to fat. Most people go through withdraws type symptoms. The cravings stop, you wernt eating enough veggies, or protein . stop dissing a diet and turning people away based on a failed attempt, this diet has literally saved lives.
Garrett Keefer
Garrett Keefer - 12 days ago
The secret to keto long term is bullet proof coffee, working out, eating the correct keto foods and cutting how much dairy you have. You'll wake up feeling great, you wont get tired at all untill bed. You'll be more focused. Your body will be in equilibrium . you should drink tons of water, eat tons of healthy fats, and eat veggies.
Garrett Keefer
Garrett Keefer - 12 days ago
Anyone looking at doing keto, stop getting your info from non doctors, stop getting your info from Pinterest , look at Dr.Eric Berg who is an accredited nutritionist who knows this diet and how to do it right. Dr.rhonda Patrick who is doing active studies on Keto and it's benefits. I'm tired of people forming opinions from dumb videos like this where people aren't researching keto right before they do it and are doing simple Google searches to get their info. Care about your body, refined carbs and sugar will kill you... Your body is most efficient burning fat from animals and complex carbs from veggies.
Garrett Keefer
Garrett Keefer - 12 days ago
I'm 2 years into keto and will never go back. Break the system, they want you to eat sugar... Humans aren't suppose to eat lots of fruits, animals are.
Keira Hartley
Keira Hartley - 12 days ago
When you feel u are craving sugar have a teaspoon of butter and also with coffee only put cream in it not milk though and the reason why you get keto flu is because your body is flushing things you don't need and going through a changing cycle your body isn't used to it love ya xx
Haley Rushing
Haley Rushing - 13 days ago
If a full grown healthy adult cant handle Keto then I should tell my friend who is 12 and being forced by her parents. She throws up all the time and always has stomach pain. She is always exhausted and stuff like that. Those are symptoms of Keto flu but shes denying it. It's not like she wants to do Keto, shes being forced by her parents cause they think shes fat (shes not). Shes also not allowed to eat until 6. I keep telling her that's actual abuse but shes ignoring me.
Jennifer Kim
Jennifer Kim - 14 days ago
there has always been some sort of dietary trend going on in the US and new ones continue to become trendy. this girl eats nutritiously and there is nothing wrong with her current diet. if she does not think the keto diet is for her, it is then not for her. Our body is obviously very different from each other, and some diets that become popular just dont work for some people. Seems like shes in tune with herself and it took a lot of work to get there. it was smart of you not to continue it!
Jeff Hill
Jeff Hill - 14 days ago
So the moral here is that it's not worth giving up an addiction if you can't do it wrong. I hope she doesn't do other vids without any prior research. But then again, perhaps it's best that her fans keep eating the way they do ;-)
Garrett Keefer
Garrett Keefer - 12 days ago
Lol right, natural selection will come when the healthy eaters are 80 and still able to run marathons. And they have died from cardiac arrest at 50 at best from the sugar if they last that long.
Reese Blanchard
Reese Blanchard - 14 days ago
*Fixes crooked necklace in last 30 seconds of video *
Cynthia Felix
Cynthia Felix - 14 days ago
This whole video is frustrating because it seems like you didn’t do much research on how to properly do a Keto diet. You said this diet is high fat, high protein (twice) which is wrong! I was expecting to see all the meals you consumed throughout the week but all you did was complain about your stupid sweet potato
Zarina Garza
Zarina Garza - 15 days ago
if you are hungry eat more eat until you feel full because you need the fat and protein because you aren't eating much carbs
Zarina Garza
Zarina Garza - 15 days ago
you can eat blueberries strawberries or any fruit that ends in 'berry '
Garrett Keefer
Garrett Keefer - 4 days ago
@Caitlin Campbell girl, chill. What's the big deal? Berries aren't good all the time. While they have a low glicemic index you shouldnt have a lot on keto. That's why I say you shouldn't have them. What's the point in tempting yourself to eat more. One could easily snack on blueberries which isn't the point of keto. Ive been able to loose 45lbs in three months on keto. Ive researched a lot on this great diet, so don't jump to conclusions about me not knowing the facts. 21g of carbs in a little cup of berries. While that may seem like a small amount of carbs people are affected differently on keto by carbs. Some people get knocked out of ketosis due to people saying it's okay to snack on berries when that's not true. So I stay away from them because I could sit there and eat a whole package because the sugar make me do it lol.
Caitlin Campbell
Caitlin Campbell - 7 days ago
@Garrett Keefer Dude, I'm so tired of seeing you comment on all the "blueberry" comments! Are you even looking up the info!? A full cup only has 21g of carbs. Black berries, raspberries, and strawberries have even less! The keto plans allows for up to 50g of carbs. What are you confused about!? Gtfoh!
Garrett Keefer
Garrett Keefer - 12 days ago
Not on keto. Carbs plus sugar.
Raven - 15 days ago
*_Please try a water fast_*
quoc. - 15 days ago
I'm so glad you decided to tap out. All the effects of the diet really scared me and I'm so glad that... You're still alive I guess? Lmao. Love you so much 🥰🥰
Makenzie Turner
Makenzie Turner - 16 days ago
Casually holds 3 watermelons in one hand
Yayo Songin
Yayo Songin - 16 days ago
Watermelon is keto just a bit
Ali Blazic
Ali Blazic - 16 days ago
My mom has been on keto for 18 months
Emilee Stevens
Emilee Stevens - 16 days ago
i did keto for a few weeks and felt absolutely terrible. my stomach was always cramping and i just felt nauseous all the time. i’m also mildly lactose intolerant so.. maybe that’s why😂
Thuriel Angel
Thuriel Angel - 16 days ago
Where did you get the yellow shirt ur wearing?!
Melody Schnapp
Melody Schnapp - 17 days ago
Not even enough time to actually get into ketosis and experience all the positive.
Melody Schnapp
Melody Schnapp - 12 days ago
@Haley Rushing I've never experienced any symptoms? I'd encourage you to watch Dr. Fung's explanation, it's eye opening. Sugar deteriorates your brain and forces your body to store more fat. Carbohydrates are digested as sugar in your body. My blood work is healthier than it's ever been. You sound ignorant and uninformed, on keto you actually get MORE nutrients your body needs to thrive, similarly to how our ancestors ate vs. The western diet that causes obesity and diabetes. Furthermore, keto cured my PCOS. I had my first child 6 months ago when I was told I would likely never have the opportunity because of my body. Do research before you ignorantly speak on a subject you know nothing about.
Haley Rushing
Haley Rushing - 13 days ago
Omg shut up. It's not a healthy diet. You need carbs in your diet and getting a few from some vegetables isn't enough. It's a whole flop to your body. The only reason you look good is because you're depriving yourself of the nutrients you need. When you stop having those symptoms is when your body has completely given up on trying to tell you to stop doing that diet
Cookie Cat
Cookie Cat - 17 days ago
I know this is late and people can disagree with me about this however I believe that Gabbie should’ve done research on the diet. When someone is seriously trying a diet out it’s best to research about what is going on and get a better understanding about the diet itself. I think it’s more negative for you if you blindly jump into a diet rather than taking the time to see in this case what is Keto and what isn’t. Or before starting the diet start looking at certain food replacements like creamer. Well that’s just my idea it’s crazy how everyone is getting so heated. Have a nice day and sorry about my terrible grammar and punctuation
Alana Webster
Alana Webster - 17 days ago
Title: I tried the keto diet so you don’t have to
What it should be called: Gabbie wanting sweet potato and watermelon for 20 mins and 51 seconds straight
Bri likes art YT
Bri likes art YT - 16 days ago
Lindsey Hilts
Lindsey Hilts - 17 days ago
Thank you for being so honest!
Karsen Kennon
Karsen Kennon - 18 days ago
You can have fruit on the Keto diet. You just can’t have some specific fruits, the keto diet mostly consists of berries when it comes to fruit. So unfortunately you still wouldn’t be able to eat watermelon.
Miranda Wolfe
Miranda Wolfe - 18 days ago
That was the keto flew lol if you had stuck it out for three weeks probably your body would’ve switch and it would burn fat as energy instead of carbs.
salome Saremi
salome Saremi - 18 days ago
Gabbie Hannah is stupid !!!!!
Gerardo Jimenez
Gerardo Jimenez - 19 days ago
Look at the difference between when shes wearing makeup and when shes not
DavidW02 - 19 days ago
4:17 Me every second of every day
Mia Redwine
Mia Redwine - 19 days ago
I’m loving these comments bc I tried meto for a couple days and it was hard but nice, and my mom has been doing it for months and she loves it so like the whole time I was watching this video I was confused why she was doing it so wrong
snow shine
snow shine - 20 days ago
many people in my country, pakistan, don't know that this diet exists and they think it is good to not eat vegetables...
Vampire Killjoy
Vampire Killjoy - 20 days ago
Keto isn’t usually this bad, unless you jump into it, which she did. You’re supposed to ease yourself into and out of keto, or it can cause so much shit
Eve Eldred
Eve Eldred - 21 day ago
I'm so sorry Gabbie
Shannon VanDalen
Shannon VanDalen - 21 day ago
you can have fruit! and a tablespoon of peanut butter , OH AND CHEESE. my grandma does this diet and she loses weight, but slowly.
Zoica Mukaj
Zoica Mukaj - 21 day ago
On Keto youre absolutely allowed to have a small amount of carbs
20-30g a day
And the keto fever and keto flu go away after a week cause your body starts burning fat instead of relying on carbs
Just an fyi ❤️
I lost 60 lbs on Keto
Once I got through the week of absolute hell, my body felt healthier than EVER
Naureen Amjad
Naureen Amjad - 21 day ago
lol you clearly haven't done your research on keto and from the get go you had quite an negative outlook towards it. looking for faults in the diet and complaining non stop wont help. you need to mentally be in it for your body to feel good too, the mind has alot more power thank you think :)
Jillian Miller
Jillian Miller - 22 days ago
u should do squishy makeover videos
Lilly Riddick
Lilly Riddick - 22 days ago
I'm not a dietician, but this diet seems slightly silly to me. How can a diet in which you completely deprive yourself of particular fuel sources (protein, carbs, fat, or glucose) be good for you? I always thought you needed all of them (to varying degrees of course) to maintain a balanced, and well-rounded diet.
Dee Dee & Lizzy Shaw
Dee Dee & Lizzy Shaw - 23 days ago
Obviously extremely ignorant.
Sarah Jean
Sarah Jean - 23 days ago
Seriously!? Are you living under a rock!? Haven't heard of keto... and you clearly didn't do any research on what you need to do on a keto diet.
You are addicted to carbs and of course with any dietary change their will be side-effects. BUT you need to give your body time to adjust; at least 2 weeks. Also the only thing you did was take away carbs, not supplement them with fats this is just calorie restriction not keto.
Also for the record Keto is HIGH Fat, Moderate Protein, Low Carb; fats are the fuel and your hungry because you are literally not eating enough fats. Maybe do a little research past the first page on google and watch a few youtube videos so you dont make these mistakes.
Virginia Mialma
Virginia Mialma - 23 days ago
Keto is one of those things that yes takes some time to adapt but when you do this properly you don’t feel hungry. But no this isn’t for everyone. It’s what your body does well on. I personally never experienced any of these symptoms.
Keto was designed for kids with epilepsy
It’s also good for people with blood sugar issues, from my experience
Any diet should be thoroughly researched and I love gabby but this wasn’t properly researched.
The idea is to get your body into ketosis and then add carbs to see how many your body can handle regularly without gaining weight.
Gabby’s advice is not good here, i love her and am glad she found something that works for her but this was poor advice on her part. Because she didn’t research it properly her food was very limited to about 4 items which isn’t healthy, it’s not balanced and as someone who is at a place where she is happy with herself she could have been consuming at least 50 carbs a day. What Gabby did here was not healthy, don’t do that. If you choose to give it a try do it under the proper supervision or track everything you eat so you know if you’re getting everything you should be getting in your diet.
It was also unrealistic to go into this diet, shifting her eating routine while still trying to follow her 5 hour rule from before. It’s a different way of eating.
Love you Gabby but this video was disappointing not because you expressed your opinion but because You willingly hurt your own body and health for no reason and are spreading misinformation because you didn’t research something properly.
Emily Jane
Emily Jane - 24 days ago
‘As usual I’m not going to look up symptoms or side effects until after I’ve done the challenge as I don’t want it to scue my perception’
*10 seconds later reads out list of symptoms from ‘Keto flu’*
mackenzie jones
mackenzie jones - 24 days ago
My dad literally does this every day. The taste of sugar now makes him gag
The reason being he has risk of diabetes... Just sayin
Cait D
Cait D - 25 days ago
haha gabs i think you did this wrong cause my father does keto every 4 months on and off and this has never happened to him.
Cait D
Cait D - 25 days ago
either that, or keto just doesnt work for you. it really f*cks with some people lol
Gamer Gal
Gamer Gal - 25 days ago
Your body went on Keto to fast you ditched everything you have to be slow , I felt this until after a while of being on it and had energy, but that may just be me
Gamer Gal
Gamer Gal - 25 days ago
I can’t go full Keto because 1 there is a lot of eggs and things like that I have good allergies , and I don’t like a lot of veggies, but I did get the Keto flu one time from going to Keto in the beginning and I’m only 13 but I went from 138.7 pounds and now I weigh 117.2 !! I’m really proud 🙃 but if you quit you gain it all back so I’m stuck with it
Gypsy Mellefont
Gypsy Mellefont - 25 days ago
That shirt looks really cute
Ella Cline
Ella Cline - 26 days ago
Don't try it FOR A WEEK when you try the keto "LIFESTYLE" you go through DETOX which the first week you start you feel sick as crap and constantly wanting to pee. Try it for a month girly.
Desiree Dondiego
Desiree Dondiego - 26 days ago
If you have diabetes, eating no sugar and consuming only low carbs is the best thing you can do.
Sam Patterson
Sam Patterson - 27 days ago
love your pose. legs up.that booty
Julia Phillips
Julia Phillips - 27 days ago
I know that she got a lot of hate for this video but I just need to say that this is what NOT to do when doing Keto. You need to have planned out meals and replacements for your normal diet. You need to look up symptoms so that you know how to deal with them.
Leah Hathaway
Leah Hathaway - 27 days ago
The sugar and carbs cravings is cravings not hunger
Lydia Lyrical
Lydia Lyrical - 28 days ago
My brother is diabetic and I cant even imagine how much it would suck to have to do ketosis for your whole life and still not be able to eat some carb free or sugar free foods.
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