Khloé Kardashian's New Mom Beauty Routine | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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سوسو_ Soso
سوسو_ Soso - Hour ago
ليش هاذا المكان اللي تصورون فيه انتي وخواتك
Osei Asare Evelyn
Osei Asare Evelyn - 2 hours ago
I love truth very much how cute she is
Heather Owens
Heather Owens - 8 hours ago
True is so stinkin cute!! Watching her run around and babble in the background is pretty funny!
Kaloveves Kitchen
Kaloveves Kitchen - 13 hours ago
Thank god that ole cheater got u pregnant cause all u talk about is your baby (annoying). U a single mom so cut the act, u should not hv tried to steal something that’s already stolen. U ain’t cute either thanks to your doc who trying to make u look like the others. Your mom cheated😂
maultsey - 14 hours ago
I know this sounds weird but I feel like Khloe will be really pretty when she's like.. elderly lol
pinky james
pinky james - 16 hours ago
Just asking this why hasn't anyone wedded khloe for like forever ? If I was a guy I would 🤷🏻‍♀️
Akosua Forson
Akosua Forson - 17 hours ago
She looks soo much like kris😍
Evangeletta Reed
Evangeletta Reed - 19 hours ago
Wow Wow and WOW
ShookLook - 22 hours ago
Idhaieb i cant honestly khloe is the most humble kardashian before kim i love her
ShookLook - 22 hours ago
Sparshita Sahu
Sparshita Sahu - Day ago
She looked like Kylie in the close ups!!!!
fat tabby cat
fat tabby cat - Day ago
her nails are my go-to
Change Eye Color
Change Eye Color - Day ago
VERY VERY GOOD!!!!! ♥️💙💚💜💛❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Winnipeg Chick
Winnipeg Chick - Day ago
Brow comment lmao!!!!!
Guille Garcia
Guille Garcia - Day ago
True es la bebita más hermosa que e visto 😍
Sasmitha 216
Sasmitha 216 - Day ago
She is my favourite sister of all time
Ivana F
Ivana F - Day ago
*oh thank you, is that for me?*
*no? okay*
Ivana F
Ivana F - Day ago
me crying in ugly for 15 minutes and 34 seconds straight
Pierina Lissa Makeup
Such a pretty look! Khloe is just gorgeous and hilarious too!! Great tips
nioka scott
nioka scott - Day ago
Khloe's look is so beautiful. And little Tru looks like a doll baby. Too cute! And that makeup vanity. OMG! I only wish I could have one like that. I love the video.
April Muller
April Muller - 2 days ago
Anyone know what mascara this is??
Amelie Dallison
Amelie Dallison - 2 days ago
Why does that toner look like water and like u want to drink it
Jhasmine Maliwat
Jhasmine Maliwat - 2 days ago
She looks like Hailee Steinfield
Lu Ny
Lu Ny - 2 days ago
Her kid has this permanent smile on her. So cuteee
Nancy Vervoort
Nancy Vervoort - 3 days ago
Love the video. How she applies makeup is great! Her voice is so relaxing indeed. And the coffee break! Hahaha. As a mum that's the amount you always need. Haha
Kim K.
Kim K. - 3 days ago
You shouldn’t let anyone else do your makeup. Your way is absolutely beautiful! Although you absolutely don’t need any.
Lulue - 3 days ago
Shouuu messhhhh
May Belline
May Belline - 3 days ago
Wow I never contour because don’t know how just learned do a 3
Pushparani Mahakrishnamoorthy
The baby is adopted
Phumla Moremedi
Phumla Moremedi - 4 days ago
I like you with out the shows drama 😘
Deewee Taruc
Deewee Taruc - 4 days ago
i can’t see a comment about justin bieber so here you go
Rosangela Lopes
Rosangela Lopes - 4 days ago
Beautiful lovely God Bless Happy Day l🙌😘
Kpop Army BTS
Kpop Army BTS - 4 days ago
Khloe and True are same wow mostly in the eyes
Olgis Olga,s
Olgis Olga,s - 4 days ago
She and ”the baby” (idk her name 😂) is rly cute 🥺
aussiechickusa - 5 days ago
Im so so happy for Khloe. She so deserved to be a Mum. She's so great as a Mum
Jeya Cordova
Jeya Cordova - 5 days ago
Jeya Cordova
Jeya Cordova - 5 days ago
F off unicorn
F off unicorn - 5 days ago
I think i focused more on True than Khloé lol
Natalia Alfonso
Natalia Alfonso - 5 days ago
Bieber had sneakers in his bathroom?
Laams Martin
Laams Martin - 5 days ago
Put your hair back please and True is the cutest baby! I love her look she's absolutely beautiful!!
Eliane - 5 days ago
I would like to know a good eybrown pencil ...that covers missing hairs...
Allison B
Allison B - 4 days ago
darling tanj
darling tanj - 6 days ago
I would be hella mad if my baby had eye wide baby look...
Simrin Coopoo
Simrin Coopoo - 6 days ago
I love when true says no !!
Mikayla Cheatham
Mikayla Cheatham - 6 days ago
Your baby is so...CUTE😙😍
Rare Gem
Rare Gem - 6 days ago
The baby is a doll. Very cute
May Elizabeth
May Elizabeth - 6 days ago
"people get upset if I don't show my moles...I don't know why people care" 💀💀💀😂😂😂😂😂 I felt that omfg
Jen_ _A_Purr420
Jen_ _A_Purr420 - 6 days ago
I know it keeps your brows stay put but where are they really going?? Lmao 😂
Baleed Ali
Baleed Ali - 7 days ago
I have selena gomez help me. she is upstairs and she have a gun.
Baleed Ali
Baleed Ali - 7 days ago
Khloe you are for me
Laura S
Laura S - 7 days ago
Wow , the spitting image of her dad!☺
Yuyun Novianti
Yuyun Novianti - 7 days ago
Your make up technique is very good, thank you Khloe it’s give me the idea
Joretta Long
Joretta Long - 7 days ago
Jennane Sithpavananthan
Khloé is the best mum
gilda smith
gilda smith - 8 days ago
I absolutely love khloe! She’s my favorite by far! And baby True is gorgeous like her mom and Dad! Wishing u a great future Khloe!❤️💕
Bonita Janssen
Bonita Janssen - 8 days ago
Mrs36 Dorsey
Mrs36 Dorsey - 8 days ago
Her baby is a doll beautiful
christal cephas
christal cephas - 8 days ago
True is adorable❤
abdeka abdeka
abdeka abdeka - 8 days ago
الله يخليك هادي البيبي جبيها عندي بعشقك تكفني وتربني بزعور شعرك ترضني رقدها معيا وتحظيني بخفاق صدرك نرتاح معها نوظيها بسحوري وتهدني عملي مكياج بوجهك نرسمك وخطفني نحبك نشوفك سامبل بدرفاتك نديك بعالم محنتي بمنامك علاش محبتيش ترنجني رواحي عندي طلقلي خيال صراحي بوحمك رانجني سمحلي نبغيك مي محبتش بوحش يتيمها تعتقني وظمني
Geon Arifi
Geon Arifi - 8 days ago
Ohh thank you!!!Is that for me.
oh ok
Natoshia Purnell
Natoshia Purnell - 8 days ago
Genetics are no joke. Kloe your so pretty, naturally
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